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  1. Great to see PaskDaYooper playing at Kumite. He asked which tourneys to go to, told him Kumite is always a good time, and that it’s on my bucket list. Glad he signed up. Really good dude, Tundra Bowl was his first tourney. Show him a great time Kumite!
  2. Group M RetroNathan won toss Called KC-CHI SimpleSimon chose KC Stream Link:
  3. GROUP M RetroNathan won toss (vs. MadTown) DAL-NO NO Crazy game overall:
  4. 1. Discord Name: TundraBowl (RetroNathan) 2. Can you host? Yes 3. Team preference (list 3 teams). SF/KC/GB
  5. Discord: TundraBowl Nickname (if applicable): RetroNathan Email: [email protected] Availability: Nights and Weekends Can you host?: Yep List 4 Team Preferences: SF/KC/GB/NO What's your location/timezone?: Central Why do you want to join HSTL?: Because it's the best.
  6. RetroNathan Evenings (7:30-9:00p CST) weekdays, weekends flexible YES YES, but only for a handful of days.
  7. A letter to the Tecmo Super Bowl Community... Thank you. These are the words that continue to go through my mind as I write to you the day after Tundra Bowl VII. The entire Tundra Bowl team does what we do because we enjoy putting on a Tecmo experience for everyone to come and savor the camaraderie that's been built over playing a game nearly 30 years old. You are the reason we do what we do. Many of us have jobs that require a lot of time and energy, families that take priority, and other life circumstances that allow very few opportunities to gather in space with others outside of everyday life in this capacity. We do this for you, and our goal is that we always put on the best show we can. A special thank you to the families that allow us to engage in this beautiful game once a year. In our first year as the Tecmo Super Bowl National Championship, we saw our stream reach TENS of THOUSANDS of people across social media platforms, with our videos being watched, at last count, OVER 15,000 times. We set a new Tundra Bowl record with 81 players, and we have continued to have great growth every year since our inception. Over the last two tournaments, we have raised OVER $1,100 for My Brother's Keeper Inc. with your contributions. Without your support, we wouldn't have become the largest TSB tournament in the world as we have, nor as widely-recognized. Again, such gratitude for the Tecmo community that have continued to work alongside us, and spread the word about their experiences at our tournament. As we reflect, I want to take a moment to thank our sponsors that have continued to rally around Tundra Bowl, propelling it forward in all accounts. Thank you to The Watering Hole - Green Bay, WI for hosting ALL SEVEN Tundra Bowls so far - you and your staff have been amazingly hospitable for every single one of our tournaments. Thank you to main event sponsor Game Trade for their amazing support! Aunt Ethel's provided gift certificates for so many in attendance, and have been gracious hosts the last two years for us, both for the satellite tourney, and the after party! Team Apparel & Specialties provides the excellent shirts you get every year. Card & Coin and The Game Capital continue to come up huge for us, and new sponsors and event supporters CARCADE & Midwest Gaming Classic were just the icing on the cake to the whole event! Thank you too all our sponsors! Also, want to send a special shout out to the news stations that continue to cover our event - WFRV Local 5 for having us live in studio every year! WLUK-TV FOX 11 for always covering gameday, and also thank you to The Press Times for their soon-to-be-published article! This all could not be possible without the Tundra Team. Brian Swagel and I had this dream to take it public years ago, and so grateful we did. Thank you for all the graphic design you provide, and all the gameday help! The madman you see running around is Michael, and he runs our gameday ops like a champ. Stephen provides the brackets you see on Challonge, and all of our analytics with bracket seeding. Jon is our phenomenal tech operator, in charge of the stream, and was assisted by David helping out at his first Tundra. Jon - QBBrowns - always comes up huge with the seeding and group structure, and the Voice of Tundra, Dave provides the voice you have all come to know and love at the forefront of our video streams. Thank you to Jake for hopping on this stream this year as well! All of these gentlemen provide a level of commitment, dedication, and work-ethic that provides results that are second-to-none. A special thank you goes out to David for his continued Tecmo analytics, and helping with gameday structures and stats. Thank you also to Matt and David for your continued support in getting the word out to everyone! As we wrap this year, and look to the future, we are humbled and grateful to be your Tecmo Super Bowl National Championship. Whether we have 50, 80, or 100+, we are dedicated to providing you a Tecmo experience that is first rate, and world-class. I appreciate each one of you that continue to support our endeavors, and look forward to the bright future our tournament has! Hope to see you all next year! Nate Smithson Tundra Bowl - Tournament Director
  8. Congratulations to the TECMO SUPER BOWL NATIONAL CHAMPION - @joeygats! He defeated PrimeTime in a WILD game between the Vikings and the Bengals at #TundraBowl7. Check out the replay on our FB page (www.facebook.com/tundrabowl), or over on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/tundrabowl
  9. So you’re making it then?? Obviously, 2” of snow isn’t risking your life 😂
  10. Currently, these are the players looking for a 2v2 partner: David T. (Ashman) - Troy E. @NMUFred - Kyle F. @ImFlo - Tony S. (Tony S.) - Hank D. @hankthetank - Nicolino D. (TheNicolino) - Travis B. @Tick
  11. Here are your RetroMania 2020 Challenges! From Tetris to Super Mario 3, across the Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and Sega Genesis, it's time to start practicing for the big Tundra Bowl Weekend extravaganza! Remember...the winner of RetroMania gets an ALL-ACCESS Tundra Bowl Weekend Pass (2v2, RM, TB) in 2021! Register today at tundrabowl.com!
  12. This year, one of our door prizes is a MIKE SINGLETARY AUTOGRAPHED JERSEY! The 1998 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and former Chicago Bears LB signed this jersey, and it’s up for grabs for ANY paid entrant to Tundra Bowl VII (D1 or D2) - get registered today!! ----> www.tundrabowl.com/registration
  13. We are now up to 13 states represented for our Tundra Bowl VII - Tecmo Super Bowl National Championship, with nearly 50 players signed up SO FAR...AND...Player List is updated for #TundraBowl7 as of today! Go check it out, and start speculating potential #1 seeds for groups: http://www.tundrabowl.com/tundrabowl7.html
  14. We hope you can make it to Tundra - we’d love to have you. It was great getting to meet you at Millard’s Mayhem.
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