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    • USFL '84: Kings of Spring
      USFL '84: Kings of Spring
      -7 minute quarters
      -Stats after every quarter
      -Wedge Returns
      -Directional Punting
      -Run and Shoot formation for Houston
      -What If Players
      -'84 Rosters as close as possible (there were a lot of midseason trades, so I tried to place players on rosters where they made more appearances)
      -New Orleans Breakers
      -Graphic Tweaks, including funky end zones (watching USFL games I came to admire how bad the end zones often looked)
      -Stat Tweaks
      -3 team, 3 Division Structure
      -12 teams make playoffs (as opposed to original 8 teams)
      -18 game, locked, '84 schedule
      -All Pro: '84 All-NFL Vs. '84 All-USFL in Vanilla (slightly modified in What If--All-AFC Freeman McNeil replaces Payton)
      There are two versions of this rom:
      Vanilla--the more I experimented with rosters, the more I realized I needed some balance. Vanilla has more accurate rosters. 
      What If Edit--this is the counterfactual version, a little harder (not super juiced, but all clubs start 2-0 in terms of difficulty). This includes the "What If" Rosters.
      Note non-TSB players: as this is an edit, and if you are playing TSB for the first time, this rom lacks the 2-point conversion implemented in USFL. Also, no touchbacks on kick-offs.
      The Read Me includes a partial narrative and explains roster placements. 
    • Tecmo to Release Augmented Reality Mobile Game 'Tecmo Go Bo'
      Piggybacking off the success of Pokeman Go, Tecmo Co. has decided to tap into their popular Tecmo Bowl franchise and release their version of an augment reality game where players are to go out and track down as many Tecmo players as they can find.
      "We've found that there is a market for this combination of nostalgia and recreation" said company spokesperson Fakati Persono. "Our characters will be located on the blockpass chain which will lead to non-fungable Tecmo (NFTs)
      For more information, check the date of posting for this completely fabricated story.
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    • (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LV
      View File Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LV
      - All 32 NFL Teams!
      - (NEW) 2020-2021 NFL Schedule!
      - (NEW) RAMS and WASHINGTON TEAM mini / large helmet updates!
      - Team SIM ratings based upon success in the 2018-2019 season.
      - Halftime Stats!
      - Press START instead of B to throw a lobb pass.
      - Hybrid Defenses. (Extra defensive backs!)
      - (NEW) 2019 AFC & NFC Pro Bowl Rosters
      - (NEW) Rosters 2/7/21
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    • TBORG releases Tecmo Super Bowl 2021 Post Season edition
      In a 'better late than never' release, the 13th annual Tecmbowl.org Tecmo Super Bowl edition appears for the first time as a post-season release.  While the rom itself features the typical OG-type ratings you've come to expect, some changes of note have been in updating the graphics and addressing a fairly unnoticed but longstanding issue.
      ** Pick up the game here **
      There are a few complex helmets that have their own design pattern like the Bengals and the Rams.  When the Jaguars came out with their gradient style helmet, the Rams pattern was repurposed for the Jags and the Rams helmet was drawn with the constraints used for most helmets.  As you can see that while the 2005 version of the Rams' helmet does a good job of representing the helmet, it's at the cost of reducing the size of the Rams' horn. 

      With the Rams unveiling a new helmet and with the Jaguars dropping the gradient back in 2018, this offseason proved to be an opportune time to revert the special design pattern back to the Rams. 

      What you'll find is a design that attempts to mimic the symmetrical half circle curve of today's Ram helmet while expanding back out towards the edges.
      One other longstanding yet seemingly unnoticed issue was the trivial detail of individual player positions not being remapped.  For example, the 2020 Jaguars were updated to have a starting lineup that had 1 RB and 3 WRs.  However, if you drilled down into individual players you'd find that it would pull up positions that didn't match. Thus, WR Dede Westbrook appears as a RB.  This year the players are mapped correctly.

      Look for the 14th release of this rom to once again be released in the preseason a few days before the first Thursday kickoff.
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    • Countdown to Tecmo Super Bowl source code (reverse engineered) release date: Dec 13, 2021
      Hello all, 
      Over a period of years I managed to reverse engineer the entire Tecmo Super Bowl game into 6502 assembly source code with every piece of code documented and every variable labeled. There was a potential project in the works with said code but that project looks all but dead now. Because of that I am targeting the 30 year anniversary of TSB as the date I will publicly post all of the reverse engineered source code. 
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