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  1. Man, this shit looks like it was pretty great. Well done to all you folks. Sorry I missed it.
  2. Can I get a recap???? Here's mine: 2-0! (3-0 unofficial) Even though I haven't touched the game in 14mon or so. Including a dramatic win from the 1 yard line as time expired. Yesssss! GM @bruddog did a hellava job. Most of all, it was great to see the homies again, even if it was just for a second. Sounds like you guys had a hellava night. Jealous! Also, excited to get the itch back, at least a little. Turns out Tecmo is still fun. Thanks a million, @turbohuna4eva!. That was a fun Tecmo get together.
  3. Oh, don't get me wrong, I loved it. I'm just saying that it really wasn't necessary. There was a previous scene with him that was my favorite, when Krennic goes to visit him. So dope! I was just feeling like his presence was more for nerd happiness than story, which is just fine by me.
  4. What's this? People are hating on Rouge One? What the hell for? It was quite excellent. A refreshing change to meet some characters that aren't necessarily tied into the six main characters from episode IV-VI. The aesthetic was fantastic. It was FUCKING STAR WARS! If you don't like Star Wars, well then, you're not likely going to like this movie, but otherwise, I can't imagine what the beefs would be. They dispensed with a great deal of the fan service, which I appreciated, but I did have fun with the one or two instances in this film. Vader's presence was probably not needed, and aside from Jimmy fucking Smits, I can't think of anything wrong here. I enjoyed A Force Awakens just fine, but this was definitely a better film. Go see it if you like Star Wars. You won't be disappointed. Good day.
  5. BO Off Tackle - I'm into man. Keep it up. Trying to come up with stuff that maybe a lot of people haven't seen. That's a classic from Carlin, obviously. So, speaking things that a lot of people haven't seen - check this out: I dunno, maybe people have - but I swear I mention it to people in conversation a lot, and almost 100% have never heard of it. Ok, so it's not really a set, but I love it because I'm really into the psychology of comedians. I think it takes a really special type of person to be a stand up comedian, and it's like their own special little club, with their own point of views, lingos, etc. It's just fascinating to me. There are some really funny bits in this video too, though - so check it out.
  6. @~Tailback King~, What about all your P-Town homies? I mean, damn. They won't even have to borrow the Turtle Van to make this shit.
  7. Great, great write up man. I always look forward to your tourney reviews. I couldn't agree more about the crew up here. Great bunch of guys. We'll see you.... sooner than you think...
  8. Is it sandbagging when you get 8th place?
  9. This really was a great tournament. In many ways, it was your typical PNW experience - which is top(ish) notch Tecmo, with some over the top characters, delicious brews - and the best play by play man in (or out) of the business @~Tailback King~. But I gotta hand it to @DT. He didn't get as much support as he should have from me, as I was coming out of a summer haze, but he still found a couple ways to really put his stamp on the production side of the tournament. The format was awesome - it did cause some serious delays in the action at times, but otherwise was fun as hell. The prizes, and their reception were priceless (if only we had that @gripsmoke rejection on film!). I liked that we had a losers bracket ( I especially liked sending @gripsmoke's punk ass to said losers bracket), and the ROY award was a beautiful touch. Special shout out to 91 Huskies and the 6killer, for breathing some new life in the PNW. @moonwalk, you're a reeallll sonofabitch. But I'm sort of glad your long trip up here was rewarded. Maybe it would encourage others to do so. Congrats to you on the win. Lastly, and this is something I just want to throw out there - I don't want to wait until next summer to get together again. But I don't think it should be on @manyo360, myself or @DT. for us to get together. I think it's just about time that the Muthafukas down there in PDX threw their phukin' hat in the ring and tried to put something together. Even if it is small. We could Tecmo it up, check out a Blazers game...do what...ahem *Gentlemen* do in Portland...the possibilities are endless, and I think it's about goddamn time. Sheeeeiiiit. I'd even settle for a tourney at Ground Kontrol, as long as it wasn't on Sundays during football season. Cheers boys. See ya soon. -Ted
  10. I bumped up to the mid-tier package last night ($35) and in do so, added NFL Network. Stoked! You can add (and I probably will) Redzone for $40 (for the season, not a month). Not too bad.
  11. Have you gotten your shit together, @rmm1976?
  12. Dude, I'm about to use this banning technology to kick you off the Tborg if you don't know what the fuck this is. ...Raspberry! Only one man would dare give me the raspberry!
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