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  1. bruddog

    Disabling Fumbles after a Touchdown

    This was actually a jstout hack.
  2. bruddog

    2013 MT REmix Project Mayhem Trailer.....

    Dang you cant go back a few revisions? Might want to start saving a version after each major change you apply.
  3. bruddog

    Does game length affect skp vs skp games?

    Just an fyi the quarter length for the sim games is in a different location than the quarter length for the regular games. @buffalo_tox
  4. You could have 3 colors if you wanted to forgo skin color. But other than that nothing that can be done.
  5. bruddog

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    WR allen hurns /cole beasly
  6. bruddog

    Random plays rom

    Per a request by @toolie this rom randomizes your entire playbook right before teh play call screen comes up. TPC_TSB_tapmeter_random_plays.nes
  7. bruddog

    Week 10 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    Sorry I made you re-add me after missing a week and now I've missed another which makes it basically pointless to continue. I focused on my spread pool where I can actually win money and did this week. My 2 cents: Picking the games straight up isn't as interesting because the basic strategy is to pick the favorite is the consensus Vegas line favors them by4 or more for every game. Even when a team is favored by 3 pts you rarely want to pick the dog over the course of the season with a 3 pt favorite winning most of the time. This leaves you with just a handful of games that you even have to think about every week. If you are only trying to win a single week then the strategy might be different. Also there is an advantage to just sitting and waiting to see who everyone picked.
  8. bruddog

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    I will take RB Buck Allen/Ricard since Tecmobo already has all his RB's and Nos took DL.
  9. bruddog

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    KC LB/DB Athony hitchens/ Leon Mcquay
  10. bruddog

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    PHI DL-K-P
  11. bruddog

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    Sea Rb Chris Carson/jalston fowler
  12. bruddog

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Raiders are in full on tank mode. I mean they traded away their best players. No chance they even try to win the next two years.
  13. bruddog

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

  14. bruddog

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    Pit Db/lb haden bostic