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  1. GET FUCKIN READY!!!!!!!! IT IS ~1974~..... millionaire twenty-eight year-old Donald Jj. Trump has arrived back in America, fresh off a 90-day retreat with the famous Indian guru, Pavel Lewis...... a vison quest stirs him to start a brand new football league.......... for country, for guru, for weirdness: THE UNITED STATES FOOTBALL LEAGUE------
  2. I've made an ~unofficial~ logo if anybody wants to use it in their sigs... says "SEASON 1" under it in white, you just can't see that here, cuz transparency...
  3. NE DL Goad / LB Singleton / DB McSwain if those guys aren't available, just gimme the best set of Jets avail...... mahalo
  4. TPC TSB Tap Meter ROM with JUICE MAXED, as in the COM plays like your team is 16-0, except for every game regardless of your record...... some like it HOT!
  5. das boltz select... Tha Penultimate Weapon.... Johnny Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. jah jah jah das boltz takin'... NYG dl Erik the red Howard / lb Gary critique of pure Reasons / db Mark tom Collins
  7. select Oberleutnant Dave Meggett
  8. das boltz select... WT Ace Ventura
  9. haha, "battles"---- I never beat ya, larry, and it was never close----hell, i can probably count the mistakes you've made in all the tecmo games I've seen you play on one hand..... anyway, embarrasing fact about me: I bought a PS a few years ago, and since then I've bought the Show the last two years running, and have played a total of ZERO games.... I think I took batting practice ONCE, so basically I've pissed ~$100 down the drain and not gonna succumb to my spring fever in that way again, I've promised myself.... but the DESIRE to play a great baseball game is there, no doubt, and if I ever find myself actually going down the path of actually playing the Show, I will look you up no doubt, brother------
  10. sounds interesting, larry legend, but alas I just don't have the time right now to partake...... really I'm just here to say: YR STILL THE GOAT TECMO PLAYER!!!!! best I've ever played, at least---
  11. sorry forgot to do this yesterday... Group Havoc vs. vgifted I won toss I called NE/IND he chose IND I won 17-14... some stuff happened... vgg vgifted, and glrw man! Epic Video Recap:
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