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Found 4 results

  1. Thunderdome 12 (2020): The Shield Defeated Kovalkin (Dukesta). 64man tournament. Biggest Online tournament to date! Group Draft Live Show (Royal Rumble Theme!!): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/553454432?filter=highlights&sort=time Bracket Draft Show: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/560764175?filter=highlights&sort=time Game Videos/Recaps: Group Play: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/71236-thunderdome-12-game-recaps-group-play/ Bracket Play: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/71259-thunderdome-12-game-recaps-bracket-play-video-recaps/#comments Elite 8 Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/568975170?filter=highlights&sort=time Final 4 Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/570929479?filter=highlights&sort=time Championship Series (Twitch): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/573301953?filter=highlights&sort=time Challonge Brackets: Group Play: https://challonge.com/e0ivw1jh Single Elimination Bracket: https://challonge.com/xisqrc72 Thunderdome XI (2019): Nos Defeated Bruddog. 56 man tournament. Ties the biggest Online tournament to date! Group Draft Live Show (Royal Rumble Theme!!): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/383597992?t=02s Game Videos/Recaps: Group Play: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/70702-thunderdome-xi-game-recaps-group-play/ Bracket Play: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/70729-thunderdome-xi-game-recaps-bracket-play-video-recaps/page/2/ Championship Series (Twitch): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/400833994 Challonge Brackets: Group Play: https://challonge.com/u85yi1lx Single Elimination Bracket: https://challonge.com/igo02tgn ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderdome X (2018): Stalltalk Defeated Rico33. 56 man tournament. Biggest Online tournament to date! Game Videos: Twitch (Group and Bracket) https://www.twitch.tv/collections/-okPzcaF_BSMRg Championship Game (Facebook): https://facebook.com/20700824943/videos/10150953835929944/ Challonge Brackets: Group Play: http://challonge.com/ThunderdomeXGroup Single Elimination Bracket: http://challonge.com/ThunderdomeXBracketPlay. Consolation bracket: http://challonge.com/thunderdomeconsolation Game Recaps: Group Play: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/70027-thunderdome-x-game-recaps-group-play-chi-kc-cin-mia-min-was-jet-no-phx-dal/ Consolation: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/70063-thunderdome-x-game-recaps-consolation-tournament/ Bracket (FInal 16): http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/70050-thunderdome-x-bracket-round-video-recaps/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderdome IX (2017): Regulator Defeated Daboy8821. 40 man tournament Brackets: Group Play: http://challonge.com/TDIX Single Elimination: http://challonge.com/TDIXbracket Game Recaps: Group Play: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69306-thunderdome-ix-game-recaps-group-play-kc-mia-min-rams-den-sd-phx-dal-atl-no/ Round of 20: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69356-thunderdome-ix-game-recaps-round-of-20-phi-rai-det-rams-tb-den-jets-no/ Bracket (FInal 16): http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69361-thunderdome-ix-game-video-stream-sweet-16-elite-8-final-4-and-championship-game/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderdome VIII (2016): Regulator Defeated Coconuts. 48 man tournament. Brackets: http://challonge.com/thunderdomeVIII/groups Game Recaps: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/67484-thunderdome-viii-game-recap-threads/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderdome VII (2015): Joeygats Defeated Disastamasta 34 man tournament. Brackets: http://challonge.com/thunderdomevii Game Recaps: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/63815-thunderdome-vii-official-thunderdome-recaps-thread/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderdome VI (2014): BaxterBear Defeated TSBGOD 45 man tournament. Brackets: http://challonge.com/thunderdomevi Game Recaps: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/60670-thunderdome-vi-official-game-recaps/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderdome V (2013): Joeygats Defeated JustinPeters 31 man tournament. Brackets: http://challonge.com/TecmoMadness Recaps: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/54383-thunderdome-v-tecmo-bowl-tournament/?page=5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderdome IV (2012): Daboy8821 champion 32 man tournament. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderdome III (2010): lillefty021 champion 18-20 man tournament ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderdome II (2009): urlocaltecmoguy champion 8 man tournament. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderdome I (2008): johnny_tecmo Defeated Rantoro
  2. The time has come! Brackets are signed, sealed and now delivered to my fellow Tecmo brothers! I gotta say, putting this bracket together was TOUGH. I know I probably shafted some of you but there is so much talent in this tournament that somebody has to get the short end of the stick. Please dont take this personally. This is supposed to be fun! So with that being said, I'll shut up now and let you guys go at it! Here is what is available to you for viewing: Of course I have to make a video right? This is nothing fancy or creative and not my finest work, but a simple OG kickoff to the greatest online Tecmo tournament in the world! Scroll down for the embedded video. Here is the link to the Challonge.com site that will be tracking results of the tournament. http://challonge.com/thunderdomeVIII Here is a pdf of the brackets for easy viewing (you may need to zoom in acrobat reader though). Thunderdome VII Brackets.pdf Posts 2, 3, and 4 contain snapshots and a preview of each of the region brackets. Lets hear your opinions about the regions and how awful I did here in this thread or over on discord. GOOD LUCK and let the games begin!
  3. Here are some final thoughts as I wrap this baby up. The CHAMP What more can be said of your Thunderdome VIII Champion Regulator? After another live tournament championship, he came out of online retirement to participate and showed why he is hands down the best player right now. He was put to the test by Coconuts and got a little lucky in the NYJ-PIT game, but the great ones always find ways to win. He is just on another level. Madison is on the horizon and it would be difficult to take anyone else to win. Congratulations! You deserved it. The MVP's 1. Coconuts: Not many can go toe to toe with Regulator and play as well as Coco did. He had the NYJ-PIT game won and in the bag and lost in possibly the craziest sequence of events. It was amazing how he was able to put that kind of loss aside and beat DT twice in that same night. His determination and ability to focus on the task at hand was phenomenal as many wouldve just crumbled in the aftermath of that crazy game. He seems primed for another deep Madison run and maybe we can get a Thunderdome rematch with Regulator? If it happens, the call has to be NYJ-PIT! 2. DT: There was a lot of chat in the thunderdome discord chat room about the perceived underselling of DT's ability. As the person who created the seeds, I have egg on my face for that. Going in, everybody including myself knew he was a great player but being new to the online world, that had to play a factor. BUT, to beat heavyweights like (3) Carnage (2) TSBGOD and (1) Daboy was an incredible performance. No other person went through this gauntlet of great players to get to the point he did. He just ran into a buzzsaw. Respect to DT, that was quite the performance! 3. Prime/Storksdaman: The two Cinderella's spoiled many tournament dreams. They combined to knock out a 3, 4,5, and 6 seeds throughout their deep runs. Prime gave Coco a scare in round 3 and just ran out of time after making a comeback. And he almost didnt join the tourney! Storksdaman beat two live tournament veterans in VikingMoe and Ryan11 which was an impressive accomplishment. Unfortunately, Regulator was next in line but storks put up a valiant effort in defeat. Great job guys, you definitely opened up some eyes! The LVP's 1. The West region high seeds outside of Coconuts and Tecmo Psycho: This region was a complete bloodbath. (3) GoNick, (4) Kamp, and (5) Manyo all suffered first round upsets. (6) Gripsmoke lost to (14) Prime in round 2 which really opened up the region for Coco and Psycho. 2. TSBGOD: For choking! See below 3. The final 3 format: I goofed, sorry! Games of the Tourney 1. Regulator (NYJ) vs Coconuts (PIT): The game of the tournament with two of the best players delivered in spades. A heavyweight fight that came down to some fortunate events leading to a miraculous ending. When i got the nsv to make the video, my jaw was on the floor with that ending. http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/67676-thunderdome-viii-final-3-video-recaps-and-information/?do=findComment&comment=465876 2. TSBGOD (MIN) vs DT (Rams): An entertaining game that featured two great players. The game went deep into overtime and featured two epic choke jobs by TSBGOD! :). DT was able to capitalize on the choke and complete his 2nd upset of the tournament. Somewhere, Blair Walsh is smiling. http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/67528-thunderdome-viii-video-recaps-round-3-det-min-rams-sd-deadline-23/?do=findComment&comment=465362 Final Thoughts Not going to lie, I have a big sense of relief that this tournament is over as this has been a busy month! I know some people have praised me for running a nice tourney (thanks by the way) but honestly, its because all of you were great participants. My #1 goal was to have no sims/forfeits and full participation and you guys delivered. We also finished before Madison which was a long shot when I looked at the timing of each round. But everybody played their games and met deadline well in advance. The Thunderdome room in discord was also very active and it seemed like there was interest outside of the remaining participants. It made my job easier and fun so THANK YOU! I will run more tournaments this year with the next one likely in April-May timeframe. I will try to keep the formats different from each other to keep things fresh. More to come in the coming months. Again, thank you!
  4. Round 1: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/67485-thunderdome-viii-game-recaps-round-1-buf-gia-phi-rai-deadline-120/ Round 2: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/67493-thunderdome-viii-game-recaps-round-2-chi-cin-kc-mia-deadline-127/ Round 3 (Videos): http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/67528-thunderdome-viii-video-recaps-round-3-det-min-rams-sd-deadline-23/ Round 4 (Videos): http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/67662-thunderdome-viii-video-recaps-round-4-den-tb-wash-deadline-210/ Round 5 (Videos): http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/67676-thunderdome-viii-final-3-video-recaps-and-information/ Round 6 (Video): http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/67686-thunderdome-viii-championship-game-recap-1-regulator-vs-2-coconuts/
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