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  1. kamphuna8

    Number Association Game

    88 Irvin. 12 Bradshaw and Staubach 37 Lester Hayes 60 Otto Graham 16 Joe Montana (a negative for me lol) 51 Butkus 32 Mike Curtis, OJ, Franco 8 Larry Wilson, Aikman, Young 7 Elway 1 Moon
  2. kamphuna8

    Old timers - When was the peak of online tecmo?

    Hstl, wtf, TTL, GTFO... is that it?
  3. How available are you for Labor Day weekend? We've got at least 6 guys (a couple of others are maybes depending on if it's Sat or SUn) that would be IN already if we run this back for Labor Day weekend. This is the Tailback King Signal. Calling all TBK!
  4. kamphuna8

    Old timers - When was the peak of online tecmo?

    And getting games in was still a bit of a struggle IIRC. Retro did have the best involvement, although I wasn't around for the inception of WTF, it sounded like that was the peak for owner involvement in a dynasty type league. TCS is one that a LOT of guys die on the inside about.
  5. kamphuna8

    Baseball Stars - Expanded

    These were posted here at some point too. I'd love to see if we could get those roms he changed the graphics for. @TecmoTurd APB!
  6. kamphuna8

    Tecmo Season Schedule

    IIRC NFC East played AFC Central, NFC Central played AFC EAST, and NFC West played AFC West
  7. kamphuna8

    Tecmo Season Schedule

    This ??? https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/1991/games.htm PS Tecmo Seasons are where it's at and where things are going. I love me some live tourneys, but live seasons? Definitely need to get more of these going...
  8. One of the issues that came up on the CFT Phile on game day was how a few of the rosters were missing players. Luckily they were all offensive players, so we could check conditions in game and still use the phile to check defensive conditions if you forgot. I now have all the rosters at least displayed, not totally fixed to my liking yet. During the playoffs early stages, the CFT Phile brought a lot of interest in seeing not only the stats, but also tracking the conditions of certain players throughout the season. Some guys just went into excellent and stayed there. http://www.pnw.puretecmo.com/main/dsp_roster.php?tID=28 If you click on Greg LLoyd's name, and then click on the Condition Tracker on the pop up box, you'll see what I mean. The Falcons might have had the most crazy runs of players in Excellent in CFT 2. Check Mudbone, Craig, Lloyd, shit...
  9. kamphuna8

    Salem, OH - 04/25/15 - Stone Age Gamer Tecmo Franchise Bowl

    We definitely will take this forward. The type of work to make this work is very specialized...But when it does come together it's magical.
  10. kamphuna8

    Old timers - When was the peak of online tecmo?

    The other aspect that crushed me (even tho I was invited, and then of course ended up running it eventually) was that consolidation/condensing of the other leagues. MAN MY WTF RETRO TEAM WAS READY FOR A RUN OF TITLES! And Retro was by far my favorite WTF league.
  11. I still plan on sharing my thoughts around this... It's just been super busy since. Sunday after the season 2 was all clean up and rest before the fam got home (and cut up vids for YouTube). Started teaching summer school on Monday, last weekend was in Salem all weekend, and now back to the Summer School grind and getting that kitchen sink/faucet fixed tomorrow. @invader_star64 should be here tomorrow and I should get the rest of the footage that we captured and start cutting that up too. Twas a blast and I'm thinking about more ways to improve and how and when we should do the next season. CFT!
  12. kamphuna8

    Salem, OH - 04/25/15 - Stone Age Gamer Tecmo Franchise Bowl

    It took another 3 years plus. But we were able to take this format and make it like a condensed but real Tecmo Regular Season. I just love looking at how this was approached by all the owners. I think this could be a substantial part of tecmo competitions moving forward.
  13. A little off topic, but saw this in our voters guide and wanted to share. Neenah contingent seemed to always be strong in Madtown. Now they're adding to the local Politrickal scene here in WA State... On another note, I've slowly evolved into one of those that just about can't fathom the idea of playing online again outside of some random TPC here and there.
  14. We came, We Saw, We Tecmo'ed. All I can say is, what an incredible weekend. Congrats to @fairfensheeding on winning the first ever Live Season topped off with a Tecmo Playoff Bracket where we finished an 8 week season of 13 present out of 15 owners in one day... barely. The Super Bowl champ was decided at around 3:30 AM local time. The game of the day (of the Tecmoverse?) was the #Lewis Conference Championship between me and @DT.. Fairf took on the winner and it was tight but he took home the Title. Here are some pics that @gripsmoke and @invader_star64 took . Much much thanks go to the whole CFT Crew for coming to participate and hanging in there through what turned out to be a really long (longer than expected) day and season. While the techology presented some problems and delays here and there, it still would not have gone anywhere near as smoothly as it did without the help of the Save team, Grip, DT, and Invader at the least. Special props to @gripsmoke for taking care of so much of the dealing with food, bringing the most epic Sig/Poster ever, and delivering TBK to the "venue". really Grip was invaluable here. Special props also to @manYo720 for bringing the sweet Nectar of the Gods and providing the music and more support overall with anything that was needed (he knows) and THAT SHIRT!!! Special props also to DT, not only helping with the Saves but also taking control of the Substitutions for absent owners. Definitely helped keep thangs moving. Also without the hacks by @bruddog and all the necessary jar files, none of this would even be remotely possible, really can't ever thank Brudd enough for this, and @brookstonfowler phile support to help make our experience that top notch one you get from all the WTF format seasons in terms of stats and such, but also huge impact with the stream integration. And then finally my hero in help, @invader_star64 brought SOOO much to the table in terms of time before in set up and working his ass off on game day too to get captures from each game. We also both had kind of heartbreaking ends to a #1 seed in conference type of season. Just didn't work out. Would have loved to have us battle it out for the Trophy and Super Bowl Title, but alas the Tecmo Gods deemed it not to be. Tecmo Bros 4eva!