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  1. Way too positive. Where's the animosity? C'mon man! Then again, he hasn't out tapped you yet!
  2. How does the ratings process work? This is not a criticism - but a question. I think it was in the beta thread that it was mentioned that the assigned ratings weren't done in a player v. player vacuum but instead used to balance out the teams, while keeping the ratings as close to "real" as possible. I think I'm paraphrasing here, but if I've butchered the concept, please correct me. Either way, I'm curious how much time goes into this? Do you go into it with a tiered system in mind (for both players and teams)? Would it be asking to see behind the curtain to want to see / hear about that?
  3. Personally, I liked it better when I thought you and buck were pissed. I had hope for a second we'd get a sweet TSB '14 showdown between the Bucs and Bengals for all of us to see (streamed). This getting along thing is bullshit. What better way to kick off a launch?
  4. Personally, I didn't dig the chalk board look. I don't know why it's not included in the beta from this year, but I hope it stays out. If most enjoy it, or even just you programmers out there, then by all means keep it, but I prefer the classic look in the play selection screen.
  5. First of all - Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work. What an amazing time we live in! It's so cool that stuff like this exists, and it wouldn't exist without the hard work of a few. I haven't looked too hard into the game but as a Seahawk fan I've played a game or two at this point with Seattle. I tend to agree with Bruddog. I don't know whether or not it applies to ALL teams, but if it were up to me I would switch out some player positions on def. Here's how the Hawks are lined up: RE: Clemons NT: McDaniel LE: Mebane ROLB: Wright RILB: Wagner LILB: Smith LOLB: Bryant Here's how I would switch it up: RE: McDaniel NT: Mebane LE: Bryant ROLB: Clemons RILB: Wright LILB: Wagner LOLB: Smith I think this is pretty close to what Bruddog was suggesting, and closer to what the Hawks do at least. Also - Any reason you went with Brandon Browner as DB1 and Sherman as DB2 ? I know it's not set in stone, but usually the better CB goes up top, right? No big deal, just curious. Lastly, as far as stats go, I think the Hawks back up RB's could use a bump or two in some areas. I understand how important MS is, so you can't tinker too much but Christine Michael is pretty freaking fast, I don't know if a drop in other areas for a single uptick in speed would make sense but think on it. But IMO it's Robert Turbin that could use a big boost in HP. Dude is a beast. See below:
  6. WHAT : The First Annual Pacific Rim Tecmo Tournament WHEN : Sunday, April 7th 2013 - 11:00am WHERE : The Magnolia Village Pub (3221 West McGraw Street, Seattle, Washington 98199) FEE: $15 Come join Bo Jackson, QB Eagles and the rest of the gang for a day of throwback football action at the Magnolia Village Pub. The PTC will be a world cup style tournament complete with group play and elimination rounds, until only one 8 bit football god remains! Who will be crowned the king of the 2-D gridiron? Join us for the afternoon, whether you're a TSB guru or just looking for an afternoon of nostalgic fun. There will be food and drink specials throughout for participants, fans and onlookers, not to mention Cash and prizes! HOW TO REGISTER : Start by visiting our event page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/472466322801085/ and sending an email to: [email protected]
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