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  1. Once again - Taking NES TSB to the NEXT LEVEL - Free-of-Charge and made with PURE TECMO LOVE - by buck and rewhawl "Street Tecmo" is coming very soon - in the form of two ROMS, each with 16-teams from the '12-'13 NFL season. superstars and super-duds. But you will find yourself in another "tecmo world" with this ROM - I promise. There is no equivalent to this ROM. Prepare yourself for the most action-packed, heart-pounding, breath-holding TSB experience of your life. Because: There's no-where to hide. No Refs (for various reasons). No out of bounds, only out of play. Things can get out of hand very quickly on the streets. Always bring your A-game and always keep on the alert. Only the Strong (and Lucky) survive on the streets. *Though "Street Tecmo" is based on tecmo-legend jstout's incredible 7-on-7 CIFL ROM, the only thing that remains the same are his short field, 7 on 7 action, and the essence of his plays - but even the plays and defenses have been internally tweaked for the streets. List of some of the new features: Gameplay Hacks... let's start with hyperspeed "street physics" a unique HP hack (with MAN v MAN popcorn/mash, too) pass accuracy as completion variable bruddog's "OL/DL" hack passing-game hacks AI hacks in-game playbook changing 12-game season with 8-team playoffs jstout's "posession style" overtime no "out of bounds", just "walls" Other Hacks... cutscreens heavily altered and/or removed (this game moves at inner-city pace) countless, heavily-modified graphics and palettes new uniforms by rewhawl awesome new uniform colors and combinations (continuing the buck tradition) "new" half-time with a "new" song (breakdance). this rom would not be possible without the past help of: jstout, bruddog, cxrom, bad_al, average tsb player, elway, and xplozv View attachment: street screen 2.PNG View attachment: street screen 3.PNG View attachment: street screen 4.PNG View attachment: street screen 1.PNG (this post will be updated when more details become available)
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