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  1. hank, i thought tsb.org showed me a notification that you PM'ed me, but I dont see any messages

  2. So let me see if i got this it doesn't matter if you're on the top or bottom hash missing 1 notch up or down is the same regardless So for every other kicker besides a 50 KA in Average (So a 44 in good would still be effected by it?) a Random Number effects if a kick is good or not based on how many notches from perfect you are i think i got this My understanding for the Maximum range is that a 44 Kicker can make a kick from midfield being the Line of Scrimmage and that it went one yard per notch different. Meaning Mike Lansford in bad having a 13 KA can still make a kick if the line of scrimmage is no further than your opponents 45 and Nick Lowery in Excellent having a 94 KA can make a field goal if the line of scrimamge is no further than your own 42.
  3. @joeygats I'm assuming you already read this but if not here is your answer
  4. Hey Kamp TBK does know that i'm just trolling him right?

    1. kamphuna8


      yes and no??? lol. i think it's fantastic. Play on playa

  5. Justin Peters has already offered to pay for a Hotel but you can help if you want us to pick you up on the way to the event maybe drive my Impala part of the way (if you are a good driver) so me and Gats can have a break.  Then you can help pay for the gas.  We can share the hotel with you and if you have a second person you travel with we can fill it up so we have 4 people.  Not sure if your bringing any equipment or what your plan is for traveling there.  Text me 920-840-3082.

  6. Hey Dave what was that Pepno Bismil stuff you gave Gats at Tecmo 12 I may have to keep this guy stable


  7. OK never mind about the home team that was easy to figure out id just like a way to track tackles even if I have to use a save state and enter it into something where it shows the tackle amounts I can just tally that an a excel sheet and work with that. BTW if this is in the wrong area please tell me.
  8. I'm making my own personal league to watch the computer play itself (I'm strange) anyway I would like a stat extractor that calculates tackles this is the only stat the game doesn't calculate that a care about. I'd like to be able to see the amount of tackles made by each defensive in a game. I also have heard that there is some difficulty in controlling which team is set to be home in TSBTool Supreme is that true?
  9. I will melt your brain!

  10. I love the game in fact I made a spreadsheet that shows the attributes of each offensive player (no pitching stats yet) I did that by looking at the game coding in hexecute so I could see the true value and not just have a visual. I would show it but i don't use Microsoft so it doesn't work as an attachment I can e-mail it to anyone who wants it. I think the first Griffey game is the best because the computer is so much tougher no eazy squeezes and they won't tolerate bad base running and the fact that you can hit a home run without having to press down is nice plus the option to change player names to their actual real life counter part. However Winning Run always has a special place for me as it is the first Baseball Game i ever owned. I played it for over 2 years not knowing that pressing down was the secret to hit home runs. I had 5 home runs total not including inside the park home runs which were far easier to get by hitting a gapper and having a running from 1st nail the catcher. Another highlight was using the knuckleballers Knuckles McGee, Duke Horsman , Will HIll, Keith Decker, and Mitch Malone. If you have yet to see the knuckle ball in this game you have to watch how crazy it is. The speed players are awesome and bunting and stealing (which was the last thing i learned to do and previously thought was impossible) is key. I will always bunt if i have a runner on 2nd or 3rd with no outs or a runner or 3rd with 2 outs. I got to be so good at the game on defense that I was in fact better than auto-defense. If you time the dive right you can catch a ball in the stands. Also against the computer only pick off runners if you have 2 outs and try to time it right where the guy advances just as you throw it over. The reason being that the runners are so stupid you can often double them up on a infield catch. One thing I don't like is that only some real life players have a fake counterpart like in the first one. Many players are just pure fictional.
  11. hankthetank


    Whats going on in the tournement?
  12. Does the juice change for your playoff record if your at juice level 4 and win in the first round of the playoffs will you go to juice level 5 for the next round or is it all based on your regular season record?
  13. So does each Team have a default tendency? If so what is it?
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