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  1. http://discord.gg/0bTEaH3dmy3Dzsgq
  2. You might be wondering what that word means. I only heard of it today. I'm pro Lego like most, but I'm even more PRO WTF. PRO PRO WTF if you will. Here is the Prolegomenon for Week 1. Face Meltin Matchup vs This is a Super Bowl rematch, a rematch of an extraordinary WTF Bowl. Tight, injurious, and down to the wire. THE KEY PLAY made by some nobody, just like a lot of our actual Super Bowls (Tyree? ) And we just happen to be in a year where a Super Bowl rematch is possible, so it gets the week 1 treatment. The defending champs made a pretty significant trade with the rival Browns to acquire some rarefied DB INT. Gone is the Marshall Plan and in comes Rashaan Salaam. AND Sammy Knight. Ravens also added Rodney Harrison to bolster the hands of the questionable secondary. Not a lot of speed but the picks will come. As for the Falcons, their secondary is kinda the opposite. More speed, less INT. Added a couple of LB pieces to an already stout crew. But pretty much the whole gang is back for one more 'gain. Prime is primed to fill that spot on the mantle reserved for a WTF trophy. I think he gets this Dub. Prediction 21-10 ATL Other games of Hawtness. vs Wilford Brimley is bringing his Packing company to Lambeau to roast them Cowgirls like they usually do. Such Dawg and Tuna have a special rivalry, and every once in a while a great game of tecmo emerges. I highly doubt it this time as this will probably be all Bits and no Glory for this not so humble 'Mish. Prediction: One of us will start the game with a full field JJ attempt. vs These teams are potent. Both playoff teams with some punch. Both teams are getting a little long in the tooth. Prediction: There will be lots of fumbles, a tight game where things get really tight late. Jags score a late FG and hold on for dear life. 24-21. 🤡 vs I wish it had that old Patriot image but wygd. This matchup features some Tecmo Titans both reppin their favorite squads, so immediately I love it. Dolo's team seems to be wallowing in the mire. He replaced an unfortunate early retirement with some BHumps, and made it work but BHump already is aging again and the GMen have some Needs. The Patriots come in with a stronger corps, BDawk really gave his franchise an infusion. I can relate to just how hard it is to acquire a good DB in this league, and Kovalkin felt it way worse than I. Prediction: A Pats Plonkin. 28-17 vs This one I call the HOUSTON HISTRIONICS! Every 3 years we shall see this epic battle for the city of Houston. Houstonians everywhere gather for this preeminent matchup. Natrone Means business, especially after Darion Conner got his walking papers. Troy Aikman is gone so the Texans usher in a new era, the era of Aaron Brooks. The rest of the Texans lineup is a funky mishmash of talents. 38rp 75int Stinson. 56rp 38int Madison. Fred Taylor and his young 56ms RB self. Donnie Edwards, the heir apparant to Darion. As for the Oilman, QB Jonathan Quinn is an up and comer and Jeff Burris and Ray Lewis are super STUDS not to be trifled with. Prediction: Wackiness. OIlers get a big lead, Texans tie it up. Then tecmo shits in both of their faces. WHO TF knows? 28-24 Oilers The Rest of the Tea: vs tadaos vs Speed. Speed took Matt Hasselbeck to new attempt heights. Tadaos I'm sure LOVES him some Speedball. Especially with an all 50 INT secondary. Prediction: The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round. Big day for Jerome. vs TBone vs Barletti. This one I would LOVE to watch. I think it would make for a great tecmo viewing experience. Prediction: Panthers 21 - Dolphins 14 🤡 vs Stu gets his wish and takes his franchise to similarly defensive minded CHI TOWN. Nos got a hit on Tim Couch, the new Troy Aikman, and I think he will be anything but an LVP. Prediction: NOS gives Stu a lesson he won't forget. The lesson is NOS CAN PLAY vs Another newcomer to WTF, MattGT brings the RAMS into the WTF fold. He gets to take on MattyD and the Colts, a team in shambles after some BRUTAL aging ceremonies post 1998. Prediction: Matt gonna win vs An all indigenous matchup here to kick off 1999. TrINT Green played for both of these franchises in WTF AND real life. Chiefs are starting to mold their team to their liking with an up and coming Stephen Davis toting the rock. Cubs' team is just knocking on the door but really looking for improved QB play, whether through a gain or draft or acquisition. The squad is pretty beast otherwise. Can he put it together in 1999. (One of my favorite Cowboy wins was in 1999, involving a certain Troy to Rocket combo. Prediction: Lots of protestors vs The former Broncos squad moved to the Puget Sound region with new HQ based out of the Eagles nest up in the 'Mamish. JoeyB is improving in his tecmo game and his WTF team. Can he take out the Steel Curtain? Swamp has QB RB and WR pieces all in place. And of course the LBs. The secondary is still meh. New QB Dante Culpepper will look to attack with nice weapons like Randy Moss and Joe Horn. Should be a barn burner. Prediction: JJs vs The Raiders traded away their first round pick from 2000 to get a stud LB. Looking at their division and the emigration of DT from WTF, Thrash has to be eyeing the division crown in the controversially intact AFC East. BigFatPaulie continues to chug along, building a terrific roster and getting some really sneaky good wins but struggling to find that consistency to get in the playoffs repeatedly. Prediction: Peyton Manning will throw some balls to Troy Brown.
  3. Apologies to JJT to display his pain, but this was seriously something. https://clips.twitch.tv/DifficultGeniusHeronBrokeBack
  4. Here is your 1999 Rom Release Schedule Link to back game policy is below the schedule. Weeks 1-3 Wednesday June 24 Week 4 Thursday June 25 Week 5 Monday June 29 Week 6 Thursday July 2 Week 7 Monday July 6 Week 8 Thursday July 9 Week 9 Monday July 13 Week 10 Thursday July 16 (Deadline all games weeks 1-4 11:59pm Eastern) Week 11 Monday July 20 Week 12 Thursday July 23 (Deadline all games weeks 1-8 11:59pm Eastern) Week 13 Monday July 27 Week 14 Thursday July 30 (Deadline all games weeks 1-12 11:59pm Eastern) Week 15 Monday August 3 (Deadline all games weeks 1-13 11:59pm Eastern) Week 16 Thursday August 6 (Deadline all games weeks 1-14 11:59pm Eastern) Regular Season Deadline Sunday night August 16 by 11:59pm eastern savings time
  5. I had this at our last live season and they just got ignored... Garage Tecmo is right up my alley tho!
  6. I didn't know this. I've only ever seen it this one time. The glitchy over throw JJ whiff, INT then dead play and offense keeps the ball only for a "nano blitz" on the next play is something I've seen enough in online play.
  7. It would seem so but I'm not really sure. There is a LOT more footage captured of online glitches with more online games being played/captured than live on console.
  8. Let's get a thread going of some of the absolute wildest plays, clips, glitches, heck even games (wouldn't hurt to cut them up to just their juicy bits. I'll start with this one. This occurred in Sir Ted's dungeon the night before Pac Rim 2 up in Seattle. It's me and my homey Jay, and you can hear Sir Ted, and see The Professor pointing at the screen at the beginning.
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