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  1. Hey all. Im working on my yearly TFO Rom and last season I started to give away the prize of placing text on the Tecmo Blimp that appears at halftime. So since I have my notes and couldn't find this on the boards I wanted to post it for others... and so I won't lose it next season when I do this all again So I like to think of the Tecmo Blimp as having 2 Lines of 10 "Spots". These spots are filled in with 8x8 pixel images. There are 16 available characters to use in these spots (not counting spaces). You would need to go in and EDIT these with your own images/letters/characters to appear on the blimp and one could have MORE spots by doing some edits on their own but I stick with the 16 as I haven't had an issue with it. I know there is more "real estate" on the blimp that could be used but since it shares a pallet with the background clouds I just stick with the two 10 character lines. CHARACTER GRAPHIC SPOTS (17 total counting Space/Blank) 03 = Space/Blank (DO NOT OVERWRITE) 0B = Left Part of Helmet Icon 0F = Right Part of Helmet Icon 1D = E (blue) 37 = C (blue) 39 = T (blue) 3D = M (blue) 3E = O (blue) 3F = S (pink) 41 = U (pink) 42 = P (pink) 43 = E (pink) 44 = R (pink) 45 = B (pink) 46 = O (pink) 47 = W (pink) 48 = L (pink) SPOTS AVAILABLE ON THE BLIMP (2 Lines of 10) 1ST: LINE: 0x1446c 0x1446d 0x1447b 0x1447c 0x1447d 0x1447e 0x1448c 0x1448d 0x1448e 0x1448f 2ND LINE: 0x14470 0x14471 0x1447f 0x14480 0x14481 0x14482 0x14490 0x14491 0x14492 0x14493 PALLET LOCATION (3 colors) BLUE: 0x1a02d PINK: 0x1a02e WHITE: 0x1a02f (DO NOT CHANGE) [Recommended not to mess with the white as the rest of the blimp's white spots share the same pallet as the clouds in the background] Attached is TFO 2016's Blimp Have fun!!!!
  2. I was looking at the code that sits between the "team names/1st2nd3rd4th" and the "offensedefenseeastnorth, etc - the 0x1FC10 area... I have never really known exactly what this chunk of code is, even though I have edited the heck out of team names, I have always just copied and pasted to make stuff work.... anyways, I just noticed that some code is different between the two roms, and I am wondering why. on the CXROM 32-team rom, the code is: (at location 0x1FF90) D6D7B8D4D5D7D4D5D6DBDCDD on the ORIGINAL 28-team rom, the code is: (at location 0x1FF4D, in this case) D6D7B8D4D5D7D8D9DADBDCDD you can see where I bolded the code that is different. can anyone explain?
  3. as the subject says, I am looking for ideas to make onsides tougher for the kicking team to recover. or is there a way to make the onside kick travel farther? I have a rom where the teams are pretty fast and basically the kicking team is getting to the ball area so fast that they have a high percentage to recover the kick. I can't remember, but is the kickoff team code different for onside vs regular kick? I will test in a little bit to find out. some ideas that I have: add a "delay" to the kickoff team move receiving team closer to ball make the onside kick travel a bit further....but how to do this?
  4. Is there a possibility someone can make a Tecmo Basketball 2018 ROM? With the NBA Season coming up? Or can soomone tell me how to edit Tecmo Basketball, what programs I need, etc.
  5. Hi, anyone seen a good place with a comprehensive catalog of TSB ROM versions (different years, etc)? Might have someone mod a NES Classic Mini and want to pimp it with a good selection of TSB versions. --------------------------------- I've seen: 1) This url (TecmoBowl.org "ROMs by year") has a few options... 2) ... and TecmoSB.com (clicky) has a link for "TSB Roms Collection <=== last update: 11/16/2014." I haven't been able to open this one, but it appears to have so many ROMs, that some years have 5-10+ versions. --------------------------------- Figured by now, someone may have already edited a good catalog list somewhere. nbd if not.
  6. Would it be possible to map the 'select' button to be used in nes tsb? For example, for cycle backwards through receivers?
  7. Ok, I have been up and down with SIM/SKP and have got SKP (teams that play season in the background) stats working almost perfect - the only problem is that the teams don't score enough touchdowns! For example, I have RBs running for the right amount of carries and picking up the right amount of yards BUT, they are scoring TDs about 1/2 of what I would like them to. Same as QBs. *Question is: Is there an (as of yet "undocumented") location in the ROM that essentially sets the SKP scoring ? I want to DOUBLE the scoring, but keep the yards the same. Note - I have tried many, many combinations of setting the values below to get what I want - and while in some scenarios I AM able to get the TDs and Points where I want them - but then the Yards are way off!!! # Sim Points/Yardage Modifiers 0x1703C-0x1703D # First Quarter/OT 0x17F0D-0x17F0E # Second-Fourth Quarter # Sim Rushing/Punt Returning Modifiers 0x180B3-0x180C3 # Sim Passing/Receiving Modifiers 0x180C3-0x180D3 # Sim Defense Modifiers 0x180D3-0x180E3 # Sim Offense Modifiers 0x180E3-0x180F3 # Sim Kicking Modifiers 0x180F3-0x18103 # Sim Punting Modifiers 0x18103-0x18113 # Sim Pocket Modifiers 0x18113-0x18117 # Sim Kick Returning Modifiers 0x18117-0x18127
  8. Version version 1, August 19, 20


    One of the greatest years of all time for USA pop culture and sport...1985. Play the "spring" 1985 season of the USFL in 18-game glory....Then, play a separate 14-game season with the best NFL teams of 1985...Then fight through the playoffs and see if you get your team to meet up USFL v NFL in the world championship playoff game...Can the USFL "talent" hold its ground against the NFL? Probably not, but you can try! The upper 14 team "conference" contains the full 14-team USFL experience. The lower 14-team "conference" consists of the 10 NFL playoff teams and four other NFL teams from 1985 season. Traditional NES TSB gameplay, with minor gameplay and graphic upgrades, etc. Guaranteed to thrill.
  9. 1. Tecmonster it's definitely not a glitch. 2. I consulted jstouts dissassembly files. Always valuable. Here is the bank in question: https://code.google.com/p/tecmosuperbowl/source/browse/branches/Bank26.txt Scroll down to the note jstout added randomize week games. it starts off with JSR L_D8F7 AND #$0F This is a routine to update the random numbers and then it constrains the result to be from 0x00 to 0x0F or 0 to 15 in decimal. Anyways we just need the end of the whole routine to randomize the games which is JSR store_sram_checksum LDA #%11000000 STA PRG_RAM_PROTECT RTS So at 0x3220A paste in 20 B3 C4 A9 C0 8D 01 A0 60. This will prevent the schedule from being random. You may need to do a season reset once to get it unrandomized but it should be good from then on.
  10. There are 4x roms in the zip - actually, only two games (ROM 1 and ROM 2), but see below for reasoning for the extra two roms the zip also contains a basic readme, and a png image of a playbook key View attachment: Street Tecmo 2013 v1 also with no p2.zip View attachment: tsb street var shots 1.png Documentation There are two ROMs, each with 16 NFL teams. The only difference between the ROMs are the teams/rosters/names, etc. and the color of the endzones. Based on Jstout's "CIFL 7-on-7" NES Tecmo Super Bowl ROM Upgraded plays (enhanced for the street) 50 yard "field" COM v MAN (you can play as player 2 if you set up your emulator) Competitive COM for challenging Season fun No "Out of Bounds" - you can run into the walls New Halftime and New Halftime Song Reduced Cutscreens Game plays very fast (almost every variable is sped up greatly) Turnovers and scoring are common No punts (just "kicker") Countless Graphic changes In-game playbook changing Cool new Uniforms (some throwbacks in there, too) 12-game season with 8-team playoffs "Heroes" - it's like a mini-game I have set up the heroes from the original Tecmo Super Bowl game AFC and NFC - using their original ratings (although some are decreased because it's played as pro-bowl game) but, it has a totally different feel and challenge than the other modern "street" teams Pass Accuracy is completion/int variable KR return at their own Max Speed Player 2 condition indicator fixed No pass-defender auto-dive Quicker dives for defenders AI hacks Passing Game Hacks Bruddog's OL/DL Differential (more random popcorn in the trenches) HP Hack (MAN v MAN "popcorn" and/or "mash") Also, HP is quantized to a scale of "0 to 3 extra presses" that are added to grapple counter) 6-25 HP = 0 extra press 31-50 HP = 1 extra press 56-75 HP = 2 extra press 81-100 HP = 3 extra press ----- EXTRA ("no p2" versions): the (main) 1st version of TSB Street posted on 9-5-12 has a very cool hack (thanks xplozv) that lets you play as the 2nd player (2nd side) vs COM (also in season mode). A requirement is that you need to have your emulator set up such that you have control of the 2nd player controller (or if using an actual NES, a controller in port 2!) . In the emulator I use, I have them both programmed to the same controller/buttons. If you use an emulator that will not allow you to program or play as a 2nd player controller, I have provided a set of roms with the additional "no p2" characters in the rom filename. this "no p2" will play just like the original TSB - MAN will always be player one side when playing COM. Therefore I have updated the zip to include these "no p2" versions. I also updated the readme in the zip. No other changes have been made. -- We must thank the following, because this rom would not be possible without their past or present help: jstout, bruddog, cxrom, bad_al, average tsb player, elway, knobbe, bodom, and xplozv (jstout did not have any direct hand in the making of this ROM, but we thought we should credit him because we used his CIFL 7-on-7 ROM as our base) -- it's a party, jerk. so enjoy it. This post has been promoted to an article
  11. Hey Guys, I am going to be working on a "D-League" Tecmo Bowl, featuring NFL Busts, or current NFL Free-Agents. Here's a few that will include in it: -Vince Young -Johnny Manziel -RGIII -Colin Kaepernick -Tim Tebow -Chris Johnson -Toby Gerhart -Hakeem Nicks
  12. Okay, I've been curious to know if ANYONE in the entire world knows how add specific 8-bit versions of songs in an nes rom? If so, and if it's not too out of the way, I'd like to some help lol
  13. You know what's up. This is what real NFL players do in the offseason: they play 7-on-7 football without helmets, on a 50-yard asphalt/concrete street. Choose from one of the best 16 NFL teams from the 2014-2015 NFL season. Can you survive the fight? I doubt it, but you will have fun trying. New Plays and formations, like the Pistol. Totally new things, like MAN controlled players (without the ball). Check out the four "DIVA" passes - you actually control the receiver instead of the QB...will he throw it to you? Highspeed Updated Physics Engine. MOVE FAST, DUDE...In the TSB streets, there's not much time to think, you have to be able to react very quickly, or have the will to just force things to happen. Nobody is gonna give you anything for free in the streets, you have to go out and take it. Etc. See screenshots and download below. STREET tsb 14-15 NFL SUPERBOWL buck.nes
  14. ROM FINALLY READY! (See bottom of this post) ======== Only 16 NFL teams. The game is still fast, tough, and fun. This is by far the best and most refined version yet. However, there might still be a few minor graphical bugs that pop up from time to time. This is a work in progress, but this version represents a good 1/2 year of tweaks from the last version. So enjoy it. There are a few new plays this year, and quite a few plays have been updated/tweaked. There is a new formation "Pistol" and it has a "option run", an "option sweep", and a pass. (not real option, but try it and see - 49ers have the Pistol default playbook, check it out.) There is a pass "diva" available in each passing slot, etc. EXPLORE the plays. Lots of ways to run a season with different playbooks, etc. Divas and any play (except normal runs and passes) where the MAN controls someone other than the primary ball carrier - the graphic looks like an "M". Here's the layout of the playbooks. This post will be updated as needed. ======== tsb 14-15 NFL STREET buck v1A.nes peace out.
  15. This is a virgin 28-team NES TSB ROM with one big change - all DEFENSIVE PLAYS have been changed to the respective "BLITZ" for every play. So, when you play it, no matter what, the defense comes at you like they picked your play. In addition, the OFFENSIVE PLAYS were changed to use the actual play that it would run when the defense picks the offenses play, like Pass 1 Pro T Screen for instance. I went in and copied/pasted the "blitz" play for every play, so that every pick is a successful play-pick. At the bottom of this post is a screenshot of the defensive bytes that were changed to the common blitz byte for every play variation. In this picture, you can see that the RUNS use a Blitz Byte of 5B, 53, 57, 5F, 8F, or 99. Pass play Blitz Bytes are 5F, BB, DA, and 22...that's right, there are ONLY 4 variations to a Pass-Play blitz! Also, in this picture, The top-left starts with the 8 variations of Run Slot 1, Play 1. It continues (left to right, top to bottom), 8 plays for each slot, 8 variations of each play, down to the very last Pass Slot 4, Play 8. Now, changing the defense is NOT ENOUGH - because the offense has 8 possible variations for any given play - so I had to go in and change all of the offensive plays to run the variation that it uses when the defense picks the offenses respective play (sorry, no picture for this). This ROM is made for the sole purpose of practicing responses to getting your play called! (Note - this is mostly useful for practicing getting your Pass Play called. Work on those timed taps! Tecmo Super Bowl AllBlitzes.nes Have fun.
  16. So, like many before me, I am looking to do a very simple "re-do" of 1990 TSB. as the NES TSB game works in it's natural unmodified state: Pass Control (PC) is THEE QBs variable for how "on target" a pass is; and it also is the variable for whether a pass will be "completed or intercepted". (Pass Accuracy (PA) does nothing, without a "hack"). I was considering the usual jstout PA hack - where PC is "target" and PA is "comp/int"... But I got to thinking - that it would make a guy like Elway TOO good. look at his 1990 stats, off the top of my head - 15 td, 14 ints. Anyways, that shouldn't deserve a 69 "completion/INT" variable! On to my point/question - I want to implement a version of the jstout "PA Hack" - BUT- "swap" the function of PC with PA for this hack -> So that PC is the "completion/int variable" only and PA becomes "on target" only. It seems like I've seen something discussed like this before (maybe bruddog talked about it?). so, for the Elway example: he would now throw a 69 (pretty good) "on target" pass, but his "completion/INT" variable would stay the same at 31, which is pretty bad. I suppose I could just physically swap (cut/paste) the attributes around in TOOL or something and do jstout's hack, but I wanted to keep the attributes looking the same. So, how can that be swapped around behind the scenes in the ROM? Anybody have ideas how to do it; and does it make sense within the original QB attributes to do this?
  17. I've been noodling around with the graphics on TSB for Sega using Fatilety. You'll notice, I've given the Pitch a more "old-school," classic feel. Also, it looks as if it's actually been played on. I changed the Chain Crew. I've also modified the ball, so that it accords with the much rounder football used until (I believe) the 1950's in the NFL. If I could, I'd have rather wanted to place the Goal Posts on the Goal Line as per their (logical) placement in the NFL until the 1970's. Alas, I couldn't find a way. I was, however, able to change them to the traditional, H-style posts . . . or, at least, came close to making it appear to be so. There are some glitches in the alignment of the Yard Lines (e.g., at the 50- and 35-yard lines) based on that fact that they placed the NFL and Tecmo logo's on the field, both of which I removed. I don't think either is too noticeable. I think, I might try my hand at the SNES version and do the same. Though, I must admit: I like TSB Sega better.
  18. Does anyone know the hex location for the Kickoff position for TSB Sega? Also, what the values might be (i.e., what to put in for each yard line)? I am a "noob." Please, be gentle.
  19. Hey, the ROM is at VERY-BOTTOM OF THIS POST -=October 12=- Note - to play a season, you will have to have a "2nd controller" set up, for away games. --->>>I personally use the same controller set up for both 1 Player and the 2nd Player controller. Know thy emulator. In the 2013-14 NFL TSB Streets, EVERYONE hears you scream....but nobody cares. Adam Sandler playing tennis-ball hockey with his funny friends is on a totally different street - so get lost if you're looking for your momma's TSB foosball. Here, there's no "out of bounds" - only "out of play"...and although you claw and grope the TSB Street Walls, you will not avoid confrontation. But don't be afraid to FORCE things in these TSB Streets - 'cause son, there is just no way to play it safe. And when you think you've met your match: your hair-trigger-itchy-finger will see you through these TSB streets. Play a Season, you're gonna meet some other NFL friends on the Street - Teams that were not good enough to make the 16-team cut - but they ain't on the sidewalk with a fistful of crack, they ready to roll. You thinks you can BALL, dog - thinks you can TAP? That A-button better be synaptically connected to your TSB Soul. Will you have to eventually "fight yourself" (7-on-7) in the high-speed 2014 Street Bowl? Unfortunately, NO....But if you did - you'd need: a bat, a knife to throw, and a crate full of meat. buck and rewhawl (TEAM SAMURAI) present: 2014 NFL TSB STREET ROM - for the Nintendo Entertainment System STREET CRED: 7-ON-7/50 YD FIELD/BASE ROM - jstout HELMETLESS PLAYER GRAPHICS - xplozv CONCEPT/GRAPHICS - buck, rewhawl, some "minis" swiped from keithisgood PHYSICS/ENGINE/ROSTERS/RATINGS - buck NEW SCREENS/CUTSCREENS/SPECIAL HALFTIME/HALFTIME "SONG" - buck MISC HACKS - jstout, bruddog, xplozv, buck stay tuned for - TEAM UPDATES PLAYBOOK UPDATES OTHER UPDATES tsb STREET 2014 OCT 12 buck.nes
  20. I need help adding weather to my 28 team rom. Ive seen it before. Oh and is it possible to be somewhat geographically specific? Like in my rom, the Tacoma Narrows play outside and it rains about 65-75% of the time in Tacoma, WA in the fall/winter. Thanks. MLF 15 is my ROM. weather is the ROM with the weather feature I desire. MLF 15 sim data.nes weather.nes
  21. is there a location in the rom to make every tackle result in a Fumble? I have put all "FF" in for ball control, but there is still the occasional time where the ball carrier does not fumble. I need all fumble, all the time. thx. ps - I am working on a "rugby" rom. lol. funny, but not a joke.
  22. Is that possible? I've been trying to edit some 7v7 ROMs but my league has 28 teams.
  23. Here is my take on the End of NFL Season 2014-15 Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. I've had Tecmo on my mind pretty hardcore for the last couple of weeks (due to playing in the Lincoln tournament). So, I had to put this ROM together. I know it's kind of premature, but the ratings are not gonna matter much, who goes to SB or whatever. (But I am gonna pick NE v SEA, and then I will pick SEA to win it all, but I digress) UPDATED FOR SUPER BOWL. 1.19.15 This is an OG-style (original gangster) 32-team NFL ROM with everything default. No play hacks at all. (except PA/PC - but I have rated every QB with the SAME PC and PA - so there is no difference, unless you modify it yourself). This ROM has the original 3-4 defenses (no 4-3). The player ratings and team balance/"spread" is based off of the 1991 games players and ratings and spread of talent. Bad teams are bad, good teams are good. Some ratings are exaggerated. This mod is designed primarily for MAN v MAN, for people who want a game that will play just like 1991 TSB, but with updated rosters and stuff. COM works fine, too, but there are no hacks to make them better than the original game makes them. The pro bowl teams are just the best players from each conference (that I personally selected, because I can be like Mike (Irvin)). Rosters should be pretty tight, I've spent the last week on them. They should reflect the 2014-2015 End of Season rosters and performances, for the most part. If there are any glaring issues, please let me know. ENJOY. TSB 2014-15 EOS Buck.nes old (1.16.19 version) TSB 2014-15 Super Bowl buck.nes (new 1.19.15 version)
  24. I know I've made MANY posts such as this before, BUT these are possible if ported to either PC or SNES. I'd keep the 8-bit designs though... If not please give some suggestions as to how to make TSB as similar to this as possible.
  25. One of the greatest years of all time for USA pop culture and sport...1985. Play the "spring" 1985 season of the USFL in its 18-game glory....Then, play a separate 14-game season with the best NFL teams of 1985...Then fight through the playoffs to see if you get to meet up USFL v NFL in the world championship playoff game...Can the USFL "talent" hold its ground against the NFL? Probably not, but you can try! ...see attached screenshots... As you can see, the upper 14 team "conference" contains the full 14-team USFL experience. The lower 14-team "conference" consists of the 10 NFL playoff teams and four other NFL teams from 1985 season. Traditional NES TSB gameplay, with minor gameplay upgrades, etc. Guaranteed to thrill. Coming soon.
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