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  1. hey guys, Sorry, really crazy week, been working 12-14 hours a day. i'll try to be online tonight, but i may have to work late again. going to visit my family on friday, so otherwise i wont be available till tuesday
  2. more stupid work stuff. all my projects are late ;laksdjf;laskdjf;laskdjf;lakfj
  3. sorry about that. had to work really late. I should be on tonight starting at 6:30 central until the end of the night.
  4. sup phil da skill. hope things are going well. hawaii? sounds fun
  5. available monday at 9p central tuesday after 6p weds at 9p thurs at 9p not available fri thru sunday next weekend, vacation.
  6. sup. let's do monday at 9p central?
  7. the streak continues with tolliver completing his 6th consecutive game of either being injured or in bad condition for a half or more. defensive struggle. this offense is terrible. carrier stopped rice until the 4th when he reeled in deberg's only completion of the day for a 80 yd td. reich throws a bomb to beebe, he jumps, but whiffs. ;ldfj;lkadfj;lkafj;kladfj;lk gg
  8. reg trounced me after recovering a critical fumble and then housing another one. what a night! gg
  9. um hello, marino to novacek versus your dbs? then missing a fg from the 10? then getting a 100 yard bomb on me before half? of course i'm fucking sour. wtf how can you even pretend you played well. whatever, i'm sure these stupid wins made your day, fk even your week/ month/ year.
  10. game 1 - fum rec by gats, missed chip shot fg, 2 massive jjs for gats, novacek gets injured. what a stupid game game 2 - i stop gats run game pretty well, drive down for game winning fg. but wait 100 yard jj to butts. what load of fucking shit. very bgs.
  11. sorry will be asleep. if you can do before, i should be on around 6:30
  12. let me know what time is best, 10 central or earlier. should be okay mostly any day this week.
  13. sorry about that, been putting in way too many hours at the office the past couple weeks. just let me know when next week and i'll make sure i'm available.
  14. just got back from work not going to be able to play tonight
  15. do connections work well over wifi in your experience?
  16. i can be on around 11pm your time if that works.
  17. Please let me know when you would like to play. I dont have access to phile at work, so I dont know who I play. I can be available any time.
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