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  2. I edit the Better INT Hack from this: SET(0xBFC5,0xF720E100E00CE304E4DFFEFF) to this: SET(0xBFC5,0xF710E100E00CE303E4DFFEFF) to lessen the boost on turnover returns.
  3. ROM I'm working on...both MAN and COM are way too fast returning fumbles (whether the offense or defense recovers)...I assume that it shares a location with some other speed. Probably also need location of the defenders (team that doesn't have the ball - for both offense and defense) speed after the other team gets the fumble recovery. (because maybe the solution is to Boost this to better match fumble returners speed instead)
  4. yes you did miss something, what you are describing is not the problem that was solved. the name of the thread sheds light as to what was solved...TIE this modification specifically addresses "COM to punt when: 4th quarter, less than 2 minutes left, it's 4th down, the game is tied, and ball is located >= 50 yd line"
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  6. Thanks for the hard work on this! Is there a google sheet or anything that has all the players and their stats?
  7. Also, I'm using a retropie set up if that changes anything
  8. I know this is a few months/Years old now. But it seems when I download the all time greats file the names don't come over and I can't play a season. Anyone have any ideas why?
  9. View File Tecmo Super Bowl 1991 This is an updated version of the original released Tecmo Super Bowl for Sega with rosters from the 1991 - 1992 season. Submitter ShowMeYourTDs Submitted 11/28/2022 Category Genesis  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This is an updated version of the original released Tecmo Super Bowl for Sega with rosters from the 1991 - 1992 season.
  11. There is a zip file at tecmosb.com with over 300 roms in it. There are some games for 2000-2019 in there. That site has a bunch of good stuff to check out: http://tecmosb.com/
  12. This thread by @bruddogis the rabbit hole you are looking to fall into: Here are some quick links for your specific questions: TSB ROM Hex Location Index Various ROM Hex Locations TSB Team Pointer Info If spreadsheets are your thing, this thread is a must read: I also posted up a cheat sheet of various set commands you can try out with TSB Tool:
  13. The official TB-org ROMs start at 2012, is that right? Does anyone have links or downloads to share of OG Tecmo Super Bowl style ratings for all NFL seasons from 2000-2012? I'm on the hunt for historical rosters and TSB player stats during this time period.
  14. Thank you, SBlueman! I really appreciate you taking the time to write this out. I'm glad to know that most of the tools have stayed the same. Is there a Tecmo Bible of HEX locations laying around, by any chance?
  15. What's New in Version 3.1 See changelog Released Just now Updated playbooks for Dolphins, Chiefs, Commanders & Cowboys Updated offensive depth charts for Giants, Cowboys Updated defensive depth charts for Cowboys, Chargers & 49ers Updated team and player sim codes Updated some player ratings
  16. Happy to hear you have the itch again! Here are some of the editors I have been using: 1. General Team Stats editing - I use TSB Tool for the team names, abbreviations, playbooks, team and player sim codes, Pro Bowl rosters, season schedule and setting return men. I use a spreadsheet to edit the rosters, save to a .csv file, clean it up in a text file and then paste the rosters into TSB Tool. 2. Small & Large Helmet Editing & 4. General Graphics Editing - There is no editor that works with the mini and large helmets specifically that works. The best editors seem to be YY-CHR and Tile Layer Pro. 3. Schedule Editing - As of now I edit it using TSB Tool. For custom schedules like the NCAA release I used the schedule maker over at FootballGuys.com It's a bit limited though (can't make a 17 week season for a 32 team 8 division schedule, they cap it at 2 divisions for 32 teams). These are the essentials I use when editing: TSBTool TSB Playbook Editor Beta03 Lunar IPS Translhextion TSB Play Editor YY-CHR Tecmo Endzone Editor Tecmo Hack Setter
  17. Tangible feedback, thank you @bruddog! I am working on a update to the update and am putting on the finishing touches to it. I was going to scale him back to 63 but you feel 56 is more appropriate? Would you up any of his other stas at all? Maybe REC to 56? Also, any other feedback on the edit itself, especially in regards to the feel of the play and the new plays?
  18. Heyo! Been a while! So, I haven't edited a TSB ROM in about a decade. More? Less? Who knows. I don't know if there has been evolution in the tools used, so I wanted to ask the VERY LAZY question if someone could point me to the best tools, or provide documents with locations for some specific editing needs: 1.) General Team Stats editing (TSB Tool Supreme, I assume) 2.) Small & Large Helmet Editing 3.) Schedule Editing 4.) General Graphics Editing (various screen editors, or HEX info) My plan is to use a cleaned up, relatively basic 32-team ROM. Maybe I'll add some hacks, maybe I won't. The initial emphasis will be on editing team stats and graphics for a 32-team ROM. I’m trying to keep it to more of a short-hand project than a full overhaul ala something like Tecmo Super Coach. Let’s assume I don’t remember a single thing about any of this stuff, which is only partly true. Opinions? Advice? Lemme have it!
  19. Ive yet to play one. Only Tecmo I remember that had one was the og version III
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  21. Can't get behind 69ms for mcaffery. Especially after two years of injuries He is an average to above average runner who can really catch the ball. I'd probably have him at like 56ms
  22. I will be releasing another update tomorrow to Tecmo Super Bowl 2022. I went back and edited the sim code some more as well as some changes to some playbooks and depth charts. This should be the last update before the year end Final Edition due before the Super Bowl.
  23. I found an article here: https://tcrf.net/Tecmo_Super_Bowl_(SNES) and decided to play around with it. If you change the value at computer hex location 00:816A to E0, and hit L and R at the same time on the menu screen you will get a big debugging menu. Pretty cool, not really functional, but pretty cool.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Sensible Soccer - International Edition (Europe) (En,Fr,De,It).md
  25. What's New in Version 3.0 See changelog Released Just now Midseason Update includes: Updated rosters & depth charts Updated sim code Updated playbooks & new plays
  26. View File TECMO SUPER BOWL 2022-23 MIDSEASON This ROM is a 28 team based ROM and does not include the following teams: Detroit, Atlanta, Houston and Jacksonville Midseason data update includes: • new trades, signings as of 11/21/22 • new playbooks to match style of offense you see on Sundays • player and team defense sim data adjusted to correctly represent the 2022-23 midseason results New graphics!! • War6's fresh and up to date sprites are a complete 100% match of the players shown in the cut scenes! Edited multiple times for smoother motions while running, throwing vertically/backwards, signal calling and tackling. • Uniforms edited to the exact match of this year's teams. • 16 newly reworked end zones to match the exact font and color of the 28 teams • 12 newly reworked team logos • "annoying static" background during team intros eliminated for black background that makes the logos pop! • TD "flash" eliminated for a solid team logo during touchdown celebrations. • all new mini helmets, matching the exact specifications of the NFL and NFLPA • War6's new 2-tone turf allows for better interaction with the updated sprites • all new weather end zone intro screens to match on field colors • all 28 teams touchdown dive/or safety end zone cut scenes to match on field colors Thanks: War6 - you know what you did Programs used: HxD, Tile Layer Pro, TSBToolSupreme, Retron5IPSCreatorv2, War6's TSB SNES Hex Guide, STUE (thank you JG GAMES) Submitter RAYOUNG269 Submitted 11/22/2022 Category SNES  
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