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  1. Big thanks to Brian for another awesome tournament. Congratulations to @Ranatoro on an amazing run. He won a game on a safety glitch on the last play of a tie game when his opponent was going for the AC JJ. Rode the wave all the way to the championship. I, like many others couldn’t believe the SF-BUF championship game call. Especially after he gave up an onside kick return td to open the game. Mort commented “You gotta have some big balls to call SF-BUF!” Haha But he battled back and played a great game. Nice catching up with some NE regulars and seeing some new faces too. Looking forward to CT Tecmo X!
  2. @angryjay93 Saw you on Violent Gentlemen FB post today. Awesome man I love that company. Have fun at the tournament.
  3. Have you registered yet? CLOCKS TICKING... https://northeasttecmo.com/register-nyc-2018/
  4. Deviled Greg

    Garden City, NY - 08/11/18 - LI Retro Tecmo Tourney

    Ask and ye shall receive
  5. Deviled Greg

    Garden City, NY - 08/11/18 - LI Retro Tecmo Tourney

    Whenever someone makes a championship run, there always are a few memorable plays along the way that really stick out. For me there were 4 for Brian: 4) Haddix jump pick in the end zone in Championship Game #2 - That was a game changer as he could have went down two scores I believe 3) Goal line stop at the 1 pixel line - SD defense stands tall, when Brian got the ball back on downs it was actually on the goal line 2) Strom to Calloway JJ - One of the best games of the tourney, Brian and Matt D were 0-0 going into OT in a DAL-PIT matchup. 57 yard bomb to win it. 1) Tolliver Scoop N' Score - Billy Joe picks up the fumble, runs diagonally across the field, seemingly in slow motion (slower than his 13 ms, maybe he was in bad), wins the tap battle and saunters into the end zone. Great tournament and congrats to Brian on another 2018 win!
  6. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Games are now up on YouTube. Thanks again to Ray for doing an amazing job with the stream! Pool Play - Ray B. vs Matt D. Elimination Game - Jim T. vs turBo Elimination Game - (Shootout at the NJ Corral) Matt D. vs turBo Final 4 games and Championship
  7. Oklahoma and turBo are the same guy haha
  8. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Congratulations again to Brian Rausse on being the first winner and name engraved on the Jersey Cup!
  9. Deviled Greg

    Oaks, PA - 6/23/2018 - Tecmo Philly

    In. Wanted to meet the Angry Video Game nerd but it looks like he’s only there Sunday.
  10. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Thanks again to everyone who came out! See you next year!
  11. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Shirt for this years tournament. Forgot to post for those who didn’t attend.
  12. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Ray will be putting them up on YouTube at some point.
  13. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    I'm not exactly a wordsmith but I thought I'd give it a try. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who made it out Saturday. I couldn't ask for a better showing to a first time tournament. Erik, thanks for taking me under your wing and helping this thing run smoothly. With 9 tournaments under your belt yourself, I definitely appreciated all the advice and tips. Not to mention all the equipment, set-up, break down. Hope you were able to enjoy yourself. In the eleventh hour, Ray really came through and did an amazing job with the stream. Top notch. I was able to go back and watch and its phenomenal. Had me cracking up with some of the commentary. Also thanks to everyone else who brought equipment, or helped set-up/break down, anyone who shared a post, etc The day itself started out like the previous 3 days in NJ, a lot of rain. Thankfully it was not too heavy and didn't make unloading the equipment too troublesome. Pool Play went smooth and my initial nervousness about running a tournament for the first time was just subsiding when the power cut out on the whole street! Think Ravens-49ers super bowl. My heart dropped and I immediately thought this tournament was doomed.Thankfully it was right after the first batch of bracket games so we didn't need to replay games once it came back on 20 minutes later. I had a nice win in the Sweet 16 with a last second Butler 50+ FG, tied at 10 with DT bearing down on me for the block. Lost in the Elite Eight to Barletti, 0-3 against him now, just can't seem to beat that guy haha But the man of the hour was Brian. He lost his first Pool Play game to Eddie Z pretty handily, and then did not lose again. Ripped off 7 W's in a row. Had to beat Erik, Barletti, and finally Shawn all in a row to win the Cup. I definitely enjoyed going back and watching those last two games. They were great, tight contests. Its funny the last time there was a tournament in NJ it was the same final with Shawn coming out on top. Couldn't be happier for Brian, the first tournament I ever attended was one of his in 2012 and he was very welcoming and introduced me to this awesome Tecmo community. Its so much more than just the game. Happy I can be a part of it. Oh and did I mention he also won the grand prize in the raffle, the Joe Montana signed poster? Yeah he had a pretty good day! Congrats champ. Your name will be the first to be engraved on the Jersey Cup! Thank you guys for all the compliments, the main thing I want is for all of you to have a great time. Hopefully we can just keep making it better every year. Got some cool ideas for next years tournament brewing already. Hope I see some of you at the other Northeast tournaments this year.
  14. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Congratulations to the first ever champion of the Jersey Cup, Brian Rausse!
  15. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Gl to you and everyone at Tupa Bowl! Hope you guys have a great tournament and gl defending your crown lol