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  2. Like DMX meets fuckin' Snuffleupagus?
  3. Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (BETA 1.6) *Rosters 8/20/19 - Jersey number corrections - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Patriots - WR, braxton BERRIOS, P, jake BAILEY Browns - G, eric KUSH Colts - RB, jordan WILKINS, *CB, rock YA.SIN Broncos - QB, kevin HOGAN, RB, devontae BOOKER Chiefs - S, daniel SORENSEN Chargers - WR, dontrelle INMAN, LB, uchenna NWOSU Redskins - S, montae NICHOLSON Cowboys - RB, tony POLLARD Bears - K, eddy PINEIRO Lions - DL, romeo OKWARA, CB, rashaan MELVIN, S, tracy WALKER Saints - *CB, p.j. WILLIAMS *Complete depth chart sweep with a good amount of jersey # corrections. Follow on Twitter for the latest news and updates : https://twitter.com/GojiPhen ENJOY!
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  5. Hey bro quick noob question. Is the push/pull grapple hack set command to complex for the 28 team original tsb nes rom. I have attempted several attempts and right when my preseason game starts it goes to an error. Any tips for me?


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  7. Here is the reverse where the home team is listed first WEEK 1 bears at packers panthers at rams eagles at redskins jets at bills vikings at falcons dolphins at ravens jaguars at chiefs browns at titans chargers at colts seahawks at bengals buccaneers at 49ers cowboys at giants cardinals at lions patriots at steelers saints at texans raiders at broncos WEEK 2 panthers at buccaneers ravens at cardinals redskins at cowboys titans at colts steelers at seahawks giants at bills bengals at 49ers lions at chargers packers at vikings texans at jaguars dolphins at patriots raiders at chiefs rams at saints broncos at bears falcons at eagles jets at browns WEEK 3 jaguars at titans bills at bengals eagles at lions patriots at jets vikings at raiders chiefs at ravens colts at falcons packers at broncos cowboys at dolphins buccaneers at giants cardinals at panthers 49ers at steelers seahawks at saints chargers at texans browns at rams redskins at bears WEEK 4 packers at eagles falcons at titans giants at redskins dolphins at chargers colts at raiders texans at panthers lions at chiefs ravens at browns bills at patriots rams at buccaneers cardinals at seahawks bears at vikings broncos at jaguars saints at cowboys steelers at bengals WEEK 5 seahawks at rams panthers at jaguars redskins at patriots titans at bills steelers at ravens bengals at cardinals texans at falcons saints at buccaneers giants at vikings raiders at bears eagles at jets chargers at broncos cowboys at packers chiefs at colts 49ers at browns WEEK 6 patriots at giants buccaneers at panthers dolphins at redskins vikings at eagles chiefs at texans jaguars at saints browns at seahawks ravens at bengals rams at 49ers cardinals at falcons jets at cowboys broncos at titans chargers at steelers packers at lions WEEK 7 broncos at chiefs bills at dolphins bengals at jaguars lions at vikings packers at raiders falcons at rams colts at texans redskins at 49ers giants at cardinals titans at chargers bears at saints seahawks at ravens cowboys at eagles jets at patriots WEEK 8 vikings at redskins falcons at seahawks titans at buccaneers saints at cardinals rams at bengals jaguars at jets bills at eagles bears at chargers lions at giants texans at raiders 49ers at panthers patriots at browns colts at broncos chiefs at packers steelers at dolphins WEEK 9 cardinals at 49ers jaguars at texans eagles at bears steelers at colts dolphins at jets chiefs at vikings panthers at titans bills at redskins seahawks at buccaneers raiders at lions chargers at packers broncos at browns ravens at patriots giants at cowboys WEEK 10 raiders at chargers bengals at ravens browns at bills packers at panthers saints at falcons bears at lions jets at giants titans at chiefs buccaneers at cardinals colts at dolphins steelers at rams cowboys at vikings 49ers at seahawks WEEK 11 browns at steelers panthers at falcons lions at cowboys colts at jaguars dolphins at bills ravens at texans vikings at broncos redskins at jets buccaneers at saints 49ers at cardinals raiders at bengals eagles at patriots rams at bears chargers at chiefs WEEK 12 texans at colts bills at broncos bears at giants bengals at steelers browns at dolphins falcons at buccaneers saints at panthers redskins at lions jets at raiders titans at jaguars patriots at cowboys 49ers at packers eagles at seahawks rams at ravens WEEK 13 lions at bears cowboys at bills falcons at saints colts at titans bengals at jets panthers at redskins ravens at 49ers jaguars at buccaneers giants at packers dolphins at eagles chiefs at raiders cardinals at rams steelers at browns broncos at chargers texans at patriots seahawks at vikings WEEK 14 bears at cowboys falcons at panthers buccaneers at colts jets at dolphins saints at 49ers vikings at lions texans at broncos bills at ravens browns at bengals packers at redskins jaguars at chargers cardinals at steelers raiders at titans patriots at chiefs rams at seahawks eagles at giants WEEK 15 ravens at jets panthers at seahawks redskins at eagles titans at texans steelers at bills giants at dolphins chiefs at broncos bengals at patriots lions at buccaneers packers at bears raiders at jaguars cardinals at browns 49ers at falcons cowboys at rams chargers at vikings saints at colts WEEK 16 broncos at lions chargers at raiders redskins at giants titans at saints jets at steelers patriots at bills 49ers at rams buccaneers at texans falcons at jaguars browns at ravens colts at panthers dolphins at bengals seahawks at cardinals eagles at cowboys bears at chiefs vikings at packers WEEK 17 ravens at steelers bills at jets buccaneers at falcons giants at eagles panthers at saints bengals at browns cowboys at redskins lions at packers texans at titans jaguars at colts chiefs at chargers vikings at bears patriots at dolphins broncos at raiders rams at cardinals seahawks at 49ers
  8. WEEK 1 packers at bears rams at panthers redskins at eagles bills at jets falcons at vikings ravens at dolphins chiefs at jaguars titans at browns colts at chargers bengals at seahawks 49ers at buccaneers giants at cowboys lions at cardinals steelers at patriots texans at saints broncos at raiders WEEK 2 buccaneers at panthers cardinals at ravens cowboys at redskins colts at titans seahawks at steelers bills at giants 49ers at bengals chargers at lions vikings at packers jaguars at texans patriots at dolphins chiefs at raiders saints at rams bears at broncos eagles at falcons browns at jets WEEK 3 titans at jaguars bengals at bills lions at eagles jets at patriots raiders at vikings ravens at chiefs falcons at colts broncos at packers dolphins at cowboys giants at buccaneers panthers at cardinals steelers at 49ers saints at seahawks texans at chargers rams at browns bears at redskins WEEK 4 eagles at packers titans at falcons redskins at giants chargers at dolphins raiders at colts panthers at texans chiefs at lions browns at ravens patriots at bills buccaneers at rams seahawks at cardinals vikings at bears jaguars at broncos cowboys at saints bengals at steelers WEEK 5 rams at seahawks jaguars at panthers patriots at redskins bills at titans ravens at steelers cardinals at bengals falcons at texans buccaneers at saints vikings at giants bears at raiders jets at eagles broncos at chargers packers at cowboys colts at chiefs browns at 49ers WEEK 6 giants at patriots panthers at buccaneers redskins at dolphins eagles at vikings texans at chiefs saints at jaguars seahawks at browns bengals at ravens 49ers at rams falcons at cardinals cowboys at jets titans at broncos steelers at chargers lions at packers WEEK 7 chiefs at broncos dolphins at bills jaguars at bengals vikings at lions raiders at packers rams at falcons texans at colts 49ers at redskins cardinals at giants chargers at titans saints at bears ravens at seahawks eagles at cowboys patriots at jets WEEK 8 redskins at vikings seahawks at falcons buccaneers at titans cardinals at saints bengals at rams jets at jaguars eagles at bills chargers at bears giants at lions raiders at texans panthers at 49ers browns at patriots broncos at colts packers at chiefs dolphins at steelers WEEK 9 49ers at cardinals texans at jaguars bears at eagles colts at steelers jets at dolphins vikings at chiefs titans at panthers redskins at bills buccaneers at seahawks lions at raiders packers at chargers browns at broncos patriots at ravens cowboys at giants WEEK 10 chargers at raiders ravens at bengals bills at browns panthers at packers falcons at saints lions at bears giants at jets chiefs at titans cardinals at buccaneers dolphins at colts rams at steelers vikings at cowboys seahawks at 49ers WEEK 11 steelers at browns falcons at panthers cowboys at lions jaguars at colts bills at dolphins texans at ravens broncos at vikings jets at redskins saints at buccaneers cardinals at 49ers bengals at raiders patriots at eagles bears at rams chiefs at chargers WEEK 12 colts at texans broncos at bills giants at bears steelers at bengals dolphins at browns buccaneers at falcons panthers at saints lions at redskins raiders at jets jaguars at titans cowboys at patriots packers at 49ers seahawks at eagles ravens at rams WEEK 13 bears at lions bills at cowboys saints at falcons titans at colts jets at bengals redskins at panthers 49ers at ravens buccaneers at jaguars packers at giants eagles at dolphins raiders at chiefs rams at cardinals browns at steelers chargers at broncos patriots at texans vikings at seahawks WEEK 14 cowboys at bears panthers at falcons colts at buccaneers dolphins at jets 49ers at saints lions at vikings broncos at texans ravens at bills bengals at browns redskins at packers chargers at jaguars steelers at cardinals titans at raiders chiefs at patriots seahawks at rams giants at eagles WEEK 15 jets at ravens seahawks at panthers eagles at redskins texans at titans bills at steelers dolphins at giants broncos at chiefs patriots at bengals buccaneers at lions bears at packers jaguars at raiders browns at cardinals falcons at 49ers rams at cowboys vikings at chargers colts at saints WEEK 16 lions at broncos raiders at chargers giants at redskins saints at titans steelers at jets bills at patriots rams at 49ers texans at buccaneers jaguars at falcons ravens at browns panthers at colts bengals at dolphins cardinals at seahawks cowboys at eagles chiefs at bears packers at vikings WEEK 17 steelers at ravens jets at bills falcons at buccaneers eagles at giants saints at panthers browns at bengals redskins at cowboys packers at lions titans at texans colts at jaguars chargers at chiefs bears at vikings dolphins at patriots raiders at broncos cardinals at rams 49ers at seahawks
  9. Just like back in the days where dodgeball was played to the death. Also, believe this link, since it was on the Internet. http://sportiseasy.blogspot.com/2008/05/history-of-dodgeball.html?m=1
  10. Hank, you can create memes with your smartphone. No need for a computer. I can teach you. This type of thinking isn't going to get you too far with the ladies. The days of the man going to smoke a cigar at the local pub while the baby is being born are long gone. We are out here playing WR, catching babies and stuff now these days.
  11. Hst hurricane hurricanewill the 32 team rom ever happen ?

  12. We did a draft where the new guys drafted first, and then players who played in tournaments before drafted. We ordered it based on tournament experience and results. Matty D got the last pick in both conferences (Colts and Packers). Yes, it is crazy that in the two drafting tournaments this year that the Packers have been Champs. It's a testament to how good those players are. Also, IMO, the Packers are the best out of the crap teams. I think of them as a lesser version of the Falcons (with the bonus of Bob Nelson).
  13. Interesting topic. I really enjoy watching the streams to see the best players face off. However talking to some of the top players out there, I get the impression that its just splitting hairs as to who are the best of the best. In terms of accomplishments it might be easier to rank players based on their finishes. I believe there is some massive player data base compiled from a bunch of the tournaments from around the US.
  14. I don't know exactly how it works in TSB3, but in temco super bowl the defenders maxium speed value references a different table. So a defender with a max speed of 50 is the same as an offensive player that had 150 top speed if that was possible. That is what he is referring to @Fernando 49 Not sure where those values are located in TSB3 @TeBowl_Time
  15. Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (BETA 1.5) *Rosters 8/17/19 - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Jets - LB, jordan JENKINS, K, taylor BERTOLET Raiders - P, a.j. COLE Eagles - QB, josh MCCOWN *Holding off on Patriots WR, josh GORDON for now. Taking a cautious approach as the Patriots are. Follow on Twitter for the latest news and updates : https://twitter.com/GojiPhen ENJOY!
  16. Bolt

    Poetry Hour

    Both True dreams Yesterday I dreamt I met Tom Brady He knew me by name I couldn't believe it (even in my dream)
  17. I'm going to be sharing some player models as I finally work this thing towards completion. With that in mind, here's 6'3", 255 pound Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu.
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