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  1. The official CT Tecmo Eleven (EL) theme reveal:
  2. P1 ARNCOEM: 37 P2 Barletti: 21 Vinny T was legit until went to Bad & Carlson in good had to show the starter how to get the job done. GG barletti! SCOT barlet @ arnco.nsv
  3. <@&205158969801441290> with the addition of the 2 new guys- and Speed deciding to stay w/ TB (Nos gets NO Saints back) - here's the updated teams & divisions w/ owners for 1995: afc East tecmobo (CHI) thrash (OAK) gonick (DEN) dt (SEA) afc central Duke (NE) speed (TB) barletti (MIN) stalltalk (GB) afc west prime (ATL) mack (JAX) NOS (NO) eifer (HOU Texans) nfc east kamphuna (DAL) middledoug (MIA) tadaos (BUF) discdolo (NYG) nfc central haze (Houston Oilers) arncoem (SF) jpbowler (TEN) drake (Baltimore Ravens) nfc west swamp (PIT) paulie (CLE) cubs (WAS) Matt Degeorge (Ind Colts) VACANT TEAMS: Cardinals, Lions, Chiefs, Chargers, Jets, Panthers, Eagles
  4. https://www.facebook.com/events/370188740258415/?ti=ia first year for this event as it’s a 2 day convention w/ over 20 games tournament style or race! Hartford Convention Center 100 Columbus BLVD Hartford, CT 203.424.8063
  5. Down to Seattle vs New England in semi finals w/ Middledoug's Oakland Raiders squad already securing their spot in the final game via 35-21 win over JPbowler/Chicago Bears in the other semi - Oakland waiting patiently for the victor in the finals!
  6. Draft order is: KC (Tecmobo) AFC EAST ATL (Prime) AFC WEST NE (Dukesta) AFC CENTRAL HOU (Purplehaze) NFC CENTRAL MIA (Swamp) NFC WEST DAL (Kamphuna) NFC EAST 1st Round: KC: CIN Bengals (Thrash) ATL: NY Jets (the mack) NE: TB (Speed) HOU: ChI (jpbowler) MIA: CLe (bigfatpaulie) DAL: Oak (middledoug) 2nd Round: DAL: BUF (Tadaos) MIA: WAS (Cubsfan) HOU: PHX (Drake) NE: MIN (Barletti) ATL: LAR (Rico/NOS) KC: NO (Gonickmontana) 3rd Round: KC: PIT (DT) ATL: SEA (Eifer) NE: GB (Stalltalk) HOU: SF (Arncoem) MIA: PHI (Turbo/dynsatygeorge) DAL: NYG (dolo) New Teams & divisions for 1995: afc East tecmobo (CHI) thrash (OAK) gonick (DEN) dt (SEA) afc central Duke (NE) speed (TB) barletti (MIN) stalltalk (GB) afc west prime (ATL) mack (JAX) NOS (NO) eifer (HOU) nfc east kamphuna (DAL) middledoug (MIA) tadaos (BUF) discdolo (NYG) nfc central haze (Hou) jpbowler (TEN) drake (BAL) arncoem (SF) nfc west swamp (PIT) paulie (CLE) cubs (WAS) Matt Degeorge (IND) vacant teams: Chargers, Cardinals, Chiefs, Eagles, Lions, NY Jets, Packers, Panthers,
  7. QB Warren Moon: I’m going w Moon as not in as his first couple of season were w/ MRTECMOSUPERBOWL & Moon was back and b - he never did any damage in the playoffs & outside of his 1 dominant season he was behind Marino, Dave Krieg, & Harbaugh. He also came in the league at 75pc - the only QB ever to be 75pc- and retired at 69pc so he didn’t have longevity or a battle after aged. - as close as i could be to a yes vote but going w/ NO LB Andre Tipett - I had to play vs him & the Bengals every season 2x, from baxter then to Madtown it was a bitch knowing Tippett was going to be there w/ either pressure on the QB or able to intercept me w his elevated LB int rating. Total beast, vote yes DB Roland James - didn’t have the dominant season(s) that Hof player should have. Extremely valuable player & team mvp easily - can see his number retired by his team & a fan favorite for 30 years after retirement but missing that key 15+ int season as well as only had 2 seasons in a row w double digit ints. Missing that 6 straight 10 or more ints. Instead he had 6, 11, 11, 6, 12, 5 per season during the prime of his career. A great player & winner on the field - just not HOF. - NO RB Otis anderson- another player I had to face 2x a season for many seasons. I sat back and watched him first chase, the catch-up to, then annihilate Chuck Muncie’s RB short lived RB records. Easiest vote so far - yes RB Darin Nelson - tough to say no but he had only 2 All Pro seasons & even though he caught a shitload of balls out of the backfield he still comes in 8,000 yards rushing less than Otis A & even below Hershel Walker who never made it to 63ms where Nelson did most of his damage. Only 1 season above 2,000 yards rushing - which 2,000 yards needs to be either flirted w or gone over if you want to be HoF worthy (if 56-63ms for majority of career). - NO
  8. The actual name of the place is “Bar”
  9. If want good pizza good luck - there’s none in Boston. Gotta take a 2 hour ride to New Haven CT - where Can go on a pizza trip as Modern (I consider 1), Sally’s, Pepe’s (I don’t like Pepe but it always wins #1 pizza award for uSA), and Zuppardi’s are located. Bar Pizza is pretty good too & a LOT of ppl actually come to New Haven CT - some from VERY FAR away, just to try the pizza at ea of the 5 places mentioned.
  10. If want to do shopping go to Nashua NH- it’s the border town / City of NH to MA and Nh has no sales tax so pretty much everyone goes there from MA shopping at the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua.
  11. If have a free night and they’re home go to the Nashua NH - Silver Knights minor league game - it’s a 30 min ride or even better is to hit Pawtucket Red Sox game. paw-Sox games are prob the most draws to than any other minor league team bc it’s located so close to Boston (45 min drive)
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