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Bad Moon Rison

New York, NY - 10/19/19 - The New York Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament 2019

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The New York City Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament 2019


When: Saturday, October 19th, 2019- Setup and registration starts @ 10:00 AM EST; Play will start @ 11:00 AM EST.

Location: Raven's Head Public House, 3804 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11103
(Approx. 15 minutes from Midtown Manhattan, Uptown R train to Steinway Street in Queens)
Website: http://www.ravensheadpublichouse.com/

Desired Number of Participants: 32-48

Buy-in: $30 entry, Free admission with participation in Pigskin in Poughkeepsie and LI Retro Tourney

Equipment: We need Nintendos, TVs, Controllers, Carts! If you are able to bring any of these in working condition, please let us know what you can bring and how many of each. If you are able to provide any television sets, please let us know the size and any kind of hookup (Coax/AV Cable).

Tourney Format: Group play will include a minimum of 4 players in each group playing one another in round-robin format. Once group play is completed, all players move on to the bracket and are seeded according to their finish in their group standings and record. The bottom half of the field plays each other in the first round of the bracket. All other players with better records get BYEs. The better you do in group play, the more BYEs you may receive (for some, it may be at least two or three BYEs). The Single Elimination Bracket will decide who will be the NYC Tecmo Super Bowl Champion!

Prizes: Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to top three participants. All participants will be eligible to win raffle prizes throughout the day!

How to Register: Register online at northeasttecmo.com! Tournament entry is $30, but if you register for Pigskin in Poughkeepsie and the Long Island Retro Tourney, your admission will be free!


Questions: Feel free to post questions about the tournament below or you can direct them to [email protected]



Come celebrate 9 years of Tecmo in Astoria at Raven's Head on October 19th!

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What was the payouts last year and how many showed up?  Also are there any reasonably priced hotels or better yet fellow players we could crash with?

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Hey @hankthetank! We had 32 last year and usually average around 30-40 competitors. First place is usually around $200-250 though last year I put a little more of the raffle money to the top 3 so it might have been over $300 for first. Cheap places to stay depends on how close/far you are willing to stay near the venue. You can post here to see if anyone will offer to host or wants a traveling buddy. 🙂

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Once again, another great tournament in NYC. The games went really quickly throughout the day and even up until the late playoffs when we started stalling/streaming. It definitely helps those of us driving from distance.


Congratulations to @tadaoson his dominant championship game performance and his tough semi-final victory. Also congratulations to @arncoemon his third place finish. I only managed to watch his elite eight game but I saw some good techniques in that matchup.


Also I should give a shout-out to @Martin black who helped me train. Technically my weaknesses in this tournament were ones that can be worked off in solo training, but I would also point out that I now am running an 0-4 record vs. him. He was grateful for the experience and the chats you had with him. Many of you fought hard against him, thank you - no gimmies!!!


Stream links (not sure what order they are in):






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Thanks to all who came out to participate this year and thanks to all who watched the tournament on this year's stream!  Congrats to Kevin @tadaos for winning his second NY Tecmo title in three years! This is only the second time we have ever had a repeat Champion, @MattyD being the first in 2013 & 2014.


The top finishers were:


1) Kevin S (tadaos)

2) Leif P (@Nameless Loser)

3) Erik M (@arncoem)

4) Matt D (Matty D)


You can see the official results for the day here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pbDN3izYb_KmQZhWtn4AUB31JR6bD41MRAq2PitYwHc/edit#gid=1113694182


Rounding out the top eight were Danny K (@knightsof3), Greg L (@Deviled Greg), Scott S,  and Josh N.  Four different players finished in the top 8 this year from last year!  The raffle prize winners were Tom C (twice), Matt A, Greg L, and last year's champ Dave H (@Ranatoro). Other T-Borg members in attendance were: @deadfaulkner, @dwightstone, @PatrickB1008, @Thrash @discdolo @Barletti.  Special thanks again to Ryan @hoigaard, Patrick, Matt, Erik, and Greg for all the extra work they put into making the tournament happen.


Another big time Championship matchup with Bills-Giants this year. Congrats to Leif for making his first ever final after years of very excellent play! Overall, this was a very competitive tournament from top to bottom.  Thank you all again for making Tecmo even better!


Be sure to sign up for CT Tecmo XI             and Bronx Bowl 2020 for more hot Tecmo action!

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