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  1. Was hoping to push it out today but need to change/fix a few more things. Friday at the latest
  2. Set all bytes to 00 in the following locations. 0x5C180 thru 0x5C18F 0x5C1E0 thru 0x5C1EF These are sprites and not background objects like the remainder of the helmet BEFORE FIX AFTER FIX
  3. The dynastyphile (tecmobowl.net) site isn’t being maintained anymore. The person who created doesn’t have the time anymore. And it does have a few bugs and issues from what I’ve heard. Its not heavily used but a few active leagues use it. Definitely doesn’t hurt to have another possible option if this is mostly a labour of love type of thing.
  4. Only you would know that, if you are the one coding the website. It’s quite obviously feasible. We already have websites for the biggest leagues. See examples: hstl.tecmobowl.org http://tecmobowl.net/main/default.php That’s the bar you have to clear. I assume your website would be free/nearly free to use. If not, I wouldn’t bother.
  5. So of the two players who are currently in the WR1 and WR 2 spot on the field, one of them will have a chance to pause their route. I guess its supposed to be a hot route of sorts where you can make a quick throw to the WR. But this seems kind of annoying if you need them to them run a bomb I haven't calculated the chance yet but the greater the reception skill the greater the chance the WR will stop. The table is at 0x18B37 18 = 06 rec skill value = 9.7% chance of stopping route 20 = 13 rec skill value = 12.8% chance of stopping route ... 90 = 100 rec skill value = 56% chance of stopping route if selected Every skill increase = 3.1% additional chance of stopping route So really the chance for the WR1 or Wr2 to stop a route on any play is half that chance since only one of them can get selected per play. I'm pretty sure these percentages are correct.
  6. More info figured out. The computer gets a random amount of presses.... 75% chance to get one press every 9 frames...
  7. Confirmed in the code agility value is definitely used when changing directions for a man controlled player, however it doesn't effect the qb for some reason. Or at least the QB doesn't use this code both behind the LOS and past the LOS. The table for offensive players is at 0x1d4FF in the rom 06 06 05 05 04 04 03 03 02 02 01 01 01 01 01 01 The table for offensive players is at 0x1d50F in the rom 07 07 07 06 06 05 05 05 04 04 03 02 01 01 01 01 These numbers represent how many frames it takes until it responds to you changing direction. I made the values 20 = 32 frames = ~ 0.5 sec and it was EXTREMELY noticeable. Its like trying to change directions in mud.
  8. @averagetsbplayer Without this hack…a game that goes into overtime has ALL the quarter scores cleared. So you have no idea what was scored in each qtr. this hack keeps all the qtr scores intact and only updates the total score. This gack lets you deduce what the score in OT was.
  9. Original nes controller with usb adapter
  10. Shorter players tend to be quicker. Just look at the nba. Or slot wr’s. They tend to be the smaller/lighter guys. Running speed equals starting speed (quickness) in tecmo so that chart looks reversed. The max speed formula just seems like it ends up mostly as random noise… i picked a handful of slow and fast guys.. it told me ricky proehl needs to be 75 ms. Ummm… I get your thought process behind this but I have major doubts it works very well for the tecmo engine. Given tecmo is so limited in attributes and how much top speed means on offense. You really have to use the players/teams on field production to guide ratings.
  11. I do get what you are going for here but in many cases this going to be way off even as a baseline. I don't think rating their speed stats off their height/weight stats really makes much sense. Speed is near everything for an offensive player in tecmo. In real life speed matters but not anywhere near the extent it does in tecmo. What is the logic behind taller players being quicker (more RS?). If anything I would reverse that char to make the shorter players quicker. I mean for HP most OL are big dudes but their size doesn't have that much to do with their blocking ability. I think you'd really have to blend their (height and weight) with other stats
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