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  1. Tecmo Texas will be held Saturday Feb 2nd at 11am at Three Links on Deep Elluim Dallas! See Tecmo Texas Facebook page for more details...
  2. Congrats to Pookie Pookums! Champ of Tecmo Dallas 2018!
  3. This is coming back from the dead! Details coming soon!
  4. Ashman here (David T. from Texas).. Guys I had a blast at Madison! What a great way to go out on top. I'm hoping I will see you guys again at other tournaments! Playing online is fun but it just isn't the same as getting together!
  5. Ashman cometh for the last time. I must say the weather on this trip from Texas to Wisconsin has been the best to date! Can't wait to get this kicked off guys!!! Woo-Hoo!!!
  6. If Ashman does come he will be all decked out in full Dallas Cowboy's War Brigade!
  7. Ashman looking for pack mule to make trip north... 20 hour drive from Texas... is it true the Democrats that dwell up there eat their own young?
  8. Guys it has been an honor to attend such a classy tournament the past two years. I can't wait to have one last run with you all this year. I can only imagine the work and strain it puts on your families to run a tournament this large every year. Hats off to you gentlemen well done! And just in case your wondering "SonOfPatBeach"... if this was a ploy to get out of coming to my high stakes tournament in Texas it isn't going to work! You still have to come south as agreed!! Ashman cometh for the last time!!
  9. Guys I'm trying to convince my good friend "Pookie Pookums" to come to the last Madison tournament. Pookie is a solid player and got 2nd place at Tecmo Texas last year. He has agreed to come if I can help him find some land up north in Wisconsin or Michigan to hunt deer on. He says he'll pay for all of his license fees just need to find a place he can hunt at as we are from Texas. Does anyone have any land he could hunt for a few days during hunting season? We would be willing to offer land to hunt on for free in Texas as a trade.
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