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  1. @DT. has Johnny Johnson in WTF, the tecmo league where you can build up your players through having good stats (#notsohidden) @~Tailback King~ let @~Goal-line land-mine~ and Dirty South know that I'd like to know by the end of today whether or not they can participate in CFT3. Chalky White is in and for the moment @Polish Rifle is out.
  2. kamphuna8

    Playing a Full MAN Tecmo Season

    Hey Brian, You can make it work with 4 or more (would need @bruddog to make a merger tool that does more than 4) everdrive carts. We have an event coming up next month and if we have 8 I'm rolling with 4 Everdrive Carts, but if we get up to 12 owners (my max for this non summer one) I'm fairly sure we can get that merger tool from Bruddog. I liked the idea of having each week take 2 rounds of games (which was my plan for CFT2 last July, because it gave guys about an equal chance to enjoy playing and watching, but it turned out to be a game breaker in terms of time because of the logistics and technicalities of making this work. So from here on out, I'm going to shoot to just have every game scheduled for each week be played at the same time, as it's a huge time save. We've finished both seasons super late, Season 1 wasn't even with merging, just uploading files for stats and we finished past 1am local time. Season 2 concluded past 3:30 am, and that was after I cut out 3 weeks from a planned 10 week schedule (we also played the playoffs from the Tecmo Bracket [again thanks to Bruddog] which was just one game at a time and that in and of itself takes more than 3 and a half hours. BUT IT WAS AMAZING! The top post in this thread explains most of it, but I can explain in more detail if necessary. That should answer your first question about how it works. Basically, we played 4 games at a time on 4 different consoles and Everdrive Carts using the rom that Bruddog hacked for keeping stats, records, and injuries from games played in preseason mode. {Trying to play any games on the rom using the Season Mode menu will not work, all games are started from the preseason menu, but all the stats, conditions, injuries and records are "inserted" into the season mode statistics files and pages on the rom, basically making it act just like a normal season mode game played, with the only difference being that all games are started from the Preseason Menu. After the 4 games were played, we had to get a save state from each Everdrive cart using it's Save State capabilities, which is not as simple as it sounds. We needed 2 saves from each game, one from the blue game recap screen which we would use to upload our games to our CFT Phile here. Then we would need to get a save state from the Everdrive carts from the screen just after you hit the A Button on the Blue Recap Screen, which we would use to merge all 4 games' worth of stats, records, injuries and conditions together using Bruddog's tool. As if this doesn't sound complicated enough, the utility of the Everdrive's save state capability does not allow you to keep more than one save state for any rom using it's SAVE File folder. However, thanks to a gracious speedrunner named authorblues and a youtube (or twitch) video he posted explaining how you can use the everdrive to save more than one state for any given rom using precreated (and prenamed) files to save the state to. Long story short, it was possible to get both saves needed for this process without taking the Everdrive cart out at all. In the end it's a very particular and precise process. After the 4 states were saved to our computer, we merged them together using Bruddog's merger tool, which spit out a merged state including all the stats from 4 games in one state. That state was then saved to the Everdrive's SD card, and then applied to the SRAM of the Everdrive before loading the rom which then in essence showed all 4 games worth of stats on each cart ready for the next round of games with all the conditions and stats updated and thus ready for the next week of games. As for the in game schedule, you do not need to use that, you can just pick whatever teams play and go. I did edit the in game schedule, mainly for aesthetics, as I was trying to have our experience as close to an OG Rom season as possible, with the little hacks I did that were mostly visual and texts on the many of the cut scenes. None of the hacks really affect actual game play, although I did apply the no end zone fumble and tapmeter hack (because fun) . But the actual gameplay (and OL and defensive alignments) were kept just like the OG rom. I really do believe live seasons are a wave of the future, not to replace live tournaments, but to fill the void of live seasons because live seasons on Tecmo are SO RAD!
  3. kamphuna8

    Playing a Full MAN Tecmo Season

    Very much like TLL (Tecmo Legacy League?) in picking multiple teams. That might be the best way to do it using the actual carts. I know @toolie did a full 28 man league in college, but yeah having to do that on just one cart is rough in terms of time. Heck even what you're suggesting is just on one cart right? Thus will be a very long time. We did a modified season with Everdrives and a hacked rom and some tools that @bruddog (all praise Bruddog) made that allowed us to play a season on actual NESes but with the Everdrive Cartridges and instead of having to wait for only 1 game at a time, we played 4 at a time (it can be more if necessAry) and the game actually acts just like the actual Cart in terms of keeping season stats and standings. Frankly it is a game changer for me in terms of the ultimate tecmo experience (and staying as true to the original rom as much as possible). Granted we draft our teams in tandems a la HSTL (just a 7 round draft) and play all of our games using the Preseason menu (due to the hacks) but the fact that you can complete a season in such a (relative) short amount of time, it's the most fun I've had playing tecmo since the very first (and only) live season I did over a weekend in DEC 1991 with a handful of other guys when we were still learning how sick a game it was as a descendant of Tecmo Bowl with the cut scenes, fumbles, non interceptions and plays, STATS, all of it. The rom itself using OG rosters is fun in that the conditions and injuries happen even in preseason games, if you're feeling that kinda vibe Alas the ultimate goal for me is to have a full 16 game regular season (we've only managed 7 due to time) and that would take 2 days for sure.
  4. Top 5 Passing Defenses. 1. CHI - Stu went Big Big on D. RAI DL will cause havoc with most of the OLs drafted in CFT3. He also got Leslie O'Neal to help up front while Mega Fulch patrols the airways. Fulcher gonna Fulch and is looking for his 2nd consecutive CFT Title. 2. KC - Manyo got Mayhew and Darrell Green with a pinch of pressure from Bob Lurch Nelson. Rufus Porter and Tez will also be heard from when opposing teams try to pass. 3. PHX - TBK got Lonnie and Timmy Mac again. And Mike Johnson and a pair of high int LBs (albeit slow) but Lonnie is TBK's man. 4. DAL - Kamp got CLE DBs which scares absolutely nobody. But, Taylor, Pepper and Banks can add pressure along with Neil Smith up front, and Gary has his Reasons to play DB 5. CIN - Tick has Eric Allen and Ben Smith with some support from a stout CHI DL which offers Richard Dent as help both in the rush and defending the pass.
  5. Top 5 Rushing Offenses. 1. MIA - So Kevin bowed out, so a replacement owner will have the option of taking his squad. His squad??? Yah he went Bo on us. Bo and Marcus, with Kenny O'Brien to the PHX WRs just to keep opposing Defenses honest. And the SF OL should hold up well 2. KC - Manyo goes from Bo to Barry with Elway adding to the ground game in his own dynamic way. The HOU OL will not be victimized. Also... Mel Gray. That is all. This is a Manyo special, very similar to the squad he won HSTL with. 3. DEN - PTitteri knocked it out of the park with his first ever CFT draft pick. CHI RBs are no joke. Neal Anderson the supreme double threat. Johnny Bailey is a problem. Brad Muster can do work with and without the ball. ATL OL leading the way with Chris Hinton and Jamie Dukes. 4. DAL - Kamp selected the SF RBs just like in CFT 1, trying to recreate the MaJJik, sans Dandy Don. The RAMS OL will open up plenty of space for Roger Craig, and with conditions, Dexter Carter, Harry Sydney and Tom Rathman will all get some runs. 5. PHX - TBK and Johnny, together again. With the WAS OL Hogs again. Let's hope Johnny fixed his butterfingers syndrome from CFT 2.
  6. Of the drafted teams so far, here are a few Top 5 lists. We'll start with the Marquee Tandem of the draft Top 5 Passing Offenses 1. HOU - The Great Randolio picked schmutz for 4 rounds before I'm sure eGGsploding in torrents of giGGles as he let me know his final 3 picks, which included $90 bucks (and 90%) of the salary in just 2 picks, QB Eagles and Jimmy Mac ($57) and Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Brent Jones and Mike Sherrard ($33). The rest of his squad be damned, and the IND OL is sneaky solid, I'm kinda glad we get to witness what Randy does with this squad in our format, as injuries and conditions can really affect his squad negatively AND positively if he gets a run of Excellent from any of the INDY DBs or even Jeffy Cross. 2. CIN - Tick started his draft with the HOU WRs (no TEs to be found anywhere). Then everything came up Babe... and Troy as he selected Aikman to lead this potent passing attack. He even added Albert Bentley to the mix... so dropped passes shouldn't be as big of an issue as it normally is with Aikman. Saints OL will help in both the blocking and Special Teams giving the Bengals some space to start most drives. Drew Hill and Ernest Givins and Haywood Jeffires oh my! 3. DEN - Pete is looking to make a big splash in his first CFT campaign. With the Lions QB duo of Rodney Peete and Andre Ware, QB mobility will always be a strength, although both QBs PS leaves a lot to be desired. As for Targets, Neal Anderson is a stellar double threat and Andre Reed... HE JUST NEEDS TO FEED! Muster will make a nice TE target as well. The ATL OL will hold things down against just about every defensive front in CFT 3. 4. CHI - Stu spent the most on defense in the league... by FAR. However, he did select A.C. and gave him a decent QB to toss him the old pigskin. With Anthony Carter, one also gets Steve Jordan and Hassan Jones. Tony Paige is also no slouch in the passing game and can play T.E. if Stu wants Jordan to play WR. 5. DAL - Kamp picked up the RAI WRs in the 2nd round and paired them up with Bubby Brister in the Sun. Let's just say this season's Cowboys passing game is gonna be like a box of chocolates. Bubby to Graddy is the ultimate toss up. Willie Gault and Swervyn Mervyn will get the start with Rathman playing TE.
  7. So if they do, let me know asap, With potentially more than just one more guy at a time joining, we would do a draft for the new squads from the remaining players left. The sooner I know the better.
  8. Green Mile could also refer to the trek to and from the 2 dispensaries nearby , but really, it's less than a mile round trip...
  9. kamphuna8

    Number Association Game

    Cowboys fan response... Galloway was THE WORST acquisition DAL had ever!
  10. kamphuna8

    Tourney SubForum Update

    This goes for you too Obi Wan @Knobbe
  11. kamphuna8

    Tourney SubForum Update

    Don't worry @davefmurray we got Rudy getting used to other changes too. #CFT #When'sDaveCominOutWest #NoRush #TecmoBros
  12. Here's the preliminary Preseason Rom for CFT 3. I wouldn't mind having more, just as long as we know sooner rather than later and that people that say they gonna show actually show. Will be great to see Mr. Landmine and Mr. White and Mr. South again. This format is the tits CFT3Preseason.nes
  13. kamphuna8

    Baseball Stars - Expanded

    Sounds great!
  14. So a quick recap of the teams. MIA - Kevin bowed out but his squad could still participate. He has Bo Jackson. Also in the mix are Marcus Allen, Ken O'Brien, Ernie Muthaphukka Jones and the Buff DBs #Kelso PHX - Rudy basically drafted the same damn team. Johnny, Lonnie and Crew but this time Wade Wilson in stead of Troy Acheman. DEN - Pete went big big on O. Neal Anderson, Johnny Bailey, Brad Muster, Andre Reed and Rodney Peete and Andre Ware. CIN - Tick took Drew Hill, Ernest Givins, Haywood Jeffires, Curtis Duncan and Albert Bentley, and gave them to Troy Aikman and Babe Laufenberg to handle. Good times! KC - Manyo went Barry all over us, with a side of Mel Gray (USFL FOREVER!) John Elway will lead them and Darrell Green and Martin Mayhew will defend. Also Rufus Porter will be back there barking at the offenses with Tez doin his thang CHI - Stu went big big on D. Fulcher, RAI DL, and Leslie O'Neal. For offense he turned up the A.C. and gave Rypien Fartz the controls. MIA RBs will condition their way through the season. DAL - I got LT again with my last pick, but this time I got Willie Gault and Swervin Mervyn catching "dimes" from Bubby. Neil Smith and Frank Minnifield will help the D as best they can. HOU - I think Randy is still cleaning and disinfecting his cpu after all the rosterbatin he must be doing to QB Eagles and Jerry Rice. John Taylor Brent Jones, and Jeffy Cross. Finis