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  1. I happen to be in the middle of playing a season as the Lions. My next game is week 17 against Buffalo.
  2. I know they lost, I just said I watched the game. I meant Silvers, I was surprised Silvers was able to come back in and win it.
  3. That was a great game. Manziel was pretty much a bust as I expected, but I was surprised Irons was able to win it. I'm still rooting for Birmingham based solely on the uniform.
  4. 75 Howie Long 32 Marcus Allen 34 Bo Jackson 56 LT 99 Mark Gastineau 4 Favre 20 Joe Morris 7 Kaepernick That is eclectic as fuck. My mind is weird.
  5. I hope I can catch SD-ARZ, as it looks like the other 3 games might be blowouts.
  6. Okay, I'm watching something. They have no announcers? What is this nonsense, this skycam is making me dizzy lol. EDIT: Oh I just saw TNT is airing it. Okay, I'll watch the second half there. They're bad at publicizing this stuff.
  7. lol okay let's see what you can do. I need to watch more live games to get a better sense of this league. I plan to really dive in to rosters and ratings on Monday. I will try to watch as much as possible this weekend. I'm still trying to figure out this B/R Live thing so I might miss this first game, but I plan to watch the others.
  8. I thought @AZcards77 was doing all that? I'm not doing helmets or graphics. I'll probably have something very basic by the end of the season using that "no kickoff" rom, but it will be ugly.
  9. I think this article answers your questions: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2820467-alliance-of-american-football-2019-player-salary-and-nfl-out-contract-clause
  10. The way I run late in the season is to call a shotgun pass. If all the receivers are covered, it's a running play.
  11. Out for the season or not, his stats should still be recorded. It was half a joke, in all seriousness it does look to be an error. I didn't realize they signed Manziel to start, I would have rolled with Silvers. I'm just starting to map out rosters and ratings, which will evolve week to week. I rate players for fun, the end game of making a rom is not always realized lol.
  12. Does the AAF have something personal against Zach Mettenberger, or just an error? He's been the starting QB for Memphis before getting injured and most of his stats are missing from the website. Him and Silvers should be the QBs on any rom, Hackenberg flamed out.
  13. Ah, I missed the game and couldn't find info, thanks.
  14. I know they won the game, but why did Birmingham go back to Perez? Price played much better in week 5.
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