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  1. Yes. Enjoyed it TREMENDOUSLY.
  2. Here is your 1997 Rom Release Schedule Weeks 1-4 Tuesday January 14 Week 5 Tuesday January 21 Week 6 Thursday January 23 Week 7 Tuesday January 28 Week 8 Thursday January 30 Week 9 Tuesday February 4 Week 10 Thursday February 6 (Deadline all games weeks 1-4 11:59pm Eastern) Happy Bday Bob! Week 11 Tuesday February 11 Week 12 Thursday February 13 (Deadline all games weeks 1-8 11:59pm Eastern) Week 13 Tuesday February 18 Week 14 Thursday February 20 (Deadline all games weeks 1-12 11:59pm Eastern) Week 15 Tuesday February 25 (Deadline all games weeks 1-13 11:59pm Eastern) Week 16 Thursday February 27 (Deadline all games weeks 1-14 11:59pm Eastern) Regular Season Deadline Sunday night March 8 by 11:59pm eastern savings time I might be inclined to release some early, but know that the pace will slow toward the end so the last 2 are released on the scheduled days. SPECIAL FYI NOTE TO LEAGUE. Nos has a crazy work schedule through probably early to mid March, and I have told him we will extend deadlines for him if necessary. He has said that he WILL be able to play maybe once every 2 weeks and THAT would be the time to catch him (hopefully scheduling with him via Discord ahead of time). Outside of games with NOS, the deadlines remain. I have NOT had to be very heavy handed... so far................................................................
  3. So glad to see you still stop by. You're the man jstout. Much appreciate all of your work (and quite a few others). Hey buddy, guess what. I hack! I'm a hacker! lol.
  4. LT, Wright and #Lewis are no brainers, which fits cuz I have no brain. Hoby and Young... NOPE
  5. 11 seed 21 4 seed 17 first game i played in a grip HP OL tourney vs PurpleHaze had the lead 14-7 at the half he got ball and scored i get ball and... theme of 1996 fumble! he takes it down and kicks a FG i get it and move down the field. Fumble again... but pick it up my self thank gods then with 29 seconds left from the 35 or so. I form up the guy for the win Bam with 212 GG haze
  6. Man, I don't even know what team is gonna show up. Both the Eagles and the Cowboys have really shown an inability to play "complementary" football. Dak has had a rough 3 game stretch where you could claim correctly the stats were mostly garbage time (didn't even get stats vs Pats). This defense is hemorrhaging yards and I have no trust in it, so I am THIS CLOSE to just hoping the Eagles put it together and become the NFC Least sacrificial Lamb
  7. AFC Seeding 1. New Orleans 14-2 @Nos 2. Chicago 13-3 @tecmobo 3. New England 11-5 @Kovalkin over ATL and SEA due to winning AFC Central 4. Seattle 11-5 @DT. Over ATL due to Head to Head victory 5. Atlanta 11-5 @Prime NFC Seeding 1. Indianapolis @MattyD 14-2 2. San Francisco @arncoem 13-3 3. New York @discdolo 8-8 Wins division tiebreak over KC with better division record 4. Kansas City @johny_mx 8-8 Over Pitt due to Head to Head 5. Pittsburgh @Swamp Chicken 8-8 Wild Card Round AFC Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks NFC Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs
  8. The fact that @~Tailback King~ your reaction to this is confused... CMON MAN!
  9. Games that missed the deadline Week 12 @discdolo vs @MattyD (I give reprieve to Matty D who informed me of his absence well before hand) @tadaos vs @Swamp Chicken Game was played Nov. 22 Week 13 Technically @tecmobo vs @stalltalk missed it by less than an hour. I won't hold this against them, they got the game in that night. No penalty for this one @discdolo vs @drake Game played on Nov. 24 @purplehaze vs @MattyD Game played on Nov. 24 Week 14 @tadaos vs @MattyD Unplayed as of this post (11/25) ABOVE GAMES were ones that miss/ed deadline for weeks 1-14 Week 15 Bills vs Patriots Oilers vs Texans Week 16 Steelers vs Titans Falcons vs Broncos Packers vs Texans Raiders vs Buccaneers
  11. Bro, all you gots to do is go to Discord. We all there. You are missing out if you don't go to there.
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