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  1. invader_star64

    Portland, OR - 01/27/18 - J.J.'s Birden

    Life happens @DT.. I'll put the tentative date on my calendar and will be checking in!
  2. The tourney was such a blast! Thanks again to DT for getting everything setup and coordinated, and to everyone else who came out and made the day special! Super happy that everyone got to come out and enjoy some wonderful game time! Can't believe I was able to win it all, there were some seriously awesome battles down in PDX. Super looking forward to the next one!
  3. Don't forget about me now Can't wait to see you fellas on the NES in the flesh!!!
  4. My favorite part about this though was despite the speed in which I got faded I still managed a win against JJ and the Bach [emoji41]
  5. invader_star64

    Rather sizeable WTF league announcement

    I am sad to see WTF:C fold, as I have always had a soft spot for the league being my first and only WTF flavor. I do commend the leadership here for making this tough decision to try and make this move towards quality over quantity. I know that these foldings will be better for the online Tecmo community moving forward, and as you've seen everyone knows and understands that. You guys are putting in the blood, sweat, and tears to run these leagues out of the goodness of your hearts so I can't be jaded towards your decision, even though I did like WTF:C a lot I will always appreciate being a part of that while it lasted. If I were to be considered for this new Super WTF league I would be just honored. However I completely understand if I am not included in the ownership talks, there aren't that many spots. Just know that my membership would not be taken lightly and I would love to contribute to this exciting change in online Tecmo.
  6. Also I gotta add, I AM SO EXCITED. Love gettin together with the boys
  7. I am in brothers. Count me in as #11 #Schrempf
  8. invader_star64

    Looks like this is the final season of WTFC

    Well it is your birthday..
  9. invader_star64

    Looks like this is the final season of WTFC

    Where do I make donations? #SaveWTFC
  10. invader_star64

    Week1: MIA(moulds) @ BOS(baxter)

    I find the lack of recaps disturbing. Best I got
  11. invader_star64

    Invader, Flo and Cotton

    I should be able to hit you before 10 EST tomorrow night. Will you be around then?
  12. invader_star64

    SEA, PHI, ATL, S.F - RAMS online @6pm PST 1/12

    2 fun and tough games in. Looking for PHI & ATL. like i mentioned in the OP after 6pm PST (9 EST) is when I'm available M-Thur. Lemme know what works fellas
  13. invader_star64

    SEA, PHI, ATL, S.F - RAMS online @6pm PST 1/12

    Great. I'll see you tonight, I'll look for you
  14. hey guys, if you're around i'll be online tomorrow after 6pm PST (9 EST) we can also setup a time as well if that doesn't work. i'm home from work 5:30-6pm PST monday through thursday. friday afternoons are generally no go but i can make exception if we need to