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  1. 1. 14 game vs 16 game schedule See response to 3 2. Pace (too fast, too slow, just right) Just right. 3. Tiered Divisions? Fine with the current structure. I think if it went to 16 games or 32 teams it won’t make sense. 4. Ratings... Season 1 was fast, and 2-3 are closer to OG. You like the season 1 feel or prefer S2/S3? Season 1. 5. Playoffs- call outs or prefer standard seeding? Call outs. 6. More playoff teams? 8 out of 20... Add one more spot? More only if we expand. 7. Extended break... like the idea or prefer keep it going? LIKE! 8. Expansion. have 10 on wait list.... Would like to try for full 32? Whatever the league will bear. 9. Hacks- 2point, XP distance opinions/improvements or any other hack ideas. Could list a ton but the faster Interception return hack would be # one. Fix all the bad bugs...overthrow int bug. Avoid kick block bug. Avoid pass block bug.
  2. Damien Williams RB KC 38 38 31 75 25 Chris Conley WR KC 31 31 13 81 44
  3. Pit db/lb terrell edmunds vince williams
  4. I've got a chubby for CLE RB/WR Nick Chubb and pal
  5. Reluctantly Jax lb telvin smith and pal
  6. @adscl84 There are so many things wrong with that set command its not even worth trying to fix that way. Like its source basically completely wrong with tons of asm bugs. It needs to be totally re-written
  7. Group 6 Bruddog vs Nelson79 Bruddog wins toss and calls NYJ NO Nelson takes NO 1st HALF I mix and match run and pass for the first drive and score on a 3rd down run to make it 7-0. I accidentally get blocked on the ensuing KR and cannot corral heyward and that long drive is wasted for nothing. Another long drive and its 14-7. Mcmillan goes into good in the 2nd qtr. I force a stop around the 30 or 40. Morten comes on for the FG but its WIIIIDE RIGHT. I get close to Leahy range but go for the dagger 2td jj td lead and come up empty. 2nd HALF Accidentally onsides....SMH... and nearly get it but luckily he gets tackled when he gets it. McMillan goes into excellent either this qtr or the next. Regardless he saves the day with a JJ int in perfect position. I drive down to the 23 or so and face a 4th and 1. Obrien scrambles for the conversion. THomas escapes some drones on run 2 and its 21-7 NYJ. Mcmillan would get his 2nd jj int on a deep jj attempt but obrien gives it back a few plays later as maxie just gets to a deep crosser on time. Mcmillan would just miss another jj int attempt as he was slightly out of position and fourcade hits on a big gain. NO gets down to the 10 or so but NYJ D stiffens. MVP Mcmillan comes up with his 3rd jj int on the day. Obrien and pals milk most of he clock and leahy comes in for a FG. Gil byrd would recover a KR fumble for some pt differential points. GG Nelson
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