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  4. The above name is a fake example, I just needed something as an example to illustrate the problem. I have several teams in my fantasy Tecmo league that would benefit from the name extension, along with other customer rom creators. The work arounds you suggested are basically what we do currently, but I'll continue to play with the code if I find anything. I'm sure somewhere in the rom it checks the name or text length in some way so I'm sure its possible. Anything I find Ill post here, though I'm prepping for TFO Season X (Kicks off Feb 2022) so might be a summer project instead. Check out TFO Season X: https://tfofootball.weebly.com (cheap plug)
  5. Do you you have any updated tsb3?

  6. Just use "Buffalo". It's plural that way also. Sounds better too. Buddies is the correct version. "Mega Buffalo Buddies" 20 characters. "Grand/Great Buffalo Buds" Just spitballing my friend. Quick idea.
  7. Hello all you Tecmo Freaks! I'm trying to increase the size of a team's name in TSB. I know the last name has to be 10 characters max due to alot of screen limits (like the score screen). But.. the team's first name can go up to 13 characters and doesnt seem to be an issue, unless the team's full name goes over 20 (counting the space between both team names). If this wasnt the case I could use 13 for the first name, a space, and 10 for the last name (24 total). There are only 2 screens that I have found that mess up when the total team name is over 20: The Team Data screen and the Return from Injury Screen. To me if I can get these 2 screens to accept the longer name I think that solves my issue as all other screens I've tested do no have any issue. I figured since the name displays properly in other areas it would be as easy as moving some text boxes around on these screens. Like for the Team Data screen I moved the Conference Name so it is below the team name, leaving more space for larger team names: 0x01e973 (Moves Team Name in Team Data screen) [Make 46 for middle] 0x01e977 (Moves Conference Name in Team Data screen) [Make 6C to move under team name] 0x01e97b (Moves Division Name in Team Data screen) [Make 70 to move under team name] So here is an example how it looks. The teams first name is 14 characters (GREAT BUFFALOS) and the last name is 5 characters (BILLS) for a total of 20 characters. And with how this looks we should be able to easily get 24 characters on that top line. However even with these moves if the name is over 20 characters the name glitches and doesn't have the name appear in the proper area, as if it is having to shift the name. So here is an example of me trying to use "GREAT BUFFALOS BUDDYS" as a name, that is 21 characters and it shifts the team name down in a weird way. Any advise would be awesome. I have to assume its how it holds the name before these screens get the information, or some kind of check that notices the name is over 20 characters. But any advise would be awesome.
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  9. Players added : Bills - T, spencer BROWN Dolphins - *S, eric ROWE, S, brandon JONES Patriots - RB, r. STEVENSON, G, ted KARRAS Browns - RB, dernest JOHNSON Ravens - TE, eric TOMLINSON Steelers - DL, chris WORMLEY Colts - QB, sam EHLINGER, TE, kylen GRANSON, K, m. BADGLEY Texans - S, eric MURRAY Jaguars - WR, laquon TREADWELL Titans - RB, adrian PETERSON, *CB, elijah MOLDEN Broncos - *LB, malik REED Raiders - WR, desean JACKSON Chargers - *TE, s. ANDERSON Washington Team - K, joey SLYE Eagles - RB, jordan HOWARD, LB, t.j. EDWARDS, LB, davion TAYLOR Cowboys - S, jayron KEARSE Lions - WR, trinity BENSON, TE, brock WRIGHT, T, taylor DECKER Vikings - QB, sean MANNION, T, c. DARRISAW Saints - QB, trevor SIEMIAN Panthers - QB, cam NEWTON, RB, ameer ABDULLAH, CB, a.j. BOUYE 49ers - RB, jamycal HASTY Rams - WR, odell BECKHAM, LB, von MILLER Seahawks - C, e. POCIC
  10. Has anyone considered developing a Tecmo greats. Creating teams with all their greatest players to play in seasons. If possible please hack that shit!
  11. @graylikethecolor - I'm looking into adding 32-team support. Can you remind me which emulator you were using to create the .sta file?
  12. still, you answered a question! i haven't touched tecmo in so long, moved over to legend bowl. BUT thank you for responding!!!
  13. @graylikethecolor- Just for troubleshooting help, can you let me know which emulator you are using? Edit: I actually just realized that the ROM is a 32-team ROM. And, at this point, the tool doesn't support parsing Season-level data for the 32-team ROM. And, I forgot I never wrapped up that portion of the tool. So, if I get motivated over Thanksgiving, I'll try to knock it out. So, unfortunately, there's not a good answer since it doesn't work
  14. Yeah, for whatever reason the Genesis version does that. I don't have the technical knowhow to fix it via hex editors lol
  15. i am unable to successfully open the files to get onto Tecmo

  16. My fault. Its retrohoops.net you will find updated tecmo NBA. Nba live. Double dribble there.
  17. FYI, in case you're unaware, the NFC Team Selection is bugged/glitched. I need to choose Arizona in order to be controlling Philadelphia. Not a big deal, as I can do just that. Just letting you know in case you didn't notice it.
  18. not there lol it goes to a GoDaddy page.
  19. I love that your avatar is of the Tebow Time art I made from several years ago.
  20. It's been 2 years since I asked this...anyone ever make it?
  21. Hey...so...I haven't been on here in a while. I'll try to take a look at this later this week.
  22. View File madden 05 sega genisis MADDEN 05 .bin Submitter red33 eddy Submitted 11/03/2021 Category Genesis  
  23. Version 1.0.0


    MADDEN 05 .bin
  24. Is there a ram map for Live 98? I'd like to try my hand at hacking/editing. EDIT: "Is there a tool/utility" is what I meant to say.
  25. Players added : Patriots - WR, nkeal HARRY Ravens - RB, leveon BELL, G, ben POWERS, LB, josh BYNES Texans - WR, chris MOORE, CB, tavierre THOMAS Titans - WR, josh REYNOLDS Chargers - WR, andre ROBERTS, K, dustin HOPKINS Eagles - QB, gardner MINSHEW Bears - *CB, duke SHELLEY Packers - G, jon RUNYAN, T, elgton JENKINS, DL, kingsley KEKE Buccaneers - TE. o.j. HOWARD Saints - RB, mark INGRAM, WR, trequan SMITH, DL, david ONYEMATA, K, brian JOHNSON Falcons - P, d. COLQUITT Rams - DL, ashawn ROBINSON, LB, terrell LEWIS Download this file
  26. yeah, sounds like a huge obstacle. I wonder why he placed the pro bowl teams in between the other teams?
  27. hopefully when this rom gets worked on more to make it more playable that we can get the 96 season rom also with the ravens.
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