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  1. The darker colors are used against BUF, NE, CLE, KC, GB, TB, and the RAMS.
  2. I think the Bills have a slightly different alternate uniform in the code but it may not be used in the game. Colts Eagles Cowboys Bears Vikings Bucs The 49ers do have an alternate, but it is just darker versions of the same colors. The Rams alternate has the same jersey with a lighter version of the helmet and pants.
  3. Everyone saying the Redskins suck in the game, I have to ask, you do change the playbook when you play as them, right? Because the playbook really does suck. Also, use Mayhew on defense, he's only a notch below Green in speed and has a 69 Int rating.
  4. I think these were descriptions of the teams in real life, and then some of the ratings just didn't match the teams because of how the attributes are used in game. The Saints are a good example. Craig Heyward was indeed a "hard-nosed ball carrier" who kept the chains moving, but 25 Maximum Speed and 94 Hitting Power doesn't really do much for you in the game. On defense they did have good linebackers in real life known as the dome patrol, but giving Swilling and Johnson 63 Hitting Power doesn't really do much for you in the game.
  5. It's probably an underrepresented year because there were 30 teams. You either have to make a 28-team rom and leave off the expansion teams, or take 2 teams off a 32-team rom, which I find to be an annoying additional thing you have to do, unless there is a 30-team rom out there already.
  6. 9-7 and they didn't make the playoffs. Kramer was a top passer that year, sure, but he was not known for great arm strength. I would give him probably 50 Passing Speed and 63 Pass Control. The rusher had over 1000 yards but he was 13th in the league. The receivers were 10th and 20th. This is not the Oilers or Rams, or a top tier RB. This is only a slightly above average team. I'm thinking similar to the Bengals offense on the original, without Ickey Woods and Rodney Holman.
  7. I'm playing as the Titans on my 2002 rom. This is Week 15 against the Pats. My passing defense sucked but what an exciting game:
  8. Bump. @SBlueman do you still want to do this? Get on Twitch and let me know when you are available.
  9. There was an online Coach league for awhile. I was in it for a couple of seasons. It's an interesting diversion from the other formats.
  10. I'm continuing with Dragon Warrior IV in a few minutes.
  11. Oh wow, I just assumed everyone has facebook. Yeah, Twitch is the same deal as facebook, though, I think you need to create a free account. My name on Twitch is rodneyrigoli with no space.
  12. Sorry for the cross-posting, I answered in the other thread.
  13. I'm not looking to play against people right now, I'm not that good and haven't set that up here. I might look into playing online again, but right now I'm just offering to livestream myself playing a rom you made, or any rom you'd like to see me play, for that matter. People always want feedback on the roms they created, so this is a way to offer that in real time.
  14. It's pretty simple to watch. If you already have a facebook account, you can watch there. I broadcast to both facebook and Twitch. On facebook my page is called Rodney Rigoli Video Games. Just go to my page at the scheduled time. Then scroll down below the Spotlight videos. When I am live it should be the first video and it will be marked Live. When is a good time for you, and what is your facebook name?
  15. I just got this fun idea. If you want to watch someone play your rom for the first time, let me know and we can set it up on livestream. I'll go through the rosters of the best teams from the year, then pick a team and start playing a season.
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