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Found 3 results

  1. When I upload a SNES ROM it needs to be 1,536 KB, but I after I edit it - change names stats etc. - it becomes only 70 KB and won't load. Can anybody tell me why? Also it loads a file instead of SMC File, or that's what it's listed as, even when I change it. I think something might have went wrong when I changed the teams uniforms but can some one help.
  2. Hey guys, I'm woriking on my first android app. TSBToolSupreme for android. it's attached here. it's not final, but it's pretty functional for basic stuff, not terribly well tested. if you pay tsb on your android device it's nice to have. please give feedback on what can be improved. I'm planning on adding a drag and drop interface for scheduling. right now the schedule editor is just text. you may have to enable ' developer options' ( under settings) in order to use it on your device. thx. Note: With Android 4.4 (KitKat) apps can no longer write to files under a device's SD card (Thanks Google ). [i really don't like Android KitKat.] (I can modify ROMs placed under /mnt/sdcard/ on My Galaxy S3, but not under /storage/extSdCard/) An app can modify SD card contents only under a directory created by that application during installation. I'll have to figure out how exactly to do this and update the app when I have time. I'll add that developing mobile apps generally takes a good while longer than developing Windows applications, which is why there have been few updates to this tool. TSBToolSupreme.zip TSBToolSupreme.apk [EDIT 25 October 2017] Located source Code on my Computer Posted over at GitHub: https://github.com/BAD-AL/Android-TSBToolSupreme [EDIT 9/9/2019] Status (version 1.0.3): Marshmallow (Galaxy S5): Working fine. KitKat (Galaxy S4): Needed to install ES File Explorer to browse to a ROM. Pie (Galaxy S7): Working fine. Android TV (Nvidia Shield) Could not browse to a ROM (even with ES File Explorer installed) TSBToolSupreme1.0.3.apk
  3. 2,849 downloads

    Beta release for TSBToolSupreme for editing cxrom's 32 team ROM, regular nes TSB ROMs and TSB1 for the SNES.Requires the .NET framework in order to run. ============================================================================================ 'GetBytes' feature explained: Due to the increased popularity of the 'SET' command, I have added a 'GetBytes' feature. The 'GetBytes' feature will extract bytes from a ROM into 'SET' commands. The input of the 'GetBytes' feature will look like the following: Example #1, this will extract the bytes from the ROM from locations 0x23BC6-0x23c51 0x23BC6-0x23c51 Example #2, this will extract the bytes from the ROM from locations 0x23BC6-0x23c51, and the comment '# mini helmet stuff' will be in the results. # mini helmet stuff 0x23BC6-0x23c51 Example #3, this will extract the bytes from the ROM from locations 0x23BC6-0x23c51, with a width of 5 bytes and the comment '# mini helmet stuff' will be in the results. # mini helmet stuff 0x23BC6-0x23c51,0x5 You can have as many lines as you want with as many comments as you like. The result of example #3 is the like the following (rest of the results are cut off): ----------------- # mini helmet stuff SET(0x23bc6,0x9495968b00) SET(0x23bcb,0x88898a8b00) SET(0x23bd0,0xc0c1ab8307) SET(0x23c4d,0x8f898a8b35) ... ----------------- ============================================================================================
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