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  1. Yikes, I only got half of my picks right so far. I picked Philly tonight and Cleveland tomorrow, even though I want both to lose. Let's see if I can get over 50%.
  2. Week 2 picks: I forgot about the Thur game, but I will admit I would have picked CAR over TB. For the rest, first team is my pick to win: BAL-ARI SF-CIN LAC-DET MIN-GB HOU-JAX NE-MIA NYG-BUF SEA-PIT TEN-IND DAL-WAS KC-OAK DEN-CHI NO-LAR PHI-ATL CLE-NYJ
  3. I live in Queens and I actually slept through it. I was working at Barnes & Noble at the time and was scheduled for a 3:30pm to midnight shift. I was woken up at 11:30am by my boss calling. I didn't pick up and she left a vague message on the machine to call back. When I did, she said, "We are closing early because of the tragedy, so you don't have to come in." I was totally confused and asked, "What tragedy?" She told me to turn on the TV and hung up. The only channel I could get was CBS, and it was snowy. All the others were knocked out because they had transmitted from the towers. We still didn't have cable at the time. They were replaying it over and over, so I quickly saw what happened. When they talked about all the debris and smoke in the sky, I called to check on my dad because he worked in Brooklyn and had a direct line of sight to the towers. He was far enough away that he was okay, but he could see all the smoke and everything. I watched TV for the next 6 hours or so. I remember at some point W came on and said some bullshit about going on with your regular life, because if you stop then the terrorists win, so that night I went for a drive, got stoned, and wrote a poem about it.
  4. I don't know what this means, but I dig this song. Never heard of this group.
  5. I'd take losses to the Chiefs and Vikings at this point, but I think they have a good shot at beating the rest. 5-2 to start the season would be great, even 4-3 would be acceptable.
  6. Josh Jacobs!!! Tyrell Williams, Darren Waller! Holy fucking crap. I went to a shitty open mic last night instead of watching the Raiders, big mistake. I'm excited to be a Raider fan again.
  7. I didn't know all that about Hill. The Univ. of West Alabama should not have allowed him to play football. Without that, he doesn't get a chance to go to the pros. Fucking POS is an understatement. I don't think Brown did anything to get booted out of the league, I just think he's a garden variety asshole. Also, I hate the Patriots.
  8. The fun thing about it was that they were able to do things they never would have attempted in live action due to costume and effects limitations, such as that alien who was a member of the bridge crew.
  9. Oh yeah, forgot about that. I watched that, too. That shit was really trippy, a lot of fun when I got really stoned.
  10. My top 10 favorite Netflix shows that I've watched in the past couple of years: 1. OITNB2. Mindhunter3. Black Mirror 4. Luke Cage 5. Jessica Jones 6. 13 Reasons Why 7. Lucifer 8. Daredevil 9. Altered Carbon 10. Castlevania
  11. I recently finished watching all the Star Treks in order of broadcast date from TOS all the way through the end of Voyager. DS9 might be my favorite, but it's close with TNG.
  12. She'd be giving QBs concussions, new helmets or not. No joke.
  13. No tennis fans here? You guys are missing out. This Men's final is insane.
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