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  1. We'll see him in the Hall of Fame in 5 years. Two Super Bowl rings in the Big Apple is pretty much an automatic ticket in.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up @TheRaja! I have updated the first post with the new info: #COM Goes For FG w/.20 Left in Half/End of Game #https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69338-set-command-list-use-with-nes-tsb-tsbtool-updated-1202020/?do=findComment&comment=502972 SET (0x1897f,0x20) #COM kicks FG only on 4th Down in Regulation Time #https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69338-set-command-list-use-with-nes-tsb-tsbtool/?do=findComment&comment=498958 SET (0x1897f,0x00)
  3. And then the second half happened......oh well. It was a fun run for the Titans but the better team won. Mahomes took control of the game in the second half and pretty much beat the Titans with their gameplan. He played keep-away, bled the clock and made our best weapon in Derrick Henry a non-factor. Those breakdowns by Brock in the 4th were killers but we were hanging on by a thread after it was 28-17.
  4. Hoping the Titans can keep the dream run alive today. Go Titans!
  5. How can I change the KR on the AFC and NFC team to RB4?
  6. Drew Pearson and Randy Gradishar got shafted....
  7. There is a similar code posted in the original list, does this work with OT at all @TheRaja?: #End of game FG (unverified) SET (0x1897f,0x20)
  8. Very helpful, thanks for cleaning it up! I'll update the set command thread with the code.
  9. Still trying to wrap my brain around how to use this correctly. I slapped together a quick spreadsheet: So is this how you'd use real life overall/rush/pass yards to come up with a rating system for this modification? I went 10-50% for Overall, 25-75% for run and pass. I have no clue if I am even in the right ballpark on this one so any help is appreciated.
  10. I have been working on my final edition since the end of the regular season. Keep an eye out for it coming soon, I'll have a vanilla version and hardtype version like usual. I plan on releasing it before the Super Bowl.
  11. @jstout, any visit from you is always welcome! Too bad about the hard drive crash. Sometimes all you need is an inspiration to jump back in to the hobby and before you know it you are back hitting the floor running. Happened to me, I was inactive for years too. I missed lots of discoveries about the games code on the site and have been playing catch up since. But your efforts were instrumental in taking the game editing to a new level. Thanks for that sir!
  12. So to use this correctly its: 1. Apply the .ips file posted by @jstout 2. Edit the spreadsheet posted by @buck to generate the set commands to copy and paste into TSB Tool Is this correct? And I am a bit unclear on what to set the overall/run/pass values on the spreadsheet. What NFL stat should I be basing the value used on the spreadsheet? I'd love to hear how people implement this hack. Sorry I'm so late to the party on this but for some reason the light bulb went on today when re-reading this thread.
  13. Could you imagine one centralized editor where you could edit everything in one spot? Large and mini-helmets, cut scenes, add hacks, edit playbooks, etc. Think like a SUPER TSB Tool. What would be even sweeter would be a revival of the TSB Ultra program tied in with the editor. One can dream, right? Jstout was, is and will always be the man.
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