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  1. RT @sk40_reignman: https://t.co/AZjzTTQapi

  2. ....more like the Mt. Get Baked division
  3. Can't wait to see what type of Frankenstein fuck of a team @XtraLargent assembles
  4. @davefmurray I done laid it out for ya. @Tick is not in the mix so "Legalize Kemp" is retired but found another big fuck from the PNW who likes to throw down so here comes "Pearl Jam: Tournament Edition"
  5. OK. @Tick is out this year so Legalize Kemp will not be returning (single tear shed) but @XtraLargent and I just booked our flights from Seattle and will be joining forces in the 2 on 2. Say hello to- Pearl Jam: Tournament Edition
  6. I'm still recovering from the two of you guys' whirlwind debacle to explain this thoroughly here. I just want the Tecmo community to know that rules were explained and rules were followed. I don't appreciate this. That being said, it was weak. I'd be pissed too.There is no real good options for what happens when the game freezes.
  7. Truth. Sounds like some busters caught the flames this weekend!!
  8. As for the Knockout- ORDER OF SELECTION James Brooks - Miami Dolphins '72 Nigerian Nightmare - Green Bay Packers '61 Neckbeard - Seattle Seahawks '13 Shermy80 - Oakland Raiders '76 Tailback King - Chicago Bears '65 Boy Toy - Philadelphia Eagles '60 XtraLargent - St Louis Rams '99 Kamphuna - Dallas Cowboys '93 Tick - Minnesota Vikings '98 ptitteri - San Francisco 49ers '98 DT - Detroit Lions '57 Gripsmoke - Indianapolis Colts '04 1st ROUND Green Bay 24 Seattle 0 Dallas 17 Green Bay 7 Oakland 24 Philly 7 Minnesota 17 Detroit 10 Indianapolis 17 San Francisco 16 Chicago 17 St Louis 7 2nd ROUND Dallas 44 Minnesota 14 Oakland 28 Miami 14 Indianapolis 35 Chicago 23 CHAMPIONSHIP Indianapolis def Dallas GRIPSMOKE The COLTS win it all. Best of the Best! This was a big success in my opinion. The next one will be bigger!
  9. Some final standings from this bitch- OLYMPIC DIVISION Gripsmoke 5-1 DT 4-1 Tailback King 4-2 Tick 2-4 James Brooks 1-5 Boy Toy 0-5 CASCADE DIVISION Kamphuna 6-0 ptitteri 5-1 Nigerian Nightmare 2-4 XtraLargent 2-4 Shermy80 1-5 Neckbeard 1-5 CONSOLATION BRACKET Brooks def Beard Shermy def Brooks CONSOLATION CHAMPION Shermy80 DOUBLE ELIMINATION Grip def X Pete def TBK DT def Night Kamp def Tick X def TBK Tick def Night Grip def Pete Kamp def DT DT def X Tick def Pete Kamp def Grip Tick def DT Grip def Tick Grip def Kamp Kamp def Grip PORTLAND CHAMPION Kamphuna
  10. DT.


    D.T. yeah you know me. I want back in baybee.
  11. That was a new height of shenanigans from @XtraLargent and @~Tailback King~ So many crazy things happened yesterday but without question #1 was when BWagg summoned TBK for a beer break? Or something? I was too dumbfounded to know but it was like a full 10 minute break... I was up 16-10 on TBK with his Browns driving on my Seahawks. He came back, fired a TD to Slaughter, then I somehow responded with a drive of my own and a winning FG despite being thoroughly rattled by the circumstance and Brandon and Rudy's chirping. Incredible tournament and that was one of many amazing games. That was probably what stood out more than anything. I saw and was involved in a bunch of exciting games. What else... James Brooks is the Future. That kid was awesome. 10 yrs old and holding his own. "Nightmare" and "Neckbeard" were two other new faces that brought it. "Boy Toy" the straggler who got in the mix... That was cool. TBK is PROBABLY getting smarter with his matchup calls. CLE-SEA was a surprise and he had me up against the ropes. I don't know how impressed I should be by his win vs Matt. WTF was @gripsmoke thinking calling Dal-KC?? He def got screwed with NES malfunctions twice, somewhat marring an otherwise strong showing from the hometown kid. #PukeAndRally Great quotes from the group all day but my favorite was when in the first game of the day, TBK fumbled then one of his dudes scooped it and scored and he said semi-seriously "Has that ever happened in the history of Tecmo??" and then everyone said "uh... yeah" then he got a safety soon after and said "Has THAT ever happened in the history of Tecmo???" then everyone kept saying "Has that ever happened in the history of Tecmo??" everytime something mildly interesting happened... But at the end of the day, something I GUARANTEE that has never happened in the history of Tecmo... happened.... @Tick won back to back games elimination games vs @ptitteriand myself, both in OT when he went for the kick on 3rd down, got it blocked, recovered, then hit the winner on 4th...... The 2nd of which, came with some ghostage from David Treadwell.... We will never know what happened there....... But congrats to everyone for great competition and especially Tick, Grip and @kamphuna8 who rose above the chaos for a long overdue major championship victory. I blame the deliciousness of Laurelwood Workhorse IPA for anything that was less than ideal with the organization of this event, but I suppose it wouldn't be a PNW Tecmo Tournament if everything was smooth and sober. Let's do it again soon.
  12. Dirty summary of remaining teams from the special rom counting down from my #10 power rank to #1 1998 San Francisco 49ers -Last season for Steve Young. -Owens, Rice, Garrison Hearst.. strong veteran defense 1957 Detroit Lions -Last Championship squad for Detroit -Incredible turnover creating D led by HOFers .Jack Christiansen, Yale Lary, and Joe Schmidt. Scrappy O led by Bobby Layne at QB. 1962 New York Giants -Lost Championship game to Packers -Y.A. Tittle leads high flying O. Defense stacked and turnover hungry. 1993 Dallas Cowboys -2nd consecutive title for Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys -The triplets at peak powers and nice, fast defense. 1976 Oakland Raiders -After years of contending, this team finally broke through with title -Defense is ruthless. Offense is rock solid + homerun hitter Cliff Branch. 2013 Seattle Seahawks -Team that took Seattle by storm, destroyed Manning's Broncos for SB victory -You know about the defense. The BEAST and DangeRUSS lead the O. 1999 St. Louis Rams -Best Rags to Riches title team in NFL history -Marshall Faulk does it all. Kurt Warner comes off the bench to throw darts to the likes of Isaac Bruce. 1972 Miami Dolphins -STILL the only undefeated team in NFL history -Unstoppable running attack with strong pass attack and very strong defense. 1961 Green Bay Packers -First title winning team for Vince Lombardi -FB Jim Taylor is a beast joined by very solid supporting cast and all-world defense. I will try to provide some nice details and perhaps some more ADVANCED METRICS so everyone feels comfortable selecting their team tomorrow, but feel free to do your own research by downloading the rom and popping it into an emulator. Seeya tomorrow Tecmoheads! Greats.nes