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  1. haven't ever heard tesseract. aren't they some tech prog band?
  2. Minnesota represent. i saw happy apple live once. pretty cool, but hard to really enjoy
  3. come on do we need to use the term faggot. this is 2012 guys
  4. supposed to be a new one this year
  5. ...the Immortal Steel Curtain defense has let up a whopping 15 yards on 14 rushing attempts. Billy Joe Tolliver has seen the field a single quarter out of 8. Mark In"sta"gram has led the abysmal PIT offense with nearly 200 yards receiving. Team is fulfilling my expectations, except BJT needs to stay healthy and average cond or better.
  6. BJT's second crappy game in a row - officially scared now. 1/5 for 0 tds and 1 int, piles of straight up drops by open WRs and misthrows. Went into bad cond 2nd quarter for rest of game... so in steps the 22nd Reich yet again. BJT's bruised wiener from his previous week's injury must have still been tender. To make things worse, we had to play without star Tight End and Kick Returner Bradley Muster (injured on KR). Thankfully, Byrd was in excellent by game's end, and Carrier was in good for quarter's 2 & 3. not to mention some timely saints fumbles. PIT capitalized after a weak 1st half (7 all) and made it 28-7 final. GG Jeff and GL. Hopefully you dont have to play too many teams that have 63 RP / 69 MS / 81 HP linebackers.
  7. Ridiculous might be a bit strong. I always thought it was a fun element but then I also think playing with lurching isn't a big deal either lurching is fine in my book too. just use shotgun plays and runs that will murder them if they try to lurch, gg
  8. it's kind of ridiculous that we dont allow 4th man down
  9. yeah come on guys dont be lazy
  10. it's nice at work to have cad software/ active programs on one, then email on the other. annoying to alt-tab all the time. i could probably use 3 or 4 monitors to be honest
  11. neurosis is atmospheric sludge / post metal get yr genres straight!
  12. yeah i use a 2 monitor setup too, but both at home and at work (or at work and at work i guess)
  13. final day of garage sale. packing and stuff. i can schedule games after 8:00 central during the week except thursday. let me know
  14. i do now that i know about it. it's really quite convenient for offense, so i dont have to pull a fairfield and check my WR4 and TE2 to see if they are in exc cond obviously it changes the game a bit on the defensive side, but oh well. i think it's a change for the better.
  15. buddoom chick! @invader, yes the whole record floored me on first listen.
  16. very impressed with this polish group: iJxZjycgDcg
  17. i refuse to use this emulator because i need to cheat to win
  18. you can DL a new rom to a tecmo cart.
  19. Let me know when you want to play dude
  20. Josh you really do look like Pat Beach
  21. yeah history wise he's been really spiteful/ has a poor attitude, I guess you wouldn't be able to guess that
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