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  1. For anyone wondering 1st Green Majik aka Joseph Moore as the Eagles 2nd DKS as the Broncos 3rd TecmoBo as the Raiders 4th Pete as the Bengals
  2. Found myself a doubles partner in Troy Evers thinking of a team name of the 15 Tappers. That's a combined total by the way.
  3. First off I guess i wouldn't consider myself a Packers fan I don't bother watching them. I've lived in Green Bay for about a year but in the area my entire life. If I was much of a packer fan I certainly wouldn't want the cancer known as Johnny Johnson to be on the Packers. Maybe he would be an okay fit talent wise but you have to assume he would cause Reggie White to decline going to Green Bay and destroy Brett Favre's passion for the game. Also Edgar Bennett was a much better player than Johnny Johnson during similar time take a look at 1995 while Johnny Johnson was begging for more money Edgar Bennett ran for 1,067 and received for 648 each more than Johnson had in any year. While Bennett worked his ass off to make a comeback while missing the 97 season Johnson would fake an Injury in 96 so he could get paid by the 49ers and cost the team Salary cap in fact if I was a Packers fan I would thank Johnny Johnson for costing the 49ers cap space and creating as much of a losing influence as he could allowing the Packers to beat the 49ers in the playoffs. If the Packers had wasted 3 Million in 96 for Johnson it would have cost them the Superbowl. Another Packers Running Back who not only was far superior to Johnson was Ahman Green who could also beat you in Tecmo. Ahman Green>Edgar Bennett>Peyton Hillis>Johnny Johnson
  4. hankthetank

    Lincoln, NE - 1/12/2019 - Tecmo Lincoln 9

    If anyone from Wisconsin, Chicago area, Debuque area, Minneapolis area is considering going let me know i might be able to make the voyage.
  5. hankthetank

    Des Moines, IA - 11/3/2018 - Iowa Tecmo 5

    Maybe if we can find some Madison fellas to ride with I can talk Gats into this one or go without him.
  6. Ah The Johnny Johnson philosophy forget trying to win all the games and just try and get as many rushing yards as possible. Last time he metaphorically didn't show up for the playoffs and this time he literally didn't show up for the playoffs just like his NFL career.
  7. I'm in for this tournament then and probably the Tomczak as well
  8. hankthetank

    Des Moines, IA - 11/3/2018 - Iowa Tecmo 5

    Let me see how well i can remember the calcutta $85 Gats Owner Kyle 2nd Place 25% of Pool $50ish Kyle $30 Mort Owner Peters and Jeremy Winner 75% of Pool $30ish Noonan $25ish Peters $20ish 8-Bit Owner Gats $20ish Jeremy $10 Knobbe Split cost with Owner $10 3 Other Minnesota Guys (not Smith or 8-Bit) Sammie Smith $6 Hankthetank Owner Gats $5 Noonan's coworker
  9. hankthetank

    Most Missed Tecmo Player?

    Stuff happens and people move away from Tecmo. Who do you miss most in Tecmo? Live -Adam Garbage The Holyzys college roomate a tapper equal to Regulator and an amazing personality master of the Dolphin call for Flipper Anderson. Online -ChinoPino What a great guy and a good runner and Tecmo Player. Haven't heard from the guy in years hopefully he will show up at a Phoenix event some time. Troll -Mr.TecmoSuperbowl A pretty good player who played tons of TPC. I remember who called me Slapnuts once and i called him Jeff Jarrett he appreciated that. Honorable Mentions Skunker, TSBGod, Sconnie -Some real Tecmo Talent there
  10. hankthetank

    Des Moines, IA - 11/3/2018 - Iowa Tecmo 5

    1st Mort 2nd Gats 3rd Knobbe 4th Peters
  11. I would like to that Johnny Johnson for single handedly allowing me to beat the #2 seed Kyle The Gamer if not for his timely fumble and complete crap of running Kyle would not have been forced to constantly pass and I would have lost that game. Saints 31 Crappy Cardinals 14
  12. hank, i thought tsb.org showed me a notification that you PM'ed me, but I dont see any messages

  13. hankthetank

    Des Moines, IA - 11/3/2018 - Iowa Tecmo 5

    You will have plenty of guys to help you out with this
  14. @~Tailback King~ I thought his problem was he couldn't gain any yards on offense now you're telling me he is gift wrapping the ball to the other team also? I hear Johnny Johnson has Erectile Dysfunction as well.
  15. hankthetank

    Des Moines, IA - 11/3/2018 - Iowa Tecmo 5

    Current Participants - We have some of the best from surrounding states: Illinois - Mort Minnesota - @8-bit, @SammieSmith33, @Nostradamus, Tony, Luke Iowa - @justinpeters51, @noonan, @thegamer1185, @Dotdon, @hawkeye98, Adam H., Kris L, @KDog, Kramer Nebraska - @randywags25, @Knobbe, Scott W. Wisconsin - @joeygats, @hankthetank North Dakota - @HughMillenation Well apparently Missouri and South Dakota suck at Tecmo