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  1. YES to Vinny, Emmitt, and Vann the Mann
  2. Bremerton Bulls takin over the BULLS gear.
  3. Group N as in Noonan Kmolnar wins toss, selects TB-PIT DT with PIT cause get some of this D Dermonti Dawson field day. 23-0 PITTSBURGH GG
  4. GROUP N as in Nelson JJT won toss, called NYG-BUF, I took BUF and proceeded to lay the smack. Frank Reich threw a touchdown pass. 42-14 BUFFALO GG
  5. LT is the most automatic YES there could be. Wright and Lewis are not to far behind. YES and YES to two of the most dominant players in WTF history. A painstaking NO for Fredd Young as the likes of Darion Conner have raised the bar for LBs. and....................................... YES to Hoby! We need some TE representation in the hall! Hoby stretched the field awesomely for the Pats, a perennial contender.
  6. I knew it might end poorly for the Seahawks...I drafted them out of principle and the 8% chance of keeping Krieg.
  7. I can't not vote YES for Dave Krieg, but he had a very long solid career so don't really feel like that's a homer vote. I gotta vote YES for Art Still who had a hilariously long career and was a key cog for several quality Cowboys teams. Darren Nelson gets a YES with some major accumulation of stats and glory with the Giants. Roland James another YES. Lots of success, stats, and fear induced to would be deep ball testers. I think any QB under the guidance of Gats should honestly be punished a bit buuuuut I think ole Stevey accomplished enough to get another YES from me. DT: The YES! Network.
  8. Another historic day of Tecmo Super Bowl. Props to all who participated. This was perhaps the most competitive field in PNW history. Top props to @ptitteri for staying up and getting an impressive victory, @kamphuna8 for pouring your Tecmo soul into the event and playing incredibly down the stretch, and Joey B who probably wont see this cause he doesn't get down with this online bullshit, but thanks for letting a bunch of derelicts trounce about the Eagles Nest. UPDATED PNW RANK @kamphuna8 34 @DT. 22 @ptitteri 20 @gripsmoke 18 @Tick 16 @XtraLargent 12 @fairfensheeding 12 @invader_star64 11 @boogiewithstu 10 @manYo720 8 JOEY B 7 @~Tailback King~ 4 @bruddog 2 James Brooks 2 MORT 2 @moonwalk 2 @SirTed 2 Shermy80 1 Neckbeard 1 @red98sethuthut 1 @The1991Huskies 1 @SuperSonics 1 -Depreciation for Portland II -Finishes no longer considered for Mayhem 5 -CFT 4 pts were Ptits with 8, Kamp, Grip, Tick with 4, Bru, Stu, Joe, and Wagg with 2, me with bupkis Til next time!
  9. Group F hot action I won toss Called SEA-CLE Nelson79 predictably takes CLE Plays right into my hands, provides opportunity to drop some goofy ass passes for deep plays nsv desynched right as shit was getting interesting much needed garbage TD achieved to win 24-7, hopefully thrusting me ahead of a few homies in the seeding GG Nelson79
  10. I'd like to play! I can host. Im pretty available nowadays. Let's party.
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