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  1. Hey bro quick noob question. Is the push/pull grapple hack set command to complex for the 28 team original tsb nes rom. I have attempted several attempts and right when my preseason game starts it goes to an error. Any tips for me?


  2. I don't know exactly how it works in TSB3, but in temco super bowl the defenders maxium speed value references a different table. So a defender with a max speed of 50 is the same as an offensive player that had 150 top speed if that was possible. That is what he is referring to @Fernando 49 Not sure where those values are located in TSB3 @TeBowl_Time
  3. TSB NFL 2011-2012 Bruddog Mega Hack Version.nes View File File imported by an administrator Submitter bruddog Submitted 08/22/2012 Category Misc ROMs  
  4. Most everyone communicates on discord. Depending on your tv you may have a fair amount of input lag vs people who play on their PC’s. The discord server is here: https://discord.gg/VVG96p
  5. @Tstuller See this thread.... there is a rom about 6 or 7 posts down. You have to set your plays after the kickoff using the play cahnger hack that was applied since it loads the same playbook for both player 1 and 2.
  6. @Tstuller You can essentially do that with the pro bowl mode....and you get super loaded squads.
  7. Its just a graphical overhaul of the SNES game so its running the same core engine... so receivers will stop as much as they do in that game.
  8. So you're saying the sound works fine when you aren't playing netplay? That is very strange....
  9. What do the numbers mean at 027520 address mark for pass plays. I know for running that 00 is QB and 02 is HB but the passing play number don't seem to correlate to anything. I thought maybe it was related to who was the first read but it didn't match for each play. It isn't who based on how many receivers and the numbers only seem to go 00, 01, 02, 03. 

  10. Power rankings of the teams using the same method used to rank the original rom teams
  11. I mean it was a horrendously bad call. And I’m a 49ers fan. Even the most casual fan could tell it was a penalty.
  12. How far away is the person you are playing on netplay @tylpl
  13. I'm 99% sure it doesn't do regular Tecmo Bowl @gojiphen malor
  14. P1 VGifted P2 Bruddog salary_vs_vgifted_play_in.nsv
  15. Based on Vegas's early realeased game lines
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