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    Sports in general play basketball and football and love watching it as well. Like to game. Mainly, Madden, NBA 2k13, and Tecmo Suepr Bowl.


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  1. Our Governor is going to have an announcement on Monday about more COVID related stuff. I will keep you guys posted. If things are all good I will release another video with tourney info and what will go down. I did get a facial scan at Life Time Fitness today to get my temperature checked. That was weird. Now they can track where we are. Facial scans to work out. Werid.
  2. Also, I don’t know if anyone who is coming would be interested but we are also going to have a flag football game Possibly Sunday morning. I have flags and cones from school and there is a huge park by my house less than a half mile away.
  3. 20 is the limit. @hankthetank I know this seems weird but just in everyone’s best interest and safety this will be socially appropriate. I didn’t want to do this at a bar because your in an enclosed space for a long period of time with people coming in we don’t know. This way people have the freedom to be outside and separate periodically. If numbers for this virus were obsolete I wouldn’t care but I also don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting it because we were filled to the gills with people.
  4. I going to be posting some videos shortly about the tourney and adding more stuff in the coming weeks. It has been kind of slow but this COVID kind of hampers some of the things I can do. Fingers crossed numbers don't spike to much in the next couple of weeks and we will be straight. Just want to make sure like @Knobbesent out, that we are doing this in a safe way that can still be enjoyable. I will have hand sanitizer at each station and sealed masked if you need them. All food will be handled with utensils and I will have beer but you can bring your own as well. Also BYOC. Bring your own controller. LOL
  5. It will truly be missed. I feel like Griffey during the strike season. I was just getting my feet planted into this thing. @Beef Juice should send some sacrificial juice to the Conjurer to keep the Burning Mort temple flames a blaze. Also that sweet aroma will bring joy. It will be missed but we all will be waiting with great excitement for next year.
  6. Bags is super fun! IM still going to set up a bracket. We play is the neighborhood almost every week. @kamphuna8
  7. In Minnesota they are now allowing groups up to 20. I will have a bags (corn hole tourney as well) outside. Tecmo Bags! For when players aren’t playing. I still might find a venue but I think a garage party would be slick.
  8. @tecmoninja we have never had a ninja at Millard’s so you would be more than welcome!
  9. Date: August 8 (Saturday) Location: Savage, MN Time: 11:00 am Rules: Variety of Rules (Will release closer to tournament) for round robin. Playoffs will be standard Tundra Bowl Rules. Prizes: A Championship Belt for sure and depending on amount of people I will come up with some clever ideas and cash payouts. More Info to Come: I know this a total shot in the dark but I will plan to have Millard's Mayhem 5: Dances With Wolfley on August 8 in my garage. I was thinking at least Minnesota people and my brothers will attend but if anyone else would be willing I would be more than happy to welcome you with "Open Arms." I don't know about the bar situation so I would have a garage session. It's a huge garage and is very clean @segathonsov , @Nostradamus, @8-bit can verify. I will spread out the Nintendo's and also have a bbq and beer. We will have plenty of wipes and we can have BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) or I can issue a disinfected one for you to use. I wanted to throw it out there just to see if there was interest. Right now we are limited to outdoor settings of 10, but if things change I would be open to having it. SammieSmith33 Signed Up So Far: Kris: SammieSmith33 Scib: @Nostradamus Tony: Lakitu George: People's Champ Jock: J-Money Nick: @segathonsov Tom: @8-bit J Kramer: @kramz8477 Josh: @HughMillenation Eric: @VikingMoe Brookins: The Allen Iverson of Tecmo "Practice?" Stuht: MoneyEarninVernon Jay: Boots Nick: The Neighbor James: WinReaper Rahim: Riggity Nate: @RetroNathan Jon: @QB Browns (possibly) K Kramer: @KDog Tommy: @LudioWon Waiting List: Rob: FasterThanASpeedingBeebe dropped out so Eric is in. We will have a medical professional on hand for this event. Safety first. He will bring IV'S for the People's Champ so he can win the Tourney. @Miles Prower
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