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  1. 1. Pete - Bengals 2. Green Majik - Eagles 3. Tecmobo - Raiders 4. Joe M. - Bears 5. Korn - Chiefs 6. Mort - Dolphins 7. Sean - Chargers 8. Weens - Rams 9. Hank - Redskins 10. Bob - Vikings 11. Tom - Lions 12. Brian - Cowboys 13. DKS - Broncos 14. DPS - Bucs 15. Matt - Jets
  2. Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday! Bracket: https://challonge.com/Equalizer2018 Stats: https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/the-equalizer-2 Stream 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwCmETidTLs Stream 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AAyxjs7s5c&t=3894s
  3. Group 1 -Tecmobo -Mort -Retro Sports Gamer -DPS -Green Majik Group 2 -Kyle D -Master Killamasi -DKS -Hank the Tank -Ryan D Group 3 -Sean Cunningham -Pistol Pete -Lumberjack Cracks -Joe M. -Bob -Brian H
  4. allamerican1569

    New York, NY - 01/26/19 - Rumble in the Bronx! - Bronx Bowl 2019

    You guys always have solid turnouts and I'm sure you would like to see some other passionate Tecmoers in your area with a shot at a title. I think this will work out well for you, just as long as your elite players are up for the challenge.
  5. allamerican1569

    New York, NY - 01/26/19 - Rumble in the Bronx! - Bronx Bowl 2019

    Will be interesting to see how this format will shake things up in the Northeast. Tune in to the stream tomorrow at 1:30pm EST to see how this format switches it up: https://www.youtube.com/theretrosportsgamer
  6. For the players attending the tournament. Best places to park: -Right next to Michael Anthony's on Elmwood Ave. -Right on the street on Ogden Ave. on the Michael Anthony's side. -The Laundromat parking lot on Ogden Ave. and Gunderson Ave. is fine. -Any side street in Berwyn is fair game. Hoping to reveal groups by Friday
  7. allamerican1569

    Tacoma, WA - 11/10/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 3

    @kamphuna8 joined me yesterday to talk some CFT 3. Second hour gets deep into it.
  8. The tournament is up to 14 players, only 6 spots left! Here are the players signed up so far: 1. Tecmobo 2. Tom Stahnke 3. Mort 4. Hank the Tank 5. Pistol Pete 6. DPS 7. Slapshot Sean 8. Green Majik 9. Ryan D. (Weens) 10. Joe M. (RageQuit) 11. DKS 12. Brian Huang (The Gambler) 13. Kyle D. (Korn) 14. Lumberjack Cracks
  9. I can see it now.......the people’s champ goes undefeated in group 4, drafts the Eagles and Randall leads him to the promise land.
  10. Trophy is in! Tournament is half full. Let’s get some of you interested players signed up. I’ll be going live on the YouTube channel sometime today talking about the tournament and the launch of retrosportsgamer.net
  11. Website is up with Stats from Tecmo Players Championship, The Equalizer, and Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship. https://www.retrosportsgamer.net/ You can register for this tournament through the website as well.
  12. I paid $20 to enter this tournament. I won 2nd and was paid $71 dollars. I was aware going into this tournament that the prize payout was based off entrants. In addition to the payouts, I saw 3 brand new Gamerz Tek consoles given out and people eating pizza all afternoon as part of their entry fee. The venue was great, the Edge VR staff was friendly, the beer selection was solid, the tournament ran smooth, I got a ton of Tecmo games in, the quality of the CRT TV’s are the best I’ve seen at a tournament considering size and quality of picture, the company was awesome, the format was legit again providing unique results, the competition was fierce and meeting Ahman Green and talking games with him for a bit was cool too. I found out Ahman Green has his own Twitch Channel if anyone is interested: :
  13. They are homers that like to get drunk and walk home.
  14. I'll use my phone LTE hotspot for the main stream. I'll work on getting a wired connection from them that day for the second stream.
  15. Don’t sell yourself short. This kind of format is made for you. If you get to draft a high powered passing team you will be dangerous in bracket play. I just witnessed your Rams beat Toolie’s Chiefs while eating my lunch on Saturday.