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  1. I'll take my boy cubsfan WASHINGTON REDSKINS... and I'll go with NFC West
  2. I'll take my old Rival BIG FAT PAULIE! Looking fwd to playing twice a season with him.
  3. Group J Barletti won toss He selected PHx/MIN matchup I chose MIN I missed a fg/barletti hit a fg 0-3 I hit long td pass 7-3 I got an INT and ran it in for another score 14-3 Barletti got nice JJ for td before half 14-10 MIN at half 2nd half all MIN for the 21-10 winner. TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns2
  4. I'm interested. swampc1 on discord any team is fine. (Pit preferably).
  5. Discord Handle: swampc1 Only host with servers TIME ZONE: EST Best time to play: anytime on weekends. also late night Friday....On weekdays early morning, late afternoon, early evening.
  6. I agree... larger leagues are fun but the speed of the season and interaction seems to be more with smaller leagues.
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