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  1. Tournament videos now hosted on www.twitch.tv/tomczakbowl
  2. Sorry Mr. Godfather, I must withdraw from this event. Sincere regards,
  3. noonan

    The Road To Tecmo Madison 2017-18

    Did someone call for someone that has stream equipment? Beef Juice, if your venue has greater than 1MB upload speed internet... I can do it.
  4. Full Bracket/Results and most of what you want to know about Iowa Tecmo 4 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U5qSkFngCx4i1GoDCr7gzKhDcETi67j5v1r9ezd_SGs/edit?usp=sharing https://www.twitch.tv/iowatecmo
  5. Also, a shout out to our Veterans. Matt T and Wes K played in our tournament for free and we thank them for their service.
  6. Big congrats to JoeyGats for winning Iowa Tecmo 4. Kyle Nelson (thegamer1185) was the runner-up. Tony James @Dotdon placed 3rd and @justinpeters51 was 4th. We may only had 24 participants, but this was a highly competitive and highly contested field of players. Looking forward to Tomczak, Tundra, Lincoln, and any other regional tournaments.
  7. @qb_browns I hear ya. This tournament will be documented and results posted according to Murray's/Madison submission standards... However.... although this tournament will meet all criteria as a Madison qualifier, I was never contacted/confirmed that Iowa Tecmo would be one of these qualifiers/mid-major. Regardless we run our shop like it would be... so take our results.... acknowledge our top players and organize your groups accordingly. Don't forget to check out our stream... www.twitch.tv/iowatecmo
  8. Some of us have discussed that, as the bar/venue is open Friday evening. Personally, I'll be at the Foo Fighters concert, so we have nothing official setup for Friday evening. Our setup will begin at 10am Saturday for our 11:30a-12pm kickoff.
  9. In related news... @Dotdon was just elected Mayor of the City of Granger, Iowa. Contratulations! First order of business... rename town to "Tecmo City"
  10. @regulator088 No problem... this is a good regional event... and no ill-thoughts to those that can't make it. Most of us Iowans will head to Dubuque which is a few hours closer for most in the mid-states.
  11. Eh... had a few more entries. 24 should be our number.. could grow to 30.
  12. We'll be good. I had to get the wifi password from the staff.... wasn't tough to figure out by guessing. I will remind our participants not use the xxxxx wifi signal just in case.
  13. I went to "The Keg Stand" which is our venue for the Nov11th tourney and took my laptop to test out the streaming. They have 1.8mb upload on their wireless connection and it worked perfectly. https://www.twitch.tv/iowatecmo So at least we'll have a quality stream running.
  14. @SammieSmith33 time to get revenge on Iowa and fill up that Chrysler Pacifica and drive down to Des Moines with your MN brotherin. Plenty of cheap hotels in Des Moines. If you get anything confirmed, register at www.iowatecmo.com 8-bit dropped down to 4-bit? lol