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  1. *BUMP* @hankthetank ..................this goes to all you other b!tchez in the tournament too!!!!!!!!!! ......especially @bruddog
  2. Uhhhhhhh........the Cardinals should be 1st in every offensive catagory..........why you might ask???....because Johnny Johnson on the muthaphukk!n' team. NUFSAID.
  3. Well if "so I can whip Tailback King's a$$ at Tecmo" means gettin' stomped, stuffed, and smashed by Johnny Johnson for 15 ta 20 minutes while your Tecmo soul slowly bleeds and oozes outta your thumb and the pours of your skin in the most painful and humiliating way possible,................then yes, it would be fun to hang out with you too...but then it'll be kinda hard to hitchhike with two broken thumbs, a bruised ego, and a sore a$$ from Johnny Johnson kickin' the $#!t out of it.
  4. *BUMP* ..........WOW. I must be a fu**!n' fortune teller. McVay's a fuccin idiot. I hope they trade Gurley to SEATTLE. Then they can keep C.J. Anderson and see how good they do next year...the Rams wouldn't even make the playoffs. SMFH.
  5. Weak. I quit watching after Gurley didn't get the ball once in the first series. What's funny is that the Rams are gonna lose if that really happens, and that seems to be the trend. McVay's tryin' to get to fucc!n' cute. Stick to what got you there, which is getting the ball to Gurley 25 to 30 times by any means........they don't, they lose. It's that simple.
  6. My emotions tell me that NO ONE wants any part of the SEAHAWKS right now. Fear the Wilson/Carson combo.....I know the Cowgirls are.
  7. @PockyCandy....What are the odds....this was the game in '87 where Johnny was out. He was injured the game before. Oh well, nice try. You find anything in '88, that's the year he was second in the nation in total yards....'87 he was just a wideout.
  8. Hey................I'll be in Cleveland, the home of Kevin Mack, tomorrow...I'm a see a Browns game with one of my homies...we got good prices on tixx, and it might be snowing!!! I'm definitley wearin' my Kevin Mack jersey to the game....BTW, our seats are in the DOGG POUND. Call ya and tell ya bout it when I get home.
  9. @kamphuna8.......Really Kamp, you had to show the 4 turnover shut out game??! ?....At least Johnson got them fumbles outta his system.
  10. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is some real TECMO O.G's doin they SHEEEYATEEE!!! Best of the Northwest........ {CLASS!C} I watched the whole thang, both games...pretty fuCC!n' entertaining. @~Tailback King~ vs @kamphuna8 & @manYo720 vs @fairfensheeding.......2 for the price of 1, split screen Pac NW rivalries...can't get much better than that. Props to @kamphuna8 for pioneerin' this $#!t. Mixing Fantasy Football with Tecmo Superbowl set the bar, and will be the new way Tecmo Tourney's are done. Anything else just won't cut it anymore.
  11. @hankthetank.....I knew there was somthin' that smelled like $#!t about you......and it finally donned on me...........your a b!tch a$$ Packers fan. Not only are you a fan, you probably grew up in that stank ass, broke down, po' dunk, $#!t hole of a town Green Bay. If all I had to do was talk trash about Johnny Johnson and grow up havin' to watch the sh!tty a$$ Packers all my life, I'd probably be a hater too. It's OK Hank, you're just mad because your team has never seen a tailback as talented and naturally gifted as Johnson.....What's funny is YOU couldn't even honestly tell me that you wouldn't have wanted him on some of those 90's Packers squads, and you also couldn't have honestly told me, or convinced me or anyone else that he wouldn't have helped any of those teams IMMENSELY. (Especially because of the way the Packers offense played and Johnson being a great receiver)................still, the point is... >
  12. No............I went to sleep. I was pretty pi$$ed Chalky didn't call out from work.....He definitely didn't think that $#!t through...He had to work an 8 hour shift after we got home, and I definitely didn't feel sorry for him. Who won????????? YOU??????
  13. Just touched down at home........and I would just like to add, Johnny Johnson for season M.V.P. ~ ~
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