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Found 12 results

  1. File Name: Mutant League Tecmo Bowl File Submitter: Baron von Lector File Submitted: 18 Aug 2015 File Category: Tecmo Bowl - NES This ROM modification of the original Tecmo Bowl is based on the Sega Genesis' Mutant League Football. Special care was taken to ensure the teams in the ROM mirrored the strengths and weaknesses of the original game (Midway Monsters’ strong running game, Misfit Demons’ strong pass defense, Darkstar Dragons’ strong passing game, etc.). I also got my feet wet with some sprite editing which is most evident in the appearance of the spectators and a couple of the icons. Click here to download this file
  2. This ROM is based on the 1968 NFL season. The teams included in this ROM are the New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns, St. Louis Cardinals, Baltimore Colts, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, and Chicago Bears. The offensive ratings are based on the statistics for the season. The defensive ratings were a little harder to determine because at this time, sacks totals were not counted so I had to rely on the All Pro and Pro Bowl rosters to determine the ratings. BaronROMS.wordpress.com Tecmo Bowl 1968.nes
  3. TSB NCAA14 I'm happy that College Football finally embraced the playoff format even if it's only 4 teams. I think 8 will be ideal and it seems to be coming soon with the money it would generate. In the rom, if you want to re-live the 2014 season then you can just play through Week17 and be done. If you prefer to have the end of season bracket like I do then go for it as I left it in. In the schedule, I also tried to add some of the non-conference games that happened in the real season and some of the previous years' bowl games. Schedule: 12 games each Week 13 Rival Week & Army-Navy Game Week 14 Conference Championships Week 15 Bowl Games Week 16 College Football Playoff (Florida State vs Oregon / Ohio State vs Alabama) Week 17 College Football Championship (Ohio State vs Oregon) Features: Team Rankings (not perfect but close) on each of their helmets. I stink at doing helmets so I came up with an idea and Proads26 made it a reality for me. My teams were ranked very close to the USA Today Coaches Poll right after the National Championship. I used bruddog's thread ranking the teams for MAN games as I make roms to play with my friends head to head. I also used some info from Mort's Top20 Matchups thread to make rival games that would be good MAN vs MAN games. My friend and I tried to match the NCAA14 team with a team either similarly ranked from TSB or that had similar roster profile. No, it's not perfect but it's easier than rating every player and I don't have the patience or free time for that type of work. I used a random name generator to do the rosters but then decided to name the QB, RB, WR, TE and a few on defense. Rivalscom and Espncom Stats were used for depth charts and/or the names of the players that played the most. Feel free to open the rom in Tool and fix your team. Other features: Even Teams - Army & Navy (DET QB, KC RB, CHI WR, TB OL, RAM DL, NE LB, IND DB, RAM K/P) Worst Possible TSB Roster (Bodom) - Michigan Wolverines Best vs Worst - Pro Bowl aka AllStars - EAS (SF OFF/PIT DEF) vs WES (NE OFF/IND DEF) Offensive Preference Tweaked (Buck) - Heavy Rush 70% (ARM, NAV, GT, WIS) and Heavy Pass 70% (ARZ TCU PSU FSU) Rank NCAA Team (Original TSB) 1 OSU (SF) 2 ORE (PHI) 3 TCU (NYG) 4 ALA (BUF) 5 MSU (CHI) 6 FSU (HOU) 7 GT (KC) 8 BAY (HOU2) 9 GA (RAI) 10 UCL (TB) 11 MIZ (MIA) 12 MSS (DEN) 13 WIS (DET) 14 ASU (RAM) 15 CLM (WAS) 16 BSE (CLE) 17 ARZ (DAL) 18 KST (MIN) 19 OLE (SD) 20 AUB (CIN) 21 NEB (PHX) 22 ND (GB) 23 DUK (SEA) 24 MIN (NO) 25 LSU (PIT) 26 OKL (NYJ) 27 UF (ATL) 28 PSU (NE) 29 IOW (IND) 30 NAV (EVEN) 31 ARM (EVEN) 32 MIC (WORST) Sorry to the fans of Louisville, Utah, U$C, Marshall, Stanford, Arkansas, Miami and Boston College as they were close but didn't make the cut. THANK YOU for all you've done to help me and the TSB community: Knobbe, Maynard_G_Krebs, Jstout, Cxrom, BAD_AL, buck, rewhawl, drummer4god, bodom, bruddog, xplozv, Elway, TecmoTurd, davefmurray, Proads26, Brinky274, drunken_honkey, Hurricane55, Tecmo Psycho, philleyOphish, mort237, QBEagles, slim_jimmy7, Bad Moon Rison, BO FB Offtackle Left, MRTECMOSUPERBOWL, averagetsbplayer, TDO, meat, TecmoGeek, Tecmomonster and everyone that lives in Wisconsin. I added some of these Thank You's to the credits screens on the rom after the title game. ********************************************** ZIPPED: TSB NCAA14 Vanilla TSB NCAA14 Juiced TSB Team Values Spreadsheet (bruddog) converted with my NCAA14 Teams Read Me - TSB NCAA14 TSB NCAA14.7z
  4. Spurred on by a suggestion from Tecmo Turd, I've decided to take a look at giving the 32 team Original Tecmo Bowl (no Super here) a graphical touch-up, starting with the title screen. There's precious little info on OG Tecmo here, and I have a question i was hoping someone (with greater hacking knowledge) could answer: Would it be possible to shift the title screen cursor down a line or two? I can't seem to find where it's being drawn in the hex. The rest of the title screen starts at 0x006686 in the 32-team TB rom. I believe it's the same in vanilla TB. I ask because moving the "1 Player / 2 Players / Coach" text and accompanying cursor would give me more hex space to draw a better title screen. I'm keeping notes on everything I do and will post info for those interested as we go along.
  5. All, Just uploaded my new Tecmo Bowl 80's Superbowl Winners ROM below. If you download it please feel free to critique it and let me know of any glaring issues. Included in this ROM are the Teams who won the Superbowl between 1980 and 1989 with two bonus teams comprised of the best players from teams that won the Superbowl and the best players of the teams that lost the Superbowl. These teams are: 1980 Oakland (Los Angeles Playbook with Run 1 blocking fixed to block the top side outside linebacker) [3-4 Defense]1981 San Francisco (Miami Playbook) [3-4 Defense]1982 Washington (Seattle Playbook) [4-3 Defense]1983 LA AFC (Dallas Playbook) [3-4 Defense]1984 San Francisco (Los Angeles Playbook, but with Miami Pass 3 and SF Pass 3 out of a two back set) [3-4 Defense]1985 Chicago (Chicago Playbook) [4-3 Defense]1986 New York (New York Playbook) [3-4 Defense]1987 Washington (Washington Playbook with Indianapolis Run 2 instead of Washington Reverse) [4-3 Defense]1988 San Francisco (Indianapolis Playbook Pat Beach play is covered) [3-4 Defense]1989 San Francisco (San Francisco Playbook) [3-4 Defense]All Winners (Indianapolis Playbook Pat Beach play is covered) [3-4 Defense]All Losers (Indianapolis Playbook Pat Beach play is covered) [3-4 Defense]As in my previous ROM's: A White star in front of a player's name denotes a player that was voted to the PRO BOWL.A Red Star in front of a player's name denotes a player that was voted ALL PRO.New to this ROM: End zones all read NFL (Thanks GRG)All fields have green end zones to give it a 1980's Astroturf feel.Used the "Best 9" theory on offense and defense. (i.e. Cornerbacks at the outside linebacker positions in some cases & Wide receivers at tight end in some cases)Hope you all enjoy it !!! If you find any issues with the ROM please let me know and I will make any changes brought to my attention. TB 80 SUPERBOWL WINNERS.nes
  6. All, Welcome To TB 80s Super Bowls and More. This is a 32 Team ROM with all of the Super Bowl teams (Winning and Losing) in the 80's (1980-1989). There are also 12 other teams from the 80's included with the 20 Super Bowl winning and losing teams. Here is what the ROM contains: Single Player, Two Player, Coach and Exhibition Modes of play 32 Teams between the years 1980 & 1989 80 Oakland, 80 Philly, 80 Houston, 80 San Diego 81 SF, 81 Cincinnati , 81 Dallas 82 Washington, 82 Miami 83 LA AFC, 83 Washington, 83 Seattle 84 SF, 84 Miami, 84 LA NFC 85 Chicago, 85 New England, 85 NY AFC 86 NY NFC, 86 Denver, 86 Chicago, 86 Cleveland 87 Washington, 87 Denver, 87 SF, 87 New Orleans 88 SF, 88 Cincinnati, 88 Houston 89 SF, 89 Denver, 89 Minnesota New Playbooks for some teams. All End Zones have "TB" in them No Reverses are included in any playbook. Run 1 from the Los Angeles Playbook (Bo Jackson's Run) is fixed and now the top OLB/CB is blocked. Pass 1 from the Indianapolis Playbook (Pat Beach Play) now has the TE covered when the defense chooses the play correctly. Used the "Best 9" Theory when selecting which 9 players to put on the field. (i.e. WR's at TE and CB's at the OLB position in some cases) Shoot for the stars: Players with Stars in front of their name were either All Pro or Pro Bowlers during that season. A Red Star in front of players names indicates that player earned ALL PRO honors that year A White Star in front of players names indicates that player was selected to the PRO BOWL that year. This was done to denote which players have the better attributes. This is especially helpful on defense. As always I know there are probably some mistakes (especially player races). Please let me know if you find any and I will make the changes and get an updated ROM out. Also let me know what you think of the game and any improvements you would like to see. If you would like an excel spreadsheet of the attributes for all the players let me know and I will post it with this ROM once I get it all in one spreadsheet. Thanks to all the folks who worked on 4 Play Studios Tecmo Bowl 2012 for that is the template I used to make this game. Special Thanks to Tecmo Turd for all of his help and for use of the 32 Team ROM. Hope everyone likes it, enjoy! TB 80s Super Bowls and More.nes
  7. Not That I want to spread any more glitches for games, but I have never seen anyone post anything about the line of scrimmage glitch. I actually came upon it on accident, while playing back in '89 or '90 against a friend who had figured out how to Take Jerry Rice out of the game by picking Pass 1. On a guess I picked pass 2 hoping maybe he picked Roger Craig's only run. Well I was wrong and Rice was covered on his fly pattern. I decided to run Montana, but in a panic hit the wrong button as I was crossing the line of scrimmage. Montana unleashed a bomb to a wide open Rice to both of our disbelief. Neither one of us could believe it so we reset the Nintendo and tried the same setup. After a few interceptions I hit on it again. We tried it with every team on any covered receiver and found that it worked for every team. It just took timing. Made San Francisco truly unstoppable. I was later banned from using SF at all and we banned the glitch period. I know now a lot of people play with rules that limit slants and curls and QB runs, but back then we just played. Not sure if anyone knew about this but try it out. As you are crossing the line of scrimmage throw to a covered receiver. If you do it correctly the defense will run towards the line of scrimmage leaving the receiver open. If timed correctly it works everytime.
  8. On The ORIGINAL TECMO BOWL does anyone know, or has anyone tried to find a way to eliminate the "slingshot effect" that takes place when a defender is near an offensive player that has been thrown the ball on a slant or curl. I have seen other posts that talk about trying to "eliminate" unstoppable plays, but what if you could take away the "sling shot effect" instead? Does anyone on these boards have any idea what in the Hex code makes the player "slingshot" away from the intended receiver on slants and curls. I have worked on some ROMS but usually just changing stats, names, colors and player attributes. I wonder if there is a hex number that say at 00 there is no "slingshot" or at FF is max "slingshot", or if the game takes into account the players Max Speed vs the WR special attribute (controls the speed of the pass). It seems to me that the faster the defender and the slower the pass the further he is pushed away. I get pushed away farther when I use Ronnie Lott, than say if I use Dwaine Board with a weak armed QB (WR's special attribute). Any info or help would be great, I can recognize certain Hex Code on the Original Tecmo Bowl now that I have worked on some of these ROMS, but I have no idea how to look for something like what I'm asking above.
  9. While messing around with creating my own Plays on the ORIGINAL TECMO BOWL, I noticed that when the offense and defense both pick play 1 (right on the game pad) in Los Angeles Playbook the game actually runs Pass 2. I noticed this before but always chalked it up to me possibly pressing the wrong direction. Besides before we found out about the top linebacker not beign blocked people always play picked Bo's run to not get burned by Bo. Anyway while looking at the Hex code I noticed that the play bytes for Pass 1 on a play pick (right) are the same as a play pick for pass 2 (down) see attached Spreadsheet under Los Angeles. * The yellow highligted areas (3B) are the play bytes. * The Blue Highlighted areas (18886, 183AC, 185B6, 183D0) are the same as the numbers to the left and are the Hex Addresses within the ROM. They also coincide with the play picks (Up, Left, Right, Down) * The Green Hightlighted areas are the QB play bytes and usually they are the only thing that changes in the Hex Code for a specific play. With the exception of this play, Indianapolis Pass 2, and Dallas Pass 1. * The Grey highlighted areas are to illustrate the identical code at the same Hex adress that makes Pass 1 play pick become Pass 2. TB PASS PLAY LOCATIONS IN HEX.xlsx
  10. http://www.gamefaqs.com/nes/587684-tecmo-bowl/reviews/review-109599 Review by Eric43 "Get ready for some FOOTBALL!!"Tecmo Bowl is a pretty old football game, released back in 1989. There's only twelve teams, nine players per team on the field at a time, four plays per team, and the action scrolls left to right in a pitched camera view. Sounds like crap, especially when overshadowed by its famed successor, Tecmo Super Bowl, but it's not, it's AWESOME!! There's a pretty cool intro with some happenin' music and a scrolling list of the team rosters. As you can see, Tecmo Bowl uses the NFL Players license, therefore, your favorite players from the '85-'86 season are here, such as Joe Montana, Lawrence Taylor, and Bo Jackson. However, there's no team names; just the names of the cities. The twelve teams in this game are San Francisco, New York (Giants), Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Seattle, Miami, Minneapolis, Dallas, and Washington. Each team has their authentic uniform color except for Seattle, which is pink for some reason. Yeah, it stinks that they couldn't include more teams, but that's life. There's only nine players for each team on the field, but like other arcade football games like NFL Blitz, the gameplay adapts well. Once the game gets underway, it's a delight to know the game's controls are very accessible and clear-cut all the way. On receptions, the ball carrier is controlled merely by the d-pad and can juke players like crazy. As for pass plays, the QB can move in the pocket and press A to change receivers and press B to pass it to the man. Defense is simple too. Before the snap, you can toggle through the defenders with the A button. You can stop plays by simply moving into another player and try to take them down, or you can press B for a dive tackle, which instantly takes down the player but also leaves you vulnerable if you miss. It's simple to learn but difficult to master. In between plays, the the offense's playbook is displayed on screen. Most teams have a unique playbook consisting of two pass plays and two run plays, while a few pass-happy teams like San Francisco and Miami have three pass plays and one run play. Press A and the specific d-pad button to call a play. However, the defense must pick one of the offense's plays too. The defense will adjust to the play, but should they happen to pick the same play as the offense, they'll read the play perfectly and usually sack the QB or RB right away. It sounds ludicrous that there's a 25% of getting a “play pick,” but it's a fun guessing game, where two players can match wits by trying to predict what the other's going to do. There's some oddities in Tecmo Bowl that sound bad at first but are for the best. For instance, there's no blocked or dropped passes; every time a defender gets to the receiver catching the ball, it's an interception—no questions asked, come again, see you later. This will no doubt cause some controversy, but the good news is that there's no Mario Party-like chance in this game. If you throw a first down or a pick, it's your fault. There's no fumbles. That makes rushing the safe alternative, but you can catch an opponent off-guard with a well-timed pass. Also, if you run into daylight (as in run pass all the defenders for a TD), you can expect the AI players to kick it into gear and catch up to you somewhat. You can juke them, however, and squeak out that game-breaking touchdown. There's no injuries or time outs either (the clock stops after each play). Special teams, in the form of kickoffs, punts, and field goals, are as simple as pressing the button as soon as a power bar reaches the top. Accuracy is never an issue as all you need to do is clear the uprights to score. There's no option to try for a two-point conversion, you can block most long field goals by being the OLB and moving in untouched, and the punt coverage on returns is insane. But like a good kicker in the NFL, special teams is not the game's best weapon but it does its job without any complaints. What truly makes Tecmo Bowl great is its use of player statistics. You can't read them in the game, but all players are graded on speed, acceleration, and strength; some on pass speed and kicking distance. You can "infer" who's better just by looking at some tentative in-game records, such as Yards or Interceptions. There's your fast running backs and wide receivers like Bo Jackson, Walter Payton, and Jerry Rice who are your go-to guys on most occasions. On defense, some cornerbacks and safeties are absolutely nuts at covering the field, such as Lawrence Taylor or Ronnie Lott, who are scanning the field for a pick. As for QBs, there's a difference in how fast they pass the ball. Dan Marino throws fast, but loser Jack Trudeau throws slow and is asking to be picked off. Also, some kickers and punters can get more distance than others. Statwise, you can say some teams are better than others, but there's also the playbook to take into consideration. Tecmo Bowl is a lot of fun, but there's some balance issues to deal with. For instance, if a QB throws a pass to a receiver in the middle of a cut or a curl, the pass can't be blocked. That means you'll have to ban that whenever you play with a friend. During a playpick of one of Indy's pass plays, one receiver is wide open no matter what, so you have to ban that too. However, you can't stop the fact that some offensive linemen don't block their man on a few plays, therefore greatly reducing the efficiency of the play. This can be exploited during Bo Jackson's only rushing play, in which his insane speed is contained to only a yard or so. Also, some plays are just bad. Washington has a wide receiver reverse and a curls play. The WR reverse is too easy to stop and the curls play leaves all three receivers right next to each other for an easy pick. The playbooks make a world of difference, and teams with little star power like Indianapolis suddenly own because of their versatile running plays and spread-out passing attacks. At least the graphics aren't as broken as Washington's playbook. There's the same old player model with pallete swaps to accommodate the team's uniform and the player's skin color, as well as the accomodating generic green turf football field. It's not bad; as a matter of fact, this game looks pretty awesome for a Nintendo game. The framerate is good and the players animate as well as Super Mario. Its only flaw is when the players are in action, they tend to do that awful NES blinking effect, but it doen't obscure the play and is hardly noticeable. There's TD celebrations which consist of two white guys jumping for a hi-five as well as half-time "slide" shows (that you can just skip cause they're stupid unless you like looking at pixelated cheerleaders). As for sound, there's a lot of goofy tunes in the game that you may or may not like, but there's the charming “Ready-down-hoothoothoothoothoot” from the QB before the snap. There's some crunching sounds and whistles, as well as an announcer who announces “Touchdown!” whenver someone scores. You'll love it. You can play one-player against the AI and beat all eleven teams to win the Super Bowl. Or you can just play two-player with a friend. Man, that's some good stuff. The AI is pretty stupid, so this is a pretty good buddy game. The controls are good, the gameplay is innovative, and the presentation is nice. The whole conflict with interceptions and whatnot can discourage some, but since there's no other football games out there with that features, this makes this game all the more interesting. If only a few of the game exploits could be fixed then this game would be better. Presentation: 9/10 – Doo..doo..doo, awesome intro! Gameplay: 9/10 – Fun football game as long as you can fix the danged exploits in this game! Graphics: 8/10 – Cool looking players as well as the classic hi-five touchdown celebration. Sound: 7/10 – Cool music and sound effects, but the game tends to repeat them a lot. Replay Value: 8/10 – Get a friend and you'll play this for a long time. The AI isn't very smart though, so you will only push them around for so long.
  11. All, Just uploaded new vesion of TB 80s Super Bowl and more ROM. Fixed some aesthetic things, updated a few players, changed some play books and also added a Downloadable spreadsheet with the player ratings. Here is the link below. http://tecmobowl.org/files/file/372-tb-80s-super-bowls-and-more/ Thanks Let me know if you find anything else I need to fix.
  12. All, My two newest ROM's have been put in the Download Section on this site. http://tecmobowl.org/files/category/9-nes-tecmo-bowl/ They are both in the Original Tecmo Bowl format. TB 80s Super Bowls and More (32 Team ROM, 1980 - 1989 Teams) TB 80's Superbowl WInners (10 Super Bowl Teams, 2 bonus Teams) Hope you enjoy. As always let me know of any mistakes you find and I'll make changes accordingly
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