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  1. SBlueman

    Applying SIM data

    I added some.extra features to the sim code spreadsheet posted before by @jstout here: Here are the following edits: 1. Added a page (named Sheet 7) where you can paste the team's info from TSBTool that will auto-populate the player's names to the "Individual" and new "Out of 32" page. Paste the text from TSBTool as unformatted text (separated by comma) for the cells to fill separately. 2. Added a new page where you can get a ballpark baseline to use for the five starting skill positions on offense. The stats from this page will populate from the "Individual" page. All the formulas populate on their own. The "SIM" column is simply a place you can adjust the results and have the total end up being 32. This is my first time dipping into spreadsheets for the game so feel free to improve on it of you can and want to. I'm a Open Office user so it's a .ods file. Hopefully someone finds it useful! TSBSimulations_Eagles.ods
  2. SBlueman

    Color location mega thread

    Thank you @TheNoid, that was exactly what I was looking for. I am looking for a couple more spots to edit: 1. The pink line under "Passing", "Rushing" and the stat types 2. The pink color for the ability bars (RS, RP, MS, HP) 3. The pink color in the NFL Shield on the screen after the scrolling NFL SUPER PRO FOOTBALL scrolling text in the intro Thank you in advance to anyone who pitches in some spots!
  3. SBlueman

    Complete beginner question

    Check out this thread for your answer on how to edit the Team names @lago:
  4. SBlueman

    Color location mega thread

    Another question....where can you edit the white skin color for on the field play and cut scenes?
  5. All I know is the date is in the right ballpark. I picked the game up the Friday before the Oilers were at Cleveland that weekend:
  6. SBlueman

    Changing sides

    the closest hack I know of is this one that was posted by @xplozv and edited by @bruddog you'll find set commands you can use for the NES and SNES version in that thread. Hope that helps!
  7. SBlueman

    Color location mega thread

    Can anyone clue me on what the hex location is for the cross and red in the NFL logo on the injury recovery screen is? I am looking to edit them from 25 to 15. Thanks in advance to whoever steps up!
  8. SBlueman

    TSBM 1-3

    @Speed Racer, looks like the links are gone on this old post. You can find them and more here: http://www.tecmosb.com
  9. SBlueman

    Punt Returner not catch the punt?

    Are you playing the original game or a modified version? I have seen that in some games before. The game was edited and it was an older rom. I believe there have been updates on the hack used to not have this happen anymore.
  10. Right on! I wish the change could be made as well. The closest thing I saw done was this rom: Still limited to two colors but the helmet and jersey is the same while the pants are different.
  11. Unfortunately this isn't possible in the NES version. The uniforms are limited to one color for the jersey and one color for the helmet and pants.
  12. SBlueman

    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 - SBlueman Edition

    Right on, glad to see you are enjoying the release. Keep the feedback coming people!
  13. SBlueman

    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 - SBlueman Edition

    Thanks for the feedback @Bolt. Do you find it tough in a good way or cheap way?
  14. SBlueman

    TecmoBowlTools - Stat Extractor

    There might be a hack installed that is messing you up. Have you had any of the same issues with the official site release other releases?
  15. SBlueman

    Worst Players in Tecmo

    Found it: https://tecmobowlers.com/2015/07/02/the-ultimate-tecmo-challenge/ Love those articles, especially the Stat Correction articles. Any chance of seeing the articles come back?