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  1. I'll be cashing in my 4th place hardcore finish so Tom Stahnke can pay for me. My scrub roommate Gats can pay his own way in.
  2. Whats the point of drafting Duper, Clayton, Edmunds, and Jensen if your going to focus on the run, Couldn't you have gotten better LB's instead? Where they just available that far down in the draft and you had to take them?
  3. Johnny Johnson is far from the best on the list of the 4 I would rank him above Ronald Moore because he had more longevity than 5 pretty good seasons as compared to Moores 2 good season while Moore had the best individual season in 1993 his numbers from 95-98 were crap. However Adrian Murrell and his 95-99 seasons were more impressive than Johnson's numbers including 3 consecutive 1000 yard seasons. The top guy by far is Garrison Hearst who came into his own in 1995 with a 1070 yard season then played for Cincinnati in 96 and had 847 yards rushing. Then he went to San Francisco becoming the back that they had hoped Johnny Johnson could be. Rushing for 1019 in 97 and in 98 he had 1570 rushing and 535 receiving breaking Roger Craigs team records for most yards rushing and most yards from scrimmage. After helping the team make the playoffs he ran for 128 and caught 3 passes to beat the Packers. He then had an ankle break on the first play from scrimmage and SF lost to ATL 18-20 San Francisco could have been in the Superbowl that year if he hadn't gotten hurt. He had a complication with surgery that resulted in him getting Avascular Necrosis which is what caused Bo Jackson to retire from football. Instead of giving up he spent the 99 and 2000 years rehabbing and got back into the game and turned the 49ers who were 10-22 while he was gone into a 12-4 team with his 1206 yards rushing being named NFL Comeback player of the year. He also had 972 rushing yards in 2002 and 768 in 2003 then in 2004 the Broncos squeezed the last ounces of Football they could out of him and that was it. Now what would you rather have a player who sits out because of a fake injury or a player that battles a real one and comes back and leads you to the playoffs? Not only that Hearst even had the time to be quoted making anti-gay slurs in 2002 in a San Francisco newspaper. I don't recall Johnny Johnson ever spewing out anti-gay slurs in the gayest town in america.
  4. 1990-1992 Tim McDonald Best Player on the Cardinals 1993-1994 Boomer Esiason Best Player on the Jets 1996 I'd say Jerry Rice was the best player on the 49ers but Johnny Johnson never actually played Also it should be pointed out that in 1993 The Cardinals Replaced Johnny Johnson with a historically insignificant (much like Johnny Johnson) rookie named Ronald Moore who scored more touchdowns in his first season and rushed for more yards than Johnny ran for in any single season. Let's Look at the top 5 Cardinals Single Season Rushers of the 90's 1 95 Garrison Heart 1070 Yards 2 98 Adrian Murrell 1042 Yards 3 93 Ronald Moore 1018 Yards 4 90 Johnny Johnson 926 Yards 5 94 Ronald Moore 780 Yards
  5. Does Johnny Johnson fake an injury in that game like he did in real life and like Peyton Hillis did. Hillis did have 61 receptions for 477 yards. He also had more Yards from Scrimmage that year than Johnson ever had and he had 13 Total TD's thats 7 more than Johnson had. A real warrior football player will play the game until he is braindead and useless life after the war is pointless in the eyes of a true warrior. Steve Young and Troy Aikman had enough brain cells left they could have afforded more concussions before they were vegetables. Brett Favre should have drank a bottle of painkillers everyday he could have won another superbowl. Die on the field be a real warrior like Apollo Creed. Peyton Hillis video
  6. Right now it's highly likely that you will see Gats and I at this. Hopefully having the 2 finalists of Madison will give this tournament some hype.
  7. Hey here is another fun fact for you Steve Grogan in a single season once had more Rushing Touchdowns than Johnny Johnson had in any 2 seasons combined.
  8. First off i'm missing one Johnny Johnson was on Tecmo Superbowl for NES and SNES/Genis and then Tecmo 2 for SNES/Genesis where is the 4th? Also while Johnson is a serviceable player in all those games he was never on the cover of a video game. Peyton Hills was the cover boy of 2012 Madden. While that is not nearly as cool as being on the cover of Tecmo would be he was on a cover of a football video game and Johnny Johnson can't claim that. You know what else Hills can claim that Johnson can't a season where he rushed 1000 yards.
  9. Well i think that's pretty obvious i mean how long have you been accepting of tailback king and his obvious crush on Johnny Johnson and who can blame him certainly there can be no confusion of the sexual attraction I mean why do you think there has been so much talk about his nutsack? If this was strictly about how attractive the guy is I wouldn't have a leg to stand on. However when tailback king continues to insist that Johnny Johnson was as good at football as he looks that's when I must disagree.
  10. I had forgotten about the famous guy with his fly down
  11. Hey Kamp TBK does know that i'm just trolling him right?

    1. kamphuna8


      yes and no??? lol. i think it's fantastic. Play on playa

  12. The 1990 Cardinals were 2-0 Without Johnny Johnson. The 1991 Cardinals were 1-0 Without Johnny Johnson. Johnson only missed one game for the jets which the Jets lost. Boomer Esiason was the main reason the Jets had some success in 93 he had one or two more years of usefulness and got off to a 8-5 start before Johnson made sure they lost the last 3 games and missed the playoffs. You want to give Johnson credit for being a Decoy and say Baxter and Thomas were no threat? All 3 players really entered the NFL in 1990 lets see who the biggest threat was in Yards per carry. In 1990 Thomas had 5.0 YPC Baxter had 4.3 and Johnson had 4.0 all 3 had a Sophmore slump in 1991 Thomas had 3.9 Baxter had 3.6 and Johnson had 3.4 then in 1992 every player had a resurgence Baxter had 4.6 Thomas had 4.5 and yet again in last place Johnson had 4.1 real scary. Esiason was a Pro Bowler in 1993 and had previously lead his team to the Superbowl something Johnny Johnson never got close to not that he wanted to which is why he really didn't want to play for the 49ers and sat out one year and then faked an injury when he did sign which is why i say he lacked passion. The 1990 Cardinals were actually slowed down by Johnny Johnson who ran the ball 234 times for 926 the rest of the team ran the ball 218 times for 986 yards. Johnny Johnson reminds me of Peyton Hills both drafted in the 7th round short career around the same Yards Per Carry (Hills was about .1 yard better) Both weren't happy about the amount they got paid both faked an injury so they wouldn't have to play. Both ended up being a flash in the pan that is at most a footnote in NFL history.
  13. What part do you want sources for?