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  1. SBlueman

    NES Maker

    It's definitely a step towards simplicity but they don't really support sports games yet from what I've heard. But it's something to keep an eye on. Maybe a homebrew football game is closer to eventually happening.
  2. SBlueman

    Applying SIM data

    Thanks for the reply @bruddog. Hope all is ok with @jstout. So is it correct to say that all that needs to be edited is the number of games played? I wasn't sure what 'Adjuster' meant. I'm assuming that's the formula portion of that cell.
  3. SBlueman

    Applying SIM data

    @jstout.......what is the GP & Adjuster column for on your spreadsheet? I am working on updating the sim data for an updated version and wasn't sure how to proceed since it's a cell that can be adjusted.
  4. SBlueman

    Hex editing help, player names

    Is there a way this method can be used to help with issues when editing NFC West teams in the 32 team rom? And can you max out the name length on all NFC West players while still being able to edit the game with TSB Tool?
  5. Boy I am stuck on stupid....I updated the first post to include this amazing hack that was originally posted by @Jorgasms here: @buck asked for me to post it up back on page one and I did. My dumbass forgot about it and had to be reminded by @gojiphen malor after I PM'ed him asking how in the hell he got the pre-snap huts back in his latest release. Enjoy to any who find this useful (I know I did since I was sitting on the old code in my personal files....DOH!)
  6. SBlueman

    Has anyone tried modifying Tecmo Bowl Manager?

    DOH! That's what I get for posting from work. Sorry about the confusion everyone.
  7. SBlueman

    Has anyone tried modifying Tecmo Bowl Manager?

    The TSB Manager has become obsolete since @BAD_AL released the TSB Tool:
  8. SBlueman

    MVP of every team

    I can see QB Bills. Being an Oilers fan it always sucked going up against a jacked up Thurmanator in the playoffs. So I could be jaded in my opinion. DT is fierce but playing as Okoye is so much damn fun. Leaving a trail of defenders who got popcorned to oblivion never gets old.
  9. SBlueman

    MVP of every team

    Here's my opinion on the team MVPs: Bills - Thurman Thomas Dolphins - Dan Marino Patriots - Marv Cook Jets - Eric McMillian Bengals - David Fulcher Browns - QB Browns (Bernie Kosar) Oilers - Warren Moon Steelers - Rod Woodson Broncos - Bobby Humphrey Chiefs - Christian Okoye Raiders - Bo Jackson Chargers - Gill Byrd Seahawks - Jacob Green Redskins - Gary Clark Giants - Lawrence Taylor Eagles - QB Eagles (Randall Cunningham) Cardinals - Johnny Johnson Cowboys - Jay Novacek Bears - Neal Anderson Lions - Barry Sanders Packers - Sterling Sharpe Vikings - Anthony Carter Buccaneers - Wayne Haddix 49ers - Jerry Rice Rams - Kevin Greene Saints - Craig Heyward Falcons - Andre Rison
  10. SBlueman

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Same here. All arm but no accuracy. Plus he under-performed in Wyoming. People fall in love with the measurables and the arm strength but who cares how far and hard he can throw it if he can't hit the side of a barn?
  11. WEEK 1 falcons at eagles bills at ravens jaguars at giants buccaneers at saints texans at patriots 49ers at vikings titans at dolphins bengals at colts steelers at browns chiefs at chargers seahawks at broncos cowboys at panthers redskins at cardinals bears at packers jets at lions rams at raiders WEEK 2 ravens at bengals panthers at falcons colts at redskins texans at titans eagles at buccaneers chiefs at steelers dolphins at jets chargers at bills vikings at packers browns at saints lions at 49ers cardinals at rams patriots at jaguars raiders at broncos giants at cowboys seahawks at bears WEEK 3 jets at browns saints at falcons packers at redskins colts at eagles bills at vikings raiders at dolphins broncos at ravens bengals at panthers giants at texans titans at jaguars 49ers at chiefs chargers at rams cowboys at seahawks bears at cardinals patriots at lions steelers at buccaneers WEEK 4 vikings at rams jets at jaguars dolphins at patriots eagles at titans texans at colts bills at packers lions at cowboys buccaneers at bears bengals at falcons seahawks at cardinals browns at raiders saints at giants 49ers at chargers ravens at steelers chiefs at broncos WEEK 5 colts at patriots titans at bills falcons at steelers broncos at jets jaguars at chiefs packers at lions ravens at browns giants at panthers dolphins at bengals raiders at chargers cardinals at 49ers vikings at eagles rams at seahawks cowboys at texans redskins at saints WEEK 6 eagles at giants buccaneers at falcons panthers at redskins seahawks at raiders colts at jets cardinals at vikings steelers at bengals chargers at browns bills at texans bears at dolphins rams at broncos ravens at titans jaguars at cowboys chiefs at patriots 49ers at packers WEEK 7 broncos at cardinals titans at chargers bengals at chiefs browns at buccaneers panthers at eagles vikings at jets lions at dolphins patriots at bears bills at colts texans at jaguars saints at ravens cowboys at redskins rams at 49ers giants at falcons WEEK 8 dolphins at texans eagles at jaguars broncos at chiefs browns at steelers redskins at giants seahawks at lions buccaneers at bengals jets at bears ravens at panthers colts at raiders 49ers at cardinals packers at rams saints at vikings patriots at bills WEEK 9 raiders at 49ers bears at bills buccaneers at panthers chiefs at browns jets at dolphins steelers at ravens lions at vikings falcons at redskins texans at broncos chargers at seahawks rams at saints packers at patriots titans at cowboys WEEK 10 panthers at steelers saints at bengals falcons at browns dolphins at packers jaguars at colts lions at bears cardinals at chiefs patriots at titans redskins at buccaneers bills at jets chargers at raiders seahawks at rams cowboys at eagles giants at 49ers WEEK 11 packers at seahawks bengals at ravens vikings at bears panthers at lions titans at colts cowboys at falcons buccaneers at giants eagles at saints texans at redskins broncos at chargers raiders at cardinals steelers at jaguars chiefs at rams WEEK 12 bears at lions redskins at cowboys falcons at saints browns at bengals seahawks at panthers jaguars at bills raiders at ravens dolphins at colts 49ers at buccaneers giants at eagles patriots at jets cardinals at chargers steelers at broncos packers at vikings titans at texans WEEK 13 saints at cowboys ravens at falcons panthers at buccaneers chargers at steelers bears at giants bills at dolphins broncos at bengals rams at lions cardinals at packers browns at texans colts at jaguars jets at titans chiefs at raiders vikings at patriots 49ers at seahawks redskins at eagles WEEK 14 jaguars at titans jets at bills giants at redskins saints at buccaneers patriots at dolphins ravens at chiefs colts at texans rams at bears panthers at browns falcons at packers broncos at 49ers bengals at chargers eagles at cowboys lions at cardinals steelers at raiders vikings at seahawks WEEK 15 chargers at chiefs browns at broncos texans at jets packers at bears lions at bills buccaneers at ravens cardinals at falcons raiders at bengals titans at giants dolphins at vikings redskins at jaguars cowboys at colts seahawks at 49ers patriots at steelers eagles at rams saints at panthers WEEK 16 giants at colts texans at eagles jaguars at dolphins redskins at titans packers at jets bengals at browns buccaneers at cowboys vikings at lions bills at patriots falcons at panthers ravens at chargers bears at 49ers rams at cardinals steelers at saints chiefs at seahawks broncos at raiders WEEK 17 browns at ravens dolphins at bills eagles at redskins colts at titans lions at packers jaguars at texans raiders at chiefs bears at vikings jets at patriots panthers at saints cowboys at giants bengals at steelers falcons at buccaneers chargers at broncos 49ers at rams cardinals at seahawks
  12. SBlueman

    Help editing on TSB supreme

    When determining name lengths what do we base the original name length from on the 32-team base rom? Are pointers edited in the base rom to accommodate the current rosters or is it pulling information from the original game?
  13. SBlueman

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LII (2.4) +

    Being a Titans fan I gotta say I am loving the new helmets. Nice work @gojiphen malor!
  14. SBlueman

    Applying SIM data

    The 1990 49ers were 3rd overall, 12th vs the pass (yards) and 2nd vs the run. Meanwhile the Steelers were 7th overall, #1 vs the pass and 11th vs the run. Why they went 15 and 15 for both the pass and the run is beyond me, I guess they wanted to make sure the 49ers were in the mix all the time.
  15. SBlueman

    Applying SIM data

    I second that! Well hot damn, I missed that memo. Anyone have a link to where this was posted?