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  1. 14 of 14 votes for the Big 3 5 of 14 for Chris Doleman 10 votes to go
  2. tally so far: Marino, Long, Taylor - unanimous 13 votes Doleman 4 votes out of 13. 14 votes are needed to make the 60% needed - so 1 more for ea of the big 3 while Doleman needs every vote to make it or 1 voter to not include him knocks him out.
  3. I’m going to vote for all 4 as Doleman wasn’t the force the Howie Long was but nobody was / will be. he was the 3rd best DL in the league for a 10 season stretch (along w/ Long & Millard) & won the 1989 ring along w made it back to back championship games 93 & 94 where he didn’t get sacks but was vital forcing ints thrown & getting at the RB in backfield. Howie Long & Marino both #1 for their position and starters on the WTF All Time team. John Taylor had a great career - not what Marino & Howie Long accomplished but the next tier behind them deserving !
  4. So far unanimous 5 votes ea for Dan Marino, , Howie Long, & John Taylor & 1 of 5 votes for Chris Doleman.
  5. @stalltalk it’s been like that for all time receiver stats since league started. Brookston never got around to fixing for us. you can see them in alphabetical order if click on career stats for a differnt position first then click on WR on right side of screen where lists them all. have to write down or remember what they have. The career leaders works for top 3 so can go off of that as well.
  6. @cubsfan5150 there’s 4 players listed above. Lol
  7. Reminder of the Criteria: The WTF Hall of Fame will ran by the HOF Committee. The Committee will consist of the HOF Commissioner (ARNCOEM) and 5 committee members. The introductory committee will consist of Chiefs Jr, Kamp, Stalltalk, Bigfatpaulie, and DT. The Commissioner will nominate all eligible players and the committee will vote. Only the Committee members can vote, but all league owners can respond and discuss in the voting forum. Guidelines for Eligibility: A player will require 66% of the vote to become a hall member. The player has to have played at least 5 seasons. The player has to have retired at least 3 seasons ago. A player can only be eligible a maximum of three different times. If they don't accumulate enough votes three times, they can no longer be eligible in the future. There will be a maximum of 5 eligible players allowed for nomination per year. There will be no minimum. Owners are eligible to join the HOF, but must have played at least 10 seasons or impacted the league dramatically (ie, Brooks-wtfphile) 1997 Hall of Fame Candidates: Houston Oilers DL Chris Doleman http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1806 1985 Draft Pick 1st Round 10th overall From 1985 to 1994 Doleman was lead of the Oilers Defense as he played his entire career w/ the 1 team. Doleman came into the league as a 38RS 50RP 56MS 69HP stud & after his back to back 9 sack seasons of 1989 and 1990 he hit his gain up to 63MS 75HP. After is gain his production declined as he never repeated his dominant 9 sacks seasons but he was a crucial part of the Oilers success as they won the Championship in 1989 & were in back to 2 back WTF Bowls in 93 & 94 as Runner up. Doleman had 143 tackles & 43 sacks along w/ 6 seasons made the playoffs getting to the Championship 3 of the 6. He was a Pro Bowler 1988 - 1991 (4x) & an All Pro 1989 - 1991 (3x) to go along w/ his 1989 Championship Ring. Miami Dolphins WR John Taylor http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1922 1986 Draft Pick 1st Round 16th overall The Dolphins went all out for John Taylor as the 50ms 69rec rookie won rookie of the year & gained ea of his 3 first seasons to max out at 63ms 69rec. His 2nd season 66 receptions w/ 2385 yards is 3rd most in a season for both receptions & yards. Taylor was an 8x Pro Bowler (all except his final season) & a 6x All Pro. His 405 career receptions, 15,155 yards, 152 touchdowns are all just outside of the top 3 but have him solid in top 5. New England Patriots DL Howie Long http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1201 Howie Long was 17th pick of the 1981 NFL Draft & from day one revolutionized the DL position. He had 41 tackles w/ 4 sacks & 3ints as a rookie. Over his massive career he sacked the QB 91x from the DL position. He had 20 interceptions (2nd most is 3 for career)& a ridiculous 579 tackles (2nd place is 261). He is number 1 straight across the board for sacks, ints, and tackles- then there's his Pro Bowl & All Pro Teams ... He was a 10x All Pro & 13x Pro Bowl Team member. SF Francisco 49ers QB Dan Marino http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1431 Drafted pick 1.2 by the Tampa Bay Bucs 1983 draft Dan Marino's first 3 seasons w/ the Bucs he caught the attention of NFC West div. rival SF 49ers coaching staff & they remarked if they could get their hands on Marino they could take his raw talent & turn him into a superstar. His Tampa Bay seasons weren't impressive as he was 41% completions 28tds & 21ints his rookie year but had 2,448 yards. His 2nd season he threw for 3,357 yards & 40tds w/ only 8 ints but his completion % was again below average at 46%. He also wasn't on a competitive team - so after his 3rd TB season 28tds & 19ints w/ 2,855 yards the Niners had to do everything they could to get Marino out of Tampa - it took Rookie of the Year max'd out DL Reggie White, two 1st round picks that were used on a rookie Neal Anderson (63MS) and Chris Everett 56PC along w/ an OL upgrade as well for Marino to come to SF along w/ a TB 2nd round pick. Marino came to SF and it took him 2 seasons to get his team built around him after trading away the house for him and he took some bumps in those seasons as his 1986 season he was 2nd option after Hershel Walker carried the load. This resulted in Marino throwing only 1595 yards w/ 22tds & 5ints. His 2nd season he hit a major wall as he was 46% completions for 1815 yards w/ 26tds & 8ints. He was doing better but still not what SF hoped for. Then came 1988 & Marino made magic winning his 1st MVP by going 2,550 yards w/ 36tds & 5ints - his completion % was 54% and SF was in the playoffs a legit contender. Marino followed up his 1988 career by winning the 1990 , 1991, 1992, & 1993 Offensive MVPs brining him to 4 straight & 5 out of 6 seasons. He was an All Pro & Pro Bowler 6x ea & when all was said and done he left w/ a 1993 championship & the All Time leader in yards, touchdowns, attempts, & completions. (since his retirement Jim Everett surpassed him in attempts by 95- but TDs, Yards, & Completions he has a large lead as well as all active players)
  8. Round 1 home team Is better seed 1) Houston (Purplehaze) - Oilers W +14 14) Raiders (thrash) 2) Patriots (kovalkin) - Patriots W - forfeit 13) TB (speed) 3) Buffalo (Tadaos) 12) Denver (JOeyB) 4) Dallas (Kamphuna) - Cowboys W +16 11) Washington (Cubsfan) 5) Baltimore (ole dirty) - Ravens W - forfeit 10) CLE (paulie) 6) Jax (the mack) - Jaguars W +14 9) Tenn (JPbowler) 7) Carolina (Barletti) 8 CHI (ChiefsJr) please post score below
  9. SF Selects: WR CHI TE James Thornton
  10. SF selects: Rams DL Doug Reed LB Fred Strickland DB Anthony Newman
  11. SF Selects: MIN DL Henry Thomas LB Scott Studwell DB Reggie Rutland Sheet was not updated - this pick was taken - SF selects: NE DL Veris of Family Guy Fame LB Harvey DB Marion
  12. SF Selects RB Keith Byars
  13. BC Disasta has backups already SF 49ers Select Rams backups/ 44ms twins to make Jim Everett feel at home.
  14. SF Selects: RB Brad Muster
  15. SF selects: CLE OL LB Mike Johnson DB Frank Minnifield
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