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  1. Great tournament run by Troy. The value was unbelievable really. For $20 - $30 entry you got entered into a free raffle with some great prizes (I won the signed Andre Reed jersey and $35 gift certificate to the bar), got a free drink, and there was free pizza coming out for hours during the tournament. Top 2 players took home some good cash prizes as well. The guys that came were all laid back and fun to hang out with. Troy set up and tore down the whole tournament himself, set up the stream, and sat out playing to commentate all day and enter all the scores on challonge. We were done with the whole tournament in less than 7 hours and everyone got at least 7 games in. Truly an impressive effort. Also, the bartenders and patrons of the bar were extremely friendly which made for an excellent time in-between games. If you haven't been to a GBLAN Tournament yet, then I don't know what you are waiting for. Troy's a one man show. Oh yeah he sang the national anthem too.
  2. Address has changed for the website for the time being: https://retrosportsgamertom.wixsite.com/retrosportsgaming
  3. Records for the tournament are up. Thanks to @hankthetank for making sure we recorded the playoff scores. https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-super-bowl-hardcore-champions-1
  4. Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship 2: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-super-bowl-hardcore-champions-1 Overall Standings 2019: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-stats-2019
  5. Good stuff. 19 MS QB's are certainly in range for some Nose Tackles, but you have to perform the dive correctly to have a shot at it. Also, if you are interested in an entire video on the subject, Mort went over this a few months back. I think the general consensus from running a few of these tournaments now, is that the risk is usually not worth the reward. The exception to that is if your opponent has a poorly disguised playbook by formation.
  6. I just messaged a few questionable players. We'll see what they say.
  7. Is anyone planning on coming and paying cash that I did not put on this registration list? These are all the players that registered online. Registered Players: -Tom Stahnke -Phil (DMen Tap) -Flo -Hank the Tank -Pistol Pete -Levi (Nelson 79) -Leif Powers -Mort -Joseph (Green Majik) -DPS -Carter F. -Todd D. (immortal / pig) -Basillios -Ed Pevos -Nick T. -Troy E. -Slapshot Sean -Robert J. -Adam M. -Troy GBLAN -Kevin P
  8. In depth look at the tier list and playbook for the tournament. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvK5QyUP_PA
  9. For those of you who haven't signed up yet, you can definitely pay cash the day of the tournament to register. There will be plenty of room for you. Hope to see some random appearances.
  10. If you want the included T-Shirt included in the entry fee then register by Sept. 3rd. There is still some room for you. You can register here: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/tecmo-super-bowl-hardcore-2
  11. Here are the NES sports games up for grabs for the top 20 players after group play:
  12. That's all you got on Flo? How about he was the only player to lose to Brian in the DMen Tap Tecmo League.
  13. Hank, you can create memes with your smartphone. No need for a computer. I can teach you. This type of thinking isn't going to get you too far with the ladies. The days of the man going to smoke a cigar at the local pub while the baby is being born are long gone. We are out here playing WR, catching babies and stuff now these days.
  14. Mort laying out the basics of the Hardcore Format. I plan on elaborating as well with my own video.
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