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  1. BIG giveaway over on our Facebook Page right now (www.facebook.com/tundrabowl) - head on over to find out how you can win all of this awesome memorabilia!
  2. Hey everyone! Big news...currently we have 67% MORE than last year's paid registrations at this same time! This Division 1/Division 2 format is taking off...entry starts at JUST $25 AND INCLUDES A T-SHIRT!! If you haven't registered for the January 26th Tecmo Super Bowl tournament in Green Bay yet...REGISTER HERE for Tundra Bowl VI. The amount of support has been humbling, and awesome to see! Speaking of support... We have a TON of new sponsors this year, including our first NATIONAL sponsor! 1UpCard has decided to partner with us here at Tundra Bowl, as have local sponsors Packer City Antiques / Card & Coin Corner, and The Game Capital (go check out their sites and online stores)...and you reap the benefits!! 1UPCard is the ONLY brand of retro game cleaners that I personally trust for my own collection, and they make phenomenal products. On top of other things to be revealed, 1UpCard has decided to give the friends of Tundra Bowl an EXCLUSIVE discount offer. Any time between now and January 26th, use this link to receive 10% off ANY order (Discount automatically applies at checkout, and that INCLUDES bundle deals...the promo code stacks!) https://www.1upcard.com/discount/TUNDRABOWL Packer City Antiques / Card & Coin Corner and The Game Capital have decided to help sponsor our event with a number of items to be revealed, including some Facebook-exclusive giveaways we will be doing in the near future. Make sure to 'Like' our Facebook page to get in on the latest giveaway! In the near future, I'll be sending out hotel pricing so as to scour the best deal for people driving/flying into town, as well as some VERY important announcements pertaining to the tournament. We already have players from SIX states represented between Division 1 and Division 2, and we are just getting started! ONLY seven weeks remain until RetroMania and Tundra Bowl VI - don't miss out and register today!!
  3. You’re probably on the right page - it will be updated. I typically wait until closer to the date for who is all registered, thinking in a few weeks I’ll post it. Still tracking down some registration info from people who paid. We’ve got basically a 50/50 split (+1 difference) between Division 1 and Division 2 registrants so far.
  4. It’s the standard Tecmo Super Bowl cartridge. The 2v2 refers to teams. Here’s some additional info from our website - www.tundrabowl.com/2v2 The 2019 2v2 TSB Tourney will follow the basic Tundra Bowl rules, with the exception of a couple pre-game declarations: Team Selection & Coin Toss: A manual coin-flip will precede each game. The coin-flip winning team can choose the matchup (i.e. the two teams) or defer the matchup choice to the coin-flip losing team. If the winning team chooses the matchup, the winning team is given the P1 controller, and the losing team chooses their choice of the two teams in the matchup. If the winning team defers the matchup choice, the winning is given the P2 controller, the losing team will then choose the matchup and the winning team will select their choice of the two teams. In summary, the winning team of the coin toss either gets P1 and choice of matchup or P2 and choice of teams. Declaration of Roles: The team that ends up being P1 after the pre-game coin toss must declare FIRST the following (prior to kickoff): which player is to play which quarters OR which player is to play offense, while the other plays defense. If the team selects the QUARTERS option, no player can play more than two quarters (with the exception of overtime) in the game. In the case of an overtime, either player can play the first overtime period, but must alternate each OT period if 2 or more is necessary. If the team selects the SIDE OF BALL option, the players must control their side of the ball for the entire game, overtime(s) included. The team that ends up as P2 declares their roles after P1 Team declares.
  5. The Tecmo Challenge is back at Tundra Bowl VI in Jan., and with it, your opportunity to win an AUTOGRAPHED BO JACKSON JERSEY!! The Tecmo Challenge is available to anyone attending either TBVI or RetroMania, whether as a player or a spectator...it's open to EVERYONE! Complete rules, guidelines, and other prizes can be found at: http://www.tundrabowl.com/prizes-and-gear.html
  6. We want to take a moment and welcome our newest sponsor to Tundra Bowl this year - The Game Capital in De Pere, WI! They specialize in many trading card games, and carry a large variety of board games! The have also one of the largest varieties of Funko Pop in the area! Jeff, Hilary, and Cody treat their customers well, and they throw weekly events for gamers around the area. They even have an excellent used games program! The Game Capital will be contributing to the Tundra Bowl event in ways that are sure to benefit the players - stay tuned for updates. Make sure you check them out and help support their growing business!
  7. Tundra Bowl has, once again, partnered with Game Trade for an amazing sponsorship for Tundra Bowl VI! Game Trade, located just minutes away from the tournament in De Pere, WI, specializes in all of your video game tastes. From retro to current generation, well-know games to the super obscure and rare, Game Trade has been serving the gaming community for years and we're excited to partner with them again! 'Tundra Bowl VI and RetroMania - Presented by Game Trade' will be the official title of our event this year, and we are proud to have the support of this fantastic business. Game Trade will be contributing to the event in important ways that we'll announce in the near future! Make sure you visit Game Trade's location in De Pere as it is well worth the visit! To learn more about their awesome store, visit Game Trade's Facebook Page, or their website for more information! Hope to see you all in January for the tournament!
  8. We’ve got some EXCELLENT prizes that will be announced in the next couple of weeks for Door Prizes, Division 2, and the Tecmo Challenge...I think y’all are going to like them. Stay tuned!
  9. RetroNathan

    Des Moines, IA - 11/3/2018 - Iowa Tecmo 5

    This has worked magnificently for Tundra the last couple of years. We used to do groups of 4 (3 games) which worked, but was less games than I wanted to give people...but have since opened it to 5 (4 games) in group play, and seems to be the magic number for us. I’ve gotten really good feedback on it, and am planning with sticking to it for the foreseeable future.
  10. RetroNathan

    Des Moines, IA - 11/3/2018 - Iowa Tecmo 5

    Already, the excuses are building... 😂😂
  11. The 8th and final challenge for RetroMania is Duck Hunt on the NES (High Score, One Life)! More than anything, this may get a bit comical after people enjoy their FREE drink for participating in RetroMania! Register today at: www.tundrabowl.com/registration
  12. Yes, you can head over to the REGISTRATION PAGE and just fill out the form (hit submit on the bottom). Ignore the payments on the right hand side if you aren’t doing RetroMania or 2v2 Friday night. Glad you can make it out brother!!
  13. Levi, I'm glad that you and the other top finishers were paid more to make things right from a financial standpoint. An admitted mistake was made, and it was corrected. Purely from a resolution standpoint, the best way for all things to be resolved would be for people to speak for themselves to ask and/or answer questions. If people were to post for themselves, all of this would be put behind us much quicker as a TSB community (and yes, this includes people posting their questions themselves rather than me posting on their behalf). Troy simply could have said that a miscalculation occurred and that he paid everyone the due amount, ultimately answering that question. Everyone has a voice in this community, and an opportunity to ask and answer questions. When people become the voice of others (through back-channel chats, texts, messages, etc.), they lose that power. I shouldn't be getting texts from people speaking on behalf of others, nor should I have to ask questions on behalf of others. That shouldn't be anyone's role. We are all grown adults, and we all have a voice. The longer people sit in silence, or the more people use others as their platform/proxy/voice, they are forfeiting the opportunity they have to speak for themselves. This is when assumptions, opinions, and conclusions (right or wrong) get made by others, and it becomes a never ending cycle. It certainly seems to me that the TSB community would appreciate hearing from Troy personally. It's the simplest resolution, and one that would finally allow the undercurrent to pass, and for the opportunity for unification to grow.
  14. I agree with this wholeheartedly. That doesn’t necessarily mean that questions that have been posed by many can’t be asked/answered in a civil way. If we all acted like adults, admit where we’ve done wrong, be transparent in our actions and motivations, and work on coming together as one community under truth, dialogue, and selflessness, we’d be 1000x better off. That’s a lot of commas, but you get my point.
  15. That’s a classic signature there, Dan. I like it.