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  4. Revised definitions of terms the Tecmo world should be aware of in preparation for BM III: JJ = Jungle Juice Juicing = Drinking Jungle Juice Lurch = Slurping Jungle Juice
  5. Season Sim Lotto Every Jersey Cup registration comes with a shirt, custom lanyard and raffle tickets towards some awesome door prizes. You will also be given a random card with an NFL team on it for our Season Sim Lotto. After pool play we will sim a season of Tecmo. Prizes - $5 if your team makes the playoffs, $5 for every playoff win, $20 for the Super Bowl winner. We are about a month away, if you haven’t registered yet what are you waiting for?! Register now!
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  7. update on the Frank Clark trade: Chiefs paid him 5 years, $105.5 million with $63.5 guaranteed
  8. It is possible we never saw Kaep's peak, and I still think he was better those two years where they made the SB and then the conference championship. Vick had the better career, obviously, but Kaep's career getting cut short was not his fault. How I think of Vick: 69ps 31pc 50ms How I think of Kaepernick: 63ps 50pc 38ms
  9. Chiefs traded their 29th overall pick, 2020 2nd round pick and swapped midround picks with the Seahawks for DE Frank Clark
  10. Forgot to mention, I used everyone's PFF grade as a guide for player ratings. They are on the Leonard Williams train as well
  11. I made all the DB's SIM rush number Zero, but they still find a way to get in there and get their sacks. Going to do some more looking in to this. I do have high hopes for our Lions this season, and Quandre Diggs is part of it all.. but he's not getting over 3-4 sacks lol.
  12. Game Over, J's Win. Regulation: 38-35 / Last-second 42-yarder nailed it / after going blow-for-blow, with ... (Don't want to give away the other Playoff-teams; for prospective players.) However, let me just say that, after starting the aforementioned 0-3, those resilient dastardly bastardly Patriots finished 10-6! (Does that mean they made the Playoffs?) NFC East was won by a 7-8-1er. Best record was 14-2. (I beat em.) Went 12-4, losing rematches to all of my AFC Easters... plus 1x, to Cincy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Geraldo, I'm glad you made Leonard Williams the sack-happy Jappy that he is (going to be, starting this season). Registered 11 (regular season) / plus a FR TouchDown - off some dude's strip-sack - in the Playoffs. FYI - why did Quandre lead league with 26 sacks? DB... Ya Diggs? As for my Playoff exploits, got a 1st-round bye. In SB, Sammy D threw 4 - 1 to Bell; who also ran 1 - but the MVP goes to WR Robby Anderson, esp. for 3rd-n-long heroics In SB, Sammy D also threw 458 yards In regular season, Maybe It's Le'Veon Bell led all RBs in per-carry avg.. Gracias. @Knobbe : Pin this thread !~
  13. This is a fun game. Well done on the edit. I had never played this. Fun Game!
  14. Thank you. Will have the first update ready with all relevant draft picks soon. I have Yeldon replacing DiMarco for next update also.
  15. I think this is a complete list of players from the original Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES who have passed away: 1992 Eric Andolsek - LG, Lions Jerome Brown - RILB, Eagles 1993 David Waymer - SS, 49ers 1994 Lewis Billups - LCB, Bengals 1995 David Griggs - LOLB, Dolphins 2000 Derrick Thomas - ROLB, Chiefs 2002 Broderick Thompson - RT, Chargers Mike Webster - C, Chiefs 2004 Reggie White - LDE, Eagles Steve Trapilo - RG, Saints Derrick Faison - WR3, Rams 2005 Terry Long - RG, Steelers David Little - RILB, Steelers Tory Epps - NT, Falcons Sam Mills - LILB, Saints Reggie Roby - P, Dolphins 2006 Craig Heyward - RB1, Saints Andre Waters - SS, Eagles 2007 Ron Hall - TE1, Buccaneers 2008 John Grimsley - LILB, Oilers Frank Cornish - C, Chargers 2009 John Stephens - RB2, Patriots 2010 Mosi Tatupu - RB4, Patriots Johnny Bailey - RB4, Bears Jarvis Williams - SS, Dolphins Harry Galbreath - RG, Dolphins 2011 Ron Holmes - RDE, Broncos Drew Hill - WR2, Oilers Kent Hull - C, Bills Shawn Lee - NT, Dolphins 2012 Derek Hill - WR2, Steelers Grant Feasel - C, Seahawks Junior Seau - RILB, Chargers 2013 Ken Clark -RB4, Colts 2014 Don Bracken - P, Packers 2016 Dennis Byrd - RILB, Jets 2017 Rick Tuten - P, Bills Cortez Kennedy - RILB, Seahawks 2018 Alvin Wright - NT, Rams Wes Hopkins - FS, Eagles Bill Fralic - RG, Falcons 2019 Wade Wilson - QB1, Vikings Reggie Cobb - RB2, Buccaneers Mike Cofer - ROLB, Lions
  16. Does a mod or admin want to pin this thread?
  17. Week 3 - Ground and Pound Match-up choices: RAI v GIA, DET v SD, PHX v DAL, CHI v KC, WAS v DEN
  18. Mike Shanahan is there - he got swallowed up in the 1983-1998 era, which began with Dan Reeves, 11 down from the top on this list with 161 wins. There's only room for one coach on the chart. It's really the John Elway era. I should have put Shanahan in the Other space instead of a second WR. Oh and I forgot, John Fox just happened to be there, that was Peyton Manning's team up until the year they actually won the SB, when they had a ridiculous defense. Peyton Manning is why they won 70% of their games over 5 years. Min to make my list was 60% for at least 5 years.
  19. Who has the Saints going to the Super Bowl? I don't want to hear "they were Screwed" comments, WRONG! They did it to themselves. Sure, the missed PI was missed but you can't assume that they were going to get a touchdown. Yes, they had the lead but didn't make the defensive play to prevent the LA Rams from tying the game. Saints also won the coin toss in OT, their first drive was an INT that lead to the Rams FG winner. We'll see after the NFL Draft!
  20. I can see why you might want to split the 49ers between Montana and Young, but the idea here is to show how long a team could maintain success. The list is sorted by total wins, so splitting any team would move it down the list. This list is basically a starting point. My next step was going to be to break up the teams with longer periods of success and sort it again by Win %. With the Pats, I don't really see the point of splitting them further. The Pats are all Belichick/Brady - 76% of their games over 18 years. How does splitting that make anything better? With the Packers, I agree they had some off years. If I was doing a list by Win %, I would cut out 1999-2000 and 2005-2006.
  21. Keep in Mind the 2010 GB Packers had to go on the Road to get to that Super Bowl; Rodgers in that Falcons game was unreal. 366 passing yards five incompletions 3 tds and in the Super Bowl vs Steelers yeah he threw for 300 but should had 400 yards if it wasn't for four drops. Show some love.
  22. @gojiphen malor Nice job on the rom, can't wait for after the draft. T.J. Yeldon has found a team, the Buffalo Bills.
  23. Sad indeed. He was always one of those guys who I came to like because of Tecmo. Does anyone have an updated list? Also, not sure why I posted a smiley face next to Kent Hull from years ago. Must have been before emojis were a thing.
  24. Wk 12 In a battle of former BILTs (Best In League Teammates), the 2 B's - Lev Bell & Aunt Brown - showed out ... She did scorch me for a pair of 1st-half TD's, though. OT. They ball first. 3-n-out. 10-1, now
  25. I just want you to know that, had you been NORTH of the Tyne, you could have found some gold bullion * * * https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/science/buried-treasure-amateur-metal-detectorists-find-over-500-coins-from-the-14th-century/vi-BBW4rhk
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