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  1. Definitely. Anytime Tecmo NBA Basketball is played I'm interested!
  2. Went up to Green Bay on Friday night to play Tecmo Bowl with 3 legends of the game and wasn't disappointed! Had a great showing against @tecmo_mad_brad and Nate. They beat me as expected but I made both games extremely close. Finished 4th in the tournament so that was great. Saturday started off great. Finished as the #1 seed after round robin losing only to @TimPapi because I didn't get out of bounds and the clock ran out before I could attempt a game tying field goal. Went into bracket play and defeated Hank with a team I've only been a handful of time (the oilers) and moved forward until I got to @joeygats. A couple turnovers cost me that game but it's ok. It was really a wonderful time overall and I can't wait until next year. Troy throws some incredible tournaments with great prizes! I promise you all the events he does are great and are a NEED in your tecmo life!
  3. This was my 1st year at Iowa Tecmo and I wasn't disappointed. Overall the setup and space we had was great. The Calcutta was awesome as I went in as the #2 seed and got people betting on me to win the tournament. Crazy. Unfortunately I got food poisoning on the way down and was far from 100% on the day so I couldn't enjoy myself like I normally would have. Basically spent all day drinking juices and pepto lol. I feel bad that Tim H. left the tournament after I held him to 0 yards but it is what it is. My only losses on the day were to Noonan and Joey Gats so not too bad. @noonan the tournament was great and I'm glad you beat me. You really taught me something in that game. Everyone who I hung out with I am so happy to have seen you. @SammieSmith33 when my headache was at its worst when I walked into the tourney in the morning and you were just absolutely yelling (like you always do) because Minnesota was deflecting a pass or something. That was my most favorite and least favorite moment lol. If it wasn't you I would've been pissed. But I know that's just you being you so I appreciated it haha. I have all intention of seeing you guys next year and I promise I'll do better then. I'm coming for that title next year @randywags25
  4. God damnit. Now I have to learn the characters moves and start playing Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition? You do realize I cannot become The King of Games like this.
  5. I will be coming with Mort, Gats, and Henry Brown. Definitely looking forward to it. And Hank it looks more like you made a power rankings other than Henry rather than a prediction. I don't know if Henry can beat Gats in the finals. Might need Mort to knock him out for Henry to get the W.
  6. Well apparently the cat is out of the bag. Your 2nd Illinois resident will be attending Iowa Tecmo. Just signed up and officially will be there. Looking forward to hanging out with you all and playing some games!
  7. I'm so excited for this. Tecmo Bowl for me isn't on the level as Tecmo Super Bowl but I enjoy playing it a great deal. Been hoping to play in Omaha for a few years but unfortunately have had some bad timing/luck in making it happen. Really excited to see the best of the best in this game!
  8. Yes! I either want Tecmo Baseball since I haven't played that since I was in 3rd grade (and I loved it then). Or I want Tecmo NBA Basketball because that's the next big tournament scene!
  9. Love the memes hank, keep them coming. If you need more Illinois names I can help.
  10. It was really great hanging out with you guys and meeting so many people who I only knew by name still. Rico got Primetime and myself (DPS) home safe. Always nice to beat the eventual champ of the tournament. Basically the same as winning...right?
  11. Happy to be referred to as Kurt Angle in all this. Not sure if I’m up to the Olympic Gold Medalists standards but I’ll certainly put in some effort. In my opinion it’s a strong possibility that Kurt Angle was the best to ever lace them up.
  12. I'm excited for the RBI Baseball tournament. I've never played anyone outside the Dmen Tap Tecmo League crew so I'm looking forward to this. Oh and Tecmo too. But What are the RBI Baseball rules and regulations I need to know for the tournament?
  13. Only a few days away from The Tecmo Players Championship II! As of Monday Flo said he was coming as well and we sit at 20 players that I know of. I went into last year knowing I wasn't ready for this heavy of competition yet. I beat Hank, Flo and TecmoBo last year to end up 3-10. Tecmo Gods willing I plan on doing much better this year. If you're on the fence this is the most guaranteed Tecmo games (11) that I've ever heard of at a tournament. We're having a meetup at Dmen Tap the night before and will be having our Dmen Tap Tecmo League Super Bowl with RSG (Tom Jets) vs Pig (Todd Daniels Wash). After that or possibly during we'll be having tons of warmup games and however many shots of malort you want to do with me. I am so excited to see you all again and cannot wait for this. Love you all, see you all soon. DPS
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