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  1. So how come @MattyDgot the Packers? Clearly this year the Packers have been the team to beat. 😛 Sorry I did not come, too tired and busy. I promise I was not trembling in fear of the Packers
  2. IDK from Philly, from further south @Martin black and I may go but I don't think the probability is high.
  3. On that point, does anyone have a list of the outstanding training videos that already exist? Not counting stream games although those are valuable.
  4. My bounties have been paid - thanks all for competing and best wishes for helping those suffering from GBS.
  5. All, @Martin blackwas talking about making some more videos, this is one of his hustles. Now, the Internet has got a pile of them, including but not limited to a bunch of Mort videos I probably never will get the time to watch. So what I wanted to crowdsource was, what are some good ideas people haven't already done? Some I was considering were: - DB pass pursuit range. i.e. if a guy starts on a landmark in his circle technique, what is his true zone of coverage. So think like if you are breaking down a 2018 Bears or Legion of Boom cover 3, and what is the FS' true pass stopping ability. So you would have Rod Woodson, Bobby Humphery, Mike Merriweather, etc. as comparison points. - Footwork and passing lanes. Maybe play-specific. How well can DBs/LBs control the lane and from what positions. - Avoiding dive tackles and how to deal with guys charging in on run plays. This is one of the areas I feel like newer players or less experienced players could benefit from concrete guidance.
  6. If I make it (elbow injury, long drive, not 100% sure) the bounty will be doubled: $20 per win against me (tournament or exhibition/casual) will be donated for Brayden and/or GBS. This should be easy for all you veterans since I will only tap 4x/sec to save my arm. Hopefully you can raise a lot of money off me!
  7. Is that because they only have 6 Maximum Speed, or do they call Play Action too much?
  8. That's all the encouragement I needed. The games will be fun, the practice will be brutal.
  9. What is the prospect for games night before/after tournament? Though, 5 guaranteed is still pretty good and flights are cheap. P.S. I feel sorry for Flo's group, gonna be a lot of QBs on their backs
  10. Thanks all for the tips! If nothing else they have been inspiration for my friend. He's out there now, if I hear anything interesting from the trip report I will post.
  11. One of my friends is going to be in the area soon for a week. I know @arncoemis relatively close, at least closer than I am. Any thoughts, even if it's just "do the things everyone does"? Can be day trips out from the city as well.
  12. Again with the caveat that all discussion is casual... I would argue that the utility of Singletary is arguable. In the game I played, he actually wasn't ineffective on those gut runs. Butts is right at the edge of where you might choose to go through the middle past the MAN and make hard cut to try and break a big play (common with Jackso). In this one, IIRC, my opponent grappled RG, which IIRC means RB #2 is going to ignore. Then if RB is slow enough and decides to go middle, Singletary can get in on it. I wasn't super effective on that cut off the block but I'm not sure if it's right or wrong with Butts. In this matchup it also depends on your lineup. Singletary is like 75 HP? With Ronnie Harmon being 25. That implies Singletary can roll Harmon if the MAN decides to install the Off-I Sweep or the FB Power Dive, then it can be a dive or it can be a grapple (probably not a grapple in that case, RG is still in play). Normally your other option is to hit the C and create chaos, not as nice with Butts though. OTOH if you put Derrick Walker or Caravello at RB #2, it's conditions based. Of course if you don't have to rely on guys catching dump passes (Butts drops 3 passes) you could load it up on Arthur Cox and blow guys out of the hole. But RB #2 does something, I hate leaving Derrick Walker on bench. Definitely if Singletary got up there in condition you could try and disrupt like people do with Offerdahl on the T Power Dive, just running in and diving. The other thing is on R&S Sweep R, Singletary can take on weak WR #2 (sort of risky because of the cut block) and roll him. Then you just have to let the C go block a drone. Now, I think the pulling guards still likely have aggro on you, but at least you may be able to push the MAN inside, or you could try for that dive play people always hover around and look silly doing except for the surprisingly large % of the time when it works.
  13. Brings up the related question, do SD's weapons negate the CHI passing-game defensive advantage?
  14. Tragically people (myself included) only tend to learn when things are busted the hard way. This one is one of the least dangerous of life lessons (behind giving your opponent Bo Jackson)
  15. Thanks to all for your compliments. I tried to find the classic creamsicle fabric with a quick search, but had no luck. Perhaps our only option is to wrap ourselves in the flag?
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