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  1. I fixed the CFT results you had (I won CFT 1 and 3, Rando won CFT 2. ) Also, Invader was also CFT RNG 1 Champ. 😂 PS I love the descriptions added. Shoot the J!
  2. kamphuna8

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    I'm sorry I failed. I was full of giddy anxiousness. And nervous. But mostly excited for the spectacle. I could practically smell the cannabis through the TV (or was that coming from somewhere else?) Aghast at the gashing is the best I can describe now. The Ringer described how the Rams O Line were thoroughly more prepared to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting Cowboys D Line, and the 273 yards rushing... well it hurt. #Hurting Glad they came back, needed one more stop, and boom, Goff with a carry on a 4th down and longer than 3 or 4 to seal it. Where have I seen this before? (Think 2015 Cal UW game, Goff helps Cal upset the Huskies with a QB Keep on 4th and like 4?) BOTH EVENTS SUCKED CAL'S BALLS
  3. Haha, I think @DT. is doing that, but I could help?
  4. I actually lost to @invader_star64 in the Super Bowl after we BOTH went 1-5 in the regular season. I'm not sandbagging, you're sandbagging! I'm not @fairfensheeding , you are! I DID win CFT 3 in November though.... I think?
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    HSTL Waiting List

    2024 The PNW Reinvasion of HSTL
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    Most Missed Tecmo Player?

  7. kamphuna8

    HSTL Waiting List

    This. I'm here for ALL of this
  8. Not for this one. This is all or mostly og rom carts.
  9. kamphuna8

    Seattle, WA - PNW Honbasho I

    This is supposed to be Saturday the 26th i believe
  10. There is also a Sumo game on the NES (Famicom really) but guess what, it's made my Tecmo! Pretty fun too! Couple more on the N64 but the NES version is more pick up and play.
  11. Let kamp play as your opponent for every game "disguised" as the CPU
  12. I'm of the same mind. Upon seeing this thread I tried to see what I could definitively remember about this time. When Tecmo Super Bowl first came out, me and a few friends of mine played a full season of it that weekend at my friend PK's house. Most of us were in our first year of college (we graduated 1991) and me and PK wore the original Tecmo Bowl out. Always as CHI SF and he was always SF. His favorite team (at that time, home boy is a Seahawks fan now) was the Eagles as he was from the Philly area (and Cincy area too) before moving out to the PNW. We would go on to have my one of 2 epic TSB rivalries with me as the Cowboys and him as the Eagles (he ended up dominating the all time series after a time where he pushed the above .500 lead to like 30 or 40, and I was able to keep it 50 50 after that). But this is about the release of TSB. Us guys got the game ( I'm fairly sure I bought the cart ) and played around with it and saw we could do a season mode, so we started a season and ended up spending most of that weekend in his family's entertainment room learning and learning to love all the additions and advancements this game had. The teams included were of course Dallas and Philly, one guy was the Raiders, another the Chiefs and another was the Giants. We might only have had 5 guys. During that weekend, I fondly remember leaving PK's spot on I believe the Saturday night to go see our alma mater Edmonds Woodway play one of the Shore- schools, Shoreline or Shorewood. I tried looking up that date and our WESCO AAA Basketball scores or schedule but no luck other than this season preview from the Seattle Times back then. That preview was dated Thursday Dec. 12 and I found the WESCO AA preview for Friday DEC 13. Both seemed to suggest that the conference schedule was about to start. We left mid season (and FUNKY, as in we hadn't really showered since starting the season Friday night) and caught the game, and Edmonds-Woodway lost. I'm fairly sure we finished that season early Sunday after running games all night and guys waking up whoever had to play next. I did end up winning the Super Bowl, although I don't remember playing a human for it, I think the Raiders and Chiefs owners lost to the computer. I'm pretty sure I snuck into the playoffs that season with an 8-8 record too. Now, for the date, I also considered what was going on in the NFL at that time. 1991, my favorite team was in the middle of a resurgence that was semi expected, but surprising in that the run of wins started with a game in which Aikman got injured and Beuerlein stepped in and finished the eventual Super Bowl Champs the Redskins off with a play that I was reminded of when Amari Cooper caught that ball that bounced off the Eagle DB in OT and then hurried into the end zone. To beat the Redskins, Beuerlein hit Irvin near the 5 yard line with Darrell Green closing in from behind him, Irvin bounced the ball up, caught it, pivoted and took it in the end zone for a 21-7 lead against the 11-0 Redskins early in the 4th quarter. Here it is queued up on this YouTube vid. Later on you can see this pick of Aikman injured walking the sideline in front of Tommie Agee with Craig Kupp (Cooper's Dad) in the foreground. Well, to get back on point, the last 2 games of the season I recall where I was, and it was with PK both games. Week 16 saw Eagles vs Cowboys. Winner basically had the playoffs locked up if I recall correctly. The Eagles D was absolutely a TERROR! I think they sacked Aikman 11 times in the first meeting, a bludgeoning shutout. Well the Eagles had their own QB issues as Jeff Kemp was needed because both Randall and McMahon were injured. Kemp started that season sucking for the Seahawks who lost Dave Krieg pretty early that season as well, so I had some faith that the Cowboys might be able to pull it out, even though that D was literally a threat. They did, thanks to a huge Punt Return from Kelvin Martin for a TD to give them a 15 - 10 lead I think. I remember watching this game at PKs house with just PK upstairs in his parents room because I think his Dad had some sort of NFL Ticket back then, because I didn't have a way to watch it at home. I've never connected this as part of that same weekend of the first weekend of Tecmo, although it very well could be. Pretty sure it was a 10am start here in the PNW and it was just me and PK, so the rest of the guys must have bounced ( I might have too, to go home and shower and come back, just can't recollect). The next weekend, I remember going with PK and some of our crew to the Northgate mall for some last minute Christmas shopping, and I was listening to the radio really tuned in to the final standings for who would lead the league in rushing (and receiving, but I think Irvin had a much bigger lead, and Emmitt had competition Barry (who missed week 1 in a Lions 45-0 loss to the Redskins). I'm pretty sure I heard the confirmation that Emmitt won the rushing title as we left the mall when all the games with Barry and Emmitt ended. It feels more likely that our Tecmo weekend happened the previous weekend upon reflecting on it. Basically, I kind of feel Dec 13 feels right. We were excited to play it. Probably planned on getting together to play it on that day because it was just coming out, but also guys were coming back from college (not really that far, they mostly went to UW a few miles south, and I was at Shoreline C.C. and living at home). Perhaps it was S.O.P. for these games to be released on Fridays? IDK. That's what I can add... PS I'm also going to try and hit up those guys to see what they recall, maybe we can hammer that date down and get some other memories from that weekend.