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  1. Way too busy learning organic chemistry/molecular biology and then going back to work while pretending I still have a website and FAQs. Sort of like being a dad and having responsibilities, not as sleep-losing though. Good news is all my friends still like me and most of my nagging injuries are either healed or mending. As you may have seen on this board, I spent some hooky time to go play Tecmo in the Bronx. Given a slew of other priorities, Vegas will be very tough to make this year so I can only hope the West Coast represents with the ? chains to make the stream lively. ⛓️
  2. Would have been even better if they showed Marino flattening out Clayton or Duper to the fly route, or showing an option route in NFL that got the same result
  3. This is 100 percent legit on real cart, definitely the kicks bounce. You just don't see it that often.
  4. I'll let tournament director chime in, but I'll whet your appetite by saying that we saw both strong teams-strong teams and lopsided matchups - but not the anticipated results!
  5. This is a strong consider for me and I will see if I can bring homies
  6. All, Another awesome tournament and as usual the shoutouts to the NE Tecmo crew for the equipment, setup, and logistics. My only regret is that I won 4 games with a giant pile of CPU cheese.** I wanted also to post a few notes I heard that could be relevant to others: - Probably most insightful quote of day: "Why did we finish early and everyone is happy? More TVs" (we had complete simultaneous play for everyone. fortunate that the event/venue/number of players lined up that way) Also of course it made it easy to play friendlies, even TSB III, very little downtime. - Access and parking was surprisingly easy. In this case Van Cortlandt park was all free (@badmoonrison indicated good weather in winter was responsible) and the traffic was smooth. Everyone has to take a different route to this thing, but I for one appreciated no Brooklyn-Queens Expy nightmare. - This venue laid out as a long row with TVs stacked on either size. Size of the row still accommodated flow between TVs. With the two facilities on either side and bar around the corner it really seemed to accommodate the crew extremely well. ** That and I found out last night right before bed that they didn't shoot ANY of the Warriors in the Bronx??? WTH??? I was so psyched about parking next to the Conclave, I even thought about looking for Cyrus' platform
  7. So, while I was unable to attend the CT tournament this year due to scheduling conflict, at @Nameless Losers Plaything's birthday party, about 1 in the morning, after he shoved a bunch of Dr. Mario pills down my throat, we decided to pick up the cartridge. I played poorly with the slow QBs at NYC, so why not pick Marino, get in some reps? Threw for 322 yards, and 0 touchdowns, because 3 lost fumbles on all long passes, a pick. OK, fine, we will go with Kansas City. OK, maybe not fine, lost the opening kickoff, lost the football again on a run deep in my own territory. Tried the Rams. Always a struggle with Chris Everett. I still lost a fumble but I was stubborn and just wanted to throw touchdowns instead of kicking field goals. Not happening. Played some more teams, lost some more fumbles. Tried again with the Steelers. Actually moved the ball down the field with Strom Thurmond. However, the Jets fumbled 3 times for forward progress, including a Blair Thomas 4th down conversion on the game-winning drive. Merril Hoge coughed it up, too. Anyone else had exceptional Tecmo God favour on their birthday?
  8. Any sense or suggestions about parking in that area? Also, how desperate the need for TVs/systems? I might take this opportunity to get smarter about transit up there as this one looks pretty easy to access, but obviously either bus or train transit is not so amenable to the CRT.
  9. I second the thanks for all the help putting this tournament on, Ryan, Patrick, Matt, Erik, and Greg, also @Bad Moon Rison. Another great event, layout worked really well this year. I promise at some point I will pay the charity bounty backlog that all of you have earned, I've been dealing with first world problems and studying up for elections in November.
  10. As indicated, I did, in fact, get rocked in Frogs and Flies. It was like 20-36, 24-32, before I had to bail for Mario Kart 64 (shockingly I actually won one? Mushroom Circuit better for noobs like me) While they are still up here are a couple of the techniques shown at this tournament: (Bad Moon Rison Jacob Green lockdown run D) https://clips.twitch.tv/LittleBitterFungusOSsloth (MattyD check to the curl pass in red zone) https://clips.twitch.tv/SpunkyAmorphousHamburgerOhMyDog It is unfortunate we don't have the game on stream where the CPU and I needed to tip 14/15 Sterling Sharpe passes (as Browns/Mike Johnson/Tony Blaylock) in order to win the game (the one I missed was a TD...). Congratulations @MattyD and all who came out! I apologize I was not able to show you good technique on the stream... P.S. If you need some sleep go watch this around 1 hr:58 mark to the end, my patience was being tested: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/277074219
  11. No matter what happens in Tecmo, I'm gonna get rocked in Frogs and Flies.
  12. I guess this forum... I'm still busy but I signed up as some dead money for both the Tecmo and the Tetris Attack the following day (no idea how that hustle is gonna go). If any of you want some T&A practice after the Tecmo, I should be available (although I likely will hit up Valley Forge NP at some point).
  13. Driving down to 1820 Franklin in Houston (Joystix Classic Games and Pinballs, first and last Fridays of the month are free play for $15 9PM-2AM), I sensed a cabinet was present. (If you go to their website, it's not listed - I don't know if it's for sale or not.) @suicideking81 should find a way to get to this next time he is in Houston. My sister and I were, amazingly, the only folks playing this one for about an hour. There are 4 sticks, and because it was free play, my sister and I each played 2 players - which is vaguely like most other football games, but even wilder because you control both the players at once. It becomes even crazier because the two players on your side switch off the snap, so every play you alternate throwing with one player and running routes with the other. Playing the game: Clearly the most OP play is to option-style run the QB one way and then run the RB the other way. Once the RB gets off screen, you have no idea where he went in terms of depth, so it's pretty tough for the MAN to track your receiver. My sister got some big plays on that despite the fact I had my second player in deep safety coverage in the area. If you guys know the "princess and the monster" game theory, that's basically the passing game here. Plus, like Tecmo Bowl on NES, no grapple blocking, so you can run right through the line. Consequently you have to have a strong pass rush to prevent the QB from throwing the football off screen. Mashing joystick is pretty powerful in this game - you can toss MAN and CPU much like Tecmo III, when you have a power back moving forward. Also the CPU has a really tough time bringing you down, you can break 10+ tackles on a play. Accuracy from jumping in front of QB may be affected, but I didn't get enough reps on the system to try it. Leading receivers is tough, typically you want to stop the player before you throw. As folks have mentioned on the forum, laterals, you get put into a random formation at the snap, dive tackling is powerful. Some notes on this unit: All the sticks and buttons seem to be working pretty well. Screens are in good shape. Red buttons on the bottom have been rigged up to insert credits (to gain more playing time).
  14. To memorialize the 500+ rushing yards that players in this tournament ran all over me with the T Power Dive*, I have once again donated $500 to a worthy hunger charity. Hope to see y'all again next year (well maybe not Chuck Long). * Most misplayed run in Tecmo
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