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  1. Yes, They were playing on an EVERDRIVE. That is a flash cart that can hold tons and tons of roms.
  2. I definitely remember that program but I highly doubt the app would scrape the logs correctly anymore given all the changes to the page layouts that have occurred. Plus I have no idea where that would be located or if it made it through all the board transitions.
  3. Yes he was a former employee...you can google search it if you wish.
  4. Looks like this is the SNES version going by the date? Where did you find this? I assume the cart still works. Did you notice anything different about the gameplay, rosters vs the normal version?
  5. It is reasonable to think Brady is certainly part of the problem. His completion percentage vs expected via NEXT-GEN stats has fallen every year since 2016 to the point where he now ranks in the very bottom of the league starters at -2.6% over expected. He's also having more trouble when under pressure the least few seasons.. Yes the WR's are part of the problem but they aren't the worst in the league either. They might be the worst or near the worst of the playoff contenders but they are probably about league average. in 2016 +2.7 (10th) in 2017 0.5 (10th) in 2018 -1.2 (28th) in 2019 -2.6 (33rd)
  6. @harv2k No one has taken the time to reverse engineer ALL of the SNES code in order to add all 32 teams. And probably no one will it this point. No one has the combination of time, desire and skill to want to do it. It's definitely possible. But its a massive time sink to figure it out.
  7. The Ravens defense has vastly improved since acquiring Peters from the Rams.
  8. No one is giving the Astros a pass....at least not on sports talk radio. Spygate was a much bigger offense...we don't really know how deep that went. It was kind of swept under the rug by the league. Bountygate was also a big deal. The deflated footballs was only a big deal in that it seemed like the Patriots didn't want to come out and admit yes we deflated the balls. The actual effect of the deflated balls was negligible. Mostly they are just hated because they've been so good for so long. People are tired of seeing them in the Super Bowl.
  9. I'm going to say the Raiders as there wasn't much to suggest this size of turnaround. The BILLS record is QUITE inflated due to playing an even easier schedule than the Patriots laughably easy one. . Their average team played is bottom 5 in the league bad. They are probably a 4 or 5 win team with an average schedule. They've played the Jets, Giants, Bengals, Pats, Titans, Dolphins, Eagles, Redskins, Browns and Dolphins. Ther 49ers turnaround while more dramatic than expected was also more likely given better health than last year where they were just decimated with injuries, some key additions (Bosa, Dee Ford) . But they are probably going to come back to earth a bit with a very difficult remaining schedule.
  10. Sorry I was being snarky but I mean I would seriously just look at some web reviews. There is hardly anyone here that both uses a hex editor and a mac. If your just doing some copying and pasting just about any old hex editor will do. Both the MESEN and FCEUX emulators have hex editors built in so you can test out your changes real time.
  11. http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=hex+editor+for+Mac
  12. @segathonsov It's because of the nature of the draft...QB Bills and Thurman will get stolen so that leaves you pretty weak on offense.
  13. You mean on a standard rom? Yes its simple hex fix...
  14. Here is the post that talks about the overthrow int bug:
  15. Pretty much all of these have been talked about at one point. 1. Im saying that the calculation for whether or not a pass is an int when the wr isn’t determined to be close to the ball is total garbage. There is a post on here that explains it. But basically its using a total bogus value for the qbs pass control because they forgot to load it for that calculation. 4. Yes it uses the worst AKB all the time. 5. There is an error with the arrow location calculation that adds some randomness to the location which would be ok except that there is no rhyme or reason to how it does so like a 50 KA kicker gets the least amount of randomness. 6. The players rushing sim ability is used for sim kick returning and sim punt returning BUT the game uses the player put at kick return SIM values for BOTH kick returning and punt returning.
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