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  1. Just a reminder, even if you replied in this thread or let me know in person I still need everyone to fill out a registration form. Only takes a minute! Register here!
  2. "Hold on to Your Butts" Challenge During pool play, player with the most rushing yards with Marion Butts gets $35. Player who holds Butts to least amount of yards also gets $35. Call me over to confirm yardage or take (clear) picture of blue screen. Remember this is not mandatory, you do not have to call any SD matchups if you don't wish to.
  3. This years Jersey Cup shirt. Every participant will receive one. We spared no expense. Register here!
  4. In conjunction with yesterday’s announcement, here is the next door prize for this years Jersey Cup. An autographed Andre Reed jersey!
  5. He sent over a case of his Over the middle “all purpose” sauce. Debating whether to keep it for myself or use it for a door prize.
  6. Jersey Cup announcement from a special guest... wm-5c96ff26465fea014946926d.mp4
  7. Huge, dare I say Jurassic, Jersey Cup announcement coming this week...
  8. Make an offering to Bo the mystifying Boracle with the next Jersey Cup door prize, an official Bouija board game! (game board artwork courtesy of @segathonsov)
  9. Happy St. Patty's day everyone. Feeling lucky? The next door prize we have for this years Jersey Cup is a "Godfather" inspired Rod Woodson autographed framed print! (pardon the reflection of the ceiling fan)
  10. Thanks @stuball44. Glad you guys can make it out again!
  11. Time to start unveiling some of the great raffle prizes we have lined up for this years tournament. Lets start this off with a bang with...an autographed Tecmo print of LAWRENCE TAYLOR!!!
  12. Can’t believe I was off by 35 points and still won. Definitely “Price is Righted” this one.
  13. Thanks! And good eye I was wondering if anyone would spot that!
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