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  1. I thought I'd update my profile a bit after this weekend. I'll have a new picture as soon as I find a way to take a selfie while holding 2 trophies.
  2. The tecmo gods have spoken to me in my sleep with participation from those with the know how 4 Teams playing one game could be a thing in time.
  3. Anyone looking to save money on a hotel i'm in for 30 even if it means sleeping on the floor. Text me 920-840-3082.
  4. What would it cost to sleep on the floor on the Clarion on Saturday?
  5. Looking to stay somewhere on Saturday night willing to pay my share for the night and sleep on the floor if I need to.
  6. BTW I watched the stream and what with the PIT/HOU match was I was walking by and saw it was either Levi or Tim and I had talked to Regulator at Tecmo Milwaukee prior about odd matchups he likes and he mentioned he liked PIT in HOU/PIT so I figured I would help my buddy out and said Regulator you would choose PIT in a HOU/PIT matchup his ego forced him to say yes and he only won because of a blocked XP 27-28. Other odd matchup calls i've seen were Gats Vs. TheKid DET/ATL called by Gats and when I played against TecmoBo Gats suggested Rams/Eagles and I had a 10 point lead in the 2nd half and the ball with the RAMS before I blew it in OT.
  7. I consider myself a Tecmo enhancement talent Jobber can have other implications Also Lanny Poffo was pretty awesome.
  8. So what i'm trying to do is use the Superstar Editor feature to create some of the best players from Tecmo Super Bowl on the NES and transfer the abilities as closely as possible. Now obviously the game played a little differently so I would like some clarification on some things. All Players Running Speed and Running Power- From my understanding these have swtiched since the NES version correct? Body Balance and Agility I believe this has to do with some new abilities such as spinning and Hurdling so this would be a 6 for all my players since that wasn't a feature QB Passing Accuracy- From my understanding in the original game everything that Passing Accuracy was sapposed to do was controlled by Pass Control so i'll just use the Pass Control numbers. Avoid Rush- Would this be similar to the Avoid Pass Block Stat Coolness- From what I understand this is a Computer only used feature so i'll just use the Passing Control Numbers because that's the most important one K Kicking Accuracy- What exactly does this do i'm not sure if I should give it the Kicking Power or Avoid Block Numbers P Avoid Block- Maybe i'll just have this be 100 since you had to actually Tackle the Punter to block the Punt Defense Quickness- Did nothing in the Original does it do anything in this game? I'll probably just use the Original Quickness
  9. From simple Google Searches I found the following cards exist in some form *(I think Swags or Mort might have this card following the give away from last night I know I saw this card) ERIK WILHELM QB Bengals *MIKE BARBER WR Bengals *(Nebraska Could be a Program)MARC MUNFORD LB Broncos *(Giants)JEFF CARLSON QB Bucs *(Birmingham Fire) CARL BAX OL Bucs *AL DEL GRECO K Cards ALFREDO ROBERTS TE Chiefs *(Patriots/Kentucky)IVY JOE HUNTER RB Colts *TONY MARTIN WR Dolphins *REGGIE SINGLETARY OL Eagles *(Broncos)CHARLES DIMRY DB Falcons *(Oilers/California)HARVEY SALEM OL Lions *KETIH FERGUSON DL Lions *(Pro Line Dosen't Have his name on front) RORY GRAVES OL Raiders *(Several Better than my crappy poorly cut out Sports Illustrated for Kids card where he is on the Eagles) BRIAN MITCHELL RB Redskins *RICK STROM QB Steelers I will bring in my Brian Mitchell Card basically as a place holder
  10. I guess I only need to bring my crappy Sports Illustrated for Kids Brian Mitchell Card.
  11. If anyone can find Info about that Card Binder I was talking about Here are the cards I have including Gary Reasons! Al Noga Albert Lewis Allen Pinkett Andre Tippett Andre Ware Andy Heck Barry Sanders Bennie Blades Bern Brostek Bill Fralic Brian Mitchell Bruce Smith Bubba McDowell Buford McGee Burt Grossman Carnell Lake Chris Calloway Chris Warren Cris Carter Dalton Hilliard Dan Saleaumua Daniel Stubbs Deion Sanders Dermontti Dawson Don Beebe Duane Bickett Earnest Byner Ed Reynolds Eddie Murray Emmitt Smith Erik McMillan Ernie Jones Frank Reich Fred Marion Gary Anderson (K) Gary Reasons Guy McIntyre Harris Barton Haywood Jeffries Irv Pankey Jacob Green Jay Novacek Jeff George Jerry Rice Jim Harbaugh Joe Montana John Alt John Elway John Stephens John Taylor Junior Seau Kevin Greene Kevin Porter Lawrence Taylor Leo Lewis Marcus Allen Mark Duper Martin Mayhew Mike Johnson Morten Anderson Myron Guyton Neil Smith Nick Lowery Ottis Anderson Pat Leahy Pat Swilling QB Eagles Randy Dixon Ray Donaldson Raymond Clayborn Rich Gannon Rick Donnelly Ricky Proehl Rob Moore Robert Perryman Rodney Holman Scott Mersereau Shane Conlan Stan Humphries Steve Beuerlein Steve Young Thurman Thomas Tim Brown Tim McDonald Timm Rosenbach Vinny Testeverde Warren Moon Wayne Martin William Fuller
  12. Found all my remaining Football Cards does anyone have a list of all the Cards that need to be completed for the Football Binder?
  13. Orenga will be there? I'll have to dig out my bracelett.
  14. Hoping to get a Fox Valley Carpool for this maybe some players who are actually good can use me to help pay for gas and hotel coconuts, Gio, Nate i'm looking your way