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  1. Big Blue heads to Indy to take on Coach Drake's Colts in their first ever coaching matchup. GIants win the toss and kickoff. Colts start the drive with a deep incomplete pass .. after two short Meggett runs they face a 4th and decide to go for it. Eagles drops back then decides to run for the marker and is hit short then coughs it up to his teammate short of the marker. Giants have the ball and move into the goalline only to fumble the ball back to the Colts. Indy moves the ball behind the legs of Eagles and Meggett. The Giants get a big sack in the redzone and force Colts to kick the fg for the first score , 3-0. Giants come back with a big pass to James Brooks who moves the Giants into Colts territory. Brooks then breaks a run to set up a goalline stance. The Colts defense shuts down the Giants O and forces a tying FG , 3-3..Colts get the ball with 50 seconds left in the half and Meggett rips a huge run to set up the Colts into Fg range. Breech kicks it through to give the Colts a halftime lead, 6-3. Giants get the ball to start the half and on the kickoff Mularkey gets the Giants to the Colts' 25 before getting hurt. With a short field the Giants are able to take advantage and score the first tD of the game to take the lead not before DT blocks the extra pt. 9-6 Giants. Colts get the ball back and Eagles finds KJ at midfield to move into Giants territory. Then Eagles rips a big run up the middle on the sneak to snatch the lead back, 13-9. Giants get the ball back at their 15 to start the 4th. Despite a couple of Brooks' drops the GIants move the ball behind Wilhelm and Brooks. Wilhelm finds Paige for the score to give the Giants a 3 pt lead, 16-13. With 2 minutes left in the game Eagles and Meggett help move the Colts into scoring range. With time running out The Colts opt for the game tying FG which is blocked by Lockhart as time expires.... Final Giants 16 Colts 13 GG Drake, well played ..alot of fun and work trying to contain Eagles and Co. GLRTW
  2. you always give me a tough time.. next go around i expect a fight
  3. Giants host the rival Cowboys in another division matchup. Cowboys win the toss and kick it off. Giants call Brooks' name and he answers with two huge runs including a scoring run to give the Giants the first score 7-0. on the Cowboys first play of the game Herschel Walker fumbles the ball away to the Giants and gives them a small field. Brooks punches it in to build the lead to 14-0. Cowboys get the ball back but the Giants force a 3 and out with a couple picked plays in the mix. Giants have the ball but the Cowboys defense stops them at midfield. Giants opt to go for it vs trying a long fg. Brooks gets the call up the middle and takes it 50 yards home for another td, 21-0. Cowboys get the ball and call on Vinny to use his arms and legs to move the chains. He gets them in striking distance with the half almost expiring and goes for it as time expires but throws the ball into coverage for an incompletion. Dallas gets the ball to begin the 2nd half. Vinny dials Rison who makes a big catch and gets the Boys into the redzone. Vinny moves his team into the goal line and makes a CC to Herschel to get his team on the board, 21-7. Giants once again look to Brooks to move them from the 5 yard line to the redzone. Wilhelm get a big run to set up the goalline stance and Brooks is rewarded with another td. 28-7. Cowboys get the ball and Vinny tries to find the bad moon only to get sacked and KO'd for the game.. Carlson is unable to produce anything and Giants get the ball back and run out the clock Final 28-7 Giants.. GG Peterson GLRTW.. we will play again..
  4. Giants host the rival Eagles for season 37 kickoff. Daboy joins the NFC beast and only makes it tougher... Eagles win toss and kick off. Giants start at the 15 and feed Brooks to help move the chains and into Eagles territory. Wilhelm also breaks a few runs to keep it safe. Eagles force a 4th and short in fg range and Giants go for it giving it to Logan for the first down. Brooks seals it with a td scamper to draw first blood, 7-0. Eagles began at their 15 as well and are able to get a first down before Gill Byrd picks a Young sneak pass to wr2. Brooks once again helps the Giants, this time catching two big passes including a 3rd down pass for a score and to build the lead to 14-0. Eagles pull Cleveland Gary in a bold move putting in Curt Warner. Warner breaks a huge run to get into Giants territory. Giants force a 3rd and 17 with a few picked plays. On third down Warner gets the call but is taken down after 10 yards. Eagles opt to go for it on 4th and call Warners name again. He gets near the chains but it gang tackled to give the Giants the ball back. giants get to midfield with time winding down before the half and try the long fg which is short and ends the half. Eagles begin the half with the ball and once again call Warners name who answers with some big runs. Young finds Gaston Green over the middle to move the ball into giants territory. Giants force a 4th down and Eagles go for it . Steve young drops back and has one man open but Gill Byrd rushes in for the sack. Eagles defense doesnt budge at all and force the Giants to a 3 and out. after the touchback Warner gets the call again and breaks a huge run into Giants territory to end the 3rd. Young finds Brent Jones wide open in the endzone to cut the lead in half 14-7. giants begin at the 15. on a third down Wilhelm finds an open Art monk down the field to get into the redzone. The Eagles defense once again clamps down and forces a 4th. giants opt to kick and try to seal the deal but Greg Lloyd blocks the fg to give the Eagles life. Giants defense forces a 4th and long after two picked plays and an incomplete pass by Young. on 4th down GIants get the picked play and Brent jones makes the play but is short of the first. Giants run it out... Final Giants 14 Eagles 7.. GG Daboy GLRTW welcome to the NFC Beast
  5. Bickett banks lbs
  6. Bubby brister
  7. Sorry theyre picked..det dl
  8. Logan and paige
  9. The ageless art monk
  10. Eugene Lockhart and mr. Koolaid..
  11. Db humphery and newsome
  12. RB James Brooks and friend
  13. Db gill Byrd and friend for me