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Found 1 result

  1. Signup - Register Here What: Tecmobowl.org Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament Where: Lincoln, Nebraska @ Luckies Lounge - http://www.luckieslounge.com/ - Near the Lincoln Airport, the bar is part of the Travel Lodge behind the McDonalds - 1101 West Bond Street Lincoln, NE When: Saturday, Jan 19th, 2013 - Tournament Check-in between 11-11:45am, game play to start at 11:45 am How much does it cost? - $20. Pay at the event. There is an ATM if you're the guy who never has cash. Tournament Limit? - Tourney will be capped at 64 players Is there a payout? - Payout will be for the top 4 finishers based on the number of people that show up at the event. I'm working on a belt/trophy for this year. Also there will be a raffle for some items from the Tecmo Store so even if you don't end up in the top 4 you can walk away with swag. Will there be food? - This also happens to be one of the best BBQ joints in Lincoln. Additionally we're working on drink specials that I will announce when I know them. Accomdations? - There is a hotel connected to Luckies, Travel Lodge - (402) 475-4971 Their website currently seems jacked and wouldn't show me there is a room open..for JANUARY! Called in and they quoted me $59. Also if you mention Luckies Lounge you should be able to get them to discount the room $10 How long with this take? The goal is to be done by no later than 7. Last year's tourney was done by 6. Format 4 person groups will play world cup style to determine seeding into a single elimination tournament. The semi final losers will play for 3rd/4th place. The amount of people to advance to the tournament and/or available systems will determine Rules "Madsion Rules" as originally defined by the group at "Tecmo Madison" Team Selection & Coin Toss: A manual coin-flip will precede each game. The coin-flip winner will choose the matchup (i.e. the two teams). The coin-flip loser then selects either (a) one of the two teams or ( his preferred controller. If the coin-flip loser selects his preferred controller, the coin-flip winner selects a team first. “One Matchup Once” Rule: The coin-flip winner can only select a particular matchup once throughout the entire tournament. For instance, if Player A wins the toss and selects Packers-Browns, Player A cannot call that exact matchup for the rest of the tournament. Player B, however, is free to select that matchup later in the tournament. Customizing Playbooks and Lineup Changes: Customizing playbooks is permissible. You can access your “change” screen (screen where you check player conditions and make substitutions) only twice per half. This helps speed up the games. WR or TE at RB: A WR is at RB only if, upon accessing the starting lineup/change screen, the WR appears in a RB slot (as opposed to a WR slot). This is prohibited. WRs that remain in a WR slot may, however, carry the football. This comes into play with teams having only 1 RB slot, such as the Lions, Chargers, Cardinals, Oilers, Falcons, and Redskins. When selecting matchups, therefore, be aware that Ricky Sanders and Earnest Givins can carry the football on plays in which they remain in a WR slot (i.e. offset I and toss up). Ties: Although ties are permitted in the tournament’s “group play” portion, such are not permitted in the single-elimination portion of the tournament. If a game ends in a tie after overtime, a new game will begin, and the first player to score in the new game is the winner. Lurching: Lurching is prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL, you must either go outside the offensive tackle or “popcorn” someone on the offensive line. You cannot simply go around your blocker and dive. Note that this rule does not apply to LBs. Nintendo Malfunctions: If there is an equipment failure in the first half, games will be replayed from the start. If equipment malfunctions in the 2nd half, only the second half is replayed. In that event, the scores from each half are added together to obtain a final score. If the game was uncompetitive or the equipment malfunctioned due to human error, the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game. Tournament Disputes: Matt Knobbe is the tournament referee. He will decide all disputes unless he is a player in the game. If he is a player in the disputed game, Travis Reinsch will resolve the dispute. Controllers: Tournament competitors are not allowed to bring their own controller to use in games. Tournament organizers will coordinate obtaining equipment for the competition. Registered as of Jan 8th 1 Matt K Knobbe Lincoln, NE 2 Tony J Dotdon12 West Des Moines, IA 3 Travis R Moulds33 Lincoln, NE 4 Luke C Luke Omaha, NE 5 Tom P Tom Omaha, NE 6 John H Hargis Omaha, NE 7 Kevin D C-Club316 Urbandale, IA 8 Travis B Tick Lincoln, NE 9 Craig P Five Aces Lincoln ne 10 P.J. B Hank Scorpio Lincoln, Nebraska 11 Mike N Nichols Harlan, IA 12 J.J. O J. J. Hiawatha, IA 13 Jon F Fraz Lincoln, NE 14 Stephen D Skers Omaha, NE 15 Nick R Reding Papillion, NE 16 Andrew H donhapps cedar rapids, ia 17 Evan D QB Bills Kansas City, MO 18 Jesse G Jesse G Bellevue NE 19 Chris E buck Wichita, KS 20 Josh D 5th Downs Lincoln, NE 21 Jason R Off in the Corner Lincoln, NE 22 James W Coco Saveges Carter Lake, Iowa 23 Brad B BCS Buster Omaha, NE 24 Paul E MarkCarrierBears Omaha, NE 25 Nicholas L Nicholas Syracuse NE 26 Matt B Side Change Omaha, NE 27 Chad L Chad Otoe, NE 28 Geoff P Geoff Lawrence, KS 29 Troy F Troy Lawrence, KS 30 Ira M Game Boy Kansas City, KS 31 Excell M Rush Hour X Kansas City, KS 32 James N Laid Back Simple Kansas City, MO 33 Tony Orenga AverageTSBPlayer Madison, WI 34 Brian Dotzler Dotz Harlan, IA 35 Nick Hubacek The Spielmanators Cedar Rapids, Iowa 36 Jim Petersmith Pinch-o-Golic Cedar Rapids. Iowa 37 Todd Daniels imimmortl Springfield, IL