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  1. well, i havent been here in a long time but doesnt this mean opus is one helluva good gm?! Or am I wrong
  2. games with bgboud...One of us is guaranteed to have 3 straight bad games, curse tecmo out only to ask for 3 more games 1 hour later...
  3. It was a good day actually. But it was a sign...i should start playing again...
  4. For some odd reason, P1 Playoff music was stuck in my head as i woke up this morning...WTF
  5. *Edit* rb fullwood was placed on my team. Him and Vai were drafted at the same time. i only drafted 3 so far. Boud Pls remove him
  6. I've been having major comp and router issues...along with holiday travel..its been rough...I'm still here and want to get my games in...ill be back in la on the 28th
  7. keeps on going down..getting it swapped either monday or tuesday... im looking to get all backgames then.
  8. hope everything works out for you brotha...
  9. Those of you who play very well with lbs, could you give me some tips on how to utilize them to their full potential. Where should your strongest drone line up? Fastest? weakest? Best man controlled? best way to stop run 2 up the middle run aside from lb 4 (for some reason i can never "lurch" from lb4 position even with a 50rp lb)... What is your strategy for stopping r n s run 3 down sweep...
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