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  1. SBlueman

    Tecmobowl.org: the performance thread

    Being a site owner sure isn't as simple as the good ol' geocities days. Quorthon sure saved himself lots of grief: http://web.archive.org/web/20030719020502fw_/http://www.eskimo.com:80/~kyuss/tecmo/tecmoframespage.htm
  2. SBlueman

    Tecmobowl.org: the performance thread

    Being a former forum owner and admin I totally got all that techno babble. Thanks for doing what you do to keep this place ticking, I can only imagine how many countless hours have gone into this site over the years.
  3. SBlueman

    Remember the 2 Point Conversion Mod?

    Bummer, looks like the rom was removed:
  4. SBlueman

    Remember the 2 Point Conversion Mod?

    @ZachSportsGuy where is this found? I'd love to find out more.
  5. SBlueman

    Applying SIM data

    Good to see you back! I used the adjuster to split the stats with the Bills and Browns QBs using projected stats. Seems to work like a charm. Of course you have to go back and adjust the sim stats a bit after play testing but the baseline is pretty on point. I also had to account for some RBs getting 4 running plays in a playbook.
  6. Blew my mind too but it works!
  7. SBlueman

    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 - SBlueman Edition

    What's New in Version 1.3 Updated 25 players for various reasons - see list below:
  8. SBlueman

    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 - SBlueman Edition

    What's New in Version 1.2 Edited uniforms for Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans Removed NYJ RB Lawrence Thomas, added WR Terrelle Pryor Removed CLE OT Austin Corbett, added OT Desmond Harrison
  9. SBlueman

    Sim test USA

    Which game are each results for?
  10. SBlueman

    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 - SBlueman Edition

    And added! What's New in Version 1.1 Added versions with nickel corners moved from LB1 to LB2 (suggested by @bruddog here)
  11. SBlueman

    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 - SBlueman Edition

    I started to fall down the rabbit hole of trying to edit defensive reactions and lost my way this offseason. It just seemed odd to have a db at the LB2 spot but the LB1 rushes or covers RBs most of the time. I will be play testing it this weekend, looking forward to seeing how the change will affect COM vs COM games.. And to anyone out there, please keep the feedback coming. I plan on having a year end release come playoff time so until then let me know what you all think!
  12. SBlueman

    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 - SBlueman Edition

    I'll try it out, see how it works. Thanks for the tip! I went with the nickel back in the LB1 spot because of how Tecmo handled Tony Blayock on the Browns. I had a small update tonight, some last minute roster changes, uniform number edits and a change to the Pro Bowl rosters.Enjoy people! What's New in Version 1.1 Edited Pro Bowl Rosters - Top ranked players added at each position Edited PIT WR Ryan Switzer's jersey to #10 Removed PIT FS Morgan Burnett, added Terrell Edmunds Removed IND OT Branden Smith, added Joe Haeg Edited OAK QB A.J. McCarron's jersey to #2 Removed PHI WR Mack Hollins, added Shelton Gibson Removed DET DE Anthony Zettel, added Kerry Hyder Removed NO RB Boston Scott, added Tommylee Lewis
  13. SBlueman

    SIM target distribution hack

    So right now I try to make sure the 4th sim value for the RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2 and TE1 equals to 32. Is that tip not relevant anymore with this edit? Or is this a supplement to that?
  14. View File Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 - SBlueman Edition Features: Rosters Up To Date As Of 9/5/18 Players Rated Using Tecmo Super Bowl's Original Player Rankings Playbooks Edited - Plays Moved To Different Slots And Edited Running Plays 18 Hacks Added To Vanilla Version And Up to 41 Different Hacks Included In Hardtype Versions Teams Line Up In Either 3-4, 4-3 Or Nickel Defenses Two versions of each file is available. One with the nickel back lining up at LB1 and the other with the nickel back lined up at LB2. Team Uniforms Edited So Home Team Plays In Primary Uniform (NFC West Glitch And Divisional Matchups Limits This Feature) Five Versions Posted: #1 - Vanilla - Hacks Included: Add 'Hut' Pre-Snap Cadence to 32-Team ROM More NFL-like QB Ratings Player 2 Condition Fix Prevent Schedule From Being Random QB Backpedal Animation Hack Change Touchback to 25-Yard Line 15 Yard XP Playoff Bracket Fixed Team Data Screen Background Color Change Main Menu Background Color Change Schedule Background Color Change Randomize Sound Loop Used For Each Play Add Stats After Quarters FG Avoid Kick Block Fix Increase CPU Kickoff Length Better COM Punt Timing Changing KR Speed PR Speed Change From SS To Actual PR Player #2 - Hardtype - Hacks Included: Ultra Logic Hack (.ips patch) Punt Coverage Boost Cut In Half (.ips patch) More Accurate Field Goals (.ips patch) Decrease Fumbles By 30% (.ips patch) Offensive Ball Carrier Can Break Up Drone Tackles Find Open Receiver PA/PC Hack - PC Is INT And PA Is Target QB Throws Ball Instead Of Taking Sack And Runs Less COM Dive Tackling Like SNES TSB I Directional Punts Kickoff Wedge Return Onside Kick Hack Better Recovery Rate For P2 Changing The Differential For Popcorning/DL Busting Through Passing Game Probability Table Hack Better INT Returns Timing Of Snap Exchange Between C & QB Diving Time Based On HP Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter Faster Handoffs, Pitches, Snaps & Player Control Player Controlled QB Rollouts For Play Action Passes Push/Pull Hack #3 - Hardtype - with No Flicker The 3rd version has all the hacks above installed and the No Sprite Flicker hack included. #4 - Hardtype - with P2 As Road Team Hardtype version with the Road Team Plays As Player 2 hack added #5 - Hardtype - with P2 As Road Team, No Flicker Hardtype version with both the Road Team Plays As Player 2 hack and No Sprite Flicker hack added. Special thanks to the following members: @cxrom @BAD_AL @jstout @bruddog @buck @Yak @fatcheerleader @gojiphen malor @davefmurray @keithisgood @Bodom @konForce @Knobbe @JG Games @Tecmonster @qbvikings @G-12 @TheRaja @xplozv @adscl84 @GRG @quince3800 @partyman6666 @averagetsbplayer @cxm317 @Atrain400 @COA Elway @DamPenguin @Bolt @rmm1976 @broncofan7 @Tecmo man @oilertitanfan @buffalo_tox @fgqb#19nyj @CoachMac @drummer4god @tiredtonsofclay @chris99 @Baron von Lector @SpaceJammer#5 @TheNoid @shmue @stratonascar @MrKCSaunders @LinuXo @wtz0r @Justice Weller Colde @Burnin Therman @mort1237 @pambazos88 @Denny Submitter SBlueman Submitted 09/04/2018 Category NFL By Year