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  1. Right now it's just on my Twitch Videos - Previous Broadcast. I'll have it on YouTube by the Weekend I'd guess. I didn't stream a ton that day due to technical issues, but you'll be happy to know we had the Tupa Bowl up on a TV in the garage pretty much all day.
  2. At one point it looked like we would have 9 of the 12 owners present... but things (and bad sushi) happened. At least we have good fathers in the group. Ended up with 5. Did you check out some of the Atari footage? I haven't cut it up to YouTube yet, but I've never cried so much in my life as playing Warlords
  3. I'm in BUT. How will you deal with vacations? I'll be out of town from mid June to early July.
  4. We are T minus 5 days away from the CFT 4 draft. Its a shame @~Tailback King~ wont be there in person...
  5. OK I am very happy to announce a draft date. In remembrance of that day back on May 18, 1980, the day that literally shook the PNW, we will be having a live draft/retro sports extravaganza (think several mini tourneys) on May 18th in the Garage here in Grit City. If you are in CFT 4 but can't make the live draft, you will just have to draft from home and hopefully enjoy the streaming of the draft and live retro sports action from the comfort of your own home. I have confirmations from Stu, Joey B, and White Tick. Still waiting to hear from some like @~Tailback King~, @XtraLargent, @DT., @ptitteri, @invader_star64and @gripsmoke. Current games list for the Retro Sports Tourney. Atari - Fishing Derby, Freeway, Tennis and Warlords. Possibly Hockey. Maybe even Frogs n Flies because Grandma's Boy. NES - RBI 3, perhaps something around facing Tyson (fastest to beat him), Tecmo Bowl, Ice Hockey, Golf, Micro Machines, 2 on 2 TSB, Sprintmaster Genesis - NBA Jam (not TE) because Juice Mode and Big Heads, NHL 95 (because crack) (I'm open to NHL 94 instead) 16 Bit GENESIS or SNES - Home Run Derby (World Series Baseball?), QB Challenge Im open to other suggestions (and closed to some) Holla!
  6. @hankthetank this is for you @~Tailback King~ U 2 http://www.pnw.puretecmo.com/main/dsp_recap.php?gID=159
  7. I did get verbal confirmation that one @~Tailback King~ is in it to win it fa sho!
  8. I've been waiting for @~Tailback King~ to come on here and show appreciation for hisself. Then I was gonna "chime in"...
  9. Did we never get to the bottom of that question?
  10. Also confirmed via discord in the mix is @gripsmoke. That's 8! Really want at the least 4 more.
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