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    • (NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2019 - Final Edition
      View File SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2019 - Final Edition

      The classic NES sports title, updated for the centennial NFL season! Enjoy this version with the following features:
      Players Rated Using Tecmo Super Bowl's Original Player Rankings Playbooks Edited - Plays Moved To Different Slots, Edited Running Plays, Removed 'bad' plays 38 Hacks Added To Hardtype Versions (21 hacks in Vanilla version) Teams Line Up In Either 3-4, 4-3 Or Nickel Defenses Team Uniforms Edited So Home Team Plays In Primary Uniform (NFC West Glitch And Divisional Matchups Limits This Feature)  

      And so many more.....thank you for all the contributions you all have made to this community. Each of you and more had a hand in helping get this project going. Some of you haven't been seen on this site in a while but your insights, notes and comments have gone a long way in fueling this hobby. 

      Four Versions Available:
      #1 - Vanilla  
      #2 - Hardtype
      #3 - Hardtype + P2 As Road Team 
      #4 - Hardtype + P2 As Road Team + Push/Pull Hack
    • Super Bowl 54 according to Tecmo
      Our yearly Super Bowl prediction video using TSB 2020 with rosters updated to reflect the end of the year. The 49ers make their first appearance since their beat down of San Diego back in 1995.  The Chiefs finally find their way back to the Super Bowl, 50 years after winning Super Bowl 4 over the Vikings in the last hurrah of the old AFL.
      • 12 replies
    • (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2020
      View File Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2020
      The game is now available and so is the 7th annual "Preview Magazine" to the game. Madden ratings were used once again to rate every player. Here's a list of hacks and hack authors used to help create this:
      -- 32-team expansion rom (cx_rom, Maynard, Knobbe, others)
      -- helmets, field colors (keithisgood)
      -- COM looks for open receivers (jstout)
      -- COM Ultra Logic to play better defense (jstout)
      -- moving & dynamic grapples (bruddog)
      -- MAN vs. MAN popcorning (jstout)
      -- sort receiving leaders by yards (jstout)
      -- more accurate attribute labels, like “Acceleration” (Tecmonster)
      -- kicking arrow speed & range to make FG’s easier (Tecmonster)
      -- COM minimum kickoff distance (bruddog)
      -- increase kickoff ball speed (maynard, bodom)
      -- increase shotgun snap speed (jstout)
      -- tougher to block FG’s by adding personal protectors (Tecmonster)
      -- increase QB fumble rate (jstout)
      -- decrease diving animation time slightly (xplozv)
      -- decrease handoff animation time (xplozv)
      -- COM “juice” edited (by Tecmonster)
      -- PA affects “catchability/interceptability” of the pass (jstout)
      -- set kick returner farther back (bodom)
      -- Ball Control ratios edited so BC means more (by Tecmonster)
      -- static schedules from week to week (bruddog)
      -- Quickness changed to Coverage (jstout)
      -- kick returners use their actual attributes (konforce, jstout)
      -- stats screen at halftime (xplozv)
      -- corrected playoff bracket (pambazos)
      -- MAN-controlled QB rollouts on the rollout plays (Tecmonster)
      -- LB’s moved farther back from line of scrimmage (Tecmonster)
      -- Run & Shoot QB’s almost never scramble (Tecmonster)
      -- “heavy pass” teams don’t pass quite as much (Tecmonster)
      -- PLAYBOOKS
      -- COM avoids sacks much better + faster COM rollouts (Tecmonster)
      -- shorter onside kicks (xplozv)
      -- COM RB reacts to the defense sooner after handoff (Tecmonster)
      + others
    • (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 2019 - SBlueman Edition
      Tecmo Super Bowl 2019 - SBlueman Edition

      The classic NES sports title, updated for the 2019-2020 NFL season! Enjoy this version with updated rosters for all 32 NFL teams. Player ratings are kept to the original game’s scale and the game features updated team uniforms and logos as well (hat tip to @gojiphen malor for help with the Jets helmet this year!). The game includes various changes from the original and 5 different versions
      • 10 replies
    • The Tecmobowl.org yearly release is just hours before the first game of the NFL kicks off. Probably the most noteworthy item not in our notes is the change in the intro screen of Aaron Rodgers, Todd Gurley, and JJ Watt to Patrick Mahomes, Ezekiel Elliott, and Aaron Donald in addition to a recent Bill Belichick quote.
      In addition to ranking the glamour positions like quarterback, running back, and wide receiver each year this is a laundry list of updates which include
      updating helmets rating 160 offensive linemen editing the simulation rankings for 800 players editing the jersey numbers for 960 players changing the pro bowl players updating the playbooks and team simulation rankings updating the schedule burning through the rom to check for any crashing bugs  
      It's a lot of hours but something I enjoy putting together each year with help where ever I can find it. I hope you enjoy it.
      You can follow the link right below to download
      • 46 replies
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