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  2. Thanks for the props. I'll be the first to admit though that I am by no means some wiz Tecmo editor. Everything I've learned about editing the game I've found on this site thanks to countless hours of work over the last 20+ years by numerous members who have reverse engineered the game. Honestly, the most difficult skill I bring to the table is being able to copy and paste. If you can fix whatever the issue is with not being able to edit games, you'd be able to adjust games to however you see fit. If you can copy and paste, you can pretty much come up with an edit like mine and others. Player grades are so subjective, everyone has their own way to come up with them. I try to edit the games using various factors to come up with the player ratings. But you are never going to find an edit that you'll agree with 100% since everyone is going to have a different outlook on who should get what. The 32-team TSB 3 project is the best hope that I know of and @DrunkenGamer has been working on this since 2015. That gives you an idea as to how much work it can be to get these done. But if you can find a way to edit games it'll open up a new world of possibilities for you.
  3. The ask is a pretty big project for anyone. You asked for 10 different versions in your original post: The amount of work and time that would take would be staggering, especially for people who do this as a hobby and still have to punch a clock for a 9-5 to keep a roof over their heads. My first question to you would be...what is stopping you from using a computer to download TSBTool and dabbling in editing versions to your liking? All the editors can be run on the most basic windows PCs and laptops. I can walk out of most retailers with a laptop for less than $300 that can run everything you'd need. And as you can see, we can use more people editing games since there are so many yet to be put together. As for why is TSB3 not represented well? The fanbase for the original is so much bigger than TSB3. Because of that you've had many more people over the years spend time reverse engineering the NES version to find out how to edit what. I know I won't ever dabble in editing TSB2 or TSB3 myself, they aren't my cup of tea. Lastly, you might not mean to come off wrong but take a step back and re-read your posts out loud to yourself. It reads as more of a demand that has to be met than an ask. That doesn't go over too well, especially with a crowd that knows how much work and time it would take to get those versions done. I'm just thankful that we have the versions we do have and am grateful for any others that get released.
  4. Here is part of the sim substitution logic. At these locations, I saw comparisons to team number, similar to how the game figures out formations. (see this thread) https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/1709-changing-formations/ At x238CF is 07 (Houston) At x238D2 is 0C (Sand Diego) At x238D6 is 0E (Washington) At x238DA is 11 (Phoenix) At x238DE is 14 (Detroit) At x238E2 is 1B (Falcons) These checks make sure the WRs substitute in 3-Wide/4 WR order, during skip only. Changing x23902 to 0B will make the WR in the RB2 position substitute correctly during skip mode!
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  6. Quote from Page 1 from the Author states the following "This is not a thread for questions about when the game will be done, when is the beta to be release, if I can give you a copy of the rom and so on. This is strictly for people to either check in on the progress of the project or who can help with coding. Once a beta is released, if you have questions about how we did something I will try to do a write up on it. I will include locations, screenshots and what tools were used."
  7. You can use this all time team version I am working on. The kickoffs have been adjusted to remove the easy onside kick, the Punt has a wedge, the FG is set up in a formation that eliminates easy blocks. Just copy paste the code over to your version. Should work fine. Legends of the Gridiron.nes
  8. Every rom I have tried to apply the punt formations to seems to get super glitchy, might be the other mods I ran with it, but the xplodz fg formation is awesome, seems to make the block rate more reasonable. Is there adjustments that can be made to keep the rom from crashing. Also I've tried tecmomonsters and the slid nose tackle and they make it impossible unless you have Bosa who seems to be in juice mode on every new rom I have tried.
  9. Honestly, not trying to offend no one. Especially not S.Blueman or any other creators on here. They have done a great job and I do not want anything I say to take away from the hard work and dedication the creators on here put into their work. So I apologize if anything I am saying upsets anyone. NOT MY INTENT AT ALL. JUST SAYING HOW I FEEL AS FAR AS WHAT IS ON MY MIND.
  10. What do you mean NeetoCheetoo? I am simply asking if it's done and if it is where can I download it?
  11. SBlueman, you are one of the best creators I have seen on this and other websites. I appreciate your work. I just wish someone could make versions like that for TSB3. You take this stuff very seriously and I like that. I have downloaded all your free versions of TSB I could find. The problem I have and this does not apply to you but to creators in general who do TSB hacks and change rosters and the power levels of each player on every roster is that it is subject to manipulation by the creator. They can decide to make certain teams they like better than others based on who they like and don't like, meaning that the results are mostly the same and the bad teams stay bad and the good teams stay good. No trades, no free agents to level out teams. Unfortunately, that kind of gets boring to see the Chiefs or 49ers, or Cowboys or Patriots every year be the best teams. Teams like the Jets, Colts, Browns just as an example stay bad. Not a fan of any of those teams but I do think TSB whether it has accurate rosters or not can be manipulated based solely on favorites or who is the current best teams in the NFL. I prefer changes, building a great team through trades and free agency. The best creators on here basically know who they are and yes S.Blueman. You definitely the best for what you do.
  12. Sorry NEETO CHEETO. Not trying to hurt your feelings but you have been disrespectful yourself, I am merely stating my thoughts.
  13. I think your the one being rude NEETOCHEETO. I am simply speaking my thoughts here. SBlueman and the other creators do a great job on here. I just prefer TSB3.
  14. Sorry Neeto Cheeto....didn't mean to hurt your feelings there guy. I am just being honest.
  15. Last week
  16. Would like help please? I just need to remove the push pull hack and don't know where the code is anymore.
  17. Yes…it seems pretty extreme for my taste but yes.
  18. Is this feature something that could be added to TSB NES?
  19. Weather has the same impact on player attributes as TSB 1. The table starts at 0x18bb7 in the rom. 0 = no change FF = -1 to all all attributes but ms/ps FE = -2 to all all attributes but ms/ps S= snow, R= rain TSB 3 S R 00 FE ; BUF FE FE FE FF FF FE FF FF FF FF FF FE FE FE FF FF FF FF FF FE FE FF FE FF FE FE FE FE FE FE FE FF FE FF FE FE FE FF 00 FF FE FE 00 FE FE FE FE 00 FE FE FE FF FE FF FE FF FE FF In SNOW buffalo gets no penalties. In rain they lose 2 notches to ALL attributes but max speed and passing speed. TB is the only team not to get a RAIN penalty. These are quite massive adjustments. It would be like one team having their whole team in good and the other having their whole team in bad before even factoring in the actual conditions.
  20. i am so so sorry but if i may humbly make a request to change the background on the standings and player edit screens thanks πŸ‘πŸ™
  21. The weather effects table for player attributes starts at 0x18804. It is team dependent. It appears everything but MAX speed and Passing speed is effected by it TABLE SNOW RAIN 0x00, 0xFE BUF 0xFE, 0xFE IND In SNOW buffalo gets no penalties. In rain they lose 2 notches to ALL attributes but max speed and passing speed. TB is the only team not to get a RAIN penalty. These are quite massive adjustments. It would be like one team having their whole team in good and the other having their whole team in bad before even factoring in the actual conditions.
  22. So got to digging into the code for this the other night. Some findings. This just if the players actually collide (not spin/ drag/ jump) 1. It appears there may be a bug because the game does the "is the opposing player the man controlled defender/opposing player or a computer controlled one" but then it jumps to the man vs man routine regardless of the outcome. 2. HP DOES factor heavily into the outcome. 3. The collision time in frames depends on the HP difference between the two players if its not a instant popcorn example: 0 notch hp difference = 40 frames minimum + Random (0-31) 1 notch hp difference = 35 frames minimum + Random (0-31) 2 notch hp difference = 25 frames minimum + Random (0-31) etc... Taps are used but its much less PLAYER1 value = (HP skill index+ random (0-7) + taps) PLAYER2 value = (HP skill index+ random (0-7) + taps) HP skill index 0 HP =0 HP skill index 6HP = 1 HP skill index 13HP = 2 etc... So the bigger the HP difference the less taps will matter since the collision time will be less. The com vs com collision routines
  23. Thanks for your time efforts and contributions to this project i wish you the best and hope you are well we are all so excited to what you have planned πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž πŸ‘
  24. this guy is absolutely ridiculous he is rude and keeps demanding something yet does not expect himself to do it but others magically will make it for free you would think the military would teach discipline and respect
  25. I do not care about beer or whiskey or any of that. I care about getting versions of TSB3 that are good and different. Everything else you say to me is meaningless.
  26. How close are you to completing this and where and when can I download this game your making.
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