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Found 1 result

  1. Many of you weren't around back in our hype glory (hole) daze. Let's call it S26-S31. Randi was commissioner and he was a shit dictator. If we reference him (now) too many times, like Candyman, he'll post something lame and down rep us, and I'll make fun of him for sucking so much. He was terrible, so one day a hero named Manyo rose up from the whiskey soaked bushes and confiscated the league. Ending the Fairfield hierarchy and sending all the fairy queens back to a far away unknown land, like Idaho. @madmanyo360 was a fair and adored leader, along with his merry helpers and tribune of concubines we ruled the Tecmo World, literally. Manyo allowed the Fairfieldans to stay, but they were watched closely. We often suspected @joeygats of sending undocumented carrier pigeons to Fairfieldia. Eventually, we broke him and he joined the regime. We had a fearless leader, like El Guapo, to allocate the people. A traitorous Luitenant in myself for overseeing operations, @SirTed a coveted hype man, a draft czar named @moulds33 RIP, @modeezie would build our land and ROMs, while @Coconuts would run our numbers. @kamphuna8 would schedule meetings and games and @segathonsov was the only owner in the land capable of interpreting El Commandante's wishes - he would interpret the rule book. @Ryan11p would run our Farm League because the wait list grew to over a dozen hungry (but useless) peasant souls. We even had a phucking Turbo Task Force comprised of Coconuts and Gats. Gats was in charge of "you have to think like a cheat, to catch one." The days were long and grueling, but rewarding. But all good things must come to an end. Somewhere mid S27, I think... Lt. Diaz made the mistake in supporting the Fairfielden's musical aspirations. I wanted to hype the league more, but El Commandante took this as a personal insult after over-throwing the old dicktator he banished (forever?) into the wilderness. Never to be heard from again... until he decided to come back and win an HSTL title running the offset formation in every game. The Lo-White Offense shall live in infamy. I'll link some good reads in the threads if you guys interact with this drivel, btw. We had no leader. I was forced to step up. In S28 we decided to take on the greatest Tecmo task ever, and did an individual draft. That's right folks, we drafted every single player on the rom individually. All 840 of them, even Don Warren. I won S28, as commish. It helps drafting HP and aligning shit to your favour. It's one of the perks to compensate for the shitty pay. Chino Pino was promoted from the low ranks into LT and did a fine job until hookers and blow reaped his Tecmo soul, forever. I have sent a many carrier pigeons his way to little to no avail. RIP The peak of HSTL was when the scheming sucka Randi himself didn't finish one of his games on time, and received his 2nd demerit dropping him from 2nd tier to 3rd, and having no chance at Marino. He threatened to quit, he cried, he threatened to quit, he cried more. I told him to fuck off, he cried, fuck off, cried, threatened to quit, cried, fuck off and then he actually quit. I take deep solace is reaping his tiny little soul. If you're keeping track I was responsible for running off both of my commish predecessors. They can't handle the heat. It happens, being commish will break you. It's like working 3rd shift, not every man is made for it. We were still flying high with the epic return of @bruddog and whether actively playing or not has always provided with much appreciated and needed analysis and insight. He's the fucking man. Fuck with Bru, I'll kill you IRL. Yes, that's a threat. Feel free to use this thread for evidence. To be continued....