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  1. Face=0xce is the Fridge's face, and another one of my favorite "big guy" faces. It's also Keith Jackson. Quite a good pair of players. I'm including a very interesting video I never saw before about what led to the Fridge becoming a RB and scoring a rushing TD in the Super Bowl. Long story short, you can thank Bill Walsh. (I once experimented with putting Perry in as a 100hp RB in TSB. On defense he was William Perry, on offense he was The Refrigerator. It was great fun.) The link to the video is below the photos: PHI. TE1 keith JACKSON Face=0xce #88 25 69 50 63 50 63 [1 8 10 6 ] CHI. NT william PERRY Face=0xce #72 38 31 19 69 19 56 [33 2 ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsdGbvNiVXY
  2. My understanding is it was coming for awhile, they probably just didn't want someone new to deal with the draft. Then I guess they didn't want to do it immediately after. The timing looks bad, but it is what it is.
  3. BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE and the Nightmare and Neal Anderson and 8 other players, but for some reason I always think of Face=0x88 as the Bruce Smith face. Below are the Tecmo face, the player ratings, and photos of Smith, Okoye, and Anderson: BUF. RE bruce SMITH Face=0x88 #78 44 56 69 75 25 81 [116 7 ] BUF. RT howard BALLARD Face=0x88 #75 25 69 19 63 IND. LILB jeff HERROD Face=0x88 #54 25 31 31 44 25 50 [38 25 ] MIA. LCB tim MCKYER Face=0x88 #22 31 38 50 44 50 50 [8 64 ] N.E. RCB maurice HURST Face=0x88 #37 31 38 50 44 50 38 [0 64 ] CLE. RB3 leroy HOARD Face=0x88 #33 44 69 25 31 50 25 [3 1 4 0 ] DEN. RE ron HOLMES Face=0x88 #90 25 31 38 44 19 31 [25 0 ] K.C. RB1 christian OKOYE Face=0x88 #35 63 75 50 94 50 19 [8 1 5 0 ] CHI. RB2 neal ANDERSON Face=0x88 #35 50 69 63 50 50 50 [8 5 8 7 ] MIN. LCB carl LEE Face=0x88 #39 38 50 63 56 50 69 [1 25 ] RAMS LE doug REED Face=0x88 #93 25 31 38 44 19 44 [42 1 ]
  4. Yeah, I could see that. One thing I would want to do if I felt more inclined is to get more variety for beaded faces. Everybody has a beard today and there's only like half a dozen options. Put different eyes and different hair on the beards, so you don't end up giving like every offensive lineman that one face with the beard that looks normal, or whatever.
  5. Today's face is Bob Golic: RAI. NT bob GOLIC Face=0x49 #79 25 31 31 69 25 56 [21 1 ] This face was made specifically for Bob, probably because of his unique look, as it is not used for any other players. This is the face I would usually use for myself because of the hair and beard. When I'm depressed, I would use this face: MIA. TE2 jim JENSEN Face=0x05 #11 25 69 31 44 50 69 [6 9 8 6 ] DAL. QB2 babe LAUFENBERG Face=0x05 #15 25 69 13 13 44 38 31 38 [2 2 2 ]
  6. Random silly idea. I'm going to share one face a day that I like for whatever reason, with whatever info and thoughts I have about the player(s) and the face. I'll also share a real pic of the player(s) (unless the face is not used for any player) for comparison. First up is Face=0x00: This is the first face in the rom. For some reason it is not used for any players. If you make some kind of error entering faces in Tool, it usually defaults to this face. The first black face is identical and is used for 8 players, Face=0x80: N.E. LT bruce ARMSTRONG Face=0x80 #78 25 69 38 69 CIN. RB1 james BROOKS Face=0x80 #21 38 69 56 31 50 38 [10 4 8 2 ] CLE. LILB mike JOHNSON Face=0x80 #59 31 44 50 69 19 63 [38 25 ] PIT. NT gerald WILLIAMS Face=0x80 #98 38 44 50 56 19 75 [64 2 ] DEN. RCB wymon HENDERSON Face=0x80 #24 25 31 19 38 38 31 [0 51 ] S.D. LOLB henry ROLLING Face=0x80 #57 25 31 38 38 31 50 [20 20 ] MIN. RB1 herschel WALKER Face=0x80 #34 38 69 44 63 50 44 [7 4 7 4 ] T.B. RB3 bruce PERKINS Face=0x80 #32 38 69 31 31 50 25 [3 2 4 0 ] Here are pics of James Brooks and Herschel Walker:
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is an Excel sheet of the TSB faces with all similar faces grouped together. It should be very useful for anyone who uses Tool or another editor to make roms.
  8. View File TSB Faces Organized This is an Excel sheet of the TSB faces with all similar faces grouped together. It should be very useful for anyone who uses Tool or another editor to make roms. Submitter BO FB Offtackle Left Submitted 05/20/2019 Category Editors, Tools & Misc  
  9. I don't check twitter, either lol. It's totally my fault, I asked a question and didn't wait for an answer. I wanted to dive in and get going, and suddenly two weeks passed. Anyway, I finished my excel workbook. It's pretty self-explanatory and should be very useful for anyone doing player faces for a rom: TSB Faces Organized.xlsx
  10. I'm bumping this because it's all very interesting, but I'm not sure what to do with it. Was the end vision some type of Tool program where you can load a rom, and then select face features for each player instead of whole faces? Has anyone actually developed something like that? Aside from that, how else would one utilize all the info presented here? I think I could figure out how to change individual face parts to create new faces if I wanted, but it seems like more trouble than it's worth. When I have edited roms, I've usually been able to find faces that are close enough to most players. My issue has always been that similar faces are not near each other in editors, so it's sometimes difficult finding the face I want. I'm currently rearranging the existing faces in an Excel sheet to deal with that. When I'm done, it should be easier finding faces on my sheet than in the editors.
  11. This is another unused face, Face=ox3e. I'm not sure who it was intended for, but I planned to use it for Jack Lambert when I was making an all time greats rom:
  12. Damnit, I knew that. I wish I checked this thread two weeks ago, it would have saved me a lot of time. I was already almost half done, I would have been finished by now. Thanks for posting this here.
  13. I figured out how to crop them fairly quickly. I've started the spreadsheet. Here's the first 10 faces I made. You can see I'm already starting to group similar faces together. I noticed faces 0x00 and 0x02, which you can see in editors, are not actually used for any players. It looks like face 0x02 might have been Jim Kelly before they realized they couldn't use his likeness. Pretty funny to realize that after all this time, if that is the case.
  14. I have that. That's all one picture. I would like to get each individual face as a separate thumbnail. I want to be able to rearrange them so I can put similar faces near each other, like in a folder or in a spreadsheet. I'm in the process of taking screen caps of each player screen, but then I have to crop it to get just the face. It's going to be a long, painstaking process. I was hoping someone already had thumbnails of these just sitting on their computer, or that there was a topic on the forum that I missed or didn't understand.
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