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Found 4 results

  1. I wanted to put this in a seperate thread in case anyone missed it and so it could be pinned as a tournament. Below are the details of our Northeast Ohio Tecmo Meetup: Who: First 16 guys to respond What: Tecmo Super Bowl When: Sat, May 6th, 12-5pm Where: Italian Garden Restaurant 10511 Main Street, Mantua, OH 44255 Cost: $20 Payouts with 16 participants: 1st: $160 2nd: $80 3rd: $40 4th: $20 Confirmed participants: 01. Ryan M. 02. Chris H. 03. Jason A. 04. Cliff P. 05. Steve R. 06. Clarence J. 07. John C. 08. Jon R. 09. Louis B. 10. Francis B. 11. Tom J. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Please let me know if you are able to bring any of the following: -TVs -NES Systems -NES Controllers -Tecmo Super Bowl Carts -Extension cords -Power Strips If if you are able to bring any of the above items, please come 30-45 minutes early to help setup. Format will be informal, decided the day of the event and depend on number of participants and systems available. We guarantee the following: - At least 4 rounds of preliminary seeding where players with like records face off each round - A single or double elimination bracket where teams will be drafted based on seeding - (SF, GIA, BUF, HOU excluded from the draft) - If you win in the bracket round you can keep your team or swap teams with your opponent - Payouts to the top 4 finishers ($160. $80, $40, $20 if we get 16 guys) This format allows everyone to play a lot of meaningful games and is extremely fair and laid back If time permits, we will also have a single or double elimination NFL Blitz 2000 side tournament on N64. Participants are welcome and encouraged to order from the menu and BYOB. I have eaten there a number of times and everything is great - the dough is homemade every day and they make awesome pizza (I also love the JoJos) below is a link to the menu. Hope to see you there! https://www.orderstart.com/mobile/italiangarden#menuPage
  2. TFO IS NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR OUR FANTASY FANTASY FOOTBALL!!! Due by 2/9/2016!!! TFO (the Tecmo Fantasy Owners) are offering everyone the chance to play with a Fantasy Football System like FanDual/DraftKings!!! Tecmo Super Bowl Fantasy Football?!?! SIGN ME UP!!!!! Have you ever wanted to play Fantasy Football for a Fictional Football League? WELL NOW YOU CAN! TFO Season 4 Starts NEXT WEEK and our 2016 team rosters are full but we want to offer a way for our fans to also participate in the upcoming SEASON OF ODIN and so we are inviting EVERYONE to play in our Fantasy Fantasy Football League (its like FanDual, each week you select your own custom TFO team). If interested check out our Fantasy Website (http://tfofootball.weebly.com/fantasy.html) and if you want to play join our TFO Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/921709987848652/) and leave a message asking to join our TFO Fantasy Football League!!!! You will need Excel to participate (or an equivalent program)! Registration is over on Monday 2/8/2016 and our first rosters are due 2/9/2016. I will be sending the Roster Forms this Monday to those interested in playing. TFO 2016 Season goes from Feb 2016 all the way into July 2016!!!! 17 Weeks of 8-bit ACTION!!!!! If you have questions let me know THANKS: TheRaja TFO C.O.O. (What is TFO: http://tfofootball.weebly.com/what-is-tfo.html)
  3. When I was at the Detroit Kumite tournament last weekend, a number of players from the Cleveland area who I had never met before attended as well and we all had a great time! Many of these guys already get together a few times a year to play casual Tecmo Super Bowl at various venues. I collected emails and some cell phone numbers for players that wanted to provide one. This post is to see who would be interested in getting together potentially quarterly to play Tecmo Super Bowl and perhaps consider doing a Fantasy Football League in the fall for anyone who enjoys both Tecmo and Fantasy Football and lives in or near Northeast Ohio. If this is something that interests you, please message me and provide your email address and cell phone number, as I will be creating a text distribution group in addition to the email distribution list once we finalize the initial details. If you could also let me know ideas for places to meet, how many systems, cartridges, controllers and TVs you would be willing to share with the group, that would also be helpful. The idea is to simply get a group of great guys together semi regularly who enjoy both Tecmo Super Bowl and NFL football. Thanks in advance for your consideration. More to follow after I collect everyone's thoughts and responses.
  4. What up nfl junkies. I'm putting together a NFL team by team rosters/depth charts on excel. I play a lot of fantasy sports but i want to know more about offensive lineman and defensive players. Each chart has team's Coaches ( head coach, oc, dc, playcaller, special teams) and they're style of play or preferred scheme ( 3/4, 4/3, Cover 2 Ex.). This way i make sure each team has the proper personnel to run its desired scheme. It has each team's 2015 Team Stats ( Pts/game, Pts/game Given Up, Rushing, Receiving, Red Zone Stats, Yards P/ Drive Stats, Total Plays Ran. I'm not an expert or anything so i went by ProFootballFocus.com ratings in 2015 for player grades (that should give us an idea of each player's particular skill sets). I have PFF Ranks by position on the chart. For example I also put down each players Peripheral stats (from there combine as a rookie) to there particular position ( Ht, Wt, Vertical Jump, 40 time, broad Jump, arm length, hand length, explosion number for( rookie front 7 players ) (, production ratio (for rookie front 7 players) etc, bench press reps at 225 if that's standard combine test weight???) ). I also have Production Ratio's, and Explosion ratio for Rookies. Drop ratio is something i'm going to add into later ( Total targets/Drops) . **** Defensive Fronts 2016 for each team: Correct something that is wrong...Source IDP Guru ( Had Phi in as 4/3 and 3/4 I need to double check that out) 4-3 Teams: ATL, CAR, , CIN, DAL (Tampa-2), DET, JAX (4-3 Under) , MIA, MIN, NYG, OAK, PHI (1st Year in the 4/3 was 3/4 in 2015) , SEA (4-3 Under), LA (Some Multiple fronts), TB (The ran Tampa-2 last year) Ne 4-3 Hybrid/Multi front. 3-4 Teams: , ARZ, CHI (4-0-4 Front),DEn, GB, IND, HOU, KC, NO, NYJ , PIT, SD, TEN, WAS,SD, SF (multi front) Multiple Front Teams: BAL, BUF, CLE (3-4 base), NO **** Each Base Coverage..... BUF Man to Man, CAR Cover 2,Cover 3, SEA Press-Cover 3, JAX +ATL Press Cover 3, Offensive Systems: Air Coryell: Ari, dal,det,mia,min,no (Timing-based),Tb,ten, West Coast: Atl, Bal, Buf,Cin,Cle,Den,Gb,Indy,Jax (vanilla),Kc,La, Nyg (Up-tempo),oak,phi,sea,was, Spread: Hou, NE, Nyj ( they love the pistol+Gun), SF (Up-tempo) Erhardt+Perkins: Car,Chi,Pit,SD, Zone Blocking teams: ATL (Cut-Blocking scheme), Bal ( Stretch Zone), DEn ( Cut-Blocking Scheme), Mia ( According to Pat Kirwan they will run some zone blocking schemes since they just signed a great rb under the zone scheme in arian foster), Nyj, sea, *****team BliTZ Percentages??? I remember Ari Blitzed a lot last year, i expect dallas to blitz more due to depth issues ***** team PlayAction Percentages ....The old way of you got to run early set up the run to set up the pass or playaction is a Myth. Running the ball in 4th qtr is more valuable to winning football games than early in the game. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2016/2015-play-action-offense **** Referee personnel...and % of times each crew called holding http://www.footballzebras.com/2016/05/23/officiating-crews-for-the-2016-season/ *** Drop ratio (Total Targets/Total Drops)...bELOW...Basically ted Ginn Jr., Evans, and A. Cooper is only wr's hands i dont trust *** Teams that are Pro Analytic or Not??? CLeveland Pro Analytic, KC Pro-Analytic, Tb head coach more of trust his eyes thru film study type of coach, *** Each Team's KR/PR Good DST/returner stacks for Dfs La rams DST/tavon austion (PR 2015 34-268-1td), Sea Dst/Tyler Lockett (PR '15 40-379-1td), KC dst /Tyreke Hill (R), Mia Dst/Jarvis landry (356 yds 1td PR 2015), car/tedd Ginn jr 2015 (27-277-0) , Nyg/D.Harris (341yds 1td 2015), Pitt Dst A.Brown PR (22-212 1td 2015)...SD (terrible D but PR T. Benjamin 28-324-1) *** teams that prefer using 1 RB as the main ball carrier: Ari,Pit . I only have the player grades and players Ht, Wt, and position and some Peripheral stats ( Vertical Jump, 40 times). I wish teams re-tested there players each year. If you want chart your team's (I made a base chart to save you time) projected starters go ahead post it in excel. I have access to PFF player rankings, and rotowire if you need help with player ratings. Please correct any mistakes i made. If you have a opinion of team's outlook post about it. ******* These rosters were updated to about 8-14 Teams add and cut players so each chart isn't 100% accurate. ******* NFLTeamBaseChart.xlsx TEAMbyTEAMstats2015Offense.xlsx TEambyTeam2015RushingOffense.xlsx 2015TeamO-LineStats.xlsx TbyTRushingAllowed15.xlsx TDsScored2015byTeam.xlsx TeamByTeamDefense2015.xlsx TeamByTeamReceivingAllowed15.xlsx TeamBYTeams2015PassingStats.xlsx 2015PaceofPlay.xlsx 2016REfs.xlsx ( Not Done Yet) Full Crews at http://www.footballzebras.com/2016/05/23/officiating-crews-for-the-2016-season/ dropratio.xlsx SF49ersGrades.xlsx SEAsEAHAWKsGRADES.xlsx SDCHARGERSGRADES.xlsx PITSTEELERSGRADES.xlsx OAKRAIGRADES.xlsx PHIEAGLESGRADES.xlsx NYGGRades.xlsx NYJETSGRADES.xlsx NOSaintsGrades.xlsx NewEnglandPatsGrades.xlsx MINVIKSGRADES.xlsx MiamiDolphins.xlsx KCCHIEFSGRADES.xlsx JAXJAGSGRADES.xlsx HOUTEXANSGRADES.xlsx GbPACKGRADES.xlsx DETLIONSGRADES.xlsx DENVERBRONCSGRADES.xlsx DALCOWBOYSGRADES.xlsx ColtsGrades.xlsx ClevelandBrownsGrades.xlsx CINCYBENGALSGRADES.xlsx CHIBEARSGRADES.xlsx CARPANTHERSGRADES.xlsx BuffaloBIlls.xlsx BALTRAVENSGRADES.xlsx ATLFALCONSGRADES.xlsx ARICARDSGRADES.xlsx STLRAMSGRADES.xlsx TBBUCSGrades.xlsx TENTITANSGRADES.xlsx WASPLAYERGRADES.xlsx beatwritersWeatherguys.xlsx 75statsgoinginto201617season.docx
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