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  1. Yes, I'll see if I can shake off the cobwebs this year -- cant go another year of dominating up until the rd of 32 then getting killed by qb browns! my best days are way behind me as of right now
  2. Won't make it this year, sorry guys. Will see how I do this next year with practice
  3. bill's an aquired taste. i dont mind him so much. ofc he plays the garbage style, but w/e
  4. tough breaks for sure. I wish I remembered my games better. I know Kevin scored on me in pool play, but i think it was like this: GM1: 35 - 0: I think I was Houston GM2: 28 - 14: SEA over IND GM3: 28 - 5 PHX over NYJ GM4: 35 - 0 CIN over MIA GM5: 14 - 31 TB (sconnie) over DAL. the one with the lameness. bill scored some extraneous TDs after it was over to make it look worse
  5. it was a fun time. i managed to stroll into the final four pretty easily, but sconnie took me down with his patented 100 yard bomb offense and a nice CC on 4th and long on his 20 or 30. was nice to hear the whole crowd booing him! but alas, i still lost. oh well.
  6. yikes, looks like tecmo has a new crazy in town
  7. i haven't played mort in a few years, but he used to win like 20% of the time if i remember correctly. which is very solid when i was in my prime :]
  8. yeah i'd be game this weekend. would like to exact revenge on bailey
  9. yeah i live downtown pretty much in loring park
  10. hey ed i'm on the way, hook a brother up with a ride
  11. i disagree with this after being at a few of these tourneys. crap teams tend to remove skill advantages much more than great teams. This is how i was eliminated from madison 8
  12. still going to try and make it, albeit my spirits are low after my poor madison showing
  13. Congrats chet. disappointment abounds for BIW. i think i'm going to try monthly MN gatherings going forward to get back into game shape. tecmos 2 thru 4 i was playing lights out... even 7 i was better than i am now. being sick/ gout doesn't help, but bailey manhandled me with deion and his playcalling. wish i could have lasted that round out so chet could have eliminated me! nice meeting/ seeing everyone again. regardless of how good i used to be, i think chet is definitely better than i was at the top of my game. kyle (reg) is great too, wish i could have played him back in my heyday. The other elite 8 dudes were pretty solid too from what I saw. glad daboy did well after last year's disappointment.
  14. wont be in until the morning unfortunately. my brother cant get a ride to madison, since he flew into milwaukee to visit family.
  15. with the gout in my right wrist and this convenient cold i just got, get ready to meet bestinworld beast mode - gonna be hopped up on painkillers and sudafed
  16. hoping to make it if im not too burned out from madison (yous0026)
  17. nice avatar kevincabarello, best cover art of all time
  18. wtf twister, why did you deactivate facebook. where are you man
  19. I love the name. Man, I wish I could have pulled out at least one victory from my championship games after the first one. Oh well! We'll see what this year holds for me.
  20. Really sorry for flaking guys, hate to do it. Will hit u up reg absolutely. Thanks for the team kamph, u r a cool dude and one of the best hstl commishes ever
  21. you're right, i'm way too busy right now. i barely have enough time to exercise, shower, and eat before going to bed. and on the weekend i just want to relax. i miss my family so much ugh this sucks
  22. haven't been for the past month.5 or so but trying to get back into the swing of things. work/ life is a bit hectic right now. do we have a game? i dont have access to phile from work.
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