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  1. bigmv54

    Thunderdome VI: OFFICIAL Game Recaps

    MV (CIN) 28 JimSOCKS (CHI) 0 Fulcher was on. its hard to come back from behind with the Bears. Fulch had 2 picks. http://www.tecmoplayers.com/?page_id=72&game=71137
  2. bigmv54

    ThunderDome VI: 5/22/14 signups!

    I'm in. Don't follow this site much but I'll be in. Just remind me Joey lol
  3. bigmv54

    Madison, the takeaway...

    Jon, those were some great memories.
  4. bigmv54

    Madison, the takeaway...

    Man it was fun to see new faces along with the old. Thanks for making my TecmoX experience one to rememeber!
  5. Good games to Chet in the final 4 and Regs in the finals. Once you downed that half beer and said, u win....I said bullshit, get me a full one! That was so exciting! Beating world #1 and #2 in back to back games makes me feel great. What a fun tourny. Can't thank Chris, Aaron and Aj Fullam enough.
  6. bigmv54

    So WTF rebooted finally but in secrete?

    wow, thanks for your services bro. Its not said enough, really.
  7. bigmv54

    So WTF rebooted finally but in secrete?

    Um, Hello!!!?!?!?!?! Really? I got Erryone
  8. bigmv54

    So WTF rebooted finally but in secrete?

    Why are you going back to Korea?
  9. bigmv54

    NCAA Football rosters without xbox live - kierre read in

    Xbox360 Name is DblDutchrutter1