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  1. I guess I only need to bring my crappy Sports Illustrated for Kids Brian Mitchell Card.
  2. If anyone can find Info about that Card Binder I was talking about Here are the cards I have including Gary Reasons! Al Noga Albert Lewis Allen Pinkett Andre Tippett Andre Ware Andy Heck Barry Sanders Bennie Blades Bern Brostek Bill Fralic Brian Mitchell Bruce Smith Bubba McDowell Buford McGee Burt Grossman Carnell Lake Chris Calloway Chris Warren Cris Carter Dalton Hilliard Dan Saleaumua Daniel Stubbs Deion Sanders Dermontti Dawson Don Beebe Duane Bickett Earnest Byner Ed Reynolds Eddie Murray Emmitt Smith Erik McMillan Ernie Jones Frank Reich Fred Marion Gary Anderson (K) Gary Reasons Guy McIntyre Harris Barton Haywood Jeffries Irv Pankey Jacob Green Jay Novacek Jeff George Jerry Rice Jim Harbaugh Joe Montana John Alt John Elway John Stephens John Taylor Junior Seau Kevin Greene Kevin Porter Lawrence Taylor Leo Lewis Marcus Allen Mark Duper Martin Mayhew Mike Johnson Morten Anderson Myron Guyton Neil Smith Nick Lowery Ottis Anderson Pat Leahy Pat Swilling QB Eagles Randy Dixon Ray Donaldson Raymond Clayborn Rich Gannon Rick Donnelly Ricky Proehl Rob Moore Robert Perryman Rodney Holman Scott Mersereau Shane Conlan Stan Humphries Steve Beuerlein Steve Young Thurman Thomas Tim Brown Tim McDonald Timm Rosenbach Vinny Testeverde Warren Moon Wayne Martin William Fuller
  3. Found all my remaining Football Cards does anyone have a list of all the Cards that need to be completed for the Football Binder?
  4. Orenga will be there? I'll have to dig out my bracelett.
  5. Hoping to get a Fox Valley Carpool for this maybe some players who are actually good can use me to help pay for gas and hotel coconuts, Gio, Nate i'm looking your way
  6. Is it in a safe part of Detroit? What parts of Detroit are or aren't safe so I can get a Hotel and not get my car stolen.
  7. Also I have just invested in a filming company I was hoping I could bring my director and he could film our experience I'm guessing I have to have permission from the owner of the bowling alley and the tournament director so i'm asking if that's okay.
  8. Just advertise alcohol heavily enough and he will be there
  9. 59th I'll take that with pride
  10. Recovering from Tecmo XII at the warehouse. The stupid forklift makes it difficult.
  11. Who would have guessed the guy who took the 256 spot would be the guy to walk away with the 1st place trophy.
  12. Is there anyone who would consider letting me crash on the floor with them Friday in exchange for 20 bucks? Hank112489@gmail.com (Not a request for sex)
  13. OK never mind about the home team that was easy to figure out id just like a way to track tackles even if I have to use a save state and enter it into something where it shows the tackle amounts I can just tally that an a excel sheet and work with that. BTW if this is in the wrong area please tell me.
  14. I'm making my own personal league to watch the computer play itself (I'm strange) anyway I would like a stat extractor that calculates tackles this is the only stat the game doesn't calculate that a care about. I'd like to be able to see the amount of tackles made by each defensive in a game. I also have heard that there is some difficulty in controlling which team is set to be home in TSBTool Supreme is that true?
  15. 1st game MIA 42 at Rams 7 2nd game WAS 28 at MIn 14 Semifinal HOU 31 at BUF 15 Final KC 7 at CHI 0 I played Jesse before at Tecmo Tundra 2 I beat him 35-7 despite this he went 3-1 in pool play and I went 2-2 the fact that he beat primetime in the last game of round robin meant i didn't make the playoffs and he did. I got the return and drived down the field for a score the got a INT on the first play on defense then I went for it on 4th and 3 around the 50 gained around 30 yards before fumbling. He returned the ball in the 2nd half and drove the entire 3rd quarter. I stopped him on 4th and goal at the 3 he called Run 3 which was gaining a few solid yards with Muster and so did I. He got the ball again in the 4th with around 2 minutes left but he didn't get very fair as he and the Bears are a running team.