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  1. Check out the Game of the Week @ 1:57:47 - Chargers (Sean) vs Steelers (Green Majik)
  2. Meet the players of this league and their teams:
  3. allamerican1569

    Chicago, IL - 09/22/2018 - Tecmo Players Championship

    I think getting $150/money back for 3rd or winning pool play isn't attractive enough. It should be either $300 for 3rd or $300 for winning pool play. Either one you go with will work. I personally like it for winning pool play given the format of no repeat matchups. Players that are performing better in pool play may burn some of their top matchups to go for the $300. Even though seeding will play a part in the outcome, I fully expect to be in a best of 3 dog fight with whoever my opponent is in the playoffs given the quality of player this tournament attracts. I also like the idea of of stackable winnings.
  4. allamerican1569

    Chicago, IL - 09/22/2018 - Tecmo Players Championship

    Congrats to @Green Majik on winning the Tecmo Players Championship Qualifier over @tecmobo in best of 3 Finals! It was an absolute showdown going to a game 3 elimination game. I can't wait to see how this format shakes out in September.
  5. allamerican1569

    Chicago Il, Aug 18. players championship qualifier.

    Yes there are, come through. I'll be there playing in it.
  6. allamerican1569

    Chicago, IL - 09/22/2018 - Tecmo Players Championship

    What's the top 4 teams and the bottom 3 that can't be put in a matchup together? Top -SF -HOU -BUF -GIA Bottom -SEA -NE -IND ???? As an example, does this mean I can still matchup the RAI against GIA and CLE against SEA?
  7. I had a great time at MWTecmo. Chris, his brothers, and the rest of the family throw an incredible tournament. Thanks to you guys for putting it on. The talent pool was incredibly deep. Every Tecmo game I played was against top notch opponents. Thanks to Derek for his efforts with the quality live stream and cutting up all the games so fast. I've been enjoying watching the games I missed out on. Also, thanks to Mort for driving the whole time on the trip and hooking it up with a TV and NES in the conversion van! No lag detected! I'll be recapping the weekend on the youtube channel soon. Also, where can I find the pre-game show that Chris and Derek put together?
  8. allamerican1569

    Chicago, IL - 09/22/2018 - Tecmo Players Championship

    This is the matchup sheet proposed for the tournament to easily keep track of your own and your opponent's matchups.
  9. Had a great time last night talking to Chris and Matt about their upcoming tournament!
  10. allamerican1569

    Cleveland, OH - 08/04/18 - Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018

    Tonight at we will be live streaming a Tecmo Jam Cleveland Satellite Tournament starting around 6:30pm CST. It's a double elimination combo tournament with both Tecmo Super Bowl and NBA Jam TE being played. Winner of the tournament wins paid entry in to Tecmo Jam Cleveland. NBA Jam TE stream - https://www.youtube.com/theretrosportsgamer Tecmo Super Bowl stream - https://www.twitch.tv/retrosportsgamertom
  11. allamerican1569

    Chicago, IL - 06/9/18 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship

    Video recap of the event:
  12. allamerican1569

    Chicago, IL - 06/9/18 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship

    Here is some raw data of the frequency and overall records of the teams used with the tier matchup calling system at the Hardcore Championship: This is not 100% complete data as some players did not fill out the Tecmo Tour stat cards properly. 26 of the 28 Teams were used. Only the Bills and the Colts were not used in a matchup. Tier 1 SF 5-2 HOU 2-3 GIA 1-2 PHI 0-1 BUF not used Tier 2 KC 3-0 RAI 3-3 MIA 1-2 CHI 2-7 CIN 0-1 Tier 3 DET 13-4 MIN 4-4 WAS 1-5 RAMS 6-3 SD 2-3 TB 2-1 DEN 0-1 ATL 0-1 Tier 4 DAL 3-2 PIT 3-3 GB 2-3 PHX 1-1 JETS 0-1 NO 1-0 Tier 5 CLE 4-0 SEA 0-3 NE 0-1 IND not used Here is my brief comment on each tier: Tier 1 - SF / HOU was the no brainer in this tier. I felt like you could make a case to use the Giants and Eagles, but the Bills were the obvious odd team out with their poor pass coverage. Giants, Eagles, and Bills will have their own tier moving forward. Tier 2 - This tier was very balanced overall. I think the Bears poor record was due to the tournament being in Chicago and some players not knowing how to use them. Flo did win the Championship with them after all. Tier 3 - The Lions were by far the dominant team in this tier. They are built for this format and were the most used team in the tournament with a high win percentage. They will be moving up a tier. The Rams had a strong performance, but that is the case when players know how to use their passing offense. Their D is still weak. I'm surprised Tampa Bay was not used more as they have Haddix and a fast QB, but they did have a winning record. Denver was not attractive enough to use with better Max Speed QB's like Vinny and Peete / Ware available. The Rison at RB factor was not nearly enough to make players forget about how below average the Falcons roster is outside of Rison and Sanders on D. Tier 4 - It looks like the Cowboys, Steelers, and Packers were the obvious favorites in this tier and it was balanced. The Cowboys are the most balanced team in the tier, Steelers have one of the best defenses in the game, and the Packers have the Bob Nelson factor to go along with a high Max Speed QB and Elite Receiver. The other 3 teams in the tier can compete, they just aren't the most attractive options. Tier 5 - The Browns were the clear favorite in the tier due to QB Browns and they proved that. This tier was designed to keep the completely mucking it up option to a minimal. The Browns suffer the same offensive speed liability as the rest of the tier and they do not have an elite defender as the Patriots and Seahawks do. The Colts weren't used for a reason. They are pitiful and have nothing on defense. This tier will hold strong. In this format this will most likely be the tier list moving forward to create more unique matchups with the option of always going to a lower tier to use the teams you prefer. Tier 1 SF HOU Tier 2 GIA BUF PHI Tier 3 KC RAI MIA CHI CIN DET Tier 4 MIN WAS RAMS SD TB DEN Tier 5 ATL DAL PIT GB Tier 6 PHX JETS NO Tier 7 CLE SEA NE IND
  13. allamerican1569

    Chicago, IL - 06/9/18 - Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship

    Some pictures from the event: