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  1. @segathonsovWill you be defending your Fire Pro Wrestling Returns Battle Royal Title?
  2. What was the payouts last year and how many showed up? Also are there any reasonably priced hotels or better yet fellow players we could crash with?
  3. Might need to make some memes for East Coast players who think they're good at Tecmo
  4. Would anyone be willing to drive me and possibly Gats from the bus stop in Cincinnati to Hamilton and then back? Hopefully i won't need this but it might have to happen
  5. Is there a camp ground nearby it's a good way to save some cash if you stay over night
  6. Hey man you should checkout my original post it was about the cost of going to the PNW at some point which i really want to do. This isn't something that is exactly cheap and easy and i honestly think i will someday just not this event.
  7. Not this tournament it's the same day as Midwest which I really hope to get to but someday I'd love to get out to the PNW you seem like a great group of guys and I've grown to love the trash talking. Maybe a Mortmobile trip. I'd honestly rather go to a original rom tournament. I'll probably have to take a plane but if I had a place to crash and a ride to and from the airport it could happen next year.
  8. @ImFlo is the true World Champion of Tecmo this is Tecmo in it's pure form.
  9. Nice sounds like it really going to expand in terms of geography
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