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  1. What role will prestige and money play in this league, if any?
  2. okay... I'll e-mail you my team, the CFT Dgeneratez, when I'm done.
  3. is this what you seek? BStarsROMTool.exe
  4. well @~Tailback King~... you might actually get a rushing title this season, cuz I took a QB with my first pick ($57)...... then again, maybe not, cuz the CHEEFS select..... QB Cheefz
  5. i am ready... i have studied the north dakota laws and put my lawyer on retainer... i watched every season of Fargo to get a sense for the people and the wildlife... i have hunted, trapped, skinned, and tanned several animals over the past year to create the gear i need to survive the winter, if necessary... i have stared into the eyes of a rabid raccoon for an uncomfortably long time... in short, i remain 1000% battle-ready for this event, and resolutely await the day a carrier pigeon flies thru my window with the gps coordinates.
  6. INCREDIBLE news on this front! The Everdrive N8 Pro can now be linked while in a console to a computer via USB cable, so that files (ROMs, states, etc.) can be sent back and forth between the two. This streamlines to a HIGH degree what used to be a laborious and TIME-consuming process of manually taking out the SD cards to transfer the files, etc.... which frustratingly caused lots of errors, and man alive did I mention it was TIME-consuming? Big THANKS to @bruddog for making this possible with time spent helping tech-illiterates such as myself thru the process, also especially for the state converter posted in this thread...... and may the tecmo gods forever shine on @kamphuna8... this is FINALLY a vision come true for me, but it was a vision I had frankly given up on because of the endless frustration with the SD cards in the old N8's, etc.... but KAMP THE GRINDER never gave up, no sir, and upon THAT ROCK we build the city of CFT!... happiest of all for him, man, cant wait to see him push those CPU buttons at the next CFT season and see his face light up as he realizes how much MOAR FUN he's about to have by dropping all that goddamn SD card MANUAL LABOR shizness----- WOOOOOO!!! PS---KRIKZZ FOR KING!
  7. haha, "battles"---- I never beat ya, larry, and it was never close----hell, i can probably count the mistakes you've made in all the tecmo games I've seen you play on one hand..... anyway, embarrasing fact about me: I bought a PS a few years ago, and since then I've bought the Show the last two years running, and have played a total of ZERO games.... I think I took batting practice ONCE, so basically I've pissed ~$100 down the drain and not gonna succumb to my spring fever in that way again, I've promised myself.... but the DESIRE to play a great baseball game is there, no doubt, and if I ever find myself actually going down the path of actually playing the Show, I will look you up no doubt, brother------
  8. sounds interesting, larry legend, but alas I just don't have the time right now to partake...... really I'm just here to say: YR STILL THE GOAT TECMO PLAYER!!!!! best I've ever played, at least---
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