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Found 1 result

  1. Brand new QBVIKINGS ROM for 2014!!!!!! SNES and NES versions included! Every player rated. Depth charts updated based upon latest camp reports with some liberties here and there just as the original Tecmo creators did. I'm talking about guys like aj MCCARRON, keith WENNING, landry JONES, and terrelle PRYOR. NOTE: If you are looking for an easy game, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. This rom has max juice. If you can get Oak-Town or Jax to the playoffs, you are a stud. Enjoy and I welcome all feedback. This rom includes too many hacks to mention so thank you to all of you out there who have made this game so much better and allowed it to last throughout the years. ****Updated Dolphins correct jersey numbers for WRs added SNES version ******There are subtle roster differences between the two versions. See if you can spot them. ********UPDATED NES Uniforms on 7/21 Tecmo Super Bowl 2014-15 QBV SNES.smc Tecmo Super Bowl 2014-15 QBV.nes
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