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  1. The 49ers and Seahawks might be the two best teams in the NFC right now. That was a great game tonight.
  2. He's a decent QB, though. What would be a better option for Detroit?
  3. I've been meaning to post about this for awhile, but I just thought of it again watching the Cowboys and Vikings play last night. I love that this Tecmo face is perfect for Ezekiel Elliott:
  4. I was actually able to figure out how to do this when I made a college rom, but it was years ago and very time consuming. There are people far more skilled than me at doing this type of thing. I'm not sure anything in that hacking documentation is helpful for this. The beginning of the process for me was using an emulator that had a built-in tile editor. I used Nesticle. You can basically pause the emulation on the screen you want and edit the colors right there in the emulator. I think you might have to edit the team names with a hex editor. If you have a budget for it, I would suggest offering to pay someone to do it. Someone with better skills than me might take you up on that.
  5. Would the Saints be better if they went back to Bridgewater?
  6. I liked that radio call because he talked about the cat before the play, and went seamlessly between calling the play and calling the cat. On TV they didn't show the cat until after the play was over. I didn't realize the cat was making moves the same time as Engram. "A black cat is running from the 20, to the near side the 10, from the 39 of Dallas here's a short throw down the middle caught by Engram, caught at the 35 went to the 30, now the cat is running the other way, and so is Engram, at the 30 to the 25, near the 24-yard-line of the Dallas Cowboys. It's a catch and run of 15. Now, the cat has stopped, at the 50." Hysterical.
  7. lol I didn't hear anything close to that. I thought maybe he said "The cat is on the run," but he didn't say that, either. You're hearing ghosts, @Bolt
  8. Thursday Night Football drinking game: Take a shot every time Howie Long calls the Chargers "San Diego."
  9. Is this an easy hex fix? I'm not too concerned about the other bugs, I've been playing with them forever and barely noticed, but I like end of season stats to come close to what I expect, so this is something I would like to implement. It'd be nice to see the best kick and punt returners near the top of their respective leader boards each season.
  10. The Jets lost, what an ugly game that was, of course the Jets hand Miami their first win, but the Raiders won! I was hoping for 5-3 at this point, but they're still in it. I think they can get a little better and make it in as a wildcard.
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