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Found 10 results

  1. View File RBI: 2016 World Series Celebrate the Chicago Cubs victory in the 2016 World Series with this ROM. I don't typically do end-of-season ROMS, so this is kind of a big deal! To commemorate the season, the title screen's color scheme has been changed to something a little more "Cubbish." The ROM contains all ten teams that qualified for the 2016 Major League Baseball playoffs, to include: Boston Red Sox Baltimore Orioles Toronto Blue Jays Cleveland Indians Texas Rangers Washington Nationals New York Mets Chicago Cubs Los Angeles Dodgers San Francisco Giants I based the player ratings based strictly on their 2016 performance. What this means is that, if a player had a down year in 2016, it will reflect on their in-game performance. I've provided two versions of the ROM. They both play identically to one another. The only difference between the two is how the players are named. The game only allows six characters per player name. Version A has the players listed in traditional RBI Baseball compressed form (i.e. Bumgarner is Bmgrnr, Kershaw is Kershw, Donaldson is Dnldsn) and Version B has the players listed in my traditional truncated form (Bumgarner is Bumgar, Kershaw is Kersha, Donaldson is Donald). On this note, I would appreciate some feedback as to which naming method everybody prefers for future ROM releases. Enjoy! Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 11/04/2016 Category RBI Baseball
  2. View File R.B.I. Baseball 1919 This ROM commemorates the 1919 baseball season and the Black Sox scandal, 100 years later. The teams included on the ROM are: Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, New York Giants, Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers, Washington Senators, and Boston Red Sox. This ROM, and the rest of my collection can be found at BaronGaming.weebly.com. Enjoy! Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 07/21/2019 Category RBI Baseball
  3. View File 30-Team 2015 RBI Baseball Using Knobbe's 30-team expanded RBI Baseball ROM, here is the 2015 edition of RBI Baseball. The statistics and lineups are based on the 2015 season. The players are listed on the team that they played on the most during the season (Cueto is a Red, Ackley is a Mariner, Price is a Tiger, etc.). Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 12/30/2015 Category RBI Baseball
  4. View File RBI Baseball Calculator Putting my Visual Basic college classes to good use, I've created a calculator to help determine Batter ratings when putting together RBI Baseball ROMs. Using the data from the original RBI Baseball, I created a formula (seen here) to help determine Power and Contact ratings. The interface is simple. Enter a player's batting average. Enter a player's homeruns. Click Calculate. Keep in mind, this calculator is only for determining batting ratings. Running speed and pitching calculators will come, added to the batting calculator, at a later date. Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 04/29/2016 Category Editors, Tools & Misc
  5. View File R.B.I. Baseball 2016 This is the Opening Day Edition of R.B.I. Baseball, the follow-up to the previously released R.B.I. Baseball: Spring Training Edition. All 30-teams are represented, featuring each team's Opening Day rosters (with a few minor "Editor's choice" changes). The ratings are determined using statistics from Baseball-Reference.com and my RBI Ratings formula. Enjoy! Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 04/26/2016 Category RBI Baseball
  6. View File RBI 1986 - 30 Teams This RBI Baseball ROM is based on the 1986 Major League Baseball season. http://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/1986.shtml There are 30 teams, total. It contains all 26 MLB clubs, the American and National League All-Star teams, and two teams of Legends (featuring the likes of Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Bob Gibson, etc.). I based the player ratings on their statistics from the 1986 season. The Legends' ratings are based on their career averages, pro-rated over a 162-game season. Enjoy! Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 04/01/2016 Category RBI Baseball
  7. In my collection, I've created a large sampling of 10-team RBI Baseball ROMs. This morning, I've started converting the 10-team ROMs into 30-team ROMs, starting with the first year that I started following baseball religiously, 1986. There were only 26 teams at the time. To fill the final 4 spots, I will be adding AL and NL All-Star teams, as well as AL and NL Legends teams (featuring players like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron). The Legends teams will vary from year to year in the sense that the teams must consist of players who were legends (and retired) at the time of the ROM. So, while Willie Mays might be featured as a legend on the 1986 ROM, he wouldn't be featured on as a legend on a 1966 ROM. I've attached a screenshot of the team-selection screen with all 26 regular teams, plus the 4 extra teams.
  8. View File RBI 2016 - Spring Training Edition (30 Teams) Here is the Spring Training edition of my upcoming RBI Baseball 2016 ROM. All 30 Major League Baseball teams are featured, using TecmoTurd's expanded 30-team ROM and editor. Because this is the Spring Training edition, each team's starting lineup may not be 100% accurate. However, I used the projected depth charts on MLB.com, and a sampling of each team's 2015 starting lineups in order to determine the rosters, so it's pretty close. This is called the Spring Training edition, because in 2 weeks after Opening Day, I will be releasing the final version of RBI Baseball 2016 featuring Opening Day lineups. The Spring Training serves the purpose of getting you ready for the 2016 Major League Baseball season and also a preview of RBI Baseball 2016. To determine player ratings, I used my traditional formula based on linear regression (LINK HERE). Enjoy! NOTE: Because the Chicago White Sox do not want Adam LaRoche's son to play RBI Baseball 2016 in the clubhouse, he (Adam LaRoche) is not featured in this game. Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 03/22/2016 Category RBI Baseball
  9. View File RBI Baseball 2015 It's been a while since I last created an RBI Baseball ROM, but here's the 2015 edition of the 10-team ROM. It contains all ten teams that made the playoffs this year (St. Louis, Pittsburgh, LA Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, NY Mets, NY Yankees, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Texas Rangers), and accounts for trade-deadline transactions that were made (David Price to the Blue Jays, Johnny Cueto to the Royals, etc.). Enjoy! Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 12/02/2015 Category RBI Baseball
  10. View File RBI Baseball 3 - 2015 This ROM is an update of the “Spring Training” edition. The rosters have been updated, and I updated the ratings to incorporate the new formula I’ve been using for the historical ROMs.The ratings are based on 2014’s statistics with a few “grandfather” exceptions (Alex Rodriguez, Prince Fielder, CC Sabathia). These players are rated on expected stats as opposed to their actual stats. They are better than .000AVG/0HR, .247AVG/3HR, and 3W-4L/5.28ERA, respectively, due to injury and suspension. The most difficult decision was whether or not to include Yu Darvish on the Rangers, even as a #4 starter due to him being out for the entire year after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Ultimately, I omitted him from the roster. When playing, don’t be afraid to dig deep into the bench. Some teams started this year with a handful of starters on the disabled list. They are on the roster, but didn’t make the opening day starting lineup. Don’t be surprised to find a 20+HR/.300+AVG player on the bench. *UPDATE* This is a slight update over the original version of the ROM that I updated at the beginning of the season. I fixed Jason Hammel's name to read "J.Hammel" instead of "C.Hammel." Also, I cleaned up the "noise" from the opening screen so now it properly reads "2015 SEASON" instead of "2013 UPDATE." (Note: This ROM is not a roster update to incorporate trade deadline trades. The next roster update will be in the 2016 edition of the ROM.) Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 11/30/2015 Category RBI Baseball
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