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Found 1 result

  1. Seattle Tecmo Super Bowl Championship Sunday, September 3rd, 11 am Kessler's Sports Bar, 1703 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98102 Gather with me and your fellow Tecbrethren as we honor Seahawks Legend and new NFL Hall of Fame member Kenny Easley with some hard-hitting, ball-hawking Tecmo action. Format will likely be similar to other tournaments I have run with random matchups regular season followed by a double-elimination bracket to determine the winner. I will lock it down once I get a firm sense of the participants. WHOOOOOOOS GOT MY BACK? (I GOT YOUR BACK!) 1. DT (your boy) 2. MAD MANYO (highest possible prestige level achieved) 3. Kamphuna (tremendous amount of prestige achieved) 4. Tick (of course, going in pretty much the order of prestige I envisioned) 5. Tailback King (if he can crack the code of what day it is) 6. jessebaran (chimed in early, retroactively moving him up prestige chart) 7. XtraLargent (Donkey Kong will be there, baring highway hijinks) 8. red98sethut (officially in due to me bribing to make the trip by me promising him Mariners-A's tix, working on Mort) 9. '91 Huskies (Dan the man is in for certain) 10. InvaderStar (Michael Irvin- 88% chance of making it) 11. Moonwalk (lives in DC, looking into it!) 12. ptitteri (hardcore Portland player new to the scene, says he's #84 Brent Jones % in) 13. Mort (sure sounds like it, but I have yet to hear from Tecmo's Grand Maester himself) 14. Dirty South (Have we met? I think so) 15. Shermy80 (Not Richard Sherman, a Niners fan in fact) 16. Hanging Chadwick (my homie, a big-time maybe) 17. Boogie With Stu! (sounds like he's in fo sheez) 18. 6 Killer (a firm maybe) 19. tworsandtwols (been practicing, does he have the GUTS?) 20. Anyone else?
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