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    Sports in general play basketball and football and love watching it as well. Like to game. Mainly, Madden, NBA 2k13, and Tecmo Suepr Bowl.


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    4th Place Millard's Mayhem I, Tecmo Super Bowl March Madness Bracket Winner, Temo Madison XII Rk:50
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  1. You could have a Top Ten reason to go to Burning Mort but the same answer would appear. “It’s Burning Mort”
  2. Hank, How can you ever come to a Segathon with that type of attitude. Blasphemy.
  3. VikingMoe, Awesome you and your brother are coming. The field is shaping up. To Everyone, I will do a first place belt unveiling in the coming weeks. Prizes this year will be on lock down. I do have plenty this year and they are pretty good. I crack up thinking about some of them. I am also working on doing a Friday practice or get together with some classic games as well. Probably start at 8:00 and go until 10. If it does go through I will give a list of games that will be able to be played. I will also get an updated list sent out by weeks end. Only A couple months away and we are going to be rocking. I am excited. Enjoy the summer, Sammie Smith "Best Running Back in Tecmo Super Bowl" Dan Marino 2nd Best Ron Wolfley
  4. Congratulations to Segathon for winning the Anthony Carter Jersey. Check out the video below. https://www.pscp.tv/w/b2fptTFZTEtKTnhvWnhPS058MWVhS2JPYVBwd3JHWDUVW39TwQdBSWOwgMPmgMYfi0tHWd1UrPk4uu73NOTN?t=2s
  5. I am sure you are busy, but any way I can get Millard's Mayhem IV pinned?  Have a great weekend!


    SammieSmith aka Kris

  6. Anthony Carter jersey will be a live feed on Periscope at 4:00 pm on Sunday. I would do it earlier but going to some NCAA tourney parties this weekend. You can follow the jersey selection show video at: https://www.pscp.tv/Shabanbush/follow
  7. Rico it works now. I needed to update the link. Sorry about that.
  8. First 5 players to sign up on the link will be entered to win this: Authentic Anthony Carter Jersey. The letters are not sewed on but no jersey during Anthony Carters playing day was during that time period were. Once 5 players are signed up I will list the names on the site and do a live video to present the winner. Good Luck. We have one signed up already. 1. Nate aka RetroNate 2. Rico aka Rico33 3. Levi aka Nelson79 4. Justin aka FartBreath 5. Nick aka Segathon Tony aka Lakitu did not want in on the jersey so Segathon gets the move up.
  9. Hello Tecmo Super Bowl Fans: Millards Mayhem IV is back with its final sequel to Teen Wolf. Ron Wolfely has been a great guy for us at Millard's Mayhem so why not finish of the the Teen Wolf theme. Millard's Mayhem IV: Teen Wolfley II Location: Tin Shed Tavern & Pizza, Savage, MN 55378 Address: 12250 Zinran Ave Phone Number: 952-736-24444 Time: 11:00 start time Cost: $30.00 All my money goes towards the prize pool along with first place winning a WWE Championship Belt. You will also receive a raffle ticket for prizes for the tourney. You can pay at door or paypal me at [email protected] Either way is great. Prizes: Lots of great prizes will be given out with the raffle ticket you receive for the purchase into the tourney Rules: Tecmo Madison aka Tundra National Championship Rules Sign Up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf3XCixXf72_G3nNNyW0jlIOWoWw7MQmemAtTQf3r-FcX7IhQ/viewform Format: Depending on amount of players we have pool play with groups of 4 to 5, then bracket play after with double elimination for the final 16. Streaming: I am going to try and get a stream set up this year. I am working on it. I will give out further details as we get closer to the date. People Signed Up So Far: Kris (Sammie Smith33) George (People's Champ) Jock (J-Money) Tony (Lakitu) Scib (Nostradamus) Nate (Retro-Nate) Nick (Segathon) Levi (Nelson79) Rico (Rico33) Tom (8-Bit) Jon (QB Browns) Hank (Hank The Tank) Eric (VikingMoe) Viking Moe's Brother Justin (Fartbreath) Josh (HughMillenation) Scotty ( People Who are Coming who haven't Registered: J. Kramer K. Kramer J. Gats Possiblities: (People I have talked to) Tom (RetroSportsTom) Ben Mike (Bo&Barry) Dom (ChampionSlayer)
  10. Play the scene from Rocky IV when they fight in Russia or a rendition of Nikolai Volkaf singing it.
  11. Goup 14 Da Riddler vs. SammieSmith33 I won toss called Pitt vs. Den He chose Denver. Even though I think in his heart he wanted Pittsburgh. I was a tough choice for him. It took like 5 minutes. 1st Half Action: I win toss and elect to kick. He drives down effortlessly to my 30 and goes for it on 4th and 1 and tries to do the Elway sneak play 4 curl up the middle drone grabs him and then I came in and finished it off. Turnover on downs. I get the ball drive down to his 30 get stopped and Anderson hits a field goal. 3-0. He gets a drive again and gets to about my 40 goes for a field goal to tie and Lloyd must have been in excellent because he just streak in and tackles Kubiak and no field goal was even attempted. It was crazy. It was Lawrence Taylor speed. Cocaine must have been involved. That was my only reasoning behind this. I drive down to about the 30 again. Get stopped Gary Anderson kick a field goal. 6-0. He puts in Kubiak for a final Hail Mary before the half nothing happens. 6-0 Half time. 2nd half Action: I get the ball drive down and he runs up on me to try to get Brister and Brister throws a ball out in the flat to Hoge. He rumbles 20 yards for a touchdown. 13-0. Now the next three possessions the first two with Elway the last with Kubiak, Woodson gets 3 interceptions. He was in beast mode. He was breaking tackles and getting 20 plus yards on every returned interception. Neither Elway or Kubiak could throw a jump ball, they were pretty on target which led to Woodson getting the picks. I scored on the next two drives. A touchdwon pass from Brister to Hill. Then Hoge runs in a 10 yarder. Last possesion I just ran out the clock. Game was 27-0 Steelers over Broncos Da Riddler is a good player. He was able to move the ball pretty well. Just some freak plays and like I said. Pitt D was in rare form. They were everywhere. I almost wonder if everyone was in excellent because they were moving fast. It would be interesting to see how things would have turned out if Elway would have gotten that 4th and 1 and if he would of made that field goal. It was fun playing and enjoyed the talk with the Riddler. Good stuf
  12. Toolie vs. SammieSmith33 Group 14 Toolie Won toss called PHX vs. Jets I took Jets 1st Half: It was a cool 45 degrees at the Meadowlands and the Jets we’re hosting the Cardinals. The Jets won the toss and elected to kick. On the Cardinals first drive a lot of running took place which set up Del Greco for a 40 yard field goal. On the Jets first possession Blair Thomas broke an 70 yarder down to the goaline and Johnny Hector punched it in. 7-3 Jets. Cardinals next drive was a good mix of passing and running with a td to follow. After this with little time remaining in the first Leahy kicks a 63 yarder to tie at 10 going into halftime. 2nd half: 3rd quarter was very quiet. 2 punts amounting to much of nothing. In the 4th Jets driving and an interception was thrown by OBrien. Cardinals next drive Johnny Johnson fumbles and the Jets get the ball back and drive down to the one yard and get held up by a tough Cardinals Defense. The offense for the Cardinals scores 14 unanswered and the Jets fall to the Cardinals 24-10. it was a fun game and was closer than the score but Ken OBrien has no balls this game. link to the game is below: https://www.twitch.tv/luckytool
  13. Discord Handle: SammieSmith33 Can you host?: Only with servers Your time zone: CST Best time for you to play: after 8:45 pm Any day of week
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