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  1. Mega Man Shoes

    No way I could not send


    thought of you immediately

    Good luck at Northeast!

  2. Whats up??!!


    This is Chad or CCTC34!!!   My email is [email protected] lets chat, my man!!



  3. Please hit me up as soon as get a chance. [email protected]

    or discord.  Thanks bud 

  4. any chance you still have the ken Griffey Legends snes rom can send me? Tried the link to DL from your 2015 post on forum but an error comes up.

    [email protected]



    1. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      Did you ever get ahold of this ROM?  I don't have it handy, but you can find it on my website: BaronGaming.weebly.com.

    2. arncoem


      I was able to locate it on my old laptop - Thanks for it! Great rom!


  5. I just paid & registered, wanted to give you heads up that my paypal address ([email protected]) is different than my tecmomadison site email address ([email protected])

  6. awesome rom! Tecnopsycho again outdid himself on the cover artwork! sure a few guys have stat issues like Eli Manning's 25PS but overall its awesome!
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