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  1. For those confused Tundra Bowl 2,3, and 5 were only released in Japan so this is the 7th.
  2. It looks like Joseph Moore might take my most L's tittle away from me this year
  3. Awards Breakout Performer- Green Majik able to best Mort to make his way to the finals Sir Drinksalot- ??? Maybe someone earned this later after I left Sir Not Appearing in this tournament- Regulator WTF happened? Most Entertaining- Flo Longest Journey- Levi this journey included returning to work at 4 AM before he was able to make it home Doctor- Kevin Cabarello
  4. I've signed up and recieved a verbal commitment from Gats.
  5. Since I don't have any memes here is a rant. After coming up short 2 years in a row Regulator somehow beats WI player Chet and wins Madison. Next year Regulator doesn't show up due to a pregnancy. Which would be fine except for one detail. Regulator is a guy and guys don't get Pregnant it's his wife that is pregnant. I shouldn't have to explain this to someone in the medical field but the baby isn't coming out of you and you don't have to be there.
  6. There will be a Mort sighting it seems
  7. My computer needs repair the memes will have to wait. Be aware that players from Illinois are no longer safe.
  8. Awards Breakout Performer-Da Riddler Sir Drinksalot- Sean Cunningham Sir Not Appearing in this tournament- Tecmo Psycho Most Entertaining- KMolnar Doctor- Kevin Cabarello
  9. Awards Breakout Performer- HughMillenation Sir Drinksalot- Rico Sir Not Appearing in this tournament- Tony Orenga Most Entertaining- George Longest Journey- DPS
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