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Found 5 results

  1. I was making an all-time college romhack, and thought I was all done after the meticulous roster and stat editing rigmarole, and now I'm unable to even start a game. Just looking to know where to start troubleshooting. Any help is appreciated, relevant info below. Using TSBTool Supreme- text of edit attached. Base rom is Pacnsacdave's NCAA 2020 hack which still works as normal for me (got it from somewhere on here but couldn't relocate it for reference- used it to avoid adding custom helmets/logos/etc on top of all the other editing to do). Game crashes as opening kickoff is being returned in Mesen; screen severely freezes and glitches, sometimes resets. In other retroarch emulator cores (NEStopia, FCEumm) screen goes black before kickoff and is unable to proceed. tecmorosebowl1
  2. I've learned a ton from this site and was able to go from never editing a ROM file to making an entire custom ROM with new players, teams, plays, and lots of new graphics, based entirely on info I learned here on this site and using a bunch of the Tecmo-specific tools that you guys have built over the years. One thing that worked really well was customizing graphics to display a portrait in the opening credit screens. Of course, you can make portraits of your friends and family, it's not just for TSB legends. As I told him, this post by bruddog really is key to understanding Tecmo graphics. With that knowledge I was able to build some cool stuff, and I've created the attached guide for anyone who wants to do the same. Also a sample ROM file you can inspect or customize. To be fair: there are quite a few steps, it isn't automated, it will certainly take a while the first time. Hope you find this to be useful... and please post any tips for making these images look even better! TecmoPortraitsGuide.pdf Tecmo2021_randall.nes
  3. Hi, just getting started with creating my first custom ROM. Wanted to say an enormous THANK YOU to this community and all the resources you've all contributed to the site, it certainly provides a massive head start. Is there any documentation for how you got the game to reference new tiles? In comparing the original TSB ROM to the new 2021 version, there are 192 additional tiles at the end of the CHR ROM section. Obviously you edited a lot of the original tiles but I'm interested in how you got the game to point to these new banks of tiles. I would like to edit the title screens but with entirely new tiles. Because of repeated tiles, simply editing the existing tiles is limiting -- for example the Team NFL logo consists of 84 tiles but only 56 unique tiles. The NFLPA logo is 54 tiles but only 41 uniques. I can add new banks of custom tiles, just can't figure out how to get those new banks to be the ones loaded in memory and be pointed to. Thank you for any help!
  4. Hi folks, I'd like to get the community's opinion regarding where to start. I'm attempting to build a 32 ROM consisting of teams from the 98-03' era. I've made a similar 28 team ROM a few years ago, but since getting back into it, there seems to be some differences between the editors and roms. So here are my questions: For a base ROM to start from, which would you recommend? taking a 2016 Rom or using an older 32 team ROM consisting of players closer to that era? As for the editors, would you suggest the TSBToolSupreme? Any Excel/roster editing advice is also welcomed. Any other thoughts or feedback that could help provide a great foundation is welcomed and appreciated and I'll be sure to post the final when I'm complete.
  5. for you serious hackers that posses the strength of tecmo street knowledge: how do you limit the pointers that get called when a play is selected? for example, you pick run 1, play 1. the code goes and grabs 11 pointers each for offense and defense, and you know the rest. well, I only want the game to look at the first 7 player pointers (for any given play), and ignore the last 4. how do I accomplish this? (I have literally spent at least 4 hours messing with this. comparing and corrupting, etc.)
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