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  1. Just remember. The real Burning Mort is in here. (Points to @sonofpatbeach's penis)
  2. I'm not committed to saying I'm out yet. But my autoimmune compromised ass is definitely listed as "Doubtful" for this event unfortunately.
  3. Most of you already know this, but Tomczak Bowl XII has been postponed indefinitely. We hope to reschedule for sometime late summer/early fall.
  4. Yes, we're at The Venue at 285 Main Street, Dubuque, IA 52001. It's the same place you guys came to a couple years ago.
  5. Second step would be growing biceps and forearms that are larger than your shoulders. Good lord, look at those!
  6. We have some fun prizes to give away this year. Like last year we will offer them up in a series of challenges. Mike Tomczak Challenge Objective: Win as the Bears with Tomczak as your leading passer. Prize: Autographed 8x10 Tomczak photo Bonus: $20 added if you win with Tomczak as leading rusher. Jim Jensen Challenge Objective: Win as the Dolphins with Jim Jensen as your leading receiver. Prize: Jim Jensen autograph card Bonus: $20 added if you win and Jensen leads your team with 100+ yards receiving. Chadwick-Skansi Challenge Objective: Win as the Seahawks. Prize: Old school Seahawks coffee mug Bonus: $20 added if you win as Seahawks with either Jeff Chadwick or Paul Skansi as your leading receiver. All challenges must be completed in an official tourney match in order to qualify. No side games.
  7. Alright we got 18 registered so I figured it was high time I actually get a bracket going. https://challonge.com/tomczak12 This will be an ongoing updated bracket as more folks sign up (and drop out). Nothing is set in stone until we officially begin play the day of the tournament.
  8. Registration is now open! http://bit.ly/tomczak12 to sign up and reserve your spot today.
  9. I'll be anyone's doubles partner if they don't mind being incredibly handicapped by having me as a doubles partner.
  10. Back for its 12th god damn year, it's everyone's favorite sweaty, beer-soaked, low-rent Tecmo tournament! Tomczak Bowl is a double elimination tourney that has featured some of the best players the Midwest has to offer. Do you have what it takes to win the Tomczak and wear the glorious Champion blazer? If you suck that's ok, because all two-and-out competitors automatically qualify for the Peter Tom Willis Cup, America's favorite janky single elimination loser tournament. It's like fifth quarter basketball for all the fat uncoordinated kids. Aside from cash prizes for the top finishers, we'll be sure to have some other prizes that we'll give away in various challenges. It may not be an autographed jersey, but I can assure you, no expense was spared in acquiring our trash finds from eBay or Goodwill. WHAT: Tomczak Bowl XI WHEN: Saturday, March 21, 2020 Postponed Indefinitely WHERE: The Venue, 285 Main Street, Dubuque, IA 52001 Buy-In: $20 Registration: http://bit.ly/tomczak12 Rules: http://tomczakbowl.com/rules/ Format: TBD Prizes: Cash prizes to top 3 finishers. Trophy and coveted Tomczak Champion Blazer to winner. Live Stream: ‪https://www.twitch.tv/tomczakbowl Website: http://tomczakbowl.com Live Bracket:http://challonge.com/tomczak12 REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS
  11. This is just under 9 months away. Plenty of time for planning. It would be awesome if some new regions could experience the experience. PNW? Ohio? Michigan? You guys need to work on getting a group together to come to this.
  12. I'm in Chicago that weekend for a concert but I wish all you guys the best of luck. This is a fun tourney to play in.
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