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  1. We used this recently, however there are some helmets (CLE for instance) that if you mess with it, it messes with much more than just CLE. Pretty sure both I and @JJT were using WIN 10 machines
  2. Lagtastic affair. 30 14 GG Cubs. Safety lag was the factor
  3. Welp here's what mines looks like with the original code and me fixing our field the way we want.
  4. I'm working on other aspects of the rom now. Will post a screen shot of what I'm dealing with when I get back to this part. Thank you for your help. I guess I'm just a hack hacker...
  5. ok I'll try to fix that with the original code. what I don't know then is what to copy where when I have my blank white tile there?
  6. In my post I was only concerned about the top of the goal post on the left side, as the code had a wrong value there. Using carther's guide, I copied the pointer in hex from the OG location to the location on the end zone to fix that. Then I went into TLP to fix the rest of the end zone and field. The only thing I haven't done is clean up the end zone cut scenes on the kicks, because while I have the hex location, I can't really see those tiles and I'm willing to live with that. It looks like the fans threw some crap on there.
  7. Haha Holy Cow I fixed it. Found the error. Attached the screen shot of my fix below. Int the 2nd set for left end zone, the GREEN BC should be in there instead of BF. I HACK! I'm a HACKER!!!
  8. @bruddog I'm trying to implement this but pasting this hex in leaves the spot at the top of the left side goal post basically an all white tile. The right side is fine. I've tested this with OG rom and it still does the same thing. I'm literally cutting and pasting the hex in at the location.
  9. I went with Most Valuable as in, you take him off the team and what do you have. Garrison left it all out on the field. 277 carries???
  10. Kamphuna8 DAL, SEA, SD Please keep me on the wait list for this until late may at the earliest is when I can participate
  11. Current unplayed games list Week 6 Patriots ( @Kovalkin ) vs Oilers ( @purplehaze ) Week 7 Redskins ( @cubsfan5150 ) vs Ravens ( @OL' Dirty Tecmo ) Saints ( @Nos ) vs Bears ( @chiefsjr83 ) Week 8 Colts ( @MattyD ) vs Oilers ( @purplehaze ) Ravens ( @OL' Dirty Tecmo ) vs Bills ( @tadaos ) Saints ( @Nos ) vs Packers ( @stalltalk ) Week 9 Ravens ( @OL' Dirty Tecmo ) vs Oilers ( @purplehaze ) Week 10 All games played YAY Week 11 Bills ( @tadaos ) vs 49ers ( @arncoem ) Panthers ( @Barletti ) vs Texans ( @Eifersucht80 ) Week 12 Browns ( @BigFatPaulie ) vs Redskins ( @cubsfan5150 ) Week 13 Bears ( @chiefsjr83 ) vs Patriots ( @Kovalkin ) Seahawks ( @DT. ) vs Saints ( @Nos ) Week 14 Giants ( @discdolo ) vs Raiders ( @Thrash ) Cowboys (moi) vs Seahawks ( @DT. )
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