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  1. I was surprised at how long it had been since I actually uploaded fixes. That whole life getting in the way problem. Sorry about that. Remember this is public domain, edit it as you see fit. Please find attached. Of note, you will find an expanded tournament even-matchup list with more options, and in particular those of you that aren't playing in every tournament (and from my experience, even some of you that are) should get some help from the expanded coverage of R&S Flare C, R&S Z Fly, Shotgun X Curl, Shotgun X Drive, and Redgun Z Slant. You are free to curse me for any use of offscreen mismatches by your opponents. Feel free to criticize me for it being even more massive and needing edits. I also didn't have as much chance as I would like to expand the coverage of out-tap technique but there are some additions to try. Enjoy turkey day tecmofaq632.txt tecmofaq630.txt tecmofaq631.txt
  2. Mega Man Shoes

    No way I could not send


    thought of you immediately

    Good luck at Northeast!

  3. Once again, another great tournament in NYC. The games went really quickly throughout the day and even up until the late playoffs when we started stalling/streaming. It definitely helps those of us driving from distance. Congratulations to @tadaoson his dominant championship game performance and his tough semi-final victory. Also congratulations to @arncoemon his third place finish. I only managed to watch his elite eight game but I saw some good techniques in that matchup. Also I should give a shout-out to @Martin black who helped me train. Technically my weaknesses in this tournament were ones that can be worked off in solo training, but I would also point out that I now am running an 0-4 record vs. him. He was grateful for the experience and the chats you had with him. Many of you fought hard against him, thank you - no gimmies!!! Stream links (not sure what order they are in): https://www.twitch.tv/nytecmo/video/496743609 https://www.twitch.tv/nytecmo/video/496751287 https://www.twitch.tv/nytecmo/video/496757907 https://www.twitch.tv/nytecmo/video/496883539
  4. Other mort videos on the subject of lurching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=994b5hQVjhk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HC9ZCL3QXU
  5. Questionable audio and basically none for Gats which is unfortunate but you can see working lurches and not when Gats is going at it, including against 19 MS QBs (although pretty dicey). Also that we demonstrate even holding back doesn't help against a well timed (maybe lucky because Gats pointed out could be frame-perfect or similar issue with dropping the B button press) nose tackle dive. Note I never get any proper lurches in because something was totally up with the right side controllers on that side of the stream. Amazed I did not hear more complaints about it. Later in the tournament Gats pulls the classic use of it, lurching the QB back in his end zone for a safety. https://youtu.be/aCfycGBdcGY?t=13631 Thanks to @trojan1979, @allamerican1569for the streaming setup to get this done. Took a bit because Youtube had to chew on the stream for a while. Also you get a bonus round of showing RCB CPU grapple -> MAN grapple defense of R&S Sweep L.
  6. Again I wanted to thank the whole crew, Phil, Tom, Mort, and others were all moving kit around while the rest of us were playing. trojan1979 and others for the stream setup, looking through it real quick things turned out well on both. Of course we should credit the experienced players for also keeping it moving. Had a lot of Tecmo and other pickup games on the side which was great for all the players. We were recruiting new players all through out the day. For those of you who have not been to this venue, it is not large but it is well equipped and obviously the league they run there has things decently well set up, not any space issues with the attendance. Temps were pretty good despite the number of people. I did not get a chance to currywurst due to the amount of gaming!
  7. So how come @MattyDgot the Packers? Clearly this year the Packers have been the team to beat. 😛 Sorry I did not come, too tired and busy. I promise I was not trembling in fear of the Packers
  8. IDK from Philly, from further south @Martin black and I may go but I don't think the probability is high.
  9. On that point, does anyone have a list of the outstanding training videos that already exist? Not counting stream games although those are valuable.
  10. My bounties have been paid - thanks all for competing and best wishes for helping those suffering from GBS.
  11. All, @Martin blackwas talking about making some more videos, this is one of his hustles. Now, the Internet has got a pile of them, including but not limited to a bunch of Mort videos I probably never will get the time to watch. So what I wanted to crowdsource was, what are some good ideas people haven't already done? Some I was considering were: - DB pass pursuit range. i.e. if a guy starts on a landmark in his circle technique, what is his true zone of coverage. So think like if you are breaking down a 2018 Bears or Legion of Boom cover 3, and what is the FS' true pass stopping ability. So you would have Rod Woodson, Bobby Humphery, Mike Merriweather, etc. as comparison points. - Footwork and passing lanes. Maybe play-specific. How well can DBs/LBs control the lane and from what positions. - Avoiding dive tackles and how to deal with guys charging in on run plays. This is one of the areas I feel like newer players or less experienced players could benefit from concrete guidance.
  12. If I make it (elbow injury, long drive, not 100% sure) the bounty will be doubled: $20 per win against me (tournament or exhibition/casual) will be donated for Brayden and/or GBS. This should be easy for all you veterans since I will only tap 4x/sec to save my arm. Hopefully you can raise a lot of money off me!
  13. Is that because they only have 6 Maximum Speed, or do they call Play Action too much?
  14. That's all the encouragement I needed. The games will be fun, the practice will be brutal.
  15. What is the prospect for games night before/after tournament? Though, 5 guaranteed is still pretty good and flights are cheap. P.S. I feel sorry for Flo's group, gonna be a lot of QBs on their backs
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