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Found 3 results

  1. 1,663 downloads

    This ROM is an edit of Tecmo NBA Basketball and is based on the 2014-15 NCAA Basketball season. With the 2015-16 season coming up, I chose to go with last season's rosters due to the fact that I wanted hard data to work with instead of speculative data. So, while there is no Ben Simmons in this ROM, there is plenty of Jahlil Okafor and Rakeem Christmas to go around. There are 27 teams included (see screenshots). To go along with the college rosters, I've edited all of the team logos and court logos. Play in the Carrier Dome! What I think makes this ROM special are the details that give it more of an NCAA-feel. Instead of playing in the NBA Playoffs, take your team through a 16-team March Madness tournament. Simdata had been adjusted so, again, the games feel more NCAA (80-70 games instead of 110-95). I've even included two All-American teams so you can play our own All-American All-Star Game. As a recommendation, set the season length to "Short" (26 games) to closely emulate the length of a typical 30-game NCAA season. There is only one downfall to this ROM that has to be mentioned, however. If you sim a season (with SKP), each team's #1 scorer will average over 60 points per game, while the rest of the team hovers at around 0.1. If anybody knows a fix to this, PLEASE, let me know. This was caused by using the Rabbit NBA Editor program. The workaround to this is by setting all of the teams' controls to COM (not yours) and letting the CPU battle it out. Most emulators have a speed control so you can set these games to 6400% and breeze them by. Enjoy!
  2. Version .75


    This is the rom from the forum. Feel free to use for your own project as I have built this upon the great works of others and offer it up to everyone. I put alot of work into the rosters and ratings but I can't say they are 100% perfect (Though I tried hard). Also tried to give players their unique abilities. Maybe minor skin color errors , and / or jersey number errors but should be very minimal. In 4-3 defense I made the OLB the DE and placed the better of the two on the top for FG block ..It is possible we may get the helmets fixed and possibly adding two more teams in the future. ('61 Minnesota, and '84 BYU). Thanks again, P.S. Later I will work on adding multiple roster versions for teams which have multiple championships .. Miami's teams, FSU's, Ohio State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Penn St,. Oklahoma etc
  3. Version Final


    Regular Season 10 Games. Actual dates from 1970 of actual games played and then I filled each teams schedule to get to 10 games. USC and LSU have 8 actual games. Post Season 2 Bowl Games Rose Bowl (Big 10 Champs vs Pac 8 Champs) Sugar Bowl (Big 8 or Independent Champ vs SWC or SEC Champ) Winners Play in Tecmo Bowl Thanks to Carther as I copied his 1966 NFL rom to get the postseason. Misc. Accurate 1970 Conferences. Complete accurate rosters for all teams. Sim data is updated to reflect what happened in 1970. I can't do helmets so I just blanked them all out. Intro Screen shows Jim Plunkett Heisman Trophy, Steve Worster All-American, Jim Stillwagon Outland Trophy All screens and field updated to show 1970, CFB, NCAA, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, or Conference. Updated Uniforms for each team. One team in white jerseys every game. All teams are based on TSB teams from Original rom so it plays like the Original rom. Be aware Alabama and Georgia do not appear in SEC standings or on any leader board. You can see their stats and record on Team Data page only. They also can not appear in the Postseason. The Battery Pack does not work on this rom. If you want to save a season you must create a save state. Thanks to Carther whose amazing 1966-69 NFL and Baron VL with his historic RBI roms inspired me to do this. I hope to create more.
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