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  1. No but seriously is there an actual venue or are we going to play in the snow
  2. Group B Hank won Toss Vs. Shotgun Hank Called PIT vs. DAL Shotgun Took DAL Hank won 28-10 DAL kicked a Field Goal to Start PIT fumbled and DAL got ball on 1 and scored TD PIT turned things around and scored 28 unanswered points almost all in the air Strom had around 300 yards passing
  3. I'd like to post the Dr. Mario Tournament Results A lot of Players were unable to continue because they were busy playing 2 on 2 Tecmo or Retromania Format Level 10 MED 1 Match (First to 3 Crowns) Round 1 Kevin C. beat Beefjuice by Forfeit Tommy beat Tim Papi by Forfeit Hawkeye beat Shannon 3-0 Swaggs beat DPS 3-2 Hank beat Lou 3-0 Levi beat Peters 3-0 TecmoBo beat Aaron 3-0 DT beat Evers by Forfeit Round 2 Kevin C. beat Tommy 3-2 Hawkeye beat Swaggs 3-1 Hank beat Levi 3-0 Both Tecmo and DT Forfeit Semi FInals Kevin C. beat Hawkeye 3-1 Hank won by Forfeit Finals Hank beat Kevin C. 3-2
  4. Hankthetank Weekends or weekdays before 1 PM CST or after 11 PM Sure Kumite weekend of 3/7 and Tomczak weekend of 3/21 could be difficult to schedule around
  5. Roughly $200 travel and whatever lodging would be a little too much for me this year maybe next year Glad to see this announcement though the south doesn't get the amount of Tecmo it deserves.
  6. Finally got back around to this i intend to go to West De Pere, Green Bay, Bloomington, Detroit, and Dubuque still looking for ways to go to the last two.
  7. Who is coming from Texas Pooky? That's barely a representation if so. I heard that clown couldn't even beat Jim Socks and he could make Pittsburgh defense look like the Colts Defense what a bum.
  8. Expected Tecmo results 1st- Henry Brown 2nd- Shield 3rd- Mort 4th- DPS Inferior players who could sneak into the top 4 due to bracket structure- Lou, Cabarello, and KMolnar
  9. After being banned here are my predictions 1st Henry Brown 2nd Gats 3rd Rico 4th Mort 5-6 DPS and Peters 7-8 Some Jerkoffs from Iowa
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