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  1. RetroNathan

    Green Bay, WI - 01/26/19 - Tundra Bowl VI

    It’ll be great having you out for your first of many Tundra Bowl tournaments brother! There are typically quite a bit of players coming from out that way, but off the top of my head, @SammieSmith33 and @Nostradamus are probably the closest to where you’re at for carpooling.
  2. Millard’s Mayhem TecmoSuperBowl tournament wrapped up tonight with some amazing games! JoeyGats brings home another title in a 21-10 victory over myself, MIN over WAS. Jock takes 3rd. Excellent tournament yet again out in Minnesota @SammieSmith33!! Great job, fantastic prizes, and an awesome experience!!
  3. For the record, it was two Bastille covers, two Quietdrive covers, and whatever else came up. It was the wi-fi that was having issues keeping up with the awesome music selection Chris and I were putting on. Maybe 30 min, I’ll give you that.
  4. Was that before or after your “don’t tell my wife” Stone Cold impression in the living room?? 😂 Stellar. Also, Matty and I were 2v2 champs, without a doubt. We had like a dozen wins...then showed mercy to others. Or something like that.
  5. That Spider-Man pinball has my name written all over it.
  6. Can’t wait to see what will be revealed yet...you’ve got a ton already out there. Well done sir! Looking forward to the 4th.
  7. RetroNathan

    Green Bay, WI - 01/26/19 - Tundra Bowl VI

    Announcing our newest event for Tundra Bowl Weekend...RetroMania!! RetroMania is a gauntlet of various retro gaming challenges, culminating in a RetroMania Champion! Participants will earn points for each challenge, and the champion will be the one whose total points are the most over the course of those challenges. (Example: 1st Place in an event = 10 points, 2nd Place in an event = 9 points...point structure will be announced later on) For example, a challenge *could* be "Most Runs in 3 Innings on R.B.I. Baseball (NES)" or "Highest Score in 10 min. on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)" - ALL games will be revealed leading up to the event, and we will have a total of 6-8 game challenges to determine our RetroMania Champion! RetroMania takes place on the Friday night of Tundra Bowl Weekend (Jan. 25) at The Watering Hole. The event costs $10 to play in, and comes with a FREE DRINK TICKET for ALL paid participants to this event. The winner will also get a well-deserved RetroMania TROPHY! More details will come as we get closer to the event, including how to register...stay tuned!!
  8. RetroNathan

    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    This about sums up how *most* of this community operates, because of people like you and many others. Most tournament directors/team members do this because they love the game, love the brotherhood, and love to see people having a good time (many times, at their own personal expense of money and/or time). So many people put in a phenomenal amount of effort, not for their own personal gain (as some unfortunately do), but for the betterment of the experience for others. We we have run five Tundra Bowl events. After obvious expenses, I had enough to pay for my lunch this year, and I think that’s because a friend bought a T-Shirt from me. Every other year it was a loss or it broke even. I choose to do this, not to exploit the community for personal benefit as some choose to do (albeit, some more overtly than others), but because of providing a time where people can come and enjoy the game, and enjoy each other’s company. That’s it; it’s that simple. I have five other people on the Tundra Bowl team who all are there for the same common purpose. Sure, we want to grow the community, but for unselfish reasons. It’s a select few that sometimes sour, what I think, is the greatest extracurricular community I’ve been a part of outside of football. Instead of fracturing the community and creating pockets of allegiance, we need to come together and enjoy the game we all love, together. What everyone needs to do is examine, in their own hearts, what is your motivation? Is it to divide, or to commune? Is it to tear people down, or is it to lift others up? Is it for your own glory, or is it to edify others?
  9. Just checked out the venue, looks like it’s going to be an awesome place to play. How’s the pizza at the Tin Shed?
  10. RetroNathan

    Green Bay, WI - 01/26/19 - Tundra Bowl VI

    Another announcement about Tundra Bowl Weekend coming up next week...say tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter page, Discord and here on the forums to catch the next update!!
  11. I’m a 50/50 shot to make it. Hoping to play in my first MW Tourney; it would be great seeing everyone again. Trying to hammer out family details.
  12. I’m at 75% in
  13. RetroNathan

    Green Bay, WI - 01/26/19 - Tundra Bowl VI

    Announcing our Division 1 and Division 2 registrations for Tundra Bowl VI! This is going to revolutionize Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments as we know it, allowing both the casual player and hardcore competitors options to come out and play the game we all love, while having the option of playing players similar in talent level at a differentiated registration price! Between our introduction of the Tundra Bowl RedZone Stream at TBV and this Division 1 / Division 2 format, we here at Tundra Bowl are all about providing you with the greatest level of customization when it comes to your Tecmo Super Bowl experience...because what matters most to us is that you have the BEST TSB experience possible at Tundra Bowl! Check out THIS VIDEO for an explanation on the Divisions, and as always, stay tuned for more on Tundra Bowl VI!
  14. RetroNathan

    Green Bay, WI - 01/26/19 - Tundra Bowl VI

    Congratulations to Nicholas S. (Sanchez) and Tom S. @allamerican1569 on winning two great prizes during Early Bird Registration! Nick won the Arizona Cardinals Media Guide (featuring ex-Falcons QB Chris Miller), and Tom won the 1991 Andre Rison Starting Lineup! Congratulations guys!
  15. RetroNathan

    Green Bay, WI - 01/26/19 - Tundra Bowl VI

    BIG announcement regarding Tundra Bowl VI - check it out HERE! Also, Early Bird Registration is on NOW for Tundra Bowl VI...and only through Memorial Day (ends at 9:00pm CST Monday)! Not only do you save $5 on either registration, you are entered to win an Arizona Cardinals Media Guide, or a 1991 Andre Rison Starting Lineup! Check out www.tundrabowl.com/registration for all the details, or view the video above and REGISTER TODAY!