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  1. 75-81 All Pro 69 Pro Bowl 63 above avg 50-56 avg 44 below avg 38 sucks 31 really sucks
  2. It's interesting how much fullbacks carried the ball in 1976 compared to just 14 years later in 1990. I decided to give all fullbacks between 81 and 94 hp and just vary rs/ms like this: 63/50 56/50 50/44 44/38 44/31 44/25 Halfbacks range mostly between 19 and 38 hp, with a couple of outliers up to 63 hp. Their ms is 31 to 63. Kick and punt returners in a rb spot have 56 hp, and i'm thinking of giving them 63 rs. On to the QBs.
  3. Umm, he had less than 400 yards rushing in 1976. All of these ratings definitely need to be redone.
  4. I'm planning to re-rate the 1976 rom. Everything's a little too high for my taste. I'll probably also change the playbooks. I've moved towards making all playbooks similar and playable rather than historically accurate. I'm excited that all the teams are in the correct divisions, though, and everything else looks good so far. This is the year I was born and the Raiders won the Super Bowl for the first time, so I always wanted to have a rom for this year. If you want to give any suggestions for ratings, I will consider all opinions.
  5. Bump. @SBlueman do you still want to do this? Get on Twitch and let me know when you are available.
  6. Oh wow, I just assumed everyone has facebook. Yeah, Twitch is the same deal as facebook, though, I think you need to create a free account. My name on Twitch is rodneyrigoli with no space.
  7. I'm not looking to play against people right now, I'm not that good and haven't set that up here. I might look into playing online again, but right now I'm just offering to livestream myself playing a rom you made, or any rom you'd like to see me play, for that matter. People always want feedback on the roms they created, so this is a way to offer that in real time.
  8. It's pretty simple to watch. If you already have a facebook account, you can watch there. I broadcast to both facebook and Twitch. On facebook my page is called Rodney Rigoli Video Games. Just go to my page at the scheduled time. Then scroll down below the Spotlight videos. When I am live it should be the first video and it will be marked Live. When is a good time for you, and what is your facebook name?
  9. I just got this fun idea. If you want to watch someone play your rom for the first time, let me know and we can set it up on livestream. I'll go through the rosters of the best teams from the year, then pick a team and start playing a season.
  10. Would you be interested in watching me load and play this for the first time live? If so, let me know when you are free. I'll livestream myself looking at the ratings and playbooks of a few teams, then play a week 1 game.
  11. I must dig in to changing some of these uniform colors. I don't know in whose universe the Browns have green jerseys, but it looks really silly.
  12. You might have seen this thread already, but if not, the last page might be helpful for you.
  13. lol I don't think I contributed anything to this but I'll try to check out the rom at some point. Looks like some good work.
  14. bump, potentially useful info in various ways that I have trouble finding
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