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  1. also, @BigFatPaulie I just want to remind you that we can also nominate owners for HOF. I'd say someone like @brookstonfowler would merit this nomination first
  2. 1995 Hall of Fame Candidates: David Krieg, QB http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=18 Mudbone a shoo in... YES! Art Still, DL http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=694 Only 1 season of Sacks as double digits and 2nd best was 8. Nice long career but not a HOFer. Easy NO Darrin Nelson, RB http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1294 As I voted last year. Quote "Have gone back and forth on this. Adding in his receiving stats over his Giants years, his winning the Super Bowl (and 8 TDs in the run for it, so an integral part obviously, but he delivered). Gotta go with... YES" Roland James, DB http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=895 I fully disagree with @arncoem here. Interceptions don't tell the whole story or prove dominance. He might have had only 3 double digit INTs seasons, but there were 2 seasons with 9 and 1 season with 8. Leading all time tackler and 5th all time in INTs. Looking beyond, with leading all time tackler, and seeing the Chiefs winning totals over his career, they were double digits in wins every season but 2, and he was a huge reason for that. When I consider Hall of Fame, like I hear often regarding the NFL, can you tell the WTF story without including him. I don't think you can. He held it down for a Hall of Fame owner for years and got that Hall of Fame owner his first win in a WTF championship game. Steve Fuller, QB http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=39 Winning the title amongst that 4 year incredible run. That's a YES from me dawg.
  3. Week 16 should be released tomorrow August 22, and the Season Deadline will be the night of September 1st (10 days after Week 16 release). Here are the current back games. Week 5 @Nos Saints vs @johny_mx Dolphins Week 9 Saints vs @cubsfan5150 Redskins @purplehaze Oilers vs @discdolo Giants @Speed Racer Buccaneers vs Dolphins Week 11 @Thrash Raiders vs @gonickmontana Broncos Week 12 @tecmobo Bears vs Redskins Week 13 Bears vs Broncos Raiders vs @DT. Seahawks Week 14 @BigFatPaulie Browns vs @Jpthebowler Titans Giants vs Buccaneers Saints vs Broncos @Swamp Chicken Steelers vs Oilers Week 15 Seahawks vs Buccaneers Patriots vs Raiders Bears vs Panthers Packers vs Broncos Dolphins vs Browns Jaguars vs Bills Oilers vs Falcons Redskins vs Titans Week 16 (not yet released) Raiders vs Giants Buccaneers vs Titans Falcons vs Browns Redskins vs Cowboys Packers vs Ravens Jaguars vs Bears Bills vs Broncos Panthers vs 49ers Saints vs Colts Seahawks vs Dolphins Patriots vs Oilers Texans vs Steelers
  4. Are you using Nestopia? You basically want to take a save state from whatever emulator you use, then you can load it when you play again.
  5. CFT 4 Capsule Previews Clark Conference Mt. Saint Helens Division 1. Chicago Bears : Owner : Stu aka BoogieWithStu - Quarterback Troy Aikman is the cornerstone of an explosive young offense. With the emergence of running back Sammie Smith and fullback Tony Paige, the Bears have a more balanced offensive attack. Michael Irvin is the deep threat, while Kelvin Martin is the possession receiver. Tight end Jay Novacek is one of the best pass-catching tight ends in the league. Greg Townsend, Howie Long and Bob Golic compose one of the most formidable defensive lines in the CFT. Nose tackle Golic does a good job of tying up blockers and allowing linebackers Chris Spielman, Micheal Cofer, and Dennis Gibson to make tackles. Strong safety Joey Browner is a big-play maker who makes key hits and interceptions. 2. Denver Broncos : Owner : Pete T aka ptitteri - Quarterback Vinny Testaverde times his throws well and has good anticipation of receivers Wendell Davis and Ron Morris, who have the speed to get open deep and the toughness to make a catch over the middle. No other running back possesses the speed, balance, and acceleration of the Broncos' Barry Sanders. Defensive end Richard Dent continues to be one of the league's premier pass rushers. The hustling pursuit of veteran linebacker Andre Collins makes it difficult to gain yards against the Broncos' defense. Versatile Jerry Gray is the prototype CFT defensive back. 3. Seattle Seahawks : Owner : invader aka invaderstar64 - The running and passing of quarterback Rodney Peete ignite the Seattle offense. Marion Butts is the swiftest 250-pound running back in the league. The Seahawks would like to pair him in the backfield with Rod Bernstine or Ronnie Harmon. Ricky Proehl and Roy Green are a pair of sure-handed receivers with deceptive speed. Bubba McDowell leads Seattle's "Air Patrol" secondary. Mt. Hood Division 1. New York Giants : Owner : JoeyB aka JoeyHoneyB - The Giants have two of the most dangerous receivers in the league. Wide Receiver Hassan Jones takes some of the receiving burden of Anthony AC Carter and gives quarterback Ken O'Brien another deep threat. The running of John L. Williams and Derrick Fenner propels the Giants' "Ground Chuck" offense. Defensively, safety David Fulcher and outside linebacker Ken Harvey are a pair of heavy hitters who make receivers hear footsteps and ball carriers run scared. Nose tackle Jerry Ball does a good job of tying up blockers allowing linebackers Eric Hill and Anthony Bell to do a solid job of stuffing the run. 2. Philadelphia Eagles : Owner : Hanging Chadwick - The Eagles believe in the magic of quarterback Don Majkowski. The confident passer does an excellent job of locating receivers Sterling Sharpe and Perry Kemp downfield. The Eagles are using the two-back set more often to better utilize the running and receiving skills of Albert Bentley. Tight end Ed West is a valuable possession receiver. Linebackers Derrick Thomas and Percy Snow wreak havoc on opposing ball carriers and quarterbacks. Cornerbacks Albert Lewis and Kevin Ross and safeties Kevin Porter and Deron Cherry make up one of the best secondaries in the league. 3. San Francisco 49ers : Owner : gripsmoke - The 49ers are hard to stop because they have so many weapons. Joe Montana is arguably the finest quarterback ever to play, and when he's not passing to his receivers, he's handing off to running backs James Brooks and Ickey Woods. Wide receiver Robert Clark will catch anything he gets his hands on. Linebackers Kevin Murphy and Eugene Marve lead an aggressive defense. Lewis Conference Mt. Baker Division 1. Dallas Cowboys : Owner : kamphuna8 aka turbohuna4eva! - Quarterback Billy Joe Tolliver is a good medium-to-short-range passer and has top receivers Mark Clayton and Mark Duper and tight end Ferrell Edmunds. Few teams run the football like the Cowboys. Running backs Dalton Hilliard and Rueben Mayes and burly fullback Craig "Ironhead" Heyward are hard-nosed ball carriers that keep the first down markers moving. Defensively, Freddie Joe Nunn excels as a pass rusher and the Cowboys have arguably the best linebackers in the league in Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, Pepper Johnson, and Gary Reasons. 2. Kansas City Chiefs : Owner : manyo aka madmanyo720 aka madmanyo360 aka Blue Luigi - Jim Harbaugh is one of the most accurate passers in the CFT. Regardless of who's playing quarterback, the Cheefz' offense will move the football. The running and receiving skills of Bo Jackson, Marcus Allen, and Steve Smith keep opposing defenses off balance. At 6-5. 274 pounds, tight end Eric Green is the largest deep threat in the league. Defensive linemen Cortez Kennedy, Tony Woods, Jacob Green and Joe Nash are excellent against the run and the pass. Linebackers Rufus Porter and David Wyman make good reads and always find the ball. Quarterbacks should be aware of ballhawking cornerback Wayne Haddix. 3. Los Angeles Rams : Owner : Bruddog - Sticky fingered receiver Andre Rison is quarterback John Fourcade's favorite target. Versatile Merril Hoge who plays both running back positions, is a dangerous receiver out of the backfield. The hustling pursuit of veteran defensive end Charles Mann makes it difficult to gain yards against the Rams defense. The Rams 4-3 defense is well suited for the pass rushing skills of defensive tackle Ray Childress. Linebackers Al Smith and Johny Meads excel at stuffing the run. Few defensive backs close on the ball and have a knack for interceptions like Rams' strong safety Mark carrier. 4. Phoenix Cardinals : Owner : ~ Tailback King ~ aka The Rida! - Quarterback Wade Wilson is a poised leader who will not panic in the pocket. Running backs Johnny Johnson and Anthony Thompson make up one of the finest young backfields in the league. Receivers Vance Johnson, Mark Jackson, and Ricky Nattiel may lack size, but they make clutch receptions. Defensive ends Chris Doleman and Al Noga are quick off the ball. The Cardinals' linebackers are the strength of their defense. Outside linebackers Pat Swilling and Rickey Jackson excel as pass rushers and inside linebackers Sam Mills and Vaughan Johnson are solid against the run and in pass coverage. Strong safety Tim McDonald hits like a linebacker and covers receivers like a cornerback. Mt. Rainier Division 1. Atlanta Falcons : Owner : DT aka DTfromBtown - When the Falcons want to run over defenders, they pair Kevin Mack and Leroy Hoard in the backfield. When they want to run around defenders, they give the ball to speedy scatback Eric Metcalf. Speedy receiver Anthony Miller consistently beats double coverage. Linebacker John Offerdahl leads Atlanta's "Grits Blitz" defense. Free safety Scott Case gives excellent support against the run. Cornerback Deion (Prime Time) Sanders is one of the fastest players in the league. 2. Cincinnati Bengals : Owner : Tick aka White Tick - Whenever Phil Simms is looking to pass, he can count on his posse-wide receivers, Gary Clark, Art Monk, and Ricky Sanders to come up with a clutch reception. The developing Blair Thomas and rejuvenated Freeman McNeil propel the Bengals' offense. Defensive End Bruce Smith is a dominating presence who directly affects opposing offensive game plans. Linebackers Jessie Tuggle, Michael Reid, and Darion Conner lead Cincinnati's "Tick's Sticks" defense. 3. Los Angeles Raiders : Owner : XtraLargent - John Elway's cannon arm and nimble feet make him very difficult to defend. The Raiders wear down their opponents with their run-oriented ball-control offense. Ottis Anderson and Rodney Hampton are explosive ball carriers and scatback Dave Meggett is a dangerous receiver out of the backfield. Wide receivers Webster Slaughter and Reggie "Foghorn" Langhorne are aggressive receivers who will go into the interior of the defense to make a reception. Burt Grossman and Lee Williams do a fine job of pressuring the quarterback. Unsung cornerback Terry McDaniel will make quarterbacks regret trying to throw at him.
  6. Thank you WTF members. Everyone posted. All made the first deadline. Now let's make the rest!
  7. Ummmm Guys? 11 days til CFT 4! We gonna have some special type shit erupting soon. In a good way, lol. 11 is the number of players that Tecmo Super Bowl got right over Tecmo Bowl (among MANY other things). I sense a SHAMAN in our midst... His cat just dropped a chipmunk at his feet... This sign is a favorable one...
  8. 1995 Back Game Policy One of the big issues I see that needs to be addressed is a back game policy that works. What I will be doing this first season won’t be perfect, but it will be something that we can build on in the future. Now the problems I see with abuse of the current system is usually related to guys not playing so that they can either A) avoid injury, or see what they need to get gain wise once their competition for said gain has their games in and can see what they need, perhaps on multiple positions. Then another problem is waiting at the end of the season for the same schmoe’s to get their games in. Now let me get one thing straight. Posting at your opponents in the WTF discord channel DOES NOTHING FOR ME in terms of showing your effort to schedule. You know what shows me your effort? Playing AND UPLOADING your game AND NSV. CAPS ON PURPOSE! Now I do have a request to put in a dedicated scheduling channel for WTF. We might get one and we might not, but since the AIM days, and ESPECIALLY since the rise of Discord, tags and messages get lost in the shuffle. I’ve always ascribed to the fact that the best way to contact your opponent is directly. (It works that way in draft alerts too). On to the policy. There will be deadlines for each week’s set of roms. ******* The first deadline for this first season will be to post on this thread that you got it. 1st Violation: If an owner misses a deadline, he/she will be given a warning. 2nd Violation: If an owner misses 2 deadlines in one season, the commissioner will then take away a gain (commissioner will choose after the rolls, and I will choose the one that hurts the offending team the most, commish discretion). If no gain roll is hit, I will choose one attribute from any player on the roster and drop it one notch. 3rd Violation: If an owner misses 3 deadlines in one season, all gain rolls and the security provided by earning a gain roll will be revoked. This will be done after rolls, so if you are a 3 time offender, you will see your rolls like normal and then I will apply the aging roll your players got (it will still be the same number rolled, but without the protection of earning the gain roll) AND the commish will choose one player that will get fully aged. Commish will pick the player that affects the team the most. If an owner misses 4 deadlines in one season, that owner is BOOTED. Bye Felicia style. This first season under it, I will implement an additional deadline for league members to post here Now on to some questions that I think many will pose. How much time will we have for the deadlines? The actual deadlines will be posted on the rom release thread, but the format is as follows. Weeks 1-4 need to be in by 3 weeks of the scheduled release day of week 4 by 11:59PM eastern. Weeks 1-8 need to be in by 2 weeks of the scheduled release day of week 8 by 11:59pm eastern. Weeks 1-12 need to be in by 1 week of the scheduled release day of week 12 by 11:59pm eastern. Weeks 1-13 need to be in by 1 week of the scheduled release day of week 13 by 11:59pm eastern. Weeks 1-14 need to be in by 1 week of the scheduled release day of week 14 by 11:59pm eastern. All games will need to be in by 10 days of the final rom release by 11:59pm eastern. What if my opponent was out on vacation? That vacation should be known and any deadline violations related to it will be considered in laying (or not laying) down the hammer. Is that a total of 8 games to be played for the deadline? No, it means at the deadline, if it says weeks 1-8 need to be in, ALL games through week 8 need to be in. ******* The first deadline for this first season will be to post on this thread that you got it. Owners that met 1st deadline: kamphuna tecmobo cubsfan prime nos thrash swamp jpthebowler arnco EM Barletti Dukesta tadaos purplehaze DT drake Gonickmontana5 MattyD stalltalk Eifer Speed? Middledoug
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