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  1. This tournament was a lot of fun and very well run. It was great meeting all of you who I’ve only seen on tourney streams. It was awesome when Tim Kitzrow announced the raffles, I went all in on that josh cribbs signed cart but no dice. Cool twist on the season sim too, I picked the Giants so I thought I had a chance, but the Giants got waxed by Morts’ Vikings in the wild card round followed by Morts Viking horn victory chant. (Wild card Broncos went all the way to SB) Congrats to the Shield on the big win!
  2. What’s up everyone? Been awhile. Here is the best of 3 finals for this years Jersey Cup between Erik M @arncoem and Anthony M. As Cheech said in Ghostbusters II, “Better late than never.”
  3. Champion engraving. Congratulations @arncoem!!!
  4. @Nameless Loser Sorry for being so cavalier about it I thought it was one of mine! Hope it still works ok
  5. One more time thanks to everyone who came out, some guys from pretty long distances. I hope we made it worth the trip. Thanks to all that tuned into the stream, and those that shared the tournament on social media, I appreciate it. To the Northeast roadie crew - Brian, Erik, Pat B, and Leif (rocking some amazing TB Bucs pants) thanks for all the help and grunt work getting this thing set up. Ray, what can I say, you're the man. Just finished watching the stream and it was great as usual. Brian R's 49ers won the season sim lotto. The "Hold on to Your Butts" winners were Stu C with 432 yards gained with Marion Butts and Erik M (arncoem) holding him to just 3 yards. Big props to Anthony M on an amazing run. Beating Northeast heavyweights Matt D, last years champ Brian R, and Kevin S (tadaos) on his way to the final. Erik, congrats champ. You played great all day and deserved it. Between you and Brian, you guys have given me a lot of insight and wisdom on what it takes to run a tournament. We ran a little long this year. Going back to the drawing board to see how I can streamline the day a bit further. Hope to see you all back next year, lets keep this thing going!
  6. Thanks again to everyone who came out yesterday! Congrats again to Erik and Anthony M on an amazing run. 1st place - Erik Merliss (arncoem) 2nd place - Anthony M 3rd place - David H (ranatoro)
  7. Your 2019 Jersey Cup champion, Erik Merliss (arncoem)!
  8. @apollo1980 Sorry your trip took so long! Glad you made it. There will be open TVs during registration hour (11am-12pm) I’m sure you can get a few practice games in!
  9. @stuball44 We had a flurry of last minute sign ups, we are at 47 right now. Can’t wait!
  10. For those attending Saturday We will be downstairs in the “Private Party Room” 11am-12pm Registration - $25 due at door. Maggie will get you hooked up with your lanyard, shirt, raffle tickets, and team lotto card. Feel free to get some warm up games on any open TVs. 12pm I’ll give my little spiel and we will be picking groups for pool play (CT Tecmo style). Don’t forget about the “Hold on to your Butts” challenge. Most rushing yards with Marion Butts gets a cool $35. Whoever holds him to the least amount of yards also nets $35. Challenge is for pool play only and not mandatory. Take picture of blue screen or if I’m close just show me the blue screen. After pool play we will be raffling off all the door prizes and running our “Season Sim Lotto” (Tundra Bowl style). Make playoffs $5, playoff win $5, championship game win $10, Super Bowl win $20. After everyone is seeded according to their pool play results we will start single elim bracket, except for the finals which will be best 2 out of 3. Top 3 get cash prizes with the winner also getting to hoist the Jersey Cup! Looking forward to seeing everyone there. It’s going to be a lot of fun!
  11. Nice! You’re like the Tecmo Steve Sabol. Looking forward to the commentary, there were some classic one-liners last year.
  12. Thought I’d share a few memes from the Jersey Cup FB page. We are three days away!
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