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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Everyone! Huge Blitz fan, I own all the blitz games for N64 and have gotten to know the subtle differences through the years. Blitz 2000 for me was the best installment. The original game (99) was only 2 player and Blitz 2000 had 4 player which was key. Also the sprinting is slower in 2000 than 2001 or special edition. The slower movement meant your QB could run to the outside for about 10 yards in 2000. In 2001 you could run 25 yards easy each play with the QB. 2000 made you get creative to get first downs, making it a balanced game between running some and passing the rest. You could run the whole time in 2001-- it got silly. MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGHT, BLITZ 2000 WAS THE ONLY GAME ONSIDE KICK WORKED THE WHOLE GAME. in 2001 onside kicks didn't work in the second half-- it was a weird glitch that killed the game. In great games that were close and you don't have the onside kick option late in the 4th it would suck that reason alone would make me go back to 2000. I have been on the NFLBlitzfans website-- but its all pages about hacking and way to complicated for me. All I'm looking for is the ROM that I can play on SixtyForce on my mac. A downloadable link-- Is it out there? Any help at all would be huge! -- Thanks! Henry
  2. I wanted to put this in a seperate thread in case anyone missed it and so it could be pinned as a tournament. Below are the details of our Northeast Ohio Tecmo Meetup: Who: First 16 guys to respond What: Tecmo Super Bowl When: Sat, May 6th, 12-5pm Where: Italian Garden Restaurant 10511 Main Street, Mantua, OH 44255 Cost: $20 Payouts with 16 participants: 1st: $160 2nd: $80 3rd: $40 4th: $20 Confirmed participants: 01. Ryan M. 02. Chris H. 03. Jason A. 04. Cliff P. 05. Steve R. 06. Clarence J. 07. John C. 08. Jon R. 09. Louis B. 10. Francis B. 11. Tom J. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Please let me know if you are able to bring any of the following: -TVs -NES Systems -NES Controllers -Tecmo Super Bowl Carts -Extension cords -Power Strips If if you are able to bring any of the above items, please come 30-45 minutes early to help setup. Format will be informal, decided the day of the event and depend on number of participants and systems available. We guarantee the following: - At least 4 rounds of preliminary seeding where players with like records face off each round - A single or double elimination bracket where teams will be drafted based on seeding - (SF, GIA, BUF, HOU excluded from the draft) - If you win in the bracket round you can keep your team or swap teams with your opponent - Payouts to the top 4 finishers ($160. $80, $40, $20 if we get 16 guys) This format allows everyone to play a lot of meaningful games and is extremely fair and laid back If time permits, we will also have a single or double elimination NFL Blitz 2000 side tournament on N64. Participants are welcome and encouraged to order from the menu and BYOB. I have eaten there a number of times and everything is great - the dough is homemade every day and they make awesome pizza (I also love the JoJos) below is a link to the menu. Hope to see you there! https://www.orderstart.com/mobile/italiangarden#menuPage
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