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    Sports in general play basketball and football and love watching it as well. Like to game. Mainly, Madden, NBA 2k13, and Tecmo Suepr Bowl.


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    4th Place Millard's Mayhem I, Tecmo Super Bowl March Madness Bracket Winner, Temo Madison XII Rk:50
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  1. I talked to @8-bit He has shown interest in Iowa Tecmo
  2. @Nilvah make sure you set your alarm so you don’t miss the tourney. Lol
  3. Are Nebraska peeps red or are they still yellow @randywags25
  4. I’m in! Excited to be in this. @noonan puts on a great show.
  5. What about Rookie of the Year: Kian “Miles Tails Prower” and David aka “Johnny Gats aka Italian Gats”.
  6. Also congrats to Justin Peters for winning the tourney! He is the 4th different winner we have had in the 4 years we have been running Millard's Mayhem. Winners are below Sconnie 2nd Tom (8-Bit) 3rd (Sobhi) 4th Kris (SammieSmith33) Kyle (The Gamer) Francis (Mort) Corey (Noonan) J Kramer (RypienU.A.New1) Joey (Gats) 2nd Nate (RetroNathan) 3rd. Jock (J-Money) 4th K Kramer (K-Dog) Justin (The Professor) 2nd. K Kramer (K-Dog) 3rd. Joey (Gats) 4th. Rico (Rico33)
  7. Prizes That Were Given Away: 1. Buffalo Bills Team Poster Framed 1991: Joey Gats 2. Green Bay Packers Team Poster Framed 1991: Rico 3. Bruce Smith 16x 20 Poster framed: K Kramer 4. Minnesota Vikings Team Poster Framed 1991: K. Kramer (K-Dog) 5. Mike Rozier Signed Number Tecmo Picture Framed: Jon 6. Griswold Offiical Black Hawks Jersey: Dan (DPS) 7. Roger Craig in just his unders framed poster: Matt (Casual T) 8. Irving Fryar Jersey: Matt (Causal T) 9. Ron Wolfley signed Tecmo Franed Photo: Troy (PrimeTime) 10. Ron Wolfley Signed Teen Wolfely Too Poster Framed: Scib (Nostradamus) 11. Eugene Robinson Hookers panties, unused condom, and Tecmo photo framed: Pete (Simple Simon) exchanged it for Donnell Woolford autographed Tecmo Card 12. Joe Montana graded McDonalds card 1986: RetroNathan for helping me out with the tourney 13. Jeff Hostetler autographed number Tecmo photo framed: RetroNathan 14. Bernie Kosar autographed number and tecmo photo framed: George (Peoples Champ) 15. Marcus Allen autographed number and Tecmo photo framed: Tony (Lakitu) 16. Christian Okeye and David Fulcher Autographed cards: Kris Kramer (K-Dog) 17. Dan Marino Jersey sewed authentic wilson jersey: Hank (Hank The Tank) 18. Anthony Carter Jersey: Nick (Segathon) 19. John Taylor: Happy Birthday autograph: Matt (Casual T) his birthday was the closest to the tournament date. 20. Tecmo Cards: To those who didn't win a prize from above. If you have other prize pictures feel free to post. Sorry hard to take pictures when running the tourney. I received these from Nostradamus
  8. @trojan1979 and @QB Browns it is posted on you tube. Go to the 1:30 mark in Millard’s Mayhem IV Group play video. It is pretty awesome link is below.
  9. All set up for tomorrow. Thanks to @RetroNathan @MadTownSpliffStars And the brothers for stopping by for some fun and setting up. Cant wait to see everyone tomorrow. safe travels.
  10. I tool 3rd in the first Millard Mayhem. I beat Sconnie in group play and beat Segathon on Elite 8. That was fun.
  11. Tecmo Christmas! Can’t wait! If anyone still wants to come let me know or if anyone is out let me know. Can’t wait.
  12. 2 days away from Millard’s Mayhem IV: Teen Wolfley Too at Tin Shed. This number represents Steve Christie of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was the one who replaced Norwood after he missed that Super Bowl kick against the Giants. He was a clutch kicker in poor weather.
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