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  1. Bad Moon Rison

    Worst Players in Tecmo

    Thanks! I was thinking one team with all the worst players. Like a super team!
  2. Bad Moon Rison

    Worst Players in Tecmo

    We all know Steve Grogan is the worst QB in Tecmo (right?). Has anyone ever tried to create a list of the worst players in Tecmo? Or better yet, has anyone ever modified a rom to play a season with the worst players in Tecmo? That would be quite the challenge!
  3. Bad Moon Rison

    Playing a Full MAN Tecmo Season

    I read through your post twice. It seems like a lot of work but I imagine once you do it a few times you get the hang of it. I would be worried about having to capture the save state twice. I am toying with the idea of doing things in preseason to start, so I can at least get 5-6 guys committed to something without the harsh time constraints. You get 3-4 months to play your games, you can play them in any order, as long as you play all of them by the deadline. Problem with that is no stats/injuries but at least it counts towards something.
  4. Last raffle prize came in today. 450+ pages, Hardcover, and weighs 6 lbs: We will also be raffling off two free tickets to next year's Long Island Retro Expo, a $50 value.
  5. Bad Moon Rison

    Playing a Full MAN Tecmo Season

    The Tecmo Legacy League is the closest thing to that idea and perhaps I was influenced by them. How does it work with 4 different carts? Also, I'm curious to know how to captures injuries and conditions. That's one of the big things I want a season for. I would seriously consider splurging for a few everdrives to get it to work. Would you have to use the in-game schedule? Live seasons may be the next big thing after live tournaments! You're right, doing 20+ teams in an actual season is a big challenge and time commitment, even if two carts are used.
  6. Bad Moon Rison

    Live Retro Sports Tournaments

    Oh yeah, I've seen Mario Kart everywhere, pretty much every video game expo I've been to, but it's not what I first think of when I think "Sports game." That raises the question: what's the line is between a sports game and a non-sports one? When the SNES Classic came out, I remember thinking there was a lack of sports games on it. Then someone pointed out Super Mario Kart and F-Zero, and I immediately thought of them as "racing" games, though they are very different games in their own right. Super Punch-Out was also on it and while it is considered a sports game, , it's more arcade-like and cartoony, so I think of it as its own unique thing. Conversely, I think of something like Baseball Simulator 1.000 and wouldn't blink at calling it a sports game.
  7. Bad Moon Rison

    Live Retro Sports Tournaments

    Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments started out as a small few and have ballooned over the last five years. I wanted to know if there are any other old-school sports games where there are tournaments held. NHL 94 is an obvious choice for one, as they have had tournaments in Toronto, Vancouver, Green Bay, Las Vegas, and New York. Do you guys know of any other games where there have been tournaments?
  8. Has anyone ever tried to play an entire season of all MAN vs. MAN games? Below is an idea I've tossed around a few times with guys in the NYC area that gets close to it. This post inspired me to post about it here: I've had this idea for a while about playing through a full season on the original TSB cart. I've never played through a season with anyone, so I always wanted to see what it was like. I wanted to see if it was possible to play an entire season with mostly MAN controlled teams. Of course, having 28 people with each person controlling one team doesn’t seem doable. Picking a division to start with is the easiest. You could have 4-5 guys each pick a team from that division and play out the schedule. That would give only 6 head to head games and 10 against the computer, which could be a bit dull once those COM games pop up. The problem with playing a full season is that there are A LOT of games vs. the Computer, so I want to try and minimize that. So I started looking at the season schedule and if it were possible to select teams from other divisions. It is possible for a person to select teams from other divisions without having to play against himself. So the season would entail having a player draft a grouping of teams. You can have anywhere from 4-7 people taking multiple teams at once. I went through the Tecmo season schedule to find out what pairings would work so that a player doesn’t have to play himself throughout the season. This would be near impossible to do if all 28 teams were used on one cart, so I split it up into AFC and NFC. For example, it is possible for four players to select three teams from each conference and not have to play against themselves. This would give each person 10 games vs. a human opponent (with 6 against the computer) for each team that they have, which is plenty more in-season Tecmo. Based on the schedule, we can select from 4 groups of 3 for the conference of our choosing. For example, the AFC would be the following pairings: Group 1: BUF, CLE, SEA Group 2: IND, CIN, K.C Group 3: NYJ, PIT, RAI Group 4: MIA, HOU, S.D (N.E and DEN are left off because their schedules were altered to suit a 28 team league at the time, though you could have a fifth player choose those teams as a foil) The NFC would look like this: Group 1: WAS, G.B, S.F Group 2: GIA, DET, N.O Group 3: DAL, T.B, RAMS Group 4: PHI, CHI, ATL (MIN and PHX are left off for the same reasons) Each person would draft a group. We would decide whether we wanted to use the AFC or NFC, or have two TVs, one with AFC and the other NFC. But can't use both on the same cart. For 6-7 players, the pairings would be as follows: AFC: Buf & Sea Hou & Ind Rai & Cle KC & Jets Mia & Pit Cin & SD (Den & N.E.) NFC: SF & GB Gia & NO Phi & Rams Chi & Dal Det & Atl TB & Was (Min & Phx) Because there are only 28 teams in the original Tecmo, Min & Phx play each other twice, as do Den & N.E. (the game can be simmed, or have a player go 1-1 with each team in matchups). Most players would have 12 MAN games and 4 COM games per team (if Den, N.E, Phx, and Min are used). If using one conference, we are talking about a lot of games, and a lot of time. This would be about 6-7 all-day sessions. That's based on an estimate of about 30 minutes it takes to play and set up a game. I estimated a season would be about 50-60 hours of playing time. In the 6-7 player scenario, each person has 4 teams (2 AFC, 2 NFC), so that means 64 games per player, and might take a little longer with games overlapped on different carts. There should be approximately 143 games (including playoffs) on each cart for a grand total of 286 games of Tecmo! For COM play, you could make it a little more interesting than just playing the computer. For example, you have to put in your backups/worst players and try to defeat the computer that way. It might make those games more competitive and more fun. There won't be many of them, but it will make for an added challenge. Have you ever tried a season with multiple MAN opponents? Which team groupings above would you draft if given the choice?
  9. Bad Moon Rison

    Guide to Running a Full Tecmo Weekend

    What's up @Paul Street!!! I was just thinking of you guys the other day when I was looking at past New York Tourney records. I don't think I'll ever forget your Mort upset in group play. Good to see you guys are still playing on the regular! How did last weekend go? Your monster weekend seasons remind me of NFTGL, a bunch of guys who play Tecmo 3 and spend the whole weekend playing out their games sleep deprived: http://www.nftgl.com/ What you guys do seems crazy and I know personally I would need to split it up. I've tried some variation of doing a full season on one cart with a few guys, but haven't gotten past week two. One question: When you guys select your team, do most of the games end up being MAN vs. COM matchups?
  10. Bad Moon Rison

    Tecmo Legacy League

    Hey Slim, any way to see all the articles and matchup previews we wrote? It would be nice to take a trip down memory lane..
  11. Another raffle prize. Thanks to Tom C for the contribution!
  12. @Knobbe I tweeted yesterday and didn't know who he was but then made the connection. Why does he follow you? Is he legit into Tecmo?
  13. @red98sethuthut I hope you can make it too. Let me know of anything I can do to make it happen.
  14. First raffle prize arrived today. Bo Jackson TD canvas print: