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  1. I believe there was a thread about this many years ago. The general conclusion was that Pass Accuracy does matter, Quickness does not. I think PA had to do with the ball's path and Pass Control for QBs had to do with catches in coverage. I could have them reversed though.
  2. Are you playing home team as they appear in the game? If I remember the schedule correctly, isn't Buffalo home team for all 16 games? I remember the NES version not distinguishing between home and away in the schedule screen. Or are you using the actual 1991 schedule to choose your team?
  3. Anyone check out the new Star Trek: Picard series and if so, can I have your password? I just finished watching DS9 for the third time. It's the second best series after TNG, imo. I've only caught a handful of episodes from TOS though I've seen all the movies. I'll have to get to them eventually. I trudged through Voyager last year and I haven't been able to get past the second season of Enterprise. I didn't think it could be harder to watch than Voyager but here we are. I hear it picks up seasons 3 and 4. I saw the first two episodes of Discovery and thought it was decent. I might do a free trial and try to burn through them before the trial runs out.
  4. I've picked up two Tecmo sports games since I last posted to add to my collection. These two are both golf games: Tecmo World Golf (PSX) Super Swing Golf (Wii)
  5. @bruddog How are your Power Rankings calculated? Looks like my SOS was the weakest. 😂 I guess that's what happens when I draw the lowest and the third lowest. What about the 28 point cap?
  6. Thanks to all who came out to participate this year and thanks to all who watched the tournament on this year's stream! Congrats to Kevin @tadaos for winning his second NY Tecmo title in three years! This is only the second time we have ever had a repeat Champion, @MattyD being the first in 2013 & 2014. The top finishers were: 1) Kevin S (tadaos) 2) Leif P (@Nameless Loser) 3) Erik M (@arncoem) 4) Matt D (Matty D) You can see the official results for the day here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pbDN3izYb_KmQZhWtn4AUB31JR6bD41MRAq2PitYwHc/edit#gid=1113694182 Rounding out the top eight were Danny K (@knightsof3), Greg L (@Deviled Greg), Scott S, and Josh N. Four different players finished in the top 8 this year from last year! The raffle prize winners were Tom C (twice), Matt A, Greg L, and last year's champ Dave H (@Ranatoro). Other T-Borg members in attendance were: @deadfaulkner, @dwightstone, @PatrickB1008, @Thrash @discdolo @Barletti. Special thanks again to Ryan @hoigaard, Patrick, Matt, Erik, and Greg for all the extra work they put into making the tournament happen. Another big time Championship matchup with Bills-Giants this year. Congrats to Leif for making his first ever final after years of very excellent play! Overall, this was a very competitive tournament from top to bottom. Thank you all again for making Tecmo even better! Be sure to sign up for CT Tecmo XI and Bronx Bowl 2020 for more hot Tecmo action!
  7. Format Bronx Bowl 2020 Format Group play will include 4 players in each group playing one another in round-robin format. Groups will be formed based on skill level with seasoned veterans and former tourney winners in the same groups with newer guys in other groups. The tournament will then move to a team draft based on a lottery system explained below. Team Selection: Group Play: One player randomly chooses a matchup card from the deck of Matchup Cards. Afterwards, a coin is flipped. Winner of the coin toss gets to choose either the team they wish to be or the controller they wish to use. Team Selection: Bracket Play: Team selection for bracket play will be a team draft. It will consist of a lottery with a choice. Draft order is decided by number of wins. The first player will draw team names out of a hat corresponding to the number of wins he achieved in bracket play. That player may choose one of the teams to use for the duration of the tournament. If that player does not like the team(s) drawn, he can pull out one more team at random but must use that team. A sample scenario: Starting the Draft: Barry wins three games in group play. This means he gets to pull three teams out of a hat. He draws: Minnesota, Cleveland, New Orleans. He can choose which of the three teams he wants. The best team he chose is Minnesota, which he can decide to keep, or choose one more team from the hat, but MUST stick with that team. He decides to risk the picks and draws Denver. He must use Denver for the rest of the tournament. That team is now Barry’s and is removed from the drawing. After all of the three game winners have picked: Jerry won two games in group play. He picks two teams: Atlanta and San Diego. He could decide to choose another team, but opts to stick with San Diego. After all the three and two game winners have picked: Jackson won one game in group play. He draws one team (Cardinals). He decides to risk picking again knowing that after the three and two win players have selected, a couple of better teams are still in play. He draws the Buccaneers. All of the winless players: Lawrence did not win any games in group play. He picks a team out of the hat and is stuck with that team the rest of the tournament. He draws the Cardinals and must keep them. (Depending on the number of registrants, some of the best/worst teams (e.g.- San Fran, Indy) may be removed from the draft. If the number of registrants exceeds 28, then there will be two separate drafts for each side of the bracket, with the winner of each playing in one final showdown!)
  8. Bronx Bowl 2020 When: Saturday, January 25th, 2020- Setup and registration starts @ 10:00 AM EST; Play will start @ 11:00 AM EST. Location: Bronx Alehouse, 216 West 238th St., Bronx, NY (Uptown 1 train to W 238th Street) Website: http://bronxalehouse.com/ Desired Number of Participants: 24-32 Buy-in: $20 pre-reg discount before January 1! Tourney Format: Group play will include 4 players in each group playing one another in round-robin format. Groups will be formed based on skill level with seasoned veterans and former tourney winners in the same groups with newer guys in other groups. The tournament will then move to a team draft based on a lottery system explained in the next post. Equipment: We need Nintendos, TVs, Controllers, Carts! If you are able to bring any of these in working condition, please let us know what you can bring and how many of each. If you are able to provide any television sets, please let us know the size and any kind of hookup (Coax/AV Cable). Prizes: Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to top three participants. All participants will be eligible to win raffle prizes throughout the day! How to Register: Registration online at northeasttecmo.com will be up shortly! Pre-registration is $20! Questions: Feel free to post questions about the tournament below or you can direct them to [email protected] Come out and participate in Tecmo in the Bronx! You know you want to...
  9. NY Tecmo is only four weeks away!! Here's the first of the raffle prizes, 18 x 12 cover art canvas print
  10. We did a draft where the new guys drafted first, and then players who played in tournaments before drafted. We ordered it based on tournament experience and results. Matty D got the last pick in both conferences (Colts and Packers). Yes, it is crazy that in the two drafting tournaments this year that the Packers have been Champs. It's a testament to how good those players are. Also, IMO, the Packers are the best out of the crap teams. I think of them as a lesser version of the Falcons (with the bonus of Bob Nelson).
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