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  1. Check out my guest appearance on Game N Culture last night at WFRV Local 5 in their "Gaming With A Pro" segment. We talk Tundra Bowl, Tecmo Super Bowl, and gaming in general - I was honored at the opportunity to come on the show, and hope to return in the future!
  2. TUNDRA BOWL VI RECAP IS UP: http://www.tundrabowl.com/tundrabowl6.html Stat updates and other news will follow sometime in the near future. Thanks again to everyone who made it out!
  3. RetroNathan

    Thunderdome XI: Sign Up Thread (DEADLINE 2/6)

    Discord Handle: RetroNathan Can you host?: Yup...I think so. It’s been a while. Your time zone: CST Best time for you to play: Most evenings between 7:30-9:30 CST
  4. RetroNathan

    Thunderdome XI: Official Tournament Trailer

    Awesome trailer brother. I’m in.
  5. It was a great opportunity to talk Tundra Bowl and Tecmo Super Bowl on Fox Sports Radio again this year for our annual segment with Dan Beyer and Mike Harmon. The interview starts at 55:05 of the show, and I was really grateful for the opportunity! Take a listen! https://www.iheart.com/podcast/fox-sports-weekends-18894583/episode/fox-sports-sunday-w-harmon-30471753/
  6. No, there is not just yet. It will be in the recap at the beginning, along with 2v2 info.
  7. Congratulations to @regulator088 on becoming the first two-time Champion in Tundra Bowl History!! Needing to beat @justinpeters51 twice looked tough to say the least (JP was undefeated on the day), but Regs was able to pull back-to-back wins out to take the trophy home. A recap will come later this week. Thanks to all who came out, and to those who supported us on the stream! Final Four 1st: @regulator088 2nd: @justinpeters51 3rd: @the_shield 4th: @RetroNathan Complete D1 Bracket available here: (Round of 32) www.challonge.com/tundrabowl6rd32d1 ---- (Round of 16 and Beyond) www.challonge.com/tundrabowl6d1 Complete D2 Bracket available here: www.challonge.com/tundrabowl6d2
  8. http://challonge.com/TB2v22019 Here is the link to our Tundra Bowl Weekend 2v2 tournament. A fantastic time!
  9. If you're able, you might want to bring an extra Genesis console/controllers for this - mine will be open until 6:00, but then they'll be locked down for RetroMania. We can put it on a side screen if you've got an extra system. I do have a Jam TE cart that will be there.
  10. I’ll be there around 2:30, no one is required to be there that early. 2v2 and RetroMania start at 6:00pm tomorrow night.
  11. I'll have a couple non-RetroMania games out there for people to play (NHL '94 / NBA Jam TE) prior to the start of RetroMania and 2v2. At 6:00, all of the systems (except some NES) will be dedicated for those two events. If anyone wants to bring a system setup to play while those are going on, feel free to as I have an extra TV or two we could use for those. Also, the list has been updated on the top post, including TBVI, RetroMania and 2v2 teams. See you all this weekend!
  12. RetroNathan

    Who do you have in the Super Bowl 53

    Patriots - 57 points
  13. Tonight, @qb_browns and I discussed Tundra Bowl VI news, updates, revealed groups and weighed in on the pairings - take a look. Hope to see you all this weekend! Groups are also posted here: http://www.tundrabowl.com/tundrabowl6.html
  14. Just TIED OUR RECORD of 60 players...let’s hit our goal of 80 players this year and set an ALL-NEW RECORD!! Register today, and join us on the 26th! Only a week or so away!!
  15. You guys sure do a whole lot of talking...can’t wait until I’m able to get to the PNW to embarrass you all. 👍🏻 In all seriousness, good luck to everybody next weekend!