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  1. Thanks all for the tips! If nothing else they have been inspiration for my friend. He's out there now, if I hear anything interesting from the trip report I will post.
  2. One of my friends is going to be in the area soon for a week. I know @arncoemis relatively close, at least closer than I am. Any thoughts, even if it's just "do the things everyone does"? Can be day trips out from the city as well.
  3. Again with the caveat that all discussion is casual... I would argue that the utility of Singletary is arguable. In the game I played, he actually wasn't ineffective on those gut runs. Butts is right at the edge of where you might choose to go through the middle past the MAN and make hard cut to try and break a big play (common with Jackso). In this one, IIRC, my opponent grappled RG, which IIRC means RB #2 is going to ignore. Then if RB is slow enough and decides to go middle, Singletary can get in on it. I wasn't super effective on that cut off the block but I'm not sure if it's right or wrong with Butts. In this matchup it also depends on your lineup. Singletary is like 75 HP? With Ronnie Harmon being 25. That implies Singletary can roll Harmon if the MAN decides to install the Off-I Sweep or the FB Power Dive, then it can be a dive or it can be a grapple (probably not a grapple in that case, RG is still in play). Normally your other option is to hit the C and create chaos, not as nice with Butts though. OTOH if you put Derrick Walker or Caravello at RB #2, it's conditions based. Of course if you don't have to rely on guys catching dump passes (Butts drops 3 passes) you could load it up on Arthur Cox and blow guys out of the hole. But RB #2 does something, I hate leaving Derrick Walker on bench. Definitely if Singletary got up there in condition you could try and disrupt like people do with Offerdahl on the T Power Dive, just running in and diving. The other thing is on R&S Sweep R, Singletary can take on weak WR #2 (sort of risky because of the cut block) and roll him. Then you just have to let the C go block a drone. Now, I think the pulling guards still likely have aggro on you, but at least you may be able to push the MAN inside, or you could try for that dive play people always hover around and look silly doing except for the surprisingly large % of the time when it works.
  4. Brings up the related question, do SD's weapons negate the CHI passing-game defensive advantage?
  5. Tragically people (myself included) only tend to learn when things are busted the hard way. This one is one of the least dangerous of life lessons (behind giving your opponent Bo Jackson)
  6. Thanks to all for your compliments. I tried to find the classic creamsicle fabric with a quick search, but had no luck. Perhaps our only option is to wrap ourselves in the flag?
  7. While practicing to Hold My Butts, I got into this set. I did get a chance to try it out in the live competition - unfortunately Tomczak was not putting the ball in play, so I couldn't really see the potential of CHI by the player. In defense, Butts dropped 3 wide open stopped Vlasic passes for me in this game - only one he got was on Carrier!! (granted diving play) Butts got 153, but bear in mind I had tap advantage, got up, and CHI's offense was a dud, not necessarily representative. These two teams actually seem to match up pretty well in terms of my own playstyle, but that doesn't necessarily mean everyone would play them the same way. You guys have any thoughts on this one?
  8. I wanted to affirm Greg's sentiments - another great tournament, great support by all of the NE crew and others e.g. Joe. in setup and running it. Great turnout and I also was of course happy to see the strong competition (although I kind of assembled a murderer's group, sorry guys). I just checked my NES PSU last night, it may still be fine - that burnt power strip! (brown in the middle) Kids, don't try this at home Hopefully no one got any carpal or crooked fingers from the foosball table. Once I drop a check in the mail tomorrow, my bounty backlog should be paid. @tadaos hope you are feeling better! looked kind of rough there
  9. Way too busy learning organic chemistry/molecular biology and then going back to work while pretending I still have a website and FAQs. Sort of like being a dad and having responsibilities, not as sleep-losing though. Good news is all my friends still like me and most of my nagging injuries are either healed or mending. As you may have seen on this board, I spent some hooky time to go play Tecmo in the Bronx. Given a slew of other priorities, Vegas will be very tough to make this year so I can only hope the West Coast represents with the ? chains to make the stream lively. ⛓️
  10. Would have been even better if they showed Marino flattening out Clayton or Duper to the fly route, or showing an option route in NFL that got the same result
  11. This is 100 percent legit on real cart, definitely the kicks bounce. You just don't see it that often.
  12. I'll let tournament director chime in, but I'll whet your appetite by saying that we saw both strong teams-strong teams and lopsided matchups - but not the anticipated results!
  13. This is a strong consider for me and I will see if I can bring homies
  14. All, Another awesome tournament and as usual the shoutouts to the NE Tecmo crew for the equipment, setup, and logistics. My only regret is that I won 4 games with a giant pile of CPU cheese.** I wanted also to post a few notes I heard that could be relevant to others: - Probably most insightful quote of day: "Why did we finish early and everyone is happy? More TVs" (we had complete simultaneous play for everyone. fortunate that the event/venue/number of players lined up that way) Also of course it made it easy to play friendlies, even TSB III, very little downtime. - Access and parking was surprisingly easy. In this case Van Cortlandt park was all free (@badmoonrison indicated good weather in winter was responsible) and the traffic was smooth. Everyone has to take a different route to this thing, but I for one appreciated no Brooklyn-Queens Expy nightmare. - This venue laid out as a long row with TVs stacked on either size. Size of the row still accommodated flow between TVs. With the two facilities on either side and bar around the corner it really seemed to accommodate the crew extremely well. ** That and I found out last night right before bed that they didn't shoot ANY of the Warriors in the Bronx??? WTH??? I was so psyched about parking next to the Conclave, I even thought about looking for Cyrus' platform
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