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  1. The Venue is open. Come in at the Main St. entrance.
  2. HA! Do that while Mort slowly walks in with his sword.
  3. Welp, here it is. The Tomczak Bowl XI trophy. Why is there a gas mask? What's with the Soviet theme? This is a trophy? I can answer those questions with: 1) I don't know 2) Why the hell not? 3) You bet your ass it's a trophy Some lucky son of a bitch is taking that thing home with them on Saturday.
  4. I'd say noon to about 7-8. I will say the Days Inn is not really walkable to/from the bar. It's up the bluff from downtown.
  5. Speaking of hotels if you're still looking for one. Hotel Julien like 8-bit said is just across the street. A couple blocks to the north is the Holiday Inn which is gonna be about $100-ish. Down in the Millwork District there is a brand new Marriott Town Suites which opened just a couple months ago. That's also gonna be over $100 a night likely. If you don't mind driving or getting a Lyft/Uber the Holiday Inn Express on the west side of town is nice and probably a little cheaper. The Best Western and Hampton on US 20/Dodge Street are also nice places. If you're looking for serious budget stays and looking less for quality I'd recommend the Days Inn, Super 8, Motel 6, or Baymont on US 20. All of them are right around the $50 range. They work but you get what you pay for.
  6. We're only a short 14 hours away from Dallas.
  7. I've decided to lower the entry fee back to $20 like we had in previous years.
  8. The whole weekend was a blast. Thanks Nate and the whole Tundra Bowl crew for running a great tournament. For those that haven't been, this is well worth the trip. The competition is amazing and I can only imagine it's going to get better next year. Nate has put together a tournament that essentially sets the bar for all others. The venue, the prizes and promotions, everything. Having Division 2 also provided a very welcoming experience to the novice players as well. Hopefully a few of them hone their craft and emerge in the future. Anyway, awesome time and great seeing everyone. I hope to make this a regular stop each year. Also I beat Flo.
  9. Less than two weeks after I turn 40. This beef is aged.
  10. I don't have Battletoads but I can bring some other games. The original TMNT, Super Dodge Ball, Bad News Baseball to name a few.
  11. http://bit.ly/tomczak11 Literally takes a minute to do.
  12. Now that we've had more people officially register I started compiling everyone into the bracket. http://challonge.com/tomczak11 I'll be updating that whenever a new registration comes in so you can keep tabs on where you're seeded.
  13. Guys if you plan on attending be sure to register now. No money is required of you until the day of the tournament. Registration helps ensure your spot in the bracket ahead of time as well as giving us a proper head count. Register at: http://bit.ly/tomczak11
  14. I don't know. I've never considered that problem since moving it to Dubuque. Spicoli's was great indeed. The Venue is pretty sweet though. They're not normally open during the day so we basically have the whole place to ourselves.
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