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  1. I have a console, one cart, and 4-5 controllers. I also have a powerpak.
  2. Ahhhhh damn...I have to work that day. Nice to see a tourney here in the Valley though.
  3. Noted. Any other bugs that you know of off the top of your head?
  4. Sometimes I get lost looking at the source, and I wrote most of it. Heh heh.... Anywho, I thought I posted all that stuff back then. I guess not. Sorry about that. I'll gather all my TSB related stuff and post it. edit: The weather stuff is all custom. I played around with animating the rain and snow, but it didn't look too good with the limited palette of the NES and only having one background plane. edit2: TSB Folder.zip And I had forgotten about this: this.zip I only did NFC logos, rosters for the 49ers and Cardinals , and stats for Vernon Davis and Frank Gore. The "Play Now" option will freeze the demo. This is in no way complete, just an expirement from a while back.
  5. I toyed with this idea a few years ago. I got stuck on reassigning an ai script to the player that was vacated, so it ended up just continuing to do whatever I was doing before I switched. Its very rough (...it'll let you switch while you're the ball carrier), but here's the rom. Select will cycle to the next player after the ball has been snapped. change.zip
  6. Does anyone know how to stop the music from playing? Not permanently, basically after an interception.
  7. I should really stop scrolling past the stickied threads...took me like a week to see this.
  8. cxrom

    Marvel vs capcom 3

    I have a wii too, mario kart is the shit... I do have GTA4, I didn't know there was a multiplayer mode, is it a free-for-all or what? I was playing up until about a month ago when my neighbor with an unsecured wifi moved. I'll have my own at my new place hopefully by saturday.
  9. cxrom

    Marvel vs capcom 3

    I also have Super Street Fighter IV, FIFA 2011, Fight Night Round 3, and CoD: Black Ops. I need to get one of those arcade pads. I don't like using the thumbstick and the d-pad is not too great either.
  10. I just picked this one up. The control scheme takes some getting used to. Anybody else play this? I'm getting internet again soon, but my xbl tag is cpenakillu. [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!]
  11. I've toyed with a similar idea (with c/sdl), but couldn't really figure out how to format the plays in a way that was: 1. easy to edit by a generic text editor or an outside program specific for playbook design 2. being able to clone the original plays, while allowing for more complex things to be done I thought of doing some halfass xml type format: form=0 ...some scripting codes: player, action, duration, etc... ...some scripting codes: player, route/block scheme, duration, etc... You could even do away with the formation code, and instead have values to use to position the player from the ball/LOS. Since I haven't messed around with editing plays in TSB, I wasn't sure if this would be enough information. Any thoughts? Teams and Leauges were defined in a similar text format so that you could have a large pool of teams that could be used in any number of leagues you wanted. Players were defined in the team files, and conferences in the league files. Trading players would be a problem though, unless you edit the team files...
  12. It's been awhile, crazy life #$%@, but you know how that goes. Tecmo never left the nes though . Any major tsb news I should know about? Turd, sorry bout the sudden departure. [ Post made on a Tecmo Super Mobile Device!]
  13. If they game was free, sure. Since this game is not free, I won't settle for some bs attempt at churning out another cash cow. I don't buy this "I should be grateful" crap. Tecmo should be grateful that anyone here gave it a chance after TB:KO. Go play Bionic Commando:Rearmed if you want to see a remake done right.
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