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  1. Arncoem Weekday afternoons 4-6 est or after 930pm 7 days a week yes can play game In time no vacations
  2. Congrats the Mack / Jacksonville Jaguars on OL Gain bracket championship.
  3. Final game: Jacksonville Jaguars - Home vs Houston Texans - Away
  4. 1996 Class Is now on WTFphile Hall of Fame, enshrined forever! Congrats ! http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/hof.php
  5. Buffalo vs Jacksonville - winner plays vs Eifer / Houston Texans in finals.
  6. Final count: LT - 6 votes Wright - 6 votes Lewis - 6 votes Hoby B - 4 of 6 votes Fredd Young - 0 of 6 votes congrats class of 1996!WTF Hall of Fame LT, Eric Wright, Albert Lewis, Hoby B!
  7. Pete Dorsey - discord: MADCUBAN Miami Dolphins (I have him setup playing online now & his house is right next door to my office - will be no issue him getting games in).
  8. Arnco EM - in SF 49ers prefer to be but if Brudogg wants them I’ll take Patriots or Texans
  9. LT, Wright, Lewis - unanimous So far Will be be 6 votes for them automatic - when DT and Kamphuna cast their votes. Hoby 3 out of 4 votes so far - needs 1 more to be in. Fredd Young - 0 votes out 4 - already out. lawrence Taylor Eric Wright albert Lewis congrats! hoby B. - TBD Young - sorry hommie - solid career @DT. @kamphuna8
  10. Semi finals: (home team listed first) Buffalo vs Jacksonville Houston vs Tampa Bay
  11. Lawrence Taylor LB - easy vote for LT as this guy was a royal pain in Dan Marino’s ass notching as he got an INT ea game they played vs ea other as well as owned #1 most feared LB in league title what felt like forever. LT vote - YES Hoby B. TE for NE. Another easy vote of yes as the TE spot having to solely play TE routes in WTF is tough to dominate from consistently but that’s what HB did & did it FOREVER! Thought this guy was retired at one point then he went on to play another 5 seasons of being #1 TE in league every season. outside of his first couple seasons w Steve DeBerg he didn’t have a stud QB throwing to him & still made all pro w ease. Hoby B. vote -YES Eric Wright DB - arrived w 19ints in his rookie season & that single season interception record still stands - 16 years league of this league & he did set the bar as a rookie w 63int - in addition to the single season record it’s hard to believe his career ints mark will ever be overtaken too, he just too far ahead of everyone else. Wayne Haddix on OG rom comes to mind as his equal in terms of Tecmo Dominance by a DB. Eric Wright vote - YES Albert Lewis DB - If Eric Wright is the Wayne Haddix OG Rom equivalent that would make Albert Lewis be the equiv of OG rom David Fulcher. If ball was thrown near him he got the int. Sits at 2nd career ints with Lonnie Young creeping up on him & will be top 3 w Wright & Lonnie Young for a very long time. Lewis also went vs a LOT of A Grade QBs in his career, he would have an additional 20 ints playing vs the QBs in league now safe to say. Albert Lewis vote - YES Fredd Young LB - sorry for Fredd he is in this class of eligible players as he was dominant but compared to the others on this list he is 2 steps behind. Wanna say the majority of his career was as a drone as Houston let him bring pressure & do damage while DB was man controlled- resulted in a lot of sacks & gains to RP while leaving his rs at 25 & going vs grade B LBs instead of A. He was used & gained very strategically & played a long productive career but just falls short for me. He’s the type of player that gets their number retired by team & maybe if can squeeze a vote or 2 out now & return on ballot next season will get some more consideration make it in on 3rd try. Fredd Young vote- NO
  12. 2nd Round 1) Tenn vs 6) Baltimore BAL 26-3 2) Hou vs 5) Carolina HOU 21-7 3) TB vs 4) Dallas TB 14-3 6) Jacksonville Jags -The Mack - BYE 3rd round/ semi finals 1) Buffalo vs 6) Jacksonville - JAX 2 ) Houston vs 3) Tampa Bay - HOU
  13. Congrats KC Chiefs rookie WR Marvin Harrison on winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year award! just edging out Pit Steelers RB Eddie George by a vote of 10-8. Coach @johny_mx
  14. 2nd round: Baltimore (Baxter) 26 Tenn Titans (JPbowler) 3
  15. 1st round Baltimore Ravens (baxter) 24 buffalo Bills (Tadaos) 21
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