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  1. GB takes Fagan / DeLong / Pollard
  2. GB takes Maas / Martin / Porter
  3. Packers take WR Jessie Hester
  4. Packers take Stubbs / Jones / Holt
  5. Packers take WR Gary Clark
  6. Packers draft Steve DeBerg
  7. The Acme Packers select... San Diego OL Leslie O'Neal Gill Byrd
  8. Great to see PaskDaYooper playing at Kumite. He asked which tourneys to go to, told him Kumite is always a good time, and that it’s on my bucket list. Glad he signed up. Really good dude, Tundra Bowl was his first tourney. Show him a great time Kumite!
  9. Group M RetroNathan won toss Called KC-CHI SimpleSimon chose KC Stream Link:
  10. GROUP M RetroNathan won toss (vs. MadTown) DAL-NO NO Crazy game overall:
  11. 1. Discord Name: TundraBowl (RetroNathan) 2. Can you host? Yes 3. Team preference (list 3 teams). SF/KC/GB
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