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  1. Here’s the hotel everyone stays at across street from the tourney
  2. Friday night at the Tundra bowl National CHampionship there's going to be 2 vs 2 team Tecmo tourney ! 1 person is going to win the raffle for an entire trip to Wisconsin for the tourney!! We have the room at Blackstone for the entire day + night! Will be no rushing to leave for another party/etc. we have stuff going on from 9am all night if you want to stay that late playing Tecmo (as well as other games w/ the NES Everdrive hooked up w/ every game for NES made on there in addition to every year rosters for Tecmo from 2010 - current 2019/20! IF there's another game you're interested in playing let me know we can set it up if other ppl want to run vs you for Saturday as well as FRiday ngiht at hotel!
  3. Mega Man Shoes

    No way I could not send


    thought of you immediately

    Good luck at Northeast!

  4. in addition there will be a Calcutta to wager on for everyone there! Someone will walk away w/ a few hundred $ by choosing the winner of the tourney before it starts! We will start off w the top finishers from last year's tourney & start bidding at $10 Anyone can bid & highest bidder gets that person - if they win the tourney they get the pot! Once all of the top finishers have been taken we will go through & offer a "field bet" for everyone left - if anyone from the field wins the tourney whoever has them wins the pot $!
  5. Unfort haven’t received much love from ESPN. Being approx 5 min away from Blackstone, where tourney is & ESPN hosts / crew go there all of the time too. Thought we had had a good chance at them coming when Rob reale was working as camera man there / he tried and spread the word to everyone but their feelings were that it’s really dope we are going to do tecmo tourneys but being a Saturday during NCAA football & towards end of NFL Season they must be slammed w work & not able to spend a full Saturday away from the station / campus. Couple of the guys - Steve Young + few others that are in TSB were in the 20-30k range to have them there for the day so unfort not in the budget. Would REALLY like to get Grogan or Marv Cook there one of these years. I’ve reached out to pretty much every former NFL that is in TSB & from CT but unfort no responses - thought Doug Widell might have jumped on it but he must already Be booked for video game appearances that date.
  6. Semi finals: Dallas @ Buffalo Winner is home vs Seattle/ DT in finals
  7. I’ll post the on the site! Congrats to all players & their coaches! next season think we have votes for our first owner to be part - maybe have a 1 owner per season can on the ballot consist of (in no particular order - maybe a random number associated w ea 1-7 and whoever gets number drawn is the candidate for that ballot?) Brookston kamphuna turbo: Clemens / Barry bonds/ Albert “Joey” belle /TY cobb where guys is a total jerkoff but body of work is remarkable and does the body of work outweigh the person’s off the field antics discdolo arncoem Swamp chiefsjr
  8. https://retroworldexpo.com/ Next Saturday! I will be setting up next Friday and have some guest passes for free entrance to the event for my online guys that show up! they have tons of stuff going on both days Saturday & Sunday! Tecmo Super Bowl will Be Saturday 11am - 6pm
  9. Pit (swamp) at Sea (DT) seattle 10 pit 7 next up Pit @ Tenn
  10. Congratulations to the offensive rookie of the year, IND Colts RB Terrell Davis @MattyD
  11. Even though a weak class I enjoyed looking over them & seeing where they are all time vs their same position peers. Upcoming will be some candidates w not much to think about or compare to other players required as their names alone will get the votes so This class was interesting outside of Dave Krieg it worthy. As always thanks Big Paulie! @BigFatPaulie
  12. I was bored this am - liked looking them up. Some reason thought Gary clark was more dominant until really looked at his seasons. Retro Nate did most w him early on.
  13. Couple other players in their first year hall of fame eligibility looking for write in votes: WR Gary Clark: 289 receptions 10,661 yards (1 of 11 to hit 10k rec yards) 91 touchdowns 3x pro bowl 2x all pro played entire 9 year career w/ TB & 50ms 75 rec. along w/ Jim Everett made the offensive strategy of “Speed-Ball” a household recognized term in WTF. Started career w/ 2 coaches (retronate & jpthebowler) before offensive coordinator / Head Coach Speed came in for 1990-1993. LB Stan Blinda 85 sacks (9th place sacks all time) 2x Pro Bowl LB Otis Wilson 103 sacks (6th place all time) 1x pro bowl 1x all pro 1982 WTF Championship Ring
  14. Dave Krieg - Yes if Dan Marino didn’t get traded to SF & Sam Graddy not drafted for Marino then Krieg is still #1 all time QB. Sits at 2nd across the board for all major career stats. Consider only 1 season of his career was at 63pc (never 69pc) - a 56pc QB for majority of career. Easy vote Art Still - No he’s 3rd all time in Sacks for DL but the 1st & 2nd place are light years ahead of him in w/ 88 for Millard & 91 for Howie Long, while Still is at 57 sacks for his career. Tackles same thing: Millard had 255 & Long 579 / while Still had 150 career tackles. - huge drop off between Still & other 2. Darrin Nelson - yes he waited a year to get in & his numbers receiving are insane being league leader for career in both RB Receptions & Yards. Include his 1,000+ yards rushing counted on & a Super Bowl ring & he gets it. Roland James - No even though his career tackles are number 1 for career he only had 3 seasons of double digit ints. Coming from a DB that for his 3 seasons of 69int he has 6, 12, and 5 ints in those seasons. IMO a hall of fame DB when at height of their attributes has to dominate. His 12 int season was nice but it was sandwiched by 6 & 5. Those are LB int totals for some - not a hall of fame DB. Still a great career & 2 SB rings. Steve Fuller - Yes Fuller being at 5th / 6th etx for career stats Will see him stay at that spot for a long time to come as nobody close to him is still playing. He had Only 4 seasons at 50PC w the other 7 being a 44pc QB in a league that the average pro bowl QB Is 63pc so Fuller took what he had to work w & made the most out of it. Most 44pc QBs are backups or 50% TD to INTs. Fuller had a 4 year stretch where he threw the ball w/ ridiculous precision to the tune of 151 Touchdowns vs 31 ints. That’s unheard of from a 44/50 pc QB in our league! Congrats Fuller!
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