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  1. Sabbath has been great as far as his stat site is concerned. However, there are other means to display league stats. I already have something working in progress once Sabbath stops doing stats. And, it seems fairly evident we\'re gonna finish this season, and will finish many more. We are 60% finished with the regular season. Most teams have over 11 games finished, some have 12. That\'s the most that I have seen outside of the OTFL. Again, I\'m not trying to compete with the OTFL. Since we share members, that would be a bad idea. I just want a league that\'s fun and has stats.
  2. Hey guys, this is the new WTL message board. It\'s not permanent, but if this works for everyone, then it will be. What I want everyone to do is register an account, and please try to use something close to what you have your name as it is listed on the coaches page. If you want your coaches list name changed, let me know by e-mail. If you have any problems logging in or using this, let me know by AIM or ICQ. zach
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