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  1. i know bob nelson is a DL - I was merely stating how awesome he would be at CB. and i know it's impractical - that's the point. matt says hi starmap.
  2. Ah, my first HSTL game... this game was closer than it looks. Both of us made some stupid decisions, and PHX fumbled a lot; otherwise I realized how important having a defensive stud is. Bob Nelson was ok... although I would prefer to put him at top corner. Nate Odomes sucks, so does Kinard. Henry Ellard is a 100 yd JJ catching pimp. Although I wish I could trade him for a DB. Bobby Humphrey was in good condition for PHX... he tore it up. GG PHX
  3. yeah... i usually win most grapples; i can control twitch my arm so that i tap the button really wicked fast. if you guys want to test this, ask wolfbob, or "Bob Wothe" on AIM after next thursday; he's going to our tecmo club meeting here at the U and will be able to see my super-awesome twitch. although, i dont win every grapple, sometimes bursts of lag screw up my timing. if i were matt trying to get a team, i would not have responded to kimrari's comment and would be a gracious humble servant to the awesome power of monkeybutler. peace all
  4. you are one funny guy; i wish i could think of something like using a direct quote and changing it a little bit. what a funny thing to do; i bet everyone likes you. you deserve a medal.
  5. im not embarassed at all. people have bad games once in a while... i decided to have mine today. so thank you for your brilliant retort, and i hope you maintain your tecmo elitist-jerk crown. you are the reason not many new people play tecmo anymore.
  6. Yeah man, wow, is all I have to say. I've never seen that PB... but don't you worry, ill work on stopping it... tell the jerks that run your network in U Village to stop taking up all the bandwidth! The ping was awesome, for 5 seconds at a time, lol. later man... and just for you monkey (if you read this) - some random tecmo knowledge... Jim Harbaugh sucks - 25 pass control is crap.
  7. you are one sarcastic, funny monkey.
  8. hey all, ill do my best to make up any games missed; just IM me for league games whenever... im online a lot after 10 pm. i plan on not quitting after a week... i might wait 2 seriously though, im used to getting games in as fast as possibly and as timely as possible; so all you IM dodgers out there - get ready to feel the awesome fury of my flame IMs straight from the Jerkstore. wayne haddix is so fast, later all
  9. kingsoby1

    open spots?

    This guy's pretty good; we both have great connections (the same T3 line), and he is very reliable.
  10. Igal pings at 20-22 consistently if that is what you are looking for.
  11. Here's a suggestion... Take the vacant teams and assign them to whomever for the rest of the season, since it fucks with scheduling. At the end of the season, have a league vote on which coaches should be cut. Start the next season with less teams. Or even... cut season length down to 8-10 games; thus, not everyone will be bored by the time week 17 rolls around. It also allows for double the seasons (obviously). Just some suggestions
  12. edit: although, the lag wasn't bad at all... still, i would have liked to see your self-proclaimed "hike and strike" offense; that rhymes, so it must be cool.
  13. servers were under maintanence today; i already told you that.
  14. hey new commish, i see that there are several openings recently; it would be cool if i could get a team... im online all the time and play all games promptly for my other leagues. psnarula can vouch for me that i can be competitive in this league.
  15. Yeah man, those were good games; i haven't played many as skilled as you besides my friend Jeid... I think he used to play online tecmo.
  16. What's up all... I'm looking to join the league whenever there's an opening available. If you want to play, hit me up at "kingsoby1" on AIM; I'm on a fast T3 line, so ping rate is real nice. I'm sure I'll be some good practice for you - I've been playing Tecmo since it was released and online for quite a while. Jim Harbaugh sucks Wayne Haddix is so fast peace
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