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  1. Looking where I can find the maximum range for each kicker in the original nes version?
  2. So Just a though... but I've been seeing a trend with newer games adding a retro mode into the game, I.e. MLB the show having a mode that mirrors Ken Griffey baseball for the SNES. I often wonder if madden would follow this trend and add a Tecmo super bowl retro mode. But then i think they would probably just fuck it up, and it would be another Tecmo throwback type deal. It would be cool if theY could replicate the NES version we all know and love. Updated graphics but same game play would be awesome! Any thoughts on this?
  3. Was outed with a NE vs SEA matchup. I've never really played with either team. It totally threw me off.
  4. I finished 2 wins 3 losses on the day including a playoff win. I'll take it for my first time. Tournament was run very well. Great time.
  5. Its the tournament in NJ on june 1st.
  6. Awesome advice trojan1979, Ill check out the videos. I'm currently only playing in a tournament though would love to host something in the near future. I figure going to an event would give me an idea hows its run.
  7. Doing My first live tournament and Don't know what to expect. (Tecmo Madison rules) any advice? Another main problem I have is, I have no one to practice against except the computer. But that's way too easy. Any roms that would be comprable to playing a live human opponent? Or anyone in the Baltimore area want to get together for some games? Thanks
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